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The Ultimate Guide on How to Get More TikTok Views



The Ultimate Guide on How to Get More TikTok Views

You’ve recorded a TikTok video that you believe is pretty hilarious. After a few days, disappointment sets in when you realize that you don’t have any new followers. Hardly anyone has looked at your video.

You’re not sure how to get more TikTok views so you can become internet famous. It’s not as hard as it seems. If you overthink it, there’s a good chance that you’ll forget something small, such as adding the right hashtags.

You’ve also got to bring something fresh to the table and if all else fails, pets get views. These aren’t the only TikTok tips that will help you out. Check out this guide to learn more.

Use Hashtags

Making a great video doesn’t matter if nobody sees it. Take the same amount of time choosing relevant hashtags that you did recording the video. If you find good hashtags, don’t keep using the same ones over and over again.

You want them to be as relevant as they are popular. Use one popular tag, one that isn’t so popular, and one that relates to sound. Before you use a tag, check how many views it has.

Consider using local hashtags, as well. This will bring in people who love to travel around the world.

Optimization is Important

You can buy TikTok likes, but that won’t help you much if you don’t optimize your profile. Add the best profile picture that you have. If you don’t have a good one, pay someone to clean up a bad one for you. You can find a Freelancer that will do it for a few dollars.

Write a description that describes the kind of work that you do on TikTok. In this description, add a link to your social media profiles. This way, people can follow you on all platforms.

Clean Up Well

Being super attractive isn’t a requirement for becoming TikTok famous, but you shouldn’t look disgusting either. Get a nice haircut that suits you.

Wear clothes that you’ve cleaned and pressed. Put on a little bit of makeup if you want. You don’t have to use a lot to rake in the views.

Don’t Skimp Out on Quality

You can take hours putting on makeup and choosing your wardrobe for your video. You can have solid content, but if the quality is bad, nobody is going to want to watch it.

If you’re filming with a smartphone, you need one with a good camera. Play around with your bulbs to find the best lighting possible. To emphasize the details of the photographs, you should consider LED ring light. Choose a backdrop that can appeal to several people.

You’re not going to throw up your video as soon as you finish recording. You have to edit first. Invest in software that has plenty of features for you to work with.

Share Your Videos Across All Social Media Pages

We know that this article is about how to get views on TikTok, but you shouldn’t leave your videos on that single platform. Share your profile on your Instagram.

This way, your followers can check out your videos. TikToks are pretty popular on Pinterest, as well. By not neglecting it, you can rack up quite a few followers.

Collaborate With Others

You might not have a lot of followers, but trendsetters and influencers do. You can look into collaborating with someone who’s already an established creator.

It will give you some exposure to that person’s followers. If they like what you have to bring to the table, you might see your likes shoot through the roof.

Be Creative

Many people get their likes from taking on TikTok challenges. That’s one way to go about it, but there’s also a special charm with being a trendsetter yourself.

You never know. You might make an iconic video that other people decide to follow. If others don’t copy you, you’ll at least get them talking.

Take Advantage of New Challenges

Every once in a while, TikTok challenges will come about. When that happens, take advantage of them and do them. If you tag them with the challenge hashtag, the algorithm will put it on the “For You” page.

This leaves it up for more people to see it. That means more followers for you.

Feature Your Pet

Almost no one can avoid the allure of an adorable pet. People who love animals will comment on videos more than almost any other user.

Videos that have a lot of comments tell the algorithm that people are interested in it. This will boost it to the front page, where you’ll reel in the other pet lovers on the internet.

Make sure that when you make a video with your pet that you don’t do it too often. You don’t want your puppy to become better known than you are.

Use Music

It’s hard to grab likes if your video is silent. Add in a popular song by using TikTok’s built-in tracks. If you do so, it will raise your chances of going viral.

How to Get More TickTok Views and Become Internet Famous

Are you trying to gain new followers on TikTok? It’s not as hard as it seems as long as you know how to sell yourself. You’ve also got to tag your videos with the right hashtags or else nobody is going to see your creations.

You can also take challenges to make your way to the “For You” page, which will give you even more exposure. If you’re looking for more ways to make yourself internet famous, check out our blog daily for even more tips and tricks.

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5 Benefits Of Leveraging Social Media For Businesses




Benefits Of Leveraging Social Media For Businesses

Social media transformed from a communication medium into an effective advertising tool for brands and businesses. Earlier, brands used to spend massive budgets to endorse their products and services by leveraging traditional advertising methods such as radio, newspapers, Television, and much more. But, currently, social media tactics turned out to be a beneficial tool that fits the budget of brands and enterprises. With over one billion users, social media proves to be a powerful marketing tool for brands.

Many brands use social media to reach their target market effortlessly. According to a study, 96% of marketers use social media to get in front of the right target audience and grow their recognition online. In this article, we have bit-sized a few benefits that brands gain from social media marketing.

Come, let’s get started!

  1. Reach The Right Target Market

Social media proves to be an effective tool for brands to reach their target audience. Many brands and businesses are using social media platforms where they have their target market. As a brand, before leveraging social media platforms, you will need to make sure that the platform is relevant to your niche, helps you attain your goal, and where the target audience is most likely to get connected. Bribble offers a wide range of services to upgrade your visibility on social media. For instance, if you’re picking up a platform where your audience is scarce, you cannot reap the benefits of social media. Hence, brands need to step into the right social media platform as it would be a great medium to help you reach a massive target audience.

  1. Builds Your Brand Awareness

More than half of the world’s population is using social media platforms. Hence, brands can use social media platforms to reach their new and targeted potential audiences. Nowadays, users search for brands and businesses on social media. Most of the users finalize their purchase decisions by looking into the brand’s profiles. According to a survey, 60% of Instagram users say they use the platform to search for products and services. As a brand, you can use the right social media channels to build brand awareness. Based on a study, 91% of marketers say they saw an increase in exposure after using social media platforms. Hence, brands can use social media to strengthen their brand awareness and enhance their credibility across the globe.

  1. Boosts Search Engine Rankings

By leveraging social media platforms in the right way, it drives some traffic. Social media helps you to skyrocket success when appropriately leveraged. Though social media doesn’t play a direct role in improving search engine rankings, it enables you to enhance your visibility online. According to a study, 58% of marketers say they saw an increase in search engine rankings after using social media for more than a year. When your brand posts compelling and engaging content on social media platforms, people are more likely to share it. Social shares increase your search engine ranking significantly. Therefore, brands can use social media in the right way to boost their rankings and sky-high their reach globally.

  1. Strengthen Loyal Relationships

As a brand, you can use social media to grow your connection with the audience. Through traditional advertising methods, you cannot interact directly with the audience. But, when brands can use social media platforms as a medium of interaction with their audience. For example, when a user comments on your post on social media and responds to it instantly, you can build a reliable connection with the target market. By interacting with the audience and responding to their comments instantly, you can strengthen your relationship with the audience and grow a loyal customer base. To develop a trustworthy customer relationship, many brands buy TikTok likes services to increase their engagement rate. Hence, use social media wisely to build a loyal bond with the target audience.

  1. Increases Conversion Rates

Nowadays, people are leveraging social media to research products and services. As a brand, you can try out advertising and other marketing strategies on social media to boost their conversion rates. When you properly use social media, you can connect with the target audience and tempt them to purchase your service. According to a study, more than 66% of marketers saw an increase in lead generation after using social media platforms. Putting your brand in a landscape where more people like to engage with your content can increase your conversion rates and uplift their product sales. In addition, social media platforms rolled out various shopping features to make the customers’ purchase experience seamless. As a brand, you can try out leveraging social media in the best way to improve your conversion rates and business ROI.

Final Thoughts

From the above points, it is clear that social media marketing has massive benefits for brands and businesses. As a brand, you will need to create an optimized profile, generate authentic content, and respond promptly to build their engagement rate on social media. Therefore brands can use social media marketing strategy to increase traffic, enhance engagement, boost SEO, increase sales and improve loyal relationships. So step into the fierce social media platforms and reap immense benefits.

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5 Tips to Boost Your Popularity on Instagram




5 Tips to Boost Your Popularity on Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media platform today and emerging as an integral part of social media marketing strategy. The platform is considered as an alternative the Facebook. So, you should have a huge number of followers or fans on this platform to get optimum success of marketing. Is it easy to get enormous followers on Instagram or how to get Instagram followers? These are the common questions of the users! We are here to describe to you some techniques for getting followers or fans instantly. If you follow these steps, you will get a lot of followers and fans. Let’s start!

Engage With Your Audience

Interaction with the audience is a big factor to get popularity on any social media platform. If you have a high interaction with the audience then you will get the optimum result from your Instagram profile. In fact, it is not so much easy to create interaction with the audience; you need enough effort to make a vivid interaction with your audience. Now I will describe here how you can create interaction with your audience like social apps for kids.

Answering the messages: It is a great way to build up a solid interaction with the audience! If you are able to give a reply instantly to any quires of your audience, you will have a vivid presence on the social media platform. So, try to reply instantly to any questions what is asked by your audience. Are you looking for ways to promote your business or brand and wondering how to increase Instagram followers? If so, using social media is the best way to get started.

Contests and giveaways: Running contents and giving rewards to the participants can keep you ahead of competitors. So, you should run contents from your profile to keep active your audience that builds a solid interaction between you and the audience.

Encourage them to comment: When the audience places comments in any post, it will create instant interaction with the publisher, and that regarded as a good thing to the platform’s algorithm. So, try to encourage people to place comments on your posts that will surely give you the optimum results.

Post regularly and at the Right Time

It is another best way to create interaction with the audience. Publishing posts regularly at the right time will give you extra benefit on any digital platform and on social media platforms it is more effective in case of increased interaction with the audience. Moreover, posting content regularly on Instagram will grab a new audience to your profile.

Social media experts recommend publishing a picture or video against any profile to get optimum results from social media marketing. The practice will help a marketer to get more likes and comments and it will help to appear on the top of your fans’ feeds.

Although posting content on social media platforms is great but it is more necessary to pick the right time to get optimum results from the strategy. But the exact time of posting content depends on the audience because the full-time workers and teenagers have different time schedules respectively. The best way to understand their behavior you should post several times to see what time works best.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Pictures

Indeed, it is not wise to confine yourself only to the pictures on Instagram although it began the journey as a photo-sharing platform. Over time, Instagram expanded its function to more functions like videos and stories. And stories and videos are capable to create more engagement. Still, photos reign the social media platform due to several reasons like it is easy to create and publish as well.

Moreover, publishing stories are a proven tactic by the marketer that creates more user engagement. So, you should try all kinds of functions that allow you to publish content to get optimum success from the marketing strategy.

Think Carefully About Hashtags

Using hashtags is a great way to reach out to the targeted audience. The right hashtags convey the content to the people who are interested in the topic. And the function getting much popularity on Instagram and you should try to use the right hashtags to get optimum results from your marketing efforts. All the social media that allow the users to use hashtags and a location tag get the highest interaction than others. How many hashtags you should use in your post, you can use the highest 30 hashtags but it is wise to keep your hashtags between 9 and 11 to get the highest promotional benefit.

Moreover, you should be more careful and make a hashtags strategy to reach your target audience. Because you should pick the right hashtags that your target audience loves most. And, need to analyze the competitor’s hashtags to get the best ideas and to achieve mixing capability with your own hashtags.

Put Your Followers on the Spotlight

Followers are the most valuable asset on your Instagram account and they deserve importance from you. It is possible to utilize the followers sharing appropriate content targeting the followers that they love most. Indeed, if you give the right value to the followers they will return you best turning themselves into your potential customers.

If you follow these steps perfectly, you will be able to boost your popularity on Instagram. So, let’s start to follow these steps to make you an Instagram star.

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How TikTok can be the next major medium for Digital Marketing




How TikTok can be the next major medium for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a term widely used for any type of marketing efforts on the internet. The main goal of marketing is to connect with as many people as possible and in today’s world there can be no better medium than online advertising. Digital marketers are the online version of the advertising professionals who had so far ruled the roost in conventional print and television media.  Since the virtual world is seamless, Digital marketer uses various strategies on different channels to attract customers, for example allowing Video creators on TikTok to buy real TikTok followers from genuine sources.

For any brand to achieve its top and bottom-line goals, a set of goals, marketing strategies, use of different tools, and social media platforms are required.

Different Channels of Digital Marketing

Different Channels of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing allows a brand to engage and interact with the audience unlike the conventional methods of marketing.  With nearly 5 billion internet users and increasing by the day, the digital world has opened new doors of opportunities for digital marketers such as SocialWick. Two major developments need to be highlighted. One is that in the past 12 months, more than 300 million new internet users were added and secondly a new social media platform known as TikTok has taken the world by storm.  This platform’s out of box strategies has been a major draw with kids and adolescents.

Let’s take a glance at what TikTok has achieved in only two years since its inception in 2018.

Currently, it has around 1 billion users globally. Out of this, in China alone, it has 250 million active users. It is one of the most popular apps on social media today where it has challenged some social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Some statistics of TikTok will signify its rapid rise on social media.

  1.   It is presently used in 154 countries globally and 75 languages.
  2. Out of the 90 million users in the United States, 52% of them use an iPhone.
  3.   56% of males and 44% of females use Tiktok.
  4.   Around 41% of TikTok users are in the age group of 16-24 years.
  5.   Out of the one billion users of TikTok, 90% of them use the app daily.
  6.   Many celebrities worldwide are known to be TikTok users.
  7.   Some countries including India have banned Tiktok for various socio-political reasons.
  8.   In 2018 alone there were 1 billion downloads globally indicating the addictive nature of this app.
  9.   Videos on TikTok are viewed on an average of 17 billion times in a month.
  10. Easy to use the app on mobile which is now accounting for nearly 49% of web traffic by device, thereby contributing to Tik Tok popularity.

The advantage of the TikTok application of short videos of up to 15 seconds with music filters and editing effects can be the next marketing tool for advertisers.  The duration of an average short burst advertisement and a TikTok video is in sync and can be used effectively by brands for marketing.

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