Jessica Ditzel Secret Information that Nobody Knows | Joe Rogan's Wife


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Jessica Ditzel

Jessica Ditzel Secret Information that Nobody Knows | Joe Rogan’s Wife

Jessica Ditzel is a popularly known as the Jessica Rogan, the wife to one of America’s funniest comedians Joe Rogan. Though Jessica still has the career of her own speculators claim she wouldn’t have become this popular if not for the popularity of her husband. Born on the 18th of July 1975 in Texas, the USA with the name Jessica Sloan Ditzel, she has an elder sister whom she calls Trinity. While growing up she attended Doherty High School Colorado USA, after which she proceeded to the California State University for her degree; but her actual course of study remain unknown till this day.

After her university education, she picked up some number of jobs, one of them being modeling, and cocktail attendant but currently, Jessica Ditzel works as an Account Executive for Robert Half Technology. Jessica has on several occasions mentioned she had preferred to become a writer if given the opportunity rather than go through the stress of being a comedian just like the husband.

Joe Rogan wasn’t actually Jessica’s first relationship she has a rather catastrophic affair with Dino Connor, when it came to an end was when Joe came to the scene. Her relationship with Joe took a hike in 2008 when she was engaged, and the lovers finally tied the knot in 2009 and have been blessed with 3 beautiful daughters. As a woman with extreme caution on her family reputation, not much is known about their daughters.

Jessica Ditzel
Jessica Ditzel

Jessica’s Family

Jessica has 3 daughters, Kayja Rose who is their adopted daughter from her previous marriage from Dino but the name was later changed to Kayja Rogan upon adoption. The rest are Lola Rogan who is the second child and was born in 2008, finally is Rosy Rogan which is the last child. Due to the low profile lifestyle Jessica Ditzel keeps, there is no factual report of what’s really going on with the family just like they had always done since their relationship period until their wedding bell rang, that was when the public knew they were into a serious relationship. The private life of Jessica and husband alike is so converted that Jessica herself doesn’t have an active social media account, though there are some accounts that bear Jessica’s name on it they are all false accounts.

Facts about Jessica Ditzel

• Neither Jessica nor Joe attends red carpet events, not even the highly rated ones. But they have been seen on many occasions walking together on the street and in non-consequential places.
• Sometimes people tend to mistake Jessica Rogan for Jessica Schimmel, the daughter of a popular comedian Robert Shimmel which always pop-up on Google search on typing “Jessica Rogan”.
• Jessica had been previously married to the singer Keven Connor popularly known as “Dino” sometime in 1996 before they separated in 1998 after discovering that Keven was having an affair outside their marriage.
• Jessica’s former husband Keven Corner died in an auto crash with the same lady he was cheating the wife with.

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