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How to find out if the used car you’re buying is stolen



You can find out if the used car you’ve been eyeing is stolen by doing a VIN history check. These searches are often performed by law enforcement agencies and can identify up to 30 stolen vehicles a day. If you’re unsure, you can try to get in touch with the seller’s office or the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Regardless of the source, it’s wise to do your research before you spend any money.

Search using the National Insurance Crime Bureau website

You can perform a title search using the National Insurance Crime Bureau website. You can search their database to determine whether the used car is stolen or salvaged. A vehicle’s identity can also be checked by calling the equivalent office in the state. 

Request the title report to see whether the vehicle was reported stolen or salvaged.

Once you’ve confirmed the identity of the seller, you can perform the VIN check. Afterwards, you can request the title report to see whether the vehicle was reported stolen or salvaged.

Check the VIN history to see if the vehicle is stolen

When you’re buying a used car, it’s a good idea to check the VIN history to see if the vehicle is stolen. The car’s current owner should match that of the one who owns it. A VIN search can help you determine whether the used car you’re considering purchasing is a stolen one. If the vehicle has been reported stolen, you can also use the vehicle’s VIN to confirm if it has been reported.

Determine the car’s ownership history

If you’re buying a used car, you should check the vehicle’s VIN. This can help you determine the car’s ownership history. If the vehicle is stolen, you’ll be at risk of a lawsuit or even an arrest if the police catch you driving it. It’s easy to avoid fraud by using the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s website. You may also visit AUS Check to help you find out if the used car you’re buying is stolen or not.

Check the vehicle’s title

You can also check the vehicle’s VIN. It will show you whether or not the used car you’re looking at is stolen. If the car’s VIN has been resold, you can check its ownership history. In addition to checking the vehicle’s VIN, you can check the vehicle’s title. This information will help you determine if it was previously owned by a previous owner.

Can also verify if the owner has a clean history

If you’re interested in buying a stolen car, the VIN is the best way to check the car’s history. The VIN is a unique identifier that tells you how to check if the used car is stolen. You can also verify if the owner has a clean history. Some states require that a used car has a salvage title.

Ask the seller if the previous owner has sold it to someone else

There are many ways to check if a used car is stolen. The first way to find out if a used car is stolen is to ask the seller if the previous owner has sold it to someone else. This is the best way to make sure that the car’s history is clean. For instance, you can check if the seller has paid off any outstanding finance or is selling it privately.

Get the car’s history report

To find out if the used car you’ve purchased is stolen, you’ll need to get the car’s history report. This will give you the car’s serial number. This is a unique code that is used in the auto industry to identify stolen cars. Fortunately, you can use a free VIN history check tool to find out if the used car you are buying is stolen.

Contact the police to report any suspicious activity

To find out if a used car is stolen, you can check the VIN number. The National Insurance Crime Bureau has a website that will let you search for the VIN of the vehicle you’re interested in. This website can also show you the police reports of crimes that happened on a vehicle. There is also a free database on stolen cars. You can contact the police to report any suspicious activity.

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Reasons Why You Need a Commercial Car Insurance



Reasons Why You Need a Commercial Car Insurance

Commercial car insurance is an insurance policy that covers cars used for business. The policy protects your business financially from liabilities caused by accidents. Apart from covering physical damage, the commercial car insurance policy also offers some kind of compensation to the vehicle’s occupants during the accidents, in case of injury. Further, in case an uninsured occupant sustains any damage due to negligence, this policy will cover them. Consequently, the protection offered under a commercial car insurance policy covers what a personal insurance policy does not cover.
The commercial car insurance policy gives a physical damage cover for business vehicles you lease, own, or hire for your business. According to Investopedia, the physical damage cover includes collision and comprehensive losses. The collision loss cover protects your car from auto accidents, while the comprehensive loss covers non-collision factors such as theft and harsh weather.
In addition, commercial car insurance provides liability coverage for business cars. The liability cover types include bodily injury cover and property damage cover. The bodily injury type covers all injuries related to the accidents. In contrast, the property damage covers you financially if your car is involved in an accident that damages someone’s property. Therefore, an insurance policy is inevitable for any business. The following are some of the advantages of commercial car insurance.

It Protects Your Business Equipment

In many cases, commercial cars carry the necessary equipment for making work easy. Since some of the equipment and tools may be very expensive, it is prudent to have an insurance policy that covers them. Therefore, in case of damage, your commercial car insurance liability cover will be useful in replacing the tools. Unlike personal auto insurance, commercial car insurance covers business tools and equipment that may be damaged in an accident. Moreover, the liability cover also caters for liability that may arise during a car accident, such as theft.

It Offers Financial Protection

The commercial car insurance policy has a larger insurance limit compared to the personal auto insurance policy. Therefore, if damage happens, the insurance proceeds will be higher for commercial car insurance. The high proceeds are necessary to cover various expenses such as vehicle repair, the attorney’s fee, medical expenses, punitive damage, and miscellaneous expenses caused by accident.

It Protects the Company’s Drivers

A big company or a growing business always needs cars for transporting staff or making deliveries. Since you cannot be the only one driving the business vehicles, sometimes the vehicles may be driven by authorized people who lack full insurance cover. Fortunately, commercial car insurance covers personal injury that may result from an accident. Consequently, the insurance proceeds will cater to the drivers’ medical bills and other company employees.
However, for a commercial car insurance policy to take effect, the drivers must prove that they used a company or staff car and were authorized to drive it. Interestingly, employee vehicles can be covered if they prove that they were using the car for the company’s business purposes at the time of the accident.

It is a Common Requirements for Leasing

Many Lessees require a commercial car insurance policy before leasing their cars for your business use. The policy increases their confidence that their vehicles will be safe, thus protecting the lessees’ interest in case of an accident. Besides, it will protect you from unprecedented expenses that you may accrue as a lessee in case of an accident.

It is Flexible and Has Many Add-ons

Commercial car insurance is pretty flexible, and it accommodates more security features above basic protection. For instance, you can customize the policy to include roadside assistance coverage, rental reimbursement, and towing reimbursement; the add-ons or reimbursements aid in reducing unplanned expenses. At youi car insurance, you are likely to get the best cover based on your need; they adjust the commercial car insurance to fit your needs.

It Increases Your Borrowing Potential

Many lending institutions consider multiple factors before lending money to a borrower. In case you are applying for a loan to buy new vehicles for your business or company, the lender may first look at your revenue and credit score. Besides, they will consider your insurance policies to know your coverage. Insurance coverage is a credit risk indicator.
There are many benefits of having commercial car insurance if you have cars that you use for business purposes. Apart from protecting you, as the business owner, the benefits extend to your employees and business equipment, thus protecting the business from financial burdens.

The insurance policy transcends the personal car insurance cover that has many limitations. It serves to keep your business from financial constraints caused by expenses related to car damage. Therefore, if you have business vehicles, delivery pick-ups, or company cars, it is prudent to ensure them under the commercial car insurance policy to avoid drawbacks associated with car accidents and theft.

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Stay Ahead Of The Curve With These New Car Tech Features



Stay Ahead Of The Curve With These New Car Tech Features

Driving is known to be one of the most dangerous means of travel, but recent data suggests that tech solutions are succeeding in making it a lot safer. Vehicles equipped with advanced safety systems are met with 27 percent fewer insurance claims than those that don’t have them, according to LexisNexis Risk Solutions. Advanced safety systems are quickly becoming the norm, and if you’re buying a new vehicle you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a car that will be obsolete in a few years. So if you happen to be in the market for a new ride, make sure it has these key features.

Advanced Sensors and Automated Assistance

While the kinks in autonomous driving are still being ironed out, you can still enhance your road performance and safety rating with the right technologies. Most modern models have collision warning sensors already, but make sure you get one that covers both the front and rear of the vehicle. Besides that, you would also want advanced warning sensors, such as a rear cross traffic alert, which gives you plenty of warning about cars approaching from either side of you as you’re backing up. This helps a lot when you’re backing up from between two large vision-blocking obstacles, such as SUVs or alley walls. Blind spot monitors are also becoming increasingly more popular, as are pedestrian sensors to help you spot people crossing the street in low-light areas.

Sensors only tell you of impending danger, however. So for best results, invest in features that automatically assist you in avoiding said danger. The most common example of such tech is automatic emergency braking. This should stop you from getting into most road accidents, but is best supported by features such as lane-keeping assist and automatic high beams. Steering assists such as torque vectoring and four-wheel steering are also huge advantages.

Driver Attentiveness Monitoring

On extended drives, driver drowsiness tends to become the number one enemy. All too often a catastrophic crash could have been avoided if a driver had not nodded off on the wheel. That’s why systems such as DriverFocus are fast becoming the standard on upper trim level vehicles. These new iterations of driver attentiveness monitoring aim to deliver more accurate sensing by using cameras instead of or in addition to infrared sensors. If these new monitoring techs perform sufficiently well, we can expect them to start appearing in lower trim models, such as a compact sport utility vehicle or SUV. Considering that SUVs are usually the vehicle of choice for extended drives like road trips, better driver attentiveness monitoring would be an immense benefit to their drivers.

Phone-to-Vehicle Connectivity

Features like Apple Carplay and Android Auto have been around for a while now, so you can expect to see them in a lot of trim levels. But you would want to make sure to get the latest dashboard hardware to go with them, as the latest software updates tend to be geared towards the latest hardware first and foremost. This will save you a lot of grief if it happens that the latest update tends to lag on your system, which is twice as annoying if you’re trying to do time-sensitive tasks such as reorganizing your schedule while running late for work.

Phone-to-vehicle connectivity is quickly becoming more of a necessity than a novelty, as it frees up your hands from needing to hold a phone up while you’re on the road. With an expansive set of voice commands or a quick tap on the dashboard display, you can do what you can do whatever you need to do on your phone in a safer way. It also supersedes the need for a lot of other in-car gadgetry, such as GPS or even in-car WiFi.

We can’t exactly foresee the outcomes of the rapidly accelerating march of auto tech we’re currently in. Still, we can make an approximate attempt at ensuring that the cars we buy now won’t be obsolete once the next wave of groundbreaking tech comes in.

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Why Get a Brisbane Mitsubishi? Reasons to Get Your Favourite Pajero or Outlander Car



Mitsubishi is one of the world’s most trusted carmakers. They have been producing quality cars for over 50 years, and their reputation shows no sign of slowing down. They manufacture a range of cars, from sedans to SUVs and pick-ups. If you’re thinking about buying a new car, you might want to consider a Brisbane Mitsubishi model. You’ll be getting a quality vehicle that is backed by the best warranty in Australia and has been voted as one of the top 10 most reliable cars for three years running.

Getting to Know Two of the Best Mitsubishi Models

Brisbane residents who are looking for a vehicle that is both stylish and fuel-efficient will find the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and Mitsubishi Outlander to be an excellent choice. The design of these vehicles is sleek, but they feel rugged on the inside due to their all-wheel-drive configuration.

Comfortable and spacious

They can seat up to seven people, so you can take your whole family on a trip! These vehicles also have plenty of storage space in the trunk as well as many features that make life easier on long drives like satellite navigation systems and Bluetooth connectivity. Its spacious cabin also provides flexible seating configurations including seven seats if necessary which can be easily folded up flat into the floor providing extra cargo space. The innovative Dual Mode AWD system has been specially designed so it can be switched between on-road and off-road modes to suit all road conditions. With the All-New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, you get a comfortable ride no matter where your journey takes you!

5-star ANCAP rating

They both have an impressive safety rating with five stars from ANCAP (Australia New Car Assessment Program). The Mitsubishi Pajero Sport also offers features like LED daytime running lights that help provide additional visibility on the roads during dark hours.

Fuel efficient and pocket-friendly

Brisbane Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and Outlander are both great cars to get around Brisbane in. They’re affordable, fuel-efficient, and easy to park – three things that many people look for when looking at a new car! The new generation model has received some significant updates which are mainly focused on enhancing its driving performance particularly in terms of handling response.

What Makes A Brisbane Mitsubishi A Smart Investment

When you are in the market for a new vehicle, it can be hard to decide what is best. There are so many options and brands to choose from! Should I get a car? An SUV? What about an MPV or crossover?  You may find that there is one brand that stands out more than the rest: Mitsubishi. Here’s why Brisbane Mitsubishi vehicles make such great choices for your next purchase:
  • Mitsubishis come with impressive safety features like rear parking sensors and curtain airbags
  • You will enjoy fuel efficiency because these cars have high MPG ratings
  • Mitsubishis offer excellent cargo space which makes them perfect if you need to carry lots of items around town or on family trips
  • The interiors are designed with your comfort in mind, featuring leather seats and touch screen displays
  • Mitsubishis have a high resale value so you can feel confident that you’re making a wise investment, not to mention the availability of Mitsubishi parts from trusted dealerships.

To Sum It Up

When most people think of cars, they often only consider the cost to purchase or lease them. But there are so many more factors that play into whether a car is worth the price tag. Trusted dealers know that it’s important not just to buy a car but also to buy one that lasts. If you want to learn more about the latest vehicles in the market today, don’t hesitate to visit our website.
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