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You might be beginning a new chapter of your life, like a career change or pursuing further education. Irrespective of your goals to succeed in life, one thing always remains the same, i.e., the importance of education. However, the vast majority of people fail to understand the significance of education. There is always confusion between professional experiences worth more than education, which is far from the truth.

Regardless of how you will grow professionally, education will consistently rank higher than experience. Just look at the increasing number of students opting for a higher level of education now and then. Almost everyone is recognizing the true worth of educating themselves, as it paves the way towards success.

Take yourself as an example. You’d love to learn about stuff that excites you, right? Many people are passionate about acquiring more knowledge. Now, there must be some apparent reason behind doing so. One primary reason is that one can’t progress in life without sufficient knowledge. Human beings need to have a full grasp of concepts before implementing them in real life. Hence, saying education takes precedence over experience isn’t an overstatement.

Keeping this in mind, acquiring education isn’t difficult at all, especially since most institutions have gone online with their courses. Nowadays, you can quickly pursue higher education in 2021 and obtain an online graduate certificate without hassles. Isn’t it amazing that you can study and graduate without attending a physical institution?

With that settled, here are six compelling reasons why education holds more value than experience to build a successful career.

  • It helps in personality development.

To build a lucrative career, you need a unique set of skills that last a lifetime. By gaining education, you will develop emotional, physical, and mental qualities that will help career management.

When you learn about different concepts in life, you become aware of your surroundings and develop a personality. Your values change, and you have some aspirations in life that make you a better person. In pursuit of being a better version of yourself, completing an online edd will boost your self-confidence even further and make you a wiser person –someone with an optimistic attitude.

  • It encourages you to earn more at work.

Georgetown University recently did a study and found out that college graduates earn $1 million more than school graduates. This confirms that the higher you study, the more you make over your lifetime.

This usually happens because most of the higher-paid jobs or careers require adequate qualifications. You may have a particular set of skills, but investing in education gives you a higher return of investment in the future, way above any job experience.

  • It assists in transforming your vision.

We all have visions to succeed one way or another in life. Our dreams fuel us, but there is no easy way to become successful. However, being educationally qualified helps make the journey much easier and less stressful. Investing in education is more like enabling yourself to transform your entire career.


It makes people more practical in life, which motivates them to pursue their childhood dreams. Even if you don’t have any childhood dreams, you would still prefer to advance in your career. This is precisely what education does; providing you better means and resources to pursue your career goals. To transform your life, get educated first, and you will experience it all.

  • It prepares you for the worst-case scenarios.

One of the many benefits of acquiring educated is that it prepares you for unprecedented life events. Yes, there are times when you are unaware of how to handle a particular situation, which is no less than a challenge.

If you are educated enough, you’re prepared to manage various challenges like a pro. This is usually because while learning in different settings, you acquire problem-solving skills to overcome stress. Not many people are capable of doing that, but only those who are well-educated.

  • It strengthens communication skills.

Let’s not forget about improved communication while discussing other essential skills a person acquires through education. Almost every multinational firm is on the lookout for hiring talented employees who excel at communicating professionally. Now, you instantly become better at communicating at different levels because that’s part of education – effective communication.

Just look at the way most college and university graduates study. There are told to present in front of a vast audience.

At times, they have to visit different institutes for community services or internships. All of this encompasses the ability to communicate well, which sharpens over time. When an individual can get their message across, they are already winning at building a lucrative career.

  • It makes you financially sound.

Another important skill you earn through getting educated is financial management. If you’re in the process of developing and kick-starting your career, you must know how to manage finances. You get to do basic calculations, and some people even maintain proper financial accounts.

So how does financial management help in career development? In simple words, it makes an individual manage their cash flows and save for the long term. Such educated people refrain from overspending and keep a check on where their money goes. This habit comes in handy later on in life when an educated person understands the value of money.

The Bottom Line:

Let’s be fair and honest about one thing; education expands your ability to think wisely, be more refined, and make better decisions. It enriches your career as well as your lifestyle choices. Therefore, saying that it has precedence over experience for career success is confirmed. The reasons mentioned above are proof enough that education plays an active role in building your career. So do your part and keep educating yourself!

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What are the top benefits of Caribbean medical schools?



What are the top benefits of Caribbean medical schools

Students aiming to become successful doctors should be aware that getting into a U.S. or Canadian medical school is challenging. Many potential candidates are turned away due to the number of available seats compared to the number of applications. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), the number of candidates applying for a Doctor of Medicine (MD) program at U.S. medical schools increased by about 60% between 2002 and 2020. The fewer number of seats in U.S. and Canadian medical schools is one of the main reasons why getting into a medical school is more challenging than ever.

With recognized accreditation and key state approvals, reputable medical schools in the Caribbean provide a second chance to candidates who aspire to become an MD but missed the cut in U.S. or Canadian medical schools. Leading Caribbean medical schools offer many advantages to students determined to practice medicine, such as an easy admissions process and rolling admissions. It is important to note that top medical schools in the Caribbean have U.S. clinical affiliations, allowing you to practice medicine or prescribe drugs in all 50 states in the U.S.

So, what are some of the top benefits of pursuing an MD in the Caribbean?

Holistic admissions process

Unlike medical schools in the U.S. or Canada, Caribbean medical schools have a holistic admissions policy. Under this policy, medical schools consider every aspect of the applicant, rather than numerical measures, such as GPA and MCAT scores. The admissions team examines both numerical and non-numerical information before admitting students to the program. A holistic review usually involves reviewing academic coursework, test scores, class rank, teacher recommendations, extracurricular activities and unique talents as well as other factors.

Globally recognized degrees

As the Liaison Committee of Medical Education (LCME) accredits medical schools in the U.S., medical schools in the Caribbean have separate accrediting bodies. The Accreditation Commission on Colleges of Medicine (ACCM) provides key state approvals in some top Nevis medical schools in the Caribbean. ACCM-accredited Caribbean medical schools allow eligible medical graduates to practice medicine in all U.S. states and Canada.

Better learning experience

Top Caribbean medical schools focus on providing students with the best learning experience. Caribbean medical schools use interactive lectures, small group work sessions, group presentations, team-based learning, and early patient exposure within their teaching approach.

Clinical rotations in the U.S.

Leading medical schools in the Caribbean have extensive relationships with renowned hospitals across the U.S. During clinical rotations, students get opportunities to visit ACGME-approved government and private teaching hospitals throughout the U.S. to gain hands-on clinical experience. Clerkship in the U.S. is the gateway to practicing medicine in the U.S. and Canada.

Pursuing an MD in the Caribbean is becoming an increasingly popular option for students and offers a great return on investment. If you want to know more about the admission requirements and technical standards, visit the website of the medical school you wish to attend in the Caribbean.

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How much does it cost to attend veterinary school?



How much does it cost to attend veterinary school

If you’re passionate about the well-being of animals, becoming a vet may be the career for you. Getting a relevant degree is the first step on your career journey. Knowing the essential requirements such as qualifications and cost of study are integral parts whilst considering studying in veterinary schools.

The veterinary school cost covers a lot of sections from admission fees to tuition fees and graduation fees. Some of these amounts are refundable while others are not. The cost may vary from school to school and it all depends on whether you choose a public or private institution.

Here, you’ll find out all about the cost breakdown of studying in a veterinary school.

Tuition and administrative fees

The standard tuition fees for studying in a private veterinary school of medicine are given here. As the curriculum is divided into semesters and particularly basic science and clinical periods, the fee for each of these academic periods is different.

The tuition fee for the basic science veterinary curriculum taken during semesters one to seven is around $14,000 to $15,000 per semester. The tuition for the clinical period lasting between semesters eight to ten is $24,000 per semester. This is the standard cost and may vary depending on your circumstances.

Besides tuition fees, students must pay administrative fees during the two sections of the academic curriculum. The administrative fees for semesters one to seven are around $4,500 and that of semesters eight to ten is $4,000.

If students are taking up part-time tuition, then they must pay around $900 per credit hour as extra fees.

Miscellaneous fees

Apart from tuition and administrative fees, you must pay several other fees as a part of your curriculum such as health insurance deposit, malpractice insurance, application fee, and so on. Let’s go through them in detail.

The application fee is non-refundable and costs around $75 for a student. Health insurance costs $653 per semester and is a mandatory requirement in the education system to ensure the well-being and health of students.

Some of the other important fees are a seat deposit, leave of absence fee and graduation fee of $500 each, late registration fee of $250, malpractice insurance of $60 for semesters eight to ten, and other miscellaneous fees of around $10 each for transcripts, letter of reference, etc. In case of late payment in any scenario, a late payment fee of $100 will be also added.

Scholarships and grants

If the cost of attending veterinary school is a concern for you, there is some good news – many medical schools provide scholarships to students to help make it more affordable. Students with excellent education records can be provided scholarships during the first seven semesters of the basic science curriculum in medical schools. Having good marks for the undergraduate examination or Graduate Record Examination (GRE) will make you eligible for these academic scholarships.

Students should enquire with respective medical schools to know more about the various scholarship schemes available at each veterinary school of medicine.

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How to draw up a thesis plan?



How to draw up a thesis plan

Plan – the beginning of the thesis work. It’s like a route diagram in another city: the more competent you are, the easier and more interesting the journey will be. In your case, a journey can be called the finish line to the coveted thesis. Let’s get back to the plan. What it should be and how to avoid mistakes, will figure it out in this article.

Appointment of a thesis plan

Only the lazy are not talking about planning now. One can argue for a long time about expediency, but as for the thesis, the need for a plan has long been an axiom. He is needed, that’s all. What for? It has a huge purpose:

  • reveal the topic and content of the thesis;
  • emphasize relevance;
  • show consistency and consistency;
  • structure thoughts and ideas;
  • reflect the methodology.

That is, the points of the plan are not just one or two sentences with pagination. This is a whole algorithm, a hint, and even a summary of the entire study. This means that during the preliminary defense and defense, it is according to the plan that they will focus on the essence of the thesis, and form the first impression.

Plus, the plan is considered a mandatory structural element of the thesis. It’s like the front door to an apartment – it should be. Without a plan, no one will even watch your thesis, which is quite logical.

The plan can and should be flexible, change and adapt to the content during the research. It is not for nothing that one of the interpretations of the term in the dictionary sounds like “a constantly changing, living document”

Varieties of the plan in the thesis

Plans are simple and complex. We see a simple version on the second page of each thesis. And expanded – we demonstrate to the teacher and use it ourselves as a guide.

A complex plan is a detailed, detailed step-by-step description of what to do, where to go, and how to write. Such a must-have for connoisseurs of time and lovers of order. The thing is very necessary and useful. Why? A detailed plan helps:

  • understand whether efforts are being made in the right direction and what is emerging in the end;
  • do not write too much and do not miss the main thing;
  • plan time and schedule writing;
  • insure against deadlines and unforeseen situations (it is enough to make a reservation in the schedule for at least a couple of weeks).

The more detailed the plan, the easier it is to write a thesis. As they say, preparation is harder than writing itself, but it’s worth it. The plan will have to be adjusted, that’s a fact. And, perhaps, even more than once. The main thing is that at the time of delivery, its points fully correspond to the wording in the thesis itself. That is, do not forget to make changes both there and there.

A detailed, thesis plan can be named, questions and quotations. Each of them is interesting in its way, but composing questions makes it easier to write

The structure of the thesis plan

One glance of an experienced teacher at the plan will be enough to determine how complete and competently it is. Detailed points, of course, depend on the discipline, topic, and format of the thesis. But there are essential elements that must be present in any plan one way or another.

We are talking about the introduction, theoretical and practical part, scientific novelty, conclusion and references. In addition, in terms of the thesis, proof of scientific novelty is important, which, as a rule, follows the practical part. The conclusion is necessarily accompanied by conclusions. These are always accompanied by supplements, be they diagrams, tables, or diagrams.

How many chapters should there be, and are they necessarily subdivided into subchapters? It depends on the number of tasks assigned and their complexity. As a rule, a chapter or paragraph is devoted to each problem. This is what you need to focus on.

The basis of the plan is the classic thesis structure. It is important to take guidelines for its development, and subsequently design

Errors when drawing up a plan

Slightly dismissive of planning leads to mistakes. All efforts are thrown into the maintenance, and already the details are drawn up in a hurry. Improvements are often the result. So, the most common mistakes are:

Inconsistency. The points of the plan look, as it were, scattered, chaotic and incoherent. This illogical structure causes confusion and doubt about the quality of the material. More often than not, such doubts are not unfounded.

Elementary errors in spelling and punctuation. This is a fiasco. This is how banal carelessness leads to a loss of confidence from the first sentences. Read at least once what you have written. Do not hesitate to use spellchecking programs, ask for help with dissertation writing online or contact a proofreader to proofread your thesis.

Inconsistency with the content of the thesis. First, the points in the plan and the title in the material must be identical. Secondly, the semantic correspondence between the title of the chapter and its internal content is important.

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