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The Different Types of Guns: A Complete Guide



The Different Types of Guns

About forty percent of American households own at least one gun. Guns have been part of American culture for as long as the country has been around.

But if you are someone who is just learning about guns, you might not understand just how many different types of guns there are. And how these types differ from one to the other.

There are all types of guns available to consumers today. Guns are usually divided into two categories, long guns and handguns. Long guns include weapons like shotguns and rifles while handguns include pistols and revolvers.

As a general rule, a long gun fires a large-caliber round from a long barrel. These guns are meant to be fired from the shoulder. Handguns are smaller-caliber weapons and are fired with one or both hands.

If you’d like to learn more, then keep on reading and we will take you through the different types of guns that you need to know about!

DIY Guns

You should be aware that most guns nowadays, particularly semi-automatic rifles, can be generalized into two categories: completely finished and 80 lower.

Most guns with a split receiver setting are often composed of two receivers: upper and lower. An 80% lower particularly refers to the lower receiver. The lower receiver is legally important as it often contains the serial number once it’s finished to become a legal firearm. Not to mention that it contains most of the basic parts of the gun: trigger and magazine part groups.

Nowadays, most guns can be bought in parts and disassembled. If a person wants to build, customize, or assemble a gun by themselves, they can separately buy receivers. However, it’s more convenient if they buy an 80% lower receiver as it can let them bypass a few headaches.

Note that a gun with an 80% lower receiver is an ‘incomplete gun’—or a DIY gun as some prefer to call it. They’re incomplete primarily because the finishing required and serial to complete are not present yet.

When a gun has an 80% lower, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) doesn’t consider it a legal firearm yet. This allows an aspiring gun builder or hobbyist to avoid the need to get licenses, pay fees, and go through tons of paperwork if they want to tinker with guns.

The AR-308, AR-15, and AR-9 are some of the guns often DIY’d with an 80% lower receiver.

Bolt Action Rifles

The bolt action rifle is the simplest form of firearm these days.

It is fired by manually pushing a bolt forward and then pulling a trigger. The bolt is then pulled back and the empty cartridge is discarded.

Because of its manual nature, this is an extremely precise gun but it is also slow to fire. A bolt action rifle will usually hold between five and ten bullets in a detachable or internal magazine.

The Howa 1500 and Remington 700 are two examples of bolt action rifles.

Lever Action Rifles

These rifles have been around for more than 100 years. They are the kinds of rifles that you typically see in cowboy movies.

You pull a lever that’s connected to the gun to load a new bullet. You then pull the trigger and then empty the cartridge and load a new one.

This is a much faster gun thanks to the position of the level.

The Marlin 336 and Winchester 94 are two modern examples of these kinds of rifles.

Semi-Automatic Rifles

When you hear people talking on the news and radio about guns and politics, they are probably going to be talking about semi-automatic rifles. There is a big variety when it comes to these guns.

However, the one common feature is that you release one bullet with one pull of the trigger. A new round is then automatically loaded.

If this kind of gun is referred to as automatic, it is because the round is automatically loaded. An “automatic gun” would also be considered a machine gun.

The process of automatically loading a new round typically involves, recycling some of the weapon’s gunpowder gases and using it to eject the old bullet and load a new one.

A lot of semi-automatic rifles have external magazines that can hold up to thirty rounds. These magazines can be quickly changed to reload the weapon.

Examples of semi-automatic weapons include the Browning BAR rifles and the AR-15.

It’s very important that you maintain your weapons properly. You can visit this website to find the necessary accessories for your guns.


If you’re watching a Western movie and you see a cowboy with a handgun, then he’s definitely got a revolver in his hand. These were the first multi-shot handguns to come around. They can store up to seven rounds in one revolving cylinder.

The cylinder connects to the firing mechanism and the gun barrel. In today’s revolvers, one pull of the trigger advances the cylinder to a new bullet. You pull the hammer back and then release it to strike the primer.

Today’s revolvers are considered to be semi-auto guns. The Ruger GP100 and the Smith & Wesson Model 686 are examples of revolvers available today.


A pistol is a handgun that doesn’t use revolving cylinders. While there are some single-shot pistols out there, a lot of the pistols that are available these days are semi-automatic guns. They load cartridges from an attachable magazine that is located on the grip.

As opposed to revolvers, which are usually limited to six or seven bullets, modern pistols today can carry up to seventeen rounds in one magazine.

The Army’s new M17 Modular Handgun System, also known as the Sig P320, as well as the Glock 17 are two examples of modern pistols.

Machine Gun

A machine gun is any gun that shoots automatically more than one shot without being reloaded. Machine guns are rifles that have long, grooved bores.

The bullet goes into the barrel as it’s propelled forward. The grooves spin the bullet so that it fires straight.

When a bullet is fired, it goes one way and the casing goes another way. The energy from this action is used to operate a spring bolt. As the bolt moves backward after the bullet gets fired, it ejects the casing.

As the bolt hits the sping and begins to move forward, it will force another bullet into the barrel of the gun and hit the firing pin.

As long as the trigger is being pulled, the cycle will continue.

The Importance of Knowing About the Different Types of Guns

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you now have a better idea of what the different types of guns out there are. As we can see, there are a lot of options out there when you are looking for the right gun to get.

Make sure to check out the rest of our site for more helpful articles like this one!

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8 Important Considerations When Buying a Phone



8 Important Considerations When Buying a Phone

Believe it or not, almost 100% of American adults own a cell phone today. It wasn’t all that long ago that a cell phone was seen as a luxury item, but it has quickly turned into a necessity for many people.

If you’re in the market for a new cell phone right now, you should put some serious thought into which one you’re going to buy before doing it. Buying a phone on a whim could end up being a big mistake since it’s not always going to lead to you shopping around for the best mobile phones.

Instead, you should think about the things that you’re looking for in a smartphone and then generate a list of smartphone pros and cons. It’ll make it so much easier to buy a phone from the beginning.

Here is a smartphone buying guide featuring eight important considerations to keep in mind when buying a phone.

  1. Brand

Because so many people own smartphones nowadays, there are a whole host of brands that specialize in producing them. Everyone knows about smartphone brands like Apple and Samsung, but Sony, LG, and HTC are just a few other smartphone brands that should be on your radar.

Do your research on all the different smartphone brands when you know that you’re going to be buying a phone soon and select the one that you like the most. It’ll allow you to narrow down your smartphone options quickly.

  1. Carrier

In addition to giving thought to which smartphone brand you want to go with, you should consider which cell phone carrier you like the most. Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint will be several of the best options.

The carrier that you choose should have a reputation for delivering great service in your specific area. They should also have the smartphones that you would like to buy in stock.

  1. Size

Do you want a tiny cell phone that you can fit into your pocket without a problem? Or would you prefer a large smartphone that looks almost like a tablet when you pull it out?

Either way, you will be able to pick which size you want when you’re buying a phone. You might want to think about when and where you’ll actually utilize your phone so that you can purchase a size that will work best for you.

  1. Speed

The good news for those buying a phone is that almost all of the smartphones on the market today are super fast. You shouldn’t have any trouble looking things up online or communicating with others via phone calls or text messages on your smartphone.

But there are, of course, some smartphones that are faster than others. So if you’re going to be using your phone for work purposes or for your social media obsession, you should search for one that’s known to be speedy. It’ll ensure that your smartphone won’t have any problems keeping up with you.

  1. Capacity

Many smartphone users have set up accounts in the so-called “cloud” to store photos, videos, etc. so that they don’t have to fill their phones with them. But if you would prefer to keep these things on your smartphone, you’ll want to look for a phone with a big enough hard drive.

Since so many people have fallen in love with using the cloud, some smartphone manufacturers have moved away from producing phones with big hard drives. But there are still some out there that will be equipped to store whatever you would like on them.

  1. Camera

The cameras found on smartphones have turned into some of their most important features. People use their cameras so often that they want to find phones that can capture great photos and videos.

Fortunately, most smartphones released today come outfitted with cameras that will take amazing photos and videos. But just like with everything else, there are some smartphones with much better cameras than others.

You will want to pick out one of these phones if you’re someone who is constantly posting photos and videos on social media or taking photos and videos of your kids.

  1. Price

The average cost of a cell phone has gone up and up and up some more over the last decade. A smartphone is going to cost you right around $350 on average, and it’s not uncommon for people to spend more than $1,000 on some phones these days.

As a result, you’re going to need to put a budget in place prior to shopping around for a smartphone. Otherwise, you might end up breaking the bank on one that you can’t necessarily afford.

  1. Case

After buying a phone, you’ll want to toss it directly into a case to keep it safe. The last thing that you want to do is drop a smartphone that costs hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars and break it.

For this reason, you should shop for a new case for your phone while shopping for the phone itself. It’ll make it possible for you to buy both so that you’re able to stick your smartphone into a case from the start.

Learn more about some of the fantastic cases that are available for smartphones in this day and age and see which one you like the best.

Remember These Factors When Buying a Phone

Buying a phone is something that most people do every couple of years. But because phone technology changes so fast, people sometimes get overwhelmed when it’s time for them to get their hands on a new phone.

You can make it so much easier to buy a phone by considering everything that we’ve listed here. It should help you land on a smartphone that you’ll love from the beginning.

Browse through our blog for more articles featuring tips on buying cell phones and other gadgets.

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Addiction to Slots is a Real Thing



Addiction to Slots is a Real Thing


There is a growing addiction to slots in the United States. Slot machines have become a way for people to make quick and easy money. Many people think that slots are harmless, but they are actually very addictive.

How slots can produce addictive behaviours in users?

Gamblers have long been known to be susceptible to developing addictions to certain activities, such as gambling or shopping. Slot machines, in particular, are a popular target for addiction due to their ease of use and the fact that players can quickly become hooked on the rewards they offer.

Slot machines present a unique challenge for addiction experts because they are designed with an algorithm that constantly offers new rewards, making it difficult for players to resist playing them. This combination of features makes slot machines particularly hard to break free from and can lead some people to develop an addiction to the machine itself.

Addiction experts warn that slot machines can be addictive and addictive behaviours can lead to problems in both personal and professional life. People who become addicted to slot machines may lose money they can’t afford, neglect their responsibilities at work or even end up spending sums of money they don’t have.

How do online slots work?

Slot machines are a popular form of gambling, and people can become addicted to them. The basic principle behind slot machines is that a player inserts money into the machine and then pushes a button to start the game. The machine will then give out a series of numbers, and the player has to decide which number is going to be the next one. If the player guesses correctly, they will win money based on how much was wagered. If the player makes a mistake, they will lose their bet. If you are looking for a trusty casino for gambling then is the best option.

The way slot machines work is pretty simple, but it can be addictive. There are many different types of slot machines out there, but they all operate in essentially the same way. When you put money into a machine, it gives you a set number of chances to win back your investment.

The benefits of playing online slots:

Gamblers who enjoy playing online slots often find themselves in a cycle of addiction. In fact, some people are so hooked that they can’t stop gambling even if they wanted to. The following are the eight most common reasons why people get addicted to online slots:

  • The thrill of the gamble – When you’re playing online slots, there is always the risk that you could lose everything you’ve put in. This adds an element of excitement and makes gambling a thrilling experience.

2) The chance to make big profits – Just like lottery tickets, online slot games offer the opportunity to win big money quickly. This can be incredibly tempting for someone who is struggling financially or who just enjoys feeling like they have control over their destiny.


Addiction to slots is a real thing, and people need to be aware of the potential pitfalls before they fall, victim. The best way to avoid becoming addicted is to keep your wits about yourself and know your limits. If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t stop playing, seek help immediately.

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Top 5 Jobs For Making It In Your Teens



Top 5 Jobs For Making It In Your Teens

Jobs for teens have turned out to be highly profitable!

The present generation is eying to get self-reliant. Self-reliance is good and profitable from multiple aspects. If you save money right from your teens, you get quite a good opportunity to make your own decisions without relying on your parents. 

So clearly, there are plenty of advantages you have with earning in your teens. In this article, we discuss some of the job ideas for making it in your teens. 

Job Ideas For Making  In Your Teens 

If you have decided to start your job in your teens, here are some of the bright ideas that you could follow to have a great start. Let’s discuss them here in this section. 

1. Social Media Influencer

If you have the ability to create original content, you can work as a social media influencer. Moreover, if you have trust, and passion, for some product or service, you can go on to become a social media influencer.

You also need to get good with social media for sure. You need to maintain all your social media platforms. If you find a problem in handling your social media, you could use some social media management software free from RARBG.

The contemporary job has turned out to be recommendation oriented. Buyers look for recommendations. If they see that some celebrity is backing a product, it adds some element of trust and confidence to the particular product and service offering. 

2. Babysit Art/ Music Lessons

A babysitting job has been in huge demand of late. If you have a knack for handling kiddies at home, you have a good opportunity to fill your pockets. Our contemporary society is governed by a nuclear family. 

In a nuclear family, the husband and wife both work at their respective offices. They need somebody to take care of their little baby. For a babysitting job, you need to have three qualities:


You need to be reliable and responsible as an individual. These kinds of jobs involve risks because the safety and security of a kid are paramount. You have to devote yourself religiously to your job. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do well in this job.


You need to be prepared mentally for this job. If you don’t prepare yourself mentally for this kind of job, sorry, it’s not your cup of tea. 


It’s always good when you get yourself trained for this kind of job. If you have some certification and training, you are a good fit for this job. 

3. Selling Handmade Goods 

Selling handmade goods is a great way to earn a good living when you’re a teen. Of late, there has been a good demand for handicrafts.

If you know some art, you can start your own job selling handmade goods. There are certain things that you can sell for a handsome income, and they include Candles, Sweets, Art and prints, bath soaps, and others.  

4. Print On Demand Designs 

Print-on-demand design of T-shirts is a great job idea for teens. There is a good demand in the US market for printed T-Shirts. Printed  T-shirts have become a style statement in the present times. 

You do not need to spend a great deal of money buying the machinery for printing. Some  3d printing with lines creates a style statement for youth. Start your job with your friends to have a great impact. 

5. Tutoring Service

Tutors were indispensable in the past. They are indispensable in the present time. The demand will not dry out in the future. Therefore, tutoring would be a great job for some good income in your teens. 

The tutoring job has always been profitable, and you do not need much training to become a tutor. Presently there is a requirement for a tutor on music and art. 

If you can play jazz guitar or sitar, you can turn out to get a good earning opportunity. 

Start It Small, Make It Big 

To conclude, it can be said that there are earning opportunities galore for you if you wish to do it right in your teens. The five ways discussed above are highly promising to provide you with a good option of earning. What you need is the grit and willpower to start it.

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