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The Different Types of Guns: A Complete Guide



The Different Types of Guns

About forty percent of American households own at least one gun. Guns have been part of American culture for as long as the country has been around.

But if you are someone who is just learning about guns, you might not understand just how many different types of guns there are. And how these types differ from one to the other.

There are all types of guns available to consumers today. Guns are usually divided into two categories, long guns and handguns. Long guns include weapons like shotguns and rifles while handguns include pistols and revolvers.

As a general rule, a long gun fires a large-caliber round from a long barrel. These guns are meant to be fired from the shoulder. Handguns are smaller-caliber weapons and are fired with one or both hands.

If you’d like to learn more, then keep on reading and we will take you through the different types of guns that you need to know about!

Bolt Action Rifles

The bolt action rifle is the simplest form of firearm these days.

It is fired by manually pushing a bolt forward and then pulling a trigger. The bolt is then pulled back and the empty cartridge is discarded.

Because of its manual nature, this is an extremely precise gun but it is also slow to fire. A bolt action rifle will usually hold between five and ten bullets in a detachable or internal magazine.

The Howa 1500 and Remington 700 are two examples of bolt action rifles.

Lever Action Rifles

These rifles have been around for more than 100 years. They are the kinds of rifles that you typically see in cowboy movies.

You pull a lever that’s connected to the gun to load a new bullet. You then pull the trigger and then empty the cartridge and load a new one.

This is a much faster gun thanks to the position of the level.

The Marlin 336 and Winchester 94 are two modern examples of these kinds of rifles.

Semi-Automatic Rifles

When you hear people talking on the news and radio about guns and politics, they are probably going to be talking about semi-automatic rifles. There is a big variety when it comes to these guns.

However, the one common feature is that you release one bullet with one pull of the trigger. A new round is then automatically loaded.

If this kind of gun is referred to as automatic, it is because the round is automatically loaded. An “automatic gun” would also be considered a machine gun.

The process of automatically loading a new round typically involves, recycling some of the weapon’s gunpowder gases and using it to eject the old bullet and load a new one.

A lot of semi-automatic rifles have external magazines that can hold up to thirty rounds. These magazines can be quickly changed to reload the weapon.

Examples of semi-automatic weapons include the Browning BAR rifles and the AR-15.

It’s very important that you maintain your weapons properly. You can visit this website to find the necessary accessories for your guns.


If you’re watching a Western movie and you see a cowboy with a handgun, then he’s definitely got a revolver in his hand. These were the first multi-shot handguns to come around. They can store up to seven rounds in one revolving cylinder.

The cylinder connects to the firing mechanism and the gun barrel. In today’s revolvers, one pull of the trigger advances the cylinder to a new bullet. You pull the hammer back and then release it to strike the primer.

Today’s revolvers are considered to be semi-auto guns. The Ruger GP100 and the Smith & Wesson Model 686 are examples of revolvers available today.


A pistol is a handgun that doesn’t use revolving cylinders. While there are some single-shot pistols out there, a lot of the pistols that are available these days are semi-automatic guns. They load cartridges from an attachable magazine that is located on the grip.

As opposed to revolvers, which are usually limited to six or seven bullets, modern pistols today can carry up to seventeen rounds in one magazine.

The Army’s new M17 Modular Handgun System, also known as the Sig P320, as well as the Glock 17 are two examples of modern pistols.

Machine Gun

A machine gun is any gun that shoots automatically more than one shot without being reloaded. Machine guns are rifles that have long, grooved bores.

The bullet goes into the barrel as it’s propelled forward. The grooves spin the bullet so that it fires straight.

When a bullet is fired, it goes one way and the casing goes another way. The energy from this action is used to operate a spring bolt. As the bolt moves backward after the bullet gets fired, it ejects the casing.

As the bolt hits the sping and begins to move forward, it will force another bullet into the barrel of the gun and hit the firing pin.

As long as the trigger is being pulled, the cycle will continue.

The Importance of Knowing About the Different Types of Guns

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you now have a better idea of what the different types of guns out there are. As we can see, there are a lot of options out there when you are looking for the right gun to get.

Make sure to check out the rest of our site for more helpful articles like this one!

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Are mini dab rigs more portable than bongs? Yes – find out more here



Are mini dab rigs more portable than bongs

If you are looking to enjoy your favorite strain of cannabis on the go, you may be curious about what forms of consumption are the most portable.

Even if you are the kind of person that swears by enjoying a nice bong rip here and there, there are a lot of key reasons why you should absolutely consider purchasing a mini dab rig over getting a bong.

If you are curious why you should be prioritizing getting a mini dab rig like one of the products from MJ Arsenal, then you have come to the right place.

Let’s break down the reasons why mini dab rigs are absolutely more portable than the classic, but often a quite cumbersome bong. Visit The Freeze Pipe to learn more about mini dab rigs.

What is a mini dab rig?

First entering the scene around the year 2000, dab rigs are still considered a relatively new addition to the marijuana market. To be sure, they’re not quite as new – and not quite as portable – as something like a mini electronic vape. However, they do offer people tons of flexibility and the chance to enjoy all of their favorite strains without having to purchase expensive new cartridges every few weeks.

To put it simply, dab rigs are designed to allow the user to smoke vaporized concentrated substances. That is quite different from bongs, which of course are designed to allow the user to smoke flowers. So while the two do end up looking quite similar, with a mouthpiece, stem, and at least one chamber, they function quite differently from one another.

Why mini dab rigs are so much more portable

So, now that you understand the basics of what makes a dab rig, let’s break down how they are different from bongs in important ways, including their portability.

The potency difference

Perhaps the most important thing that anyone who is considering purchasing their very first mini dab rig should know is that they offer a much more potent product than bongs. Users can enjoy a more flavorful and effective product when using a mini dab rig compared to flowers.

The reason why is because mini dab rigs are so much smaller than your average bong. That means that there is less area for the vapor, smoke, and water to travel through on the way to the user’s mouth and lungs. When it comes to these mini dab rigs, less air equals a more pronounced flavor and more potency.

On top of that, the vaporized concentrated “oil” that dab rigs utilize is hyper-concentrated, which means that there are higher levels of THC in the oil compared to flower. On top of that, because the oil is vaporized as opposed to burned and smoked, you do not have to deal with that smokey flavor either.

Far more portable

If you are new to using dab rigs, or have not used one at all before, then you may not really know how much more portable they can be compared to bongs. While some of the most popular bongs on the market are at least a foot or two long in length and also large in diameter at the base, mini dab rigs tend to come in at just 10 inches in height. This means that you can easily place a mini dab rig in your bag and keep it concealed until you want to use it.

When it comes to bongs, they typically come with large – and very recognizable – specialized cases that you will have to carry around in.

Moreover, the oil that you use with the dab rig is much more portable. You will keep it in a tincture, most likely. That means you won’t have to deal with anyone potentially smelling the pungent herb that you have to carry around to use a bong.

Less expensive too.

So, not only do mini dab rigs offer more portability and – arguably – a better product, they are also quite inexpensive. Mini dab rigs often cost somewhere around $60. That means that you can enjoy your favorite strains and not have to worry about breaking the bank. The same simply cannot be said about many of the most popular bong brands out there.

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U Bolt Clamp: Everything You Need to Know



U bolt clamp

It is quick and easy to attach a variety of diameters and types of pipelines with U-bolts with metric threads. U bolt clamps are used to hold steel cantilevers or hollow profiles in place. The U-bolt clamp for pipes may seem straightforward. In the end, they are only bends in steel, aren’t they? The simple U-bolt clamp can make the difference between a solid structure and an on-site disaster.

Despite these important restraints, it is easy to overlook them, but we are here to deliver the must-know information. There are only a few things to be said about these small workhorses.

The following article explains how U-bolts work and how they make a difference.

What Is an U-Bolt Clamp?

The basic idea of a U-bolt is that it is a bolt that has been bent into the shape of a U. It is a curved bolt that has two threads on its ends. Due to its curved shape, the bolt fits easily around pipes or tubing. Generally, U-bolts can secure tubes or piping to a support as well as act as a restraint.

When to Use an U-Bolt Clamp?

When it comes to construction, U-bolts can do it all. They can be used for a variety of applications, but they are particularly useful for piping solutions. In piping, they’re commonly used as follows:

  • As a guide and restraint

Tube and pipe restraint can be achieved with U-bolt clamps. As a result, the pipes don’t move around, bang into other structures, or wear out. Nevertheless, restraint goes beyond just pinning the pipes down. When a pipe is simply held in place, pressure can concentrate at the most critical points, leading to corrosion. In this position, the U-bolt clamp for the pipe can control movement without concentrating vibrations.

  • For Shipping

When shipping pipe hanger clamps may also prove useful for keeping them secure. By adding a buffer between the pipes and other metals, the U-bolt clamps can prevent the pipes from jumping and breaking.

  • For Elevating Pipes

A major U bolt use is to hang pipes. Incorrect installation can cause corrosion and falling objects, since gravity can be very hard on piping. A U-bolt can be used to secure pipes and to limit vibrations by fixing them to an overhead structure.

Types of U Bolts

There are all kinds of materials that can be used for U-bolts. Yet they are typically made of noncorrosive metals that are durable. U-bolts are composed of the following materials:

  • Plain carbon steel
  • 304 and 316 stainless steel

In addition to these elements, manufacturers may apply protective coatings. Even more corrosion protection is provided by these finishes. U-bolt clamps are commonly coated with the following:

  • Zinc Plating

Electroplating adds zinc to metal by coating it with electricity. Generally, indoor applications will require a thin layer.

  • Galvanization by hot-dip

A deeper coating is offered by hot-dip galvanization because it adds zinc. To create the bond, manufacturers dip bolts in molten zinc, making the coating especially useful in environments that are highly corrosive, such as in coastal areas.

  • Fluoropolymer Coating

Fluoropolymer coatings consist of a mixture of corrosion-resistant elements. Cold and heat can be absorbed by the coating without cracking.

Despite varying sizes, U-bolts are usually matched to the pipes they are meant to secure. The diameter of bolts can range from a quarter inch to a full inch. Pipes as wide as 30 inches can be held on these clamps. Make sure the space between the U-bolt and the nut matches its specification if you intend to use it as a guide. U Bolt clamps can be of great help if you want to secure the pipe  to utmost perfection.

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Traffico Di Rete Eccessivo



Traffico Di Rete Eccessivo

Traffico Di Rete Eccessivo >> Microsoft with the new Windows 10 has seen fit to lighten the traffic of its servers to distribute updates that could not fully manage the load of requests.

How did he do this magic?

How did he do this magic

Traffico Di Rete Eccessivo

At our expense of course, in fact the operating system contains a lot of hidden features among which in a submenu of the submenu we find an item that says and as previous like Traffico Anomalo Google has similarity.

Updates from multiple locations, under the main item “Choose how to deliver updates” or if we do not find the menu we go to the search bar and write “Windows Update” and then select the item “Advanced Windows Update Options” and scroll down where we find the item “Choose how to deliver updates”

If we want to be bad and save our internet bandwidth We deactivate the function

More Choices Retrieve updates from Microsoft and download updates from and send updates to

  • PC in the local network
  • PC in the local network and on the Internet

The last choice means that our computer once updated becomes part of the update distribution network, therefore a Torrent node, a system used by Mum Microsoft to distribute the load.

Below the two images.

So if you have a laboratory or a classroom equipped with all Windows 10 workstations, remember to disable this option or at least set it only on Local LAN.

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