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How to Market Your Brand with Corporate Gifts



How to Market Your Brand with Corporate Gifts

As the world becomes more digitized, many organizations have transferred their marketing budgets to digital marketing, investing in channels such as search engine optimization, email marketing, and social media engagement, among others.

Physical types of marketing, such as presenting corporate gifts to your consumers, may appear to be out of date and out of touch in an increasingly digital world.

While digital marketing channels may surely deliver more sales outcomes faster and with more precise costing, the impact of a corporate gift remains a force to be reckoned with when it comes to brand marketing and developing a more intimate connection with your customers.

Continue reading if you want to boost brand recall and affinity among your target clients.

What exactly is a corporate gift?

Let’s first define what a corporate gift is.

A corporate gift is a physical item that businesses offer to their clients, both old and new, in order for the receivers to remember them.

It should not be confused with a present; the former has a very definite commercial and brand-building goal, whilst the latter can be given for no reason.

Many organizations fail to differentiate between the two forms of gifts and, as a result, lose a significant amount of money each year without receiving the required returns in terms of brand recall and sales.

Why should you be concerned about corporate gifts?

Sending a corporate gift to your clients is one of the best methods to express your genuine and considerate appreciation.

Nobody ever refuses a well-intended gift.

A corporate gift is also one of the most effective ways to improve the message and main value proposition of your brand.

As a result, when correctly planned and implemented, corporate gifts generate a high return on investment (ROI) by enhancing brand recall and improving connections, which leads to more and longer-term business.

We beings desire physical interaction and touch. The ability to hold a real item in one’s hands creates a connection that no digital marketing channel can replicate.

Are corporate gifts really effective?

According to studies, nearly 33% of corporate gift recipients expressed an interest in doing business with the gifter after receiving the gift.

The impact of corporate presents is best summed up by an old adage: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

So, when people feel good because of what you’ve done to make them feel good, the likelihood of them liking you and wanting to do business with you increases.


Aside from the feel-good component, if your corporate present is a utility item that the receivers will use and/or come into contact with on a daily basis, your brand will be in the forefront of their minds. The impact of brand memory is nearly limitless.

What constitutes an excellent corporate gift?

Because corporate gifts are so effective at cutting through the noise and putting your brand in front of your recipients, they can backfire spectacularly and cause irreversible damage to your brand and the qualities associated with it if the gift and the idea behind it are poorly conceived and executed.

So think carefully about what constitutes an acceptable corporate present.

When selecting a present, there are a few factors to consider so that you always come out on top and win your clients over.

The gift is thoughtful

A good corporate or other present should, first and foremost, be useful and valuable to the receivers. Giving away the conventional pen or wall calendar is little more than a thinly disguised expectation that other people will notice your brand when your receivers use your present.

The truth is that every smartphone has a calendar app, so no one needs a papered wall version anymore, and there are probably far too many pens sitting about in the office for yours to be noticed.

When it comes to corporate gifting, don’t fall into the trap of convenient (and lazy) thinking.

Also, if you do a little research, you will find literally thousands of goods that can be used as gifts. For example, visit the website of EasyPrint, one of Singapore’s leading corporate gift suppliers and you will find a huge variety of gift items to choose from.

The present should be meaningful and valuable to the recipient. It will demonstrate that careful consideration was given to the conception and production of this gift, as well as that you value the receivers enough to go through such thought processes.

If you do this well, the recipients will remember you and your company every time they use or enjoy the gift.

The gift has no agenda

The best gifts are those that have no strings attached.

Don’t call the customers soon away with a sales pitch after they’ve received a gift.

The last thing you want to do is give your customers the impression that there are strings attached to getting your present and that you are simply attempting to buy their business.

Rather, focus on fostering goodwill over time.

Remember that your gift is only one component of your total customer engagement plan, not a magic bullet that will bring you sales right away.

The gift is not extravagant

You may believe that a costly gift will increase your clients’ appreciation for you.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

While there are certain clients whose business relationship with you merits special treatment, most of the time you wouldn’t want to deliver a gift that makes your consumers wonder how much profit you’re earning off them to allow you to be so generous.

As corny as it may sound, it is the thought that counts, not the retail value of the present that inspired the sentiment.

As a result, while selecting the perfect corporate present, always prioritize innovation and thoughtfulness over absolute pricing.

The gift is consistent with your brand’s messaging

The corporate gift should be something that compliments, if not amplifies, your brand’s positioning and messaging.

As a result, anytime your customers see the gift, they will be reminded of your brand and the values it represents.

Here’s an example of a brand with a basic but effective corporate gift item that not only keeps the company in the recipients’ minds, but also amplifies the message that the company is attempting to convey.

PayPal is a global payment service provider that helps millions of businesses and buyers worldwide deal on the internet every day.

Clearly, when it comes to money and personal information, security is of the biggest concern and priority.

PayPal created a travel padlock as a corporate gift item that was delivered at trade exhibitions and conferences to potential clients, in this case, the business owners and entrepreneurs who attended these events, to convey the message of security.

The gift, which is really just a simple, everyday numeric padlock with the PayPal logo emblazoned on it, is the perfect example of a great corporate gift because, first and foremost, it directly aligns with and even enhances PayPal’s messaging (padlock secures your belongings when you travel, PayPal secures your money when it travels across the internet), and secondly, it is extremely useful and can be used repeatedly.

The preceding example demonstrates that, with a little extra thought and keeping your target audience’s interests and benefits in mind, you, too, can be like PayPal and come up with a brilliant corporate gift idea that people will remember for years to come (I certainly did!).

In conclusion

The marketing trend these days is unmistakably toward increased use of digital mediums.

That is not to say that corporate gifting is no longer effective.

On the contrary, in a time when every other company is focusing solely on digital marketing, including corporate gifts into your entire brand engagement plan can be a critical differentiating point that sets you apart from the competition.

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Tips for Organizing Successful Brand Ambassador Programs




Tips for Organizing Successful Brand Ambassador Programs

Branding is a vital aspect of businesses, and a good strategy will enhance the credibility of a company, making it outstanding. This happens because most businesses rely on the loyalty of their customers to drive the growth of sales. These customers always leave positive reviews about the brand, thereby, piquing the interest of others in the brand.

When companies involve customers in their branding strategies, it makes the company more authentic. Research shows that utilizing customers in brand ambassador programs creates a significant impact on their lives. As a matter of fact, almost three-quarter of new clients will likely buy from a company based on recommendations and reviews of old clients.

Furthermore, a brand ambassador must strive to organize a message that is coherent and makes a good impact on potential customers. They must also keep tabs on the latest trends in the industry. Let’s discuss some tips that will help you organize a successful program for brand ambassadors.

1. Set the Mission, Vision, and Goals of Your Company

Your company’s mission, vision, and goals are the skeleton of all your programs. You need to know what the product entails, your target audience, including the projections you have made for the company. When you put these together, you will be able to come up with enough information that will enable your product to thrive for a long time.

2. Select Qualified Brand Ambassadors

Branding helps your company to get the needed exposure. But not everyone is relevant when it comes to promoting your product. You need to identify people who are enthusiastic and passionate about your product. Allow them to discuss what makes your product unique, as well as why they will choose your product over others.

Additionally, they should share their thoughts about your product on their social media platforms. This will help you know what the fans of your brand want. When ambassadors recommend your product or service on their social media, it increases the visibility of your company.

However, you must check the background of your ambassadors thoroughly before selecting them. Find out how they relate and engage with people. This will give your company the chance to get genuine reviews from people.

3. Plan Some Programs

Companies usually have several products on the market, so one program is not enough for the entire process. Hence the need to plan more campaigns to reach different audiences. Each target market will have a rep that will come up with the right approach that will grab their attention.

The programs should not appear forced. Rather, they should make consumers feel like they shouldn’t miss the opportunity to patronize the brand. Also, you need to have expectations during the campaign period. This will help you evaluate the effectiveness of the programs and where you need to improve.

Additionally, you can consult a branding agency to assist you with this phase. You can visit this website to see how such agencies function.

4. Build Transparency and Trust

For you to build lasting success, you need transparency and trust in your business. These are the ingredients that build a strong foundation for your business to thrive. You need to make your ambassadors feel like they are actually part of your success journey. This will boost their online representation.

You should also communicate with them mutually and inform them of what is expected of them. This communication should be more personal. This is not the point where you send emails. You must communicate with them face to face.

5. Provide Incentives

Brand ambassadors should get some form of reward for the work they are doing for your company. While some of them want cash, others prefer vouchers or gifts. The secret to attracting a lot of ambassadors is offering them discounts on the products they buy. You can also organize memorable giveaways. Ensure you customize the incentives and make them rare in the market.

6. Accurate Timing

This is an essential factor when running campaigns. Check if there is a crisis, if the products are offering an amazing solution, or if a competitor is posing any challenge. Ensure you consider these before launching any ads.

Additionally, you need to choose the most suitable social media platform to advertise your business. Ensure the platform you choose has a huge number of followers. Most importantly, ensure your target audiences are on the platform.

7. Evaluate the Program’s Success

When tracking campaigns, you should consider several variables such as the type and number of people reached, surveys completed, and much more. However, the key factors to consider are

  • Number of videos and pictures shared on websites and social media
  • Traffic that was engaged
  • Reactions from people

You can visit to find more information on evaluating a campaign’s success.


Ambassadors make positive remarks on the minds of people, especially when they use the product they promote. This is essential for business growth because any message the company spreads will be very effective. Trust, credibility, and easy access are the things that make customers recommend a product or service.

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4 Common Reasons for Selling a Business




4 Common Reasons for Selling a Business

Did you know that approximately 78% of small business owners want to sell their small businesses to fund their retirement? However, selling a business is not an easy decision. There’s paperwork to complete, property to sell, and, sadly, employees to let go.

If you want to sell your business but aren’t sure it’s the right decision yet. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. From declining sales to burnout, we’ve investigated some of the biggest reasons that made a business owner sell their beloved business.

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s a quick look at selling a business:

1. Declining Sales

A decline in sales is one of the most common reasons why owners decide to sell. Although, keep in mind that reduced revenue is not always your company’s fault. Sometimes it contributes to reasons outside your control like a bad economy, high jobless rates, or global health concerns.

If you’re experiencing a decline in sales, try and understand the root of the cause and see if it can be managed or even if you want it fixed. After all, sticking it out can lead to frustration, possible financial hurdles, and not to mention burnout. So, think about what you want and whether you want to sign away your business or fight to keep it.

2. Partner Disputes

Partners can push you to think big, but they can also push you the wrong way. If you and your partner are having recurring disputes about the future of the business, that’s a red flag.

Partners should always be on the same page when it comes to a business’s future. Furthermore, if you feel disrespected or not listened to, you should deinvest with that partner and part ways.

Now, you may be thinking, what’s next? Well, you really only have two options: you can find another partner or sell the business altogether.

Depending on your situation, it may be easier just to find another partner. However, if you already have a decline in sales and have lost interest in the business, it might be good to sell the business to someone who can make it profitable again.

3. Financial Reasons

Even a profitable business makes a few financial hiccups here and there; however, these mistakes can lead to serious difficulties. For example, if you over-invested in a project, you could be left with a large amount of credit card debt, or worse, you could face bankruptcy. If you’re experiencing these financial difficulties, your best bet might just be to sell.

If you’re on the fence, check out; they can help you understand what your business is worth.

4. Burnout

Okay, let’s be honest no one likes feeling burned out, certainly not a business owner. However, if you begin feeling overly exhausted or stop receiving enjoyment from your work, that’s a for sure sign you should sell. Coupled with declining sales and partner disagreements, it’s time you think about your future away from your business.

Reasons for Selling a Business: What’s Yours?

There are many reasons to sell a business; however, the question remains do you want to? Whether it be for financial reasons or partner disputes, there could be a thousand reasons why you should or shouldn’t sell, but the decision rests solely in what would make you happy.

So, are you ready to let go and start anew, or do you want to hang on to your business for a little longer? The best advice anyone could give is to find what will make you happy, so don’t wait; discover your happiness today!

Now, for more information about selling a business, visit our website. We look forward to helping you!

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How to create a GST invoice




How to create a GST invoice

What is a GST invoice?

A GST invoice or a GST bill is basically a list of all the goods or services that you or your company delivered and the payment that you expect in return for it. A GST invoice is mandatory if your business is registered under the GST and you must issue it while providing services to your clients. Invoice related decisions of the GST are taken by the chairman of the GST council along with other members of the council under the GST act.

To create a GST invoice you must be aware of the fields that your GST invoice should mandatorily have:

  1.     The name of the customer
  2.     The invoice serial number
  3.     The invoice date
  4.     The shipping address
  5.     The billing address
  6.     If the customer is registered then the customer and taxpayer’s GST number (GSTIN)
  7.     If the customer is not registered and the total value of the invoice is greater than Rs.50000 then your invoice needs to have the following information:
  8.     Name of the recipient
  9.     Address of the recipient
  10.     Delivery Address
  11.     Name of the destination state
  12.     Name of the state code
  13.     The place from which the supply is to be made
  14.     HSN code or the SAC code
  15.   Details of the item: should include things like description, quantity along with a unit of measurement of the good and the total value
  16.   The taxable value
  17.   The discounts
  18.   The rate of taxes
  19.   The amount of taxes (IGST, CGST SGST)
  20.   Is the GST payable on a reverse charge basis
  21.   Signature of the supplier

Note: Reverse charge basis means that the liability to pay the taxes lies on the recipient of the goods or services and not on the supplier

You can create a GST invoice in excel using these values and print them in pdf or you can just use one of the countless online tools for it.

For the supply of goods three invoices need to be issued:

  •       Original for the recipient of goods
  •       Duplicate for the transporter
  •       Triplicate for the supplier

For the supplier of services

  •       Original for the recipient
  •       Duplicate for supplier

When should the invoices be issued?

According to the GST act, there are different timelines for different kinds of invoices:

  •       Goods (if the supply of goods is one time): on or before the date of delivery
  •       Goods(If the supply of goods is recurrent): On or before the issue of account statement
  •       Services: within 30 days of the date of supply of services
  •       Services(Banks and NBFC): Within 45 days of supply of services

What is GST E-invoice?

E-invoicing an electronic validation process by the GST Network (GSTN) and has been approved by the GST council in its 37th council meeting. It helps ensure that the invoices that you have generated are valid and meet all the requirements to be used for processes like bill creation or GST return filing. Hence it is a way to verify different kinds of invoices from different accounting software based on common parameters.

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