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Mayssa Maghrebi Full Biography, Career, and Social Media Accounts



Mayssa Maghrebi

Born in Morocco and Flourished within the Gulf, Mayssa Maghrebi the histrion WHO has dazzled the Arab and Gulf Drama together with her performances and appearances throughout the past fourteen years wherever she outshined in stouthearted, honest, and varied roles, acting with massive stars proving and guaranteeing she could be a one amongst a form. throughout her terribly successful career functioning on TV, Cinema screens, and Theatres, Mayssa finished her studies at London University specializing in film directional. She believed that information, education, and talent are the fundamental components of Success. She entered the planet of Production and created the primary Emarati pic -35mm- (Tarab Fashion), wherever she compete for the most role. The pic achieved a good success and got high rates and big financial gain within the box workplace and DVD distribution.

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Mayssa Maghrebi
Mayssa Maghrebi

Mayssa Maghrebi Biography

Acting Mayssa Maghrebi compete for varied roles and characters and excelled in every and each look, Her start was in 2000 within the TV Drama “Deira net” as Noura the painter , then in 2001 she asterisked within the TV series “Nadi Al Dahikoun” ,then in 2002 she compete difficult roles in 2 extremely rated TV Series “People Judgment” and “Noura”. Also, read DUSTIN DAVID NGUYEN.

Mayssa Maghrebi
Mayssa Maghrebi

In 2004 she had a special look within the Egyptian TV series “Adham w zeinat w talat banat” and finished the year within the famed Egyptian Theatrical play “Do Re Mi Fasolia” with the outstanding ,one of a form, Egyptian Comedian Sameer Ghanem ,in addition to her look within the Gulf TV Series “Life is one moment ” and “Darb Al Mahabba’ earlier within the same Year. Then in 2005, she entered the sphere of Production established the production company “Media cluster ” in Dubai and created the primary Gulf Emarati pic (Tarab Fashion), within which she additionally compete for the lead, additionally to her role in “Aswar 1” a TV series within the same year. 2006 was a busy year for the histrion she asterisked within the following TV series “aswar 2” , “Jada 7 ” , “Akhawat Moussa” and in “Ors Aldam” the most recent was created additionally by her company “Media Group” and ended the year with the Theatrical Play ” Sah El Noum Ya Arab”. In 2007 she heads the forged within the TV series “Ghaltet Nouf” and created a blinding look in Ramadan together with her musical riddle show “Waraha Waraha” that was additionally created by her own company “Media Group”. then within the same year comes the Syrian TV series “Finjan Al Dam”, that remains thought of an enormous success, wherever she asterisked as Aliya, a number one woman in her tribe. In two009 she was the leading histrion within the well understand Saudi TV series “Hawameer AlSahra 1” and within the following year 2010 within the sequel “Hawameer AlSahra 2 ” besides taking part in the lead in “clockwise” the pic that was given within the port festival then TV series “Awrak Al Hob 1” terminal the year with a number one role within the Theatrical play “Hamoura” .

Movies and TV Shows of Mayssa Maghrebi

Mayssa Maghrebi started her career in 2002 with a famous TV Serial “Hokm AL Bashar”. After the success of her first TV Serial, he worked very hard and now she is a Famous Star in UAE. Below is the list of all TV Serials and Movies of Mayssa Maghrebi.

  • Hokm AL Bashar
  • Tarab fashion
  • Ghaltet Nouf
  • Hawameer El Sahraa
  • Al Deirah Net
  • O’rs Eldam
  • Al Donia Lahzah
  • Adham Wa Zeinat Wa Talat Banat
  • Siaha Siaha
  • Akhwat Mousa
Mayssa Maghrebi
Mayssa Maghrebi

Career of Mayssa Maghrebi

In 2012 she appeared once more partly 2 of “Awrak Al Hob” and therefore the arguable Saudi drama “Lobat Al Mara rajol ” that was in Ramadan 2012 and was created by her Company “Media Group” and for the Eid a similar year she was the leading histrion within the theatrical musical play “Rehlat Omor”. In 2014 she compete for the leading role within the Kuwaiti Series “Lel Hob Jonoon” created by Sabbah photos and ventilated on OSN Network in Ramadan 2014. TV programs additionally to her spectacular acting abilities, she additionally has given and hosted several successful TV shows throughout her career beginning with “Heya Khafeye” in 2005 a show for Ramadan that year and within the same year she was the most presenter of the “International pageant of Doha”. then “Maweed fel Khairan ” (87 episodes) the extremely rated programme given on Dubai TV achieving an enormous viewership rate from 2006 until 2009 and that Mayssa Maghrebi was honored the most effective Arabic histrion and Presenter the subsequent year.

Mayssa Maghrebi
Mayssa Maghrebi

In 2009 she has given the diverting show on Dubai TV “Taratata” and was a participant within the well-known show “Stars on board” by MBC in 2010. In 2011 she was the most presenter of the “International pageant of Fujairah”. Mayssa Maghrebi started her reality show “Mayssa Bela Hodood “on Alaan TV in 2013 and it’s been successful with high viewership rates, 3 seasons were showing on Alaan TV in 2013, and within the same year she hosted the programme “The Millionaire” the Arabic version of “The Hot seats “showing on Dubai TV in 2014.

Social Media Accounts of Mayssa Maghrebi

When we searched about Mayssa Maghrebi. We saw there are many fake profiles created on her name. Because she is a famous star. But the following accounts are Mayssa Maghrebi Official Accounts.





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Eric Dalius Points out Valuable Business Metrics

Business metrics are quantifiable measures that businesses utilize for tracking, monitoring, and assessing the failure and success of different business processes. The chief goal of evaluating business metrics is to monitor closely cost management, however, the overall purpose of implementing them is to convey an organization’s progress in terms of specific short-term and long-term goals and objectives. Some companies point out their business metrics within their mission statement that may necessitate approval from all levels of the organization. There are still other organizations that believe in incorporating their business metrics straightaway into their usual workflows.

Running an organization is certainly a challenging task. It is best not to rely on your gut feeling. You can run and manage a successful organization via a meticulous analysis of your financial results, work, and sales. It cannot be fulfilled without monitoring relevant business metrics. Business metrics are often referred to as KPI or Key Performance Indicators. They demonstrate a specific measurable value for showcasing the organization’s progress towards achieving business goals. Business metrics are usually, monitored closely on a specific KPI dashboard. According to business magnate Eric Dalius net worth Guide, business metrics are great for indicating if an organization has accomplished its goals and objectives as per the planned or scheduled time frame.

There are numerous diverse key performance indicators; however, there is no point in measuring and evaluating all these business metrics. It is worthwhile to keep tracking only the relevant ones. It is of pivotal; importance to track and choose the right business metrics only. Here are some business metrics to follow.

Eric Dalius Net Worth Guide: Top Business Metrics

Sales Revenue

Sales revenue is a critical business metric. While setting goals and assessing your sales revenue, it is crucial to keep in mind that sales outcomes are impacted by several other factors. The individual monitoring the sales KPIs must be aware of the latest changes and fluctuations in the current market, competitive actions, and marketing campaigns, etc.

Net Profit Margin

Net Profit Margin is another critical business metric. It helps in indicating how competent your organization is at getting profits in comparison to its revenues. We understand that the net profit margin seems to be an effective way of predicting long-term growth in your business and examining whether your income is more than the expenses involved in operating the business.

Sales Growth Year-to-Date

Every business owner would be thrilled to see their organization prosper and grow month-over-month. However, you cannot expect consistency as sales are hugely reliant on the customers’ mood and the season. Sales growth Year-to-Date demonstrates the pace at which the organization’s sales revenue is going up or decreasing.

You need to keep monitoring your sales growth over diverse time periods; however, long-term metrics are better to understand precisely, where your organization stands. You may consider making it your objective to boost your sales growth consistently every month.


Monthly loss or profit is an accurate measure of variable and fixed operating costs that are paid regularly every month that may include insurance, rent, taxes, mortgage payments, utilities, and salaries. You may keep reevaluating these business metrics regularly.

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Who is Phoebe Adele Gates? Secret Life, Net Worth, Age, Wiki



Phoebe Adele Gates

Phoebe Adele Gates is the daughter of the world’s 2nd richest man and founder of Microsoft Corporation Bill Gates, Bill Gates has been the richest man in the world for over 6 years even after resigning as Microsoft CEO before it was taken over by Jeff Bezos. According to Forbs, as of 2018, the billionaire is estimated to be worth over $90 billion, among the three children of the billionaire, Phoebe Adele Gates is the only child of Bill gates that share the same interest (passion) in computers. Phoebe happens to be the last child of Mr. and Mrs. Gates and she had elder siblings, Rory and Jenifer.

Phoebe Adele Gates Biography

Phoebe Adele Gates was born on the 14th of September 2002 in Median, Washington USA, she is an American citizen and presently lives with her parents in a house said to be worth $120 million. She has actually attended some couple schools in New York including professional children schools, some of them are the Lincoln Centre for Performing Arts, The Julliard School of Learning Dance, Music, Arts, and Writing, and the American Ballet Theatre.

Phoebe Adele Gates
Phoebe Adele Gates

But presently, she schools in a private Lakeside school which happens to be the same school her father attended and was fortunate enough to meet Paul Allen whom he co-founded Microsoft Corporation with some years later. The Gate’s family has a culture of attending the same school as their parents as all their children including the two other siblings attended the same school which (by the way) their annual fee is over $33,000.

Social life

Bill Gates is considered a disciplinarian, he has made a strict policy on the way the privacy of is children and has restricted their access to social media platforms. Because of this Phoebe Adele Gates cannot actually be found in any of the social media platforms like facebook, twitter, or Instagram. But that does not mean that none of the pictures can be found online, that available ones but they are mostly taken by media houses.

Phoebe Adele Gates
Phoebe Adele Gates

Net Worth

It has been established that the billionaire father has stated that none of his children will inherit all his property, whereas he has made it clear that majority of his wealth will go to charity, only $10 million will be willed to each of his children.

But till then Phoebe Adele Gates is estimated to be worth a bit more than that already, in 2018 the youngest daughter of the world’s richest man is said to worth over $10 million but presently still lives in $120 million family house that is computerized to the brim, from the pool, Library, and Gym. It is also said to cost over $1 million to maintain annually.

Currently, both Phoebe Adele Gates and the siblings are kept completely out of the reach of the media as no controversy has been associated either her or any of the family members. As for the father, his philanthropic activities through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has contributed to changing lives all over the world especially Africa.

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Luca Oriel Complete Biography, Age, Wiki, Net Worth | American Actor



Luca Oriel

Luca oriel is a popular American TV personality and actor who is popularly known for his role in “Shameless’’ romantic series. Born on the 29th of March 1997 in the United State, the actor is best known for his role as Derek in the 5th season of the drama “Shameless”. He has also featured in movies like Calloused Hands, and Devil’s whisper.

Luca Oriel

Not much is told about the once child actor and his family, but from the much use can gather, acting seem to run through the family bloodline, the father Rey Oriel was once an actor too. But little Luca oriel didn’t grow up as an actor despite the family background, at the age of 5, Luca enrolled in a Karate class but stopped competing in championships at the age of 10 but continued with (something) he called “Mixed Martial Arts” which he uses for training. In 2012, Luca oriel was invited as a star guest in “Bucket and Skinner” Epic Adventure show.

Movies by Luca Oriel

One of the most popular movies Luca oriel has featured in which in most of them he played the led characters, they include “Devil Whisper”, it is the story of a 15-year-old who has from highly religious family background, and because of that, he inspired to be a priest.

Luca Oriel

But on uncovering a mystery box which has been passed down from his grandparents, this mystery box overtime possessed him and turned him into a demon. This movie which had Luca oriel playing the main character was directed by Adam Ripp and remain one of Luca’s major breakthrough in 2017.

Another movie that had Luca oriel come into the limelight was “Wake”, in this romantic movie a girl who believes she is a bit isolated emotionally from people took a step to correct that impression but funny enough she took the most bizarre method which is attending other people’s (strangers) funeral. In one of her limited funeral ceremonies, she met Tyler who later became her fiancée.

Luca Oriel

In “Calloused Hand” is another movie where Lucas also played a major role, the movie tells the story of an abused young gal who suffered intense abuse from both the mother and boyfriend. Josh played by Luca oriel, managed to create a life for himself with the help of his grandfather. The movie directed and scripted by Jesse Quinones was also a bang for Luca oriel and made him rank among the most populous actress in Hollywood.

Luca’s Net Worth

There is no exact published figure associated with Luca’s net worth but according to speculations by Forbs, Wikipedia and other online resource estimate that he is worth around $100,000-$1,000,000. Presently there are no other side-business connected to Luca oriel but there has been speculation that there is one.

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