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Tips for Hiring an Ottawa Kitchen Renovation Company



Tips for Hiring an Ottawa Kitchen Renovation Company

Many people consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home, where people eat and make conversations. In some houses, this is where the kids do their homework, and moms serve cocktails and rye bread to their friends. This is why homeowners are considering a major renovation in the kitchen to make it look more elegant and functional.

As a homeowner, you may have found the latest designs and new materials that you would want to add to your kitchen. A newly-remodeled countertop and cabinets can add value to your property if you’re going to sell it in the future.

After choosing the materials, drawing the interior point of view, and selecting the colors, one of the most challenging aspects of making the change in the execution, it’s best to hire an Ottawa kitchen renovation company to turn your ideas into reality. The experts will add a more luxurious finish to the project, and everything will be done right the first time, which means savings for you.

If you think that this is the right time to do major renovations in your kitchen, you might want to contact the best contractors in Ottawa to do the job. They can save you a lot of time, money, and other resources, and you’ll have a magnificent and elegant kitchen after they have completed the job.

However, there are so many kitchen renovations companies out there that you may have a hard time finding the best one that will work on the countertops, sinks, cabinetry, electrical wires, and more. Here are some tips to help you out.

How to Hire the Best Kitchen Renovation Contractors?

  1. Know More about their Credentials

You might have received a few recommendations from your friends and families about the kitchen renovation experts in Ottawa. If so, call their numbers and ask for their credentials. Some have websites where you can check their previous projects, while others can give you a tour of their showrooms for renovations that they have done in the past.

Before hiring professionals from a specific company, check if they have insurance, certificates, and licenses. Getting awarded with a license by the local state will mean that the experts can follow the building codes and regulations in the area. Others are members of professional associations, and they have designations added to their internet profiles. Also, don’t forget to check the feedback and ratings of their previous customers to see if they are really doing an excellent job in their projects.

  1. Ask for Insurance

Insurance is essential, and this is why you should always seek proof that a contractor is insured. This way, when there’s an accident while doing the job, the insurers will cover the damages and liabilities for that particular worker, and you will be protected against lawsuits.

If something goes wrong with the project, the insurance will also cover the entire renovation cost, and you won’t have to spend a dime. Confirm with the insurers whether the policy and the card are valid before hiring someone. Get more explanation about proof of insurance in this website.

  1. Conduct Meetings and Interviews

If you have a list of at least three companies, continue to narrow down your choices by conducting a meeting with them. Do the interview in person so you’ll have a better understanding of how they talk with their clients. You’ll also have an insight into the people you’ll be dealing with in the next few months and whether you’re comfortable talking to them about your plans and personal style.

Another vital factor to know about is being honest and trustworthy. Observe how the contractors answer your questions and see whether they know the local building codes. The best ones are professional, friendly, and punctual. They value their clients’ time, money, and other resources, and they would want to maintain their good reputations in Ottawa. It’s easier to finish an entire job if the experts know the rules and are aware of what they are doing.

  1. Know More about the Strengths of their Team

Evaluate the strength of their team, especially if you’re going to have a big project. They should work closely with their supervisors, and it’s best if they won’t hire any third-party subcontractors that are not covered with the warranty and insurance.

Companies will definitely send the best people to do the job and handle the ongoing construction with an adequate workforce. Ensure that they will utilize all the resources and strengths of their manpower available so the project will be finished on schedule. The team should be able to work with the manager from the get-go and ensure that the details in the planning stage and the intricate patterns are executed according to the blueprints during the renovation process.

Get their Rates, Quotes, and Payment Terms

  1. Get their Rates, Quotes, and Payment Terms

After you’re done with the interviews, you need to evaluate the overall strength of the entire team and get their rates. Ask at least three contractors to provide rates and quotes that they will give for the project. The quotations should include the price of the materials, estimated hours of labor, and other services in the project.

The payment terms may depend on the scope of the tasks that are needed to be done. Usually, the contractors will ask for an initial deposit of around 40% of the total budget, and the rest will be payable after completion. It’s best not to give a significant portion of the quotes until all the requirements are met, and the project is still underway. You should be satisfied with the results and talk about the payment terms before starting any construction tasks to prevent delays and disputes.

  1. Put Everything in a Contract

After you’ve finalized and accessed the payment terms, you need to put everything in writing. Make legal contracts, especially if you’re going to invest a significant sum of money for the kitchen renovation. You should include the stop date of the project, working hours, and consequences of delayed work. The paper should be signed by the parties involved to make everything transparent.

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Let Your Fridges Run Efficiently with These Tips



The primary reason people use refrigerators is to keep food items at cold temperatures, making the foods remain fresh for a long time. The cool temperature in a fridge slows down microbial activities in foods, reducing the rate of food spoilage. 

Different types of fridges, like the fridges NZ, have unique characteristics. Some have both freezer and refrigerator compartments, while others have them separately. 

However, they all function the same way, and the way you use your fridge will determine how efficient your fridge would run and how long it would last. Here are some tips that would help you make your fridge run efficiently.

  • Select an Energy-Efficient Model

Fridges have significantly evolved when it comes to energy efficiency. A newer, highly efficient fridge model will cost you less to run than a model from 5-10 years ago. 

You can consider upgrading to a new model, but ensure you pay close attention to the technological and physical features of the fridge. Freezer top and freezer bottom and frost-free models are usually more efficient than models with multiple doors.

  • Keep the Condenser Coils Clean

The condenser coils in a fridge are critical in maintaining the cold temperature inside the refrigerator. These coils can accumulate much dust over time if not maintained. 

Cleaning the coils regularly, at least once a year, will lessen the stress placed on them, lengthen your fridge’s lifespan, and improve its efficiency by 30%. Ensure you unplug the refrigerator and gently vacuum or brush the coils.

  • Create Sufficient Room for Your Fridge

The position you keep your fridge in can significantly affect its efficiency. Ensure the refrigerator is distant from heat sources such as radiators, ovens, and cookers and keep it away from direct sunlight. 

Ensure you put a minimum of 5cm free space around the fridge’s sides, top, and back for proper air circulation and ventilation. A packed room can cause your fridge to overheat, reducing its ability to keep food cold and safe. 

  • Maintain an Organized Fridge

A disorganised refrigerator can make a negative impact on its efficiency. The longer you search the fridge for a food item, the more work you create for the condenser to regulate the temperature. 

Properly organise the foods in your fridge, label leftovers, jars, or containers, and ensure you return food items to their appropriate position after use. Doing this will also make your food last longer.

  • Keep the Fridge’s Doors Closed

Regardless of how busy or in a hurry you might be, avoid leaving the doors open even for a moment. Close the fridge immediately after you pick or return an item to prevent letting the cold air escape and the warm air enter the refrigerator. 

This habit allows your fridge to work more efficiently and without stress. Also, avoid opening and closing the refrigerator frequently.

  • Keep Your Refrigerator Full

A full fridge works more efficiently than an empty one because the former has less air to keep cold and doesn’t require extra effort to work. Food items in a fridge that’s at least two-thirds full keep each other cold. 

However, a full fridge doesn’t mean a crammed or overloaded fridge. Ensure there is sufficient airflow in the refrigerator so it can function efficiently. Also, make sure food items do not block the air vents.

  • Avoid Putting Hot Food in the Fridge

Placing hot food in your fridge will increase the temperature inside, making the fridge work harder to regulate the cold temperature. It is safe to allow hot leftovers or food items to cool down before putting them in the fridge, so you don’t have to worry about food spoilage.

To Wrap it up:

The above tips wouldn’t be helpful if you own an old or poor-quality fridge model. So ensure you buy high-quality fridges to enjoy a highly efficient fridge that saves money and keeps your food safe.

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5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Hot Water System Installation



5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Hot Water System Installation

Hot water is seen as an essential part of any home. That’s because we rely on it to enjoy a shower, wash the dishes, and do various other chores around the home. But, the truth is that it is possible to live without hot water, it’s just more difficult.

Fortunately, that’s not something you have to deal with. Instead, you can choose to get a professional, such as Rheem hot water, to install the best possible hot water system in your home.

If you’re looking at installing a water heating system then you need these tips to make sure you get the most out of your system.

  1. Check The Energy Rating

All appliances have an energy rating. This tells you how efficient they are. In effect, the lower the energy rating the more energy it will use to heat water and keep it warm. If you’re looking to replace or install a water heater you’ll want to choose a heater with the highest possible energy rating.

It may cost more to purchase but it will cost a lot less to run.

  1. Consider The Potential Of Solar

Water heaters use energy to heat the water and maintain the water in the tank at a set temperature. Most people will heat the water at night and hope it stays hot throughout the day. This is when you can use the extra help that solar energy can provide.

All you have to do is add a couple of solar panels to your roof and let the electricity they generate power your water heater.

It may only produce heat during the daytime. But, this reduces the demand on your conventional supply.

  1. Size Your Tank Correctly

Possibly the best way to ensure you have an efficient water heating system is to size your tank correctly. If it’s too small you won’t have enough heat for everyone in the home. However, oversize the water heater and you’re simply wasting money heating water that will never be used.

  1. Make Sure It’s Well Insulated

Once the water is heated to the designated temperature the thermostat monitors it and will, periodically, top up the heat to ensure it stays at the right temperature. It’s this maintenance that can be the most costly. Fortunately, water heaters are covered in insulation. This helps the water inside to stay warm without the need to keep heating it.

The best water heaters have high-grade levels of insulation and can keep water warm for many hours.

  1. Include A Filter

Finally, to get the most from your system you should add a water filter. While many houses have these just before the faucet, they are much better positioned when they are fitted before the water tank. Filters are good at removing toxins, including heavy metals. These are the contaminants that cause corrosion in water heaters and shorten their lifespan. Eliminating them before they enter the tank makes a lot of sense.

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Discover the most common plumbing leaks and how to fix them



Discover the most common plumbing leaks and how to fix them

Your plumbing system is probably largely hidden in your home, this can make it difficult to know when you have an issue. That’s why experts recommend you have an annual inspection of your plumbing and electrics. This will help to identify any issues and allow you to resolve them before they become a major problem.

Electrical problems mean you run the risk of electrical shocks and house fires. Plumbing issues can quickly flood a house and cause a huge amount of damage. They can also be expensive and we’re not talking about the cost of a good emergency plumber. Damaged pipes mean water can be leaking across your home at the rate of thousands of litres a minute. That’s quickly going to get expensive.

In short, you need to know the most common plumbing leaks and how you can fix them.

Dripping Faucet

A dripping faucet may not seem like much of an issue. In fact, in plumbing terms it’s not. Dripping faucets simply need the supply shut off so that the faucet lid can be removed and the washer replaced.

It’s a minor job but, if left untreated, can cost you a lot in wasted water.

It should be noted that a running toilet is a similar issue although it uses a lot more water. The running toilet is usually a float issue. The float can perish or get stuck, preventing it from closing the valve and ensuring the water keeps running. There is no risk to the house as it goes down the drain. But it is a waste and will increase the cost of your water bills.

Leaking Valves

Pipes can leak when they are damaged or old. But, the weakest point in any plumbing system tends to be the joins and valves. These are what you need to inspect regularly to ensure there are no signs of corrosion or leaks around the valves.

If there are signs of a leak then you will probably need to replace the valve. Simply shut off the water supply and remove the valve, allowing you to position a new one in its place.

Hot Water Tank

Your hot water tank has the perfect conditions for corrosions which will stop the heater working properly and ultimately result in a leak.

You can prevent this by having it inspected every year, replacing the anode as needed, and paying close attention to it after it has reached ten years old.

Cracked External Pipes

External pipes need to be insulated to protect them from drops in temperature. When pipes get too cold they can freeze. This places pressure on the outside of the pipe which can cause it to crack. Adding adequate insulation and avoiding outside pipes where possible will help to prevent this from being an issue.

Final Thoughts

In all cases you can attempt a repair yourself, providing your local regulations allow it. But, it’s generally better to contact your local plumber. They won’t just fix an issue, they will check to ensure you’re not about to have another problem.

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