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How to Make Your Law Firm More Competitive



Did you know that there are almost 450,000 law firms operating throughout the country at this time? That is obviously a very large number, and it provides people with plenty of choices when they’re in the market for a law firm.

With this in mind, what are you doing to make sure that your law firm stands out? If you’re not doing enough right now, it’s going to make running a law firm more difficult than it has to be on you. You’re going to have a tough time maintaining a competitive law firm.

You should figure out what you can do to make your law firm more competitive overall. There are lots of things that you can do to accomplish this goal.

Check out how to make your law firm more competitive below.

Make Sure That You Have a Great Website Set Up for Your Law Firm

When people in your area Google “law firms near me,” is your law firm’s website one of the first sites that appears? If not, that’s going to present a big problem for you.

You should, first and foremost, have a website for your law firm set up in the first place. But you should also take things a step further than that and make sure that your website looks great and works in the way that it’s supposed to.

You should also use the latest SEO strategies to give your site’s SEO a big boost. It’ll ensure that people stumble upon your site first whenever they’re looking for a law firm in your area.

Create Social Media Pages for Your Law Firm

Once upon a time, simply setting up a website for your law firm was enough to give it a digital identity. But nowadays, you also need to go above and beyond just creating a website for your law firm and create social media pages for it as well.

Ideally, you want to have social media pages for your law firm on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. These social media pages will give people more ways to find you when they’re in the market for a law firm.

These social media pages will also allow you to connect with your clients and your potential clients in a whole new way. They’ll be able to get in touch with you without having to call or email you, which could really work wonders for your law firm.

Get as Many Positive Online Reviews for Your Law Firm as You Can

What kind of reputation does your law firm have at the moment? That’s going to play a big part in how competitive it’s able to be in the legal industry.

If people don’t have many nice things to say about your law firm when they write online reviews for it, this is inevitably going to be a problem. It’s going to lead to people shying away from working with your law firm after seeing these reviews.

It’s why you should do everything in your power to rack up as many positive reviews for your law firm as you possibly can. These positive reviews will put your law firm in the right light and make people want to call on you for help with legal matters.

Make It a Point to Market Your Law Firm in the Most Effective Ways Possible

You can set up the best law firm in the whole world, but if you don’t make it your mission to market it, it’s not going to be as competitive as you might like.

Because of this, law firm marketing should be something that’s at the forefront of your mind at all times. The better you’re able to market your law firm, the more competitive that it’s going to be.

There are a million and one ways in which you can market your law firm to the masses. You can run advertisements for it on local TV stations, sponsor local events with it, or even buy up billboard spaces for it.

Your goal should be to spread the word about your law firm by any means necessary. It might cost you some money to do law firm marketing, but it’ll be a wonderful investment that you’ll be making in your business.

Avoid Putting Your Law Firm in the Middle of Any PR Nightmares

The last thing that you want to do when it comes to making your law firm competitive is have it be at the center of any PR nightmares. They could compromise your whole business and make it go belly up before long.

If, for example, a security breach takes place because you’re not using the right law firm technology, it could expose many of your clients’ personal information. This might make it appear as though your law firm isn’t as trustworthy as it needs to be.

You can stop a situation like this from happening by investing in legal IT services. These services can protect your law firm from security breaches and ensure that you don’t end up putting any of your clients’ personal info at risk. This will guarantee that you don’t get hit hard by a PR nightmare that brings down your business.

You Can Make Your Law Firm More Competitive Overall in No Time

The legal industry is filled with tons of law firms. As a result, you might not be able to create a competitive law firm from the start.

But once you get some experience under your belt, you can gradually make your law firm more competitive by utilizing each of the tips found here. They’ll give your law firm every opportunity to succeed by giving it a leg up on all of your closest competitors.

Would you like to obtain some more advice on how to make your law firm more competitive? Take a look at a bunch of other tips and tricks that will help you do it by reading through our other blog articles.

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How to Become a Notary in 3 Simple Steps



Being a notary can come in handy in many different situations. If you’ve wondered how to become a notary, the ease of the process might be surprising. It is possible to become a notary for less than $200 in most cases!

Becoming a notary can be a quick experience when you know what to do. Keep on reading to learn the three simple steps you need to become a notary!

1. Learn How to Become a Notary

When learning how to become a notary, you need to educate yourself as much as possible. What is a notary? A notary is a person who gets approved by the state to witness official documents.

The process might differ depending on the state, but most have training courses. Education is not always a requirement by the state, but it helps you understand the responsibilities.

You will learn all the laws concerning notaries. There will be various situations you face after becoming a notary.

Knowing the state laws will help you know what to do in each one. View here for more information on what notaries can sign. There may be times you get asked to sign something you can’t sign.

Check your state’s website for the latest training on becoming a notary. Take any available courses to gain all the knowledge possible on being a notary. You must understand what you can and cannot notarize.

2. Apply to Become a Notary

After your training, you can apply to become a notary. Most states charge an application fee. These days, many states let you apply online.

You can pay using a credit or debit card. It can cost as little as $20 but as much as $120 in some states. Your state website will have the exact amount you will need to pay.

When applying to become a notary, you will answer basic questions. Once you have completed the application and sent it in, you will have a short waiting period. That timeframe can be up to several weeks.

3. Getting Approved

After you get approved, you may need a notary bond and insurance for your state. You may also need to file your notary status at your local county office.

Once you learn how to become a notary and get approved, you can get your stamp. All notaries get recognized from their stamps. States have various restrictions on these.

You will get an official notary certificate from your state office. Notaries can get stamps from approved manufacturers, so check the state website for those. It takes less than a month from starting the process to get your notary stamp.

What Comes Next?

After you know how to become a notary, you can move to decide how to use your new skill set. Many people charge a small fee for their notary services. Following the steps laid out by your state is a straightforward process.

With a bit of money and training upfront, you can use your new abilities to make some extra income. All you need is a few supplies and the ability to go where needed! Follow our website for more articles on how to develop new skills!

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How Do I Choose the Best Divorce Lawyer in My Local Area?



Very few, if any, of the around 2 million couples who marry each year go into the marriage expecting a divorce. The travails of adult life often put those expectations to the test. Spouses stop communicating, grow apart, or even become abusive toward each other. In face of that, a little under 750,000 couples do end up getting divorced each year.

If you think your marriage will go in that direction, you also probably wonder how you can pick the best divorce lawyer in your area. Keep reading for a quick guide to picking the best divorce attorney for you.

Ask Around, Quietly

This part of divorce planning is something that you must handle quietly. Reach out to close friends or family members who went through a divorce and that you can trust to keep quiet. Ask them about their divorce attorneys and whether they were satisfied.

This can help you narrow down the list of dozens or even hundreds of potential lawyers to a small handful. You should back these recommendations up with independent research on the lawyers to narrow the list even more.

If you can’t find specific recommendations for a lawyer, look for the best law firm for divorces.


You should meet with at least a few of the candidates on your list for a formal consultation. A good consultation will often take several hours and get into the specifics of your case. You should expect to pay for this type of consultation.

While many lawyers will offer a free consultation, these rarely last more than 15 to 20 minutes. They are also largely useless for getting a feel for a lawyer’s personality and approach.

Ask Questions

While you likely lack the experience to dig deeply into something like legal strategy, you can ask questions that will inform your decision. A few common questions that can help you understand what kind of lawyer you are dealing with include:

  • What percentage of divorces do you settle without a court hearing?
  • What approach do you take in settling divorce cases?
  • What role can or will I take in settling the case?

If an attorney sees taking things into the courtroom as the first, last, and only option, you probably want someone else.

Discuss Fees

You should expect an hourly rate for a divorce attorney. The average hovers around $270 an hour, but the lawyers you meet with may charge more or less. Make sure you understand when and how billing will happen, as many divorce lawyers expect a retainer before they start.

Getting the Best Divorce Lawyer

Getting the best divorce lawyer isn’t the same as getting the most expensive or most recognizable divorce attorney. The best divorce lawyer is the one who will best serve your needs. For example, if you prefer avoiding the publicity of a court proceeding, you want someone who does everything they can to settle.

You also want a lawyer that you feel comfortable with personally. Divorce is an emotionally taxing process without adding someone you personally detest to the mix.

Looking for more tips on divorce or family law? Check out the posts in our Law section

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What If I Suspect My Neighbor’s Dog Is a Threat?



What If I Suspect My Neighbor's Dog Is a Threat

Canines are instinctively territorial.  Sometimes this trait can manifest itself in behavior that is aggressive, putting those around the animal at risk. Ultimately, the responsibility of dealing with this issue falls on the dog’s owner. Fortunately, New Jersey Law does provide avenues to remedy the situation when someone becomes injured.

Dangerous Dog Laws in New Jersey

For dogs that are a threat to the public’s safety, state law has civil procedures in place to handle this situation. To kick off the process, you will need to contact your county’s animal control officer if the pet has attacked another animal or person without provocation. This official will then decide if the dog in question poses an imminent threat. If so, it will impound the canine until the owner goes to court to determine their dog’s potential dangerousness.

If the court determines this is the case, the owner will be ordered to comply with specific conditions to keep the dog, including:

  • Using warning signs on the property
  • Obtain special licensing for the animal
  • Keeping the dog enclosed
  • Using a muzzle and strong leash

Owners who fail to meet the court’s demands to control their aggressive dog face fines of up to $1,000 for every day they are in violation. In situations where the court determines the dog’s dangerous behavior is the result of being abused or a consequence of it being used in dogfighting activities, it could be ordered put down.

NJ Dog Bite Law

If a dangerous dog bit you or someone you know, state law holds dog owners strictly liable for any injuries resulting from the incident. The only time they may not be held at fault is if you were trespassing on private property or intentionally provoked the animal. This standard applies even if the owner had done everything possible to restrain their pet and warn others about the danger it poses. Its previous history of being aggressive or not has no bearing on this fact.

Free Case Evaluation

If you have experienced a traumatizing dog bite or attack that has caused you serious injuries physically, emotionally and financially you should give us a call for a free case evaluation.You shouldn’t be worried about how much a dog bite lawsuit is going to cost. We employ contingency fee contracts to help those in your situation. This means you pay nothing upfront and won’t owe a dime unless they win your case. To find out more, schedule a free case evaluation today.

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