Who is Kimberly Anne Scott? Secrets Revealed | Eminem’s Ex-Wife


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Kimberly Anne Scott

Who is Kimberly Anne Scott? Secrets Revealed | Eminem’s Ex-Wife

At the mention of Kimberly Anne Scott, one name pops out, Eminem. The school sweethearts love story didn’t actually go so well as it was reported they have married twice and divorced twice as well. But apart from being the wife of a popular rap artist, Kimberly is also one of America’s best authors of children’s books and also a professional mercenary illustrator.

But funny enough Kimberly didn’t make the headlines for her books, rather she was famous for her turbulent relationship with the ex-husband Marshall Bruce Mathers III popularly known as Eminem. Kimberly and the controversial rapper husband have a daughter, Hailie Jade Mathers before their divorce and both since has legal custody of the child.

Kimberly Anne Scott Biography

Kimberly Anne Scott or Kim as she is popularly called was born on the 9th of January, 1975 somewhere in Warren Michigan, USA to Casimir (father), and Kathleen (mother) Kim. Kim is an American citizen and has a twin sister named Dawn Scott who died sometime in 2016 from a heroin overdose. Kim and the sister were not raised by the biological father, they were raised by the mother and stepfather.

Kimberly Anne Scott
Kimberly Anne Scott

From their stories, the twin had a rather unstable childhood which includes dealing with their alcoholic step-father who (according to them) assaults them sexually, a situation that made the twin sisters run away from home to live in the Youth Home sometime in 1998. But it wasn’t for long because they finally moved to Eminem’s family house after Kim and Eminem met.

Kim and Eminem started dating in 1989 at a very young, Kim were 13 while was Eminem was 15, but the relationship got a bit serious when Kim got pregnant and gave birth to Hailie Jade Mathers in 1995. After the birth of their daughter, Kimberly Anne Scott moved to a one bedroom apartment while Eminem remained in his mother’s house. After the separation in 1996, they got back together in 1999 and officially got married same year at St. Joseph Mo.

Kimberly’s Marriage

Unfortunately for the duo, the marriage hit the rock in 2001, though the reason for the divorce was not clearly ascertained but rumors have it that it was because of the song “Kim” where Eminem mentioned killing his wife. Five years after the divorce the couple decided to give themselves a second chance; they got back together and got remarried in January 2006. This came as a surprise to the fans but according to the duo, they reached that decision for the sake of their daughter Hailey Jade. Click here for Jessica Ditzel

But before the surprise second wedding, Kim was reported to have been in a relationship with some man called Eric Hartter who is the father of her daughter Whitney Scott and a son Patrick Scott.

Kimberly’s Networth

The ex-wife of the popular rapper is estimated to be worth around $2 million while the husband is worth over $220 million and ranks the 6th richest rapper in the world as of 2019. Also Read Lola Grace Consuelos

People also ask

What does Kimberly Anne Scott do?

Kimberly Anne Scott is an author and American mercenary illustrator. 

Who is Eminem’s wife?

Kimberly Anne Scott

What is Kim Mathers net worth?


How tall is Kimberly Anne Scott?

5 feet 6- inches

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