Jennie Pegouskie Biography Secrets, Ethnicity, Nationality, and Personality


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Jennie Pegouskie

Jennie Pegouskie Biography Secrets, Ethnicity, Nationality, and Personality

Jennie Pegouskie is known for her outstanding career both acting, dancing, and modeling; she has had some number of TV appearances of them being Ed Shareen’s music video “shape of you” released in 2017. Janine’s feminine-macho looking face earned her the name “stunning” in the model industry.

Born on the 14th of August 1988 in the United State of America, she is said to belong to the Blasin tribe which are predominant in Caucasian and Asian regions. Jennie is considered a very private person which is why the true identity of her parents are yet to be totally revealed, but information has it that the mother is of Thai origin while the identity of the father is still unknown. Jennie’s career didn’t just take off as a dancer or a performing artist, she sent early part of her career working as a marketing personnel in some marketing company, Jennie’s dancing career started professionally when she joined a dancing crew that went on a musical tour with music stars like Ryan Lewis and Macklemore sometime in 2013.

Jennie’s firm started taking the front stage when she got featured on Ellen DeGeneres show with her crew, but her big break came when she finally featured in Ed Shareen music video. After that appearance, big brands began flocking in for some endorsement or advert one of those big brands is Adidas who made Jennie one of their partners sometime in 2018.

Jennie Pegouskie
Jennie Pegouskie

As per Jennie’s love life, no one is certain whether she is married or dating thus her strict private lifestyle. But she has been seen on her Instagram page which has over 59,000 followers posing with Kamel Bentot a French actor, dancer, and dance director. Though there have been rumors of marriage there has not been a piece of official evidence to prove it, Jennie and Kamel have been seen together in places like Disneyland Paris France.

Jennie’s Siblings, Net Worth, and other Facts

Though information about her family has remained unknown, a bit is known about his siblings. Jennie has a younger brother whom she fondly calls Gattie, and also a young sister who goes by the name Ann Pegouskie. Ann is said to be working as a production assistant in sister’s (Jennie) production company.
Not too many people know that Jennie also does some businesses outside Art and entertainment. Aside from working with Blanton Turner back in 2010 as marketing assistance, she currently works as a marketing manager for some Avenue properties. Sometime in 2018 Jennie’s net worth was established to be hanging around $1 million.

Jennie Pegouskie

Other Facts about Jennie Pegouskie

• Her social media accounts now bear the name “Jennie Pegouskie Bentot” which confirms her much-rumored marriage with his longtime boyfriend and colleague Kamel Bentot.
• There is no official marriage ceremony that confirmed the marriage union of Jennie and Kamel.
• Kamel Bentot is said to be a professional music and dance director, dancer, choreographer, videographer, and photographer. It is said that they have been dance colleagues.

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