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What’s Cheaper: Home Laundry vs. Commercial Laundry Service?



Home Laundry vs. Commercial Laundry

Have you ever questioned yourself about your laundry expenses? It is quite significant, right? The laundry detergent to the washing machine maintenance, the laundry service charges, and up the electricity and water bill is like non-stop spending.

One thing to streamline your laundry expenses is to know what is cheaper between home laundry and commercial laundry services. This might not be as straightforward as you might imagine because math can be really tricky. There are factors you need to consider.

If you are an advocate of smart spending, then this article is for you. This article is about cost comparison between home laundry and commercial laundry service in terms of real-life situations. Read until the end if you want to save some money on your laundry expenditures.


If you are on a budget constraint, you need to avail or purchase anything at the lowest price possible– and that applies to laundry expenses too. If you are looking for a short-term solution, a commercial laundry service is the best option. They consist of laundry experts that are trained to launder your clothes in various services. 

For a long-term one, purchasing a home washing machine in an installment payment may be a good idea. It lets you afford a washing machine that you would. Otherwise, you have to bend over to pay it in full.

Summary: You do not have to worry about the initial cost of domestic washing machines because you can avail an installment payment method. Commercial laundry services are for the short-term and home washing machines for the long term.

Winner: Tie. It depends on the situation.

Laundry Volume Capacity

Don’t get the word “cheap” wrong. It is not as simple as you think. It is not a direct comparison of cost but instead calculating the accumulation of expenses related to laundry in the long run

A commercial laundry can accommodate heavier and bulkier laundry loads at once. The thing with domestic washing machines is that they can only launder a maximum of 12 kgs of laundry loads in a wash cycle. This discrepancy puts commercial laundry services in a better position when compared to domestic washing machines.

And here’s why: If a laundry load exceeds the 12 kgs limit, then the laundry will be split into two batches or more which is kind of discouraging because lots of energy (water and electricity) and time will be wasted.

Summary: If your laundry load is bulky and heavy, then avail a commercial laundry service near you. It will save you a lot of time, effort, and money.

Family Size

A Small Family Setting:

If you have a small family, it is not dragging to do the laundry. It is still manageable because you can always do a laundry load in a single laundry cycle. After all, it will never exceed the laundry load limit of a conventional washing machine. A family of four is highly recommended to buy a 9kg drum capacity washing machine.

Summary: A home laundry is perfect for small families.

Winner: Home laundry

A big family setting:

The laundry load of a big family will always be heavier and bulkier. Items like bed sheets and towels will contribute a lot of weight. The seemingly therapeutic chore is not possible anymore. But with the help of commercial laundry shops, laundry will never be a burden. With the use of a professional commercial laundry service, you will get every piece of clothing sparkling clean. They are experts, seasoned, and passionate about getting all the dirt out, treating stains with a standardized procedure, and having all the equipment to do so. 

It is such a luxury (money, effort, and time) to do a laundry batch of a big family using a conventional washing machine. First, it requires a lot of time because the whole laundry bath will be split into batches. Second, since it takes a lot of time, the washing machine will affect the electric bill. Lastly, it is tiresome to do a laundry procedure in several repetitions.

If you really insist on doing laundry at home, at least invest in a high-efficiency front-load washing machine. Although the initial cost will be very high, it will all be worth every penny spent in the long run. It can cater to heavier laundry loads, it performs better, and it has a longer lifespan.

Summary: For big families, it is more economical to avail of a commercial laundry service unless you own an HE front load washing machine. 

Winner: Commercial Laundry Service and HE front load washing machine

Living Alone in an Apartment

Living alone directly means that your life is always on the go. In most cases, you do not have the time and energy to deal with all the laundry shenanigans during your weekends. That’s why commercial laundry businesses always thrive in Cities with many apartment rentals, such as Los Angeles and New York.

Purchasing a washer and dryer may also be not a good investment because it consumes a lot of space, considering that most apartments are not that capacious.

Summary: Commercial laundry business fits well with the overall lifestyle of a tenant.

Winner: Commercial laundry service

Reliability and Durability

Commercial laundry service equipment is engineered to minimize downtime and tailor maintenance. Commercial laundry service equipment is very durable and reliable at a very high price.

One best example of commercial washing machines is HE front load washers and laundromat. Meanwhile, conventional laundry washers are designed to serve a household. It is not accustomed to buky loads, but it still gets the job done as long as it does not exceed the maximum.

Summary: Commercial laundry shops are more reliable and durable, but it doesn’t directly mean that domestic washers are flimsy.

Winner: Commercial laundry service.

To the question above, there is no absolute answer to that because it is very situational. Try to assess the position of your family and decide based on the new knowledge you acquired in this article.

Remember that in laundry chores, especially with the rapid improvement of technology, it is not how advanced your washers are. Still, it is a matter of catering to your family’s laundry needs. Fancying up isn’t necessary.

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Should You Consider a OneMain Loan?




Taking out a personal loan is an important financial decision — one you’ll have to live with for months or years to come. This means you’ll want to do plenty of research ahead of time so you understand exactly what you’re getting into. There are many lenders offering personal loans today, each with varying terms and conditions you’ll have to sift through to find the best fitting option for your needs.

OneMain financial is one such example of a lender offering personal loans. Should you consider working with this company? Let’s take a closer look at some of their ratings, reviews and product offerings.

What the Reviews Say About OneMain Financial

The experts at NerdWallet have given personal loans from OneMain Financial 4 out of 5 stars.

One of the main attributes this company has going for it is its lack of a minimum credit score needed to apply. Whereas many companies set a firm minimum credit rating for applicants, OneMain does not. This indicates a willingness to potentially work with “riskier” borrowers who have average or poor credit, making it a more flexible option for consumers with blemishes on their credit histories.

However, it’s important to be aware that a lower credit score typically accompanies higher interest rates. So, while it may be easier to get approved by a company like OneMain, it’s still likely you will pay comparatively high annual percentage rate (APR) charges to offset the credit risk. NerdWallet estimates this company’s APR to range from 18 to 36 percent, which is significantly higher than some other lenders on the market.

WalletHub gives OneMain Financial 3.8 out of 5 stars, citing this high APR as the main drawback. They also cite the loan amount limits of $1,500 to $20,000 as a potential limiting factor, as sometimes borrowers are looking to take out larger amounts, depending on their intended usage of the funds. On the upside, borrowers tend to have an ample amount of time to repay these loans — between two and five years.

When to Consider a OneMain Loan

OneMain personal loans tend to be a better choice for borrowers with poor credit, as they tend to carry higher APR costs but more flexible approval terms than many other loans on the market.

The OneMain financial reviews from give this company a 3.7 out of 5 rating overall, but bring up the important point that these loans can be secured or unsecured. This gives borrowers with bad credit the option to offer up their property, like a vehicle, as collateral in order to reduce their default risk — and therefore lower the interest charges they must pay on the loan. Many lenders only offer unsecured personal loans, so this option may be helpful to those with credit issues.

Another potential avenue for increasing your chances of approval and reasonable APR on a OneMain loan is using a co-signer with better credit. While this approach strengthens your application, it also requires the co-signer to take on shared responsibility for the loan in the case that you stop making payments — so make sure you’re able and willing to repay the loan in full, lest you leave your generous co-signer on the hook for the remaining balance.

Should you consider a OneMain personal loan? It depends on your credit score, the amount you need, whether you’re taking on a secured or unsecured loan and whether you’re applying alone or utilizing a cosigner. This company has decent ratings that are generally hampered by high average APR but boosted by the lack of a minimum credit score requirement to apply.

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4 Things That Can Pose A Threat To Startups




4 Things That Can Pose A Threat To Startups

No business is immune to the threats in the current competitive world. We always hear the saying “survival of the fittest,” which applies to startups as well. Most people think that the starting stage is the only complex part and the rest is about making money. However, the reality is a violent one that adds numerous layers of challenges and uncertainty. Meanwhile, the ongoing challenges of pandemics are the top concern among entrepreneurs. The uncertainty posed by the COVID-19 pandemic has left entrepreneurs anxious about the future. The halt in the in-person trade and economic downfall is not something any startup wants to experience.

On the other side, some believe that the market competitors are the only challenge their startup will face. With such threatening possibilities, entrepreneurs must conduct prior research to identify the possible threats. It is highly important to execute the plan by incorporating all essential elements to dodge these threats and survive the market. With that said, let’s discuss 4 things that can pose a threat to startups.

  • Lack Of Dedicated Team

Even if you are supervising the business all by yourself, you will need a co-founding team that is passionate about the business’s success. Lacking this professional team can lead to severe outcomes for the business growth. It is important for businesses, specially startups, to build a dedicated team that comes with diverse skills and educational backgrounds to fill the demands. For instance, if you are considering an HR manager for the startup, individuals with a human resource program background will be the perfect fit. With the COVID-19 paradigm shifting from traditional classrooms to online, many individuals seek an online program. For that instance, you can also consider candidates with an online masters in human resources for the available position in your startup. The dedication of the team to a position like HR will yield positive results for business growth. The lack of commitment leads to difficulties and hurdles in the business to achieve its goals. So, it is important to build a team that coordinates and stays consistent throughout the business.

  • Rising Competition

One of the major challenges that every startup faces is competition. It is extremely rare to start a business with no competition. Every new startup has to face the burden of fierce competition in the market. It takes real motivation and confidence to go head-on against the market competitors and keep the business moving forward. With the competitors already dominating the market with huge audiences, the startups always fall behind and eventually fail. However, there are always opportunities within challenges. That means it is highly important for entrepreneurs to invent creativity within the business to stay ahead in the competition. Be it the product, marketing, or customer service, any such strong factor can give you the competitive edge to rise above. Simply start by the research phase to understand the demographic of customers and their consumption. This way, you can improve the product or services lineup that aligns with their expectations and grab their attention.

  • Rapid Change

The sudden change is a potential threat to businesses, specially startups. Every business initiates with limited resources to stand in the market. With the COVID-19 forcing every business to shift to the digital landscape, startups were not ready for the sudden change. The paradigm shift to the digital landscape is demanding a high level of flexibility. With the changing consumer behavior, purchase pattern, and marketing channels, everything is now revolutionized with technology.  With this change, adapting effectively is the right approach to keep moving forward. But before going there, it is highly important to rethink the business model. With this, you will be able to identify whether your business is going in the right direction or not. Not every business specializes in quickly adapting to the change. However, prioritizing the parts that yield the best results is key to surviving in the era of risk and instability.

  • Finance Management

Every business begins with some starting capital. However, that does not mean this investment is all you need to kick start the business performance. Your startup also needs consistent cash flow. Startups spend more money as compared to the total revenue in two to three years. Meanwhile, along with the revenue, the expenses also increase. That is why startups need to infuse cash to stay clear of the financial threats and continue the operations. There are plenty of options available for entrepreneurs to fund their businesses. You can consider different loan options, attract investors as well as crowd-fund the startup.

Final Words

There is no magic wand to surmount the startup challenges; these are always part of the business. However, incorporating the right elements and strategies can aid in mitigating their effects. Collaboration and adapting to the given circumstances can reduce the impact of these challenges.

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5 Excellent Business Ideas For Women Entrepreneurs




5 Excellent Business Ideas For Women Entrepreneurs

The year 2021 is a prelude to a shining new decade of women empowerment and inclusivity in the corporate world. Stories of influential female leaders like Kamal Harris and Jacinda Ardern are inspiring millions worldwide. Female entrepreneurship is rising like never before; for today, governments actively strategize to facilitate women empowerment and business leadership.

Women continue to struggle against patriarchal societal norms and guilt-inducing family dynamics. But overall, the corporate environment is much more facilitative to launch a successful female-run startup. Moreover, the digital landscape is ripe with lucrative opportunities to create a sustainable income stream and pursue grander ambitions.

Embracing your Talents & Gifts

Before we dive into the business ideas we’ve mapped out for determined lady bosses, we must encourage you to embrace your strength. In this day and age, there’s absolutely nothing that a woman cannot achieve. And amazingly, women leaders not long have to find themselves pitted against men when contemplating business ideas.

Women leaders are penetrating every sphere of business activity, from energy and manufacturing to retail and pharmaceuticals. It all boils down to realizing your true talents and embracing your strengths and gifts. Ultimately, the right business idea is the one that empowers you with confidence, strategy, and tactfulness.

However, as a woman, you will find yourself pitted against more complex odds than your male counterparts. Therefore, it’s wise to embark on your entrepreneurship journey after pursuing degrees for business to cement your knowledge. Many will try to undermine your capabilities, but a sound understanding of business matters will safeguard your interests.

Cementing your knowledge with business training and higher education is a wise decision for a successful career.

Keep reading to explore some remarkable business ideas for women entrepreneurs.

1.      Blogging & Digital Marketing

Are you a creative writer who enjoys telling crafty stories to engage, inform and entertain people? Or perhaps, you enjoy curating immersive brand identities with interactive digital marketing tools and mediums?

Writing and marketing are two remarkable talents to start a lucrative business without tying yourself down with burdensome commitments. Today, corporations and companies rely on social media influencers and bloggers to connect with their target audiences and establish trust. They seek out businesses providing blogging and marketing services to meet their goals. As a blogger, influencer, or digital marketer, you can yield enormous influence and generate a lucrative income.

2.      Web Designing & Development

Here’s another business idea that’s tied to digital content creation: designing and web development. Are you a talented graphic designer or a web developer, perhaps? Both skills are high in demand in today’s corporate world and hold immense potential to start a successful business.

Female entrepreneurs can establish a secure and sustainable income by offering web designing and web hosting services. Women are increasingly dominating the tech and design arena with their dedication and masterful talents. If you feel you can add value to a company’s digital identity with your services, this idea is a gold mine.

3.      Social Media Marketing

Social media powers millions of businesses worldwide, allowing them to form personal connections with their consumers. Social media marketing and consultation rank among the highest-paying careers, and the potential continues to increase.

Are you a savvy content creator with an acute understanding of social media algorithms and ad campaigns? If yes, then this idea allows you to infuse your talents to create an independent business. Think about the concept; it requires very little monetary investment, except for your time and dedication.

With consistent efforts, you can build a loyal and satisfied clientele and grow your business gradually. Social media consultation and marketing services offer a highly viable and financially functional business model, given the rising demand.

4.      Online Retailing

Do you want to benefit from the thriving landscape of e-commerce to start an online retailing business? That’s a terrific idea, and you can explore a wealth of ideas and niches. The fashion industry has witnessed a tremendous digital boom in recent years, with brands popping up left, right, and center.

While some have struggled to survive, others have grown into flourishing companies with a global presence. It all comes down to the uniqueness and originality of the retail strategy and products. What kind of products do you want to sell?

You don’t have to limit yourself to clothing and fashion; instead, you can explore items that appeal to you. Some women gravitate towards artisanal crafts and home improvement, while others specialize in pottery and ceramics. Perhaps, you’re incredibly talented at hunting rare vintage finds and raiding lesser-known thrift stores for remarkably cheap products.

Essentially, it all boils down to marketing and selling products that you specialize in buying and using.

5.      Event Planning

Do you like party planning and creating elaborate spreads of dinner courses paired with the right wines? Unfortunately, not everyone has a talent for event management. The art lies in the little details and a dedicated effort to ensure perfection.

Many female entrepreneurs gravitate towards event planning as it allows them to combine their financial acumen with artistic and creative pursuits.


Ladies, no business is too ambitious or too meaningless, as long as it motivates, encourages, and pushes you towards success. Business planning and understanding stem from our cognitive capabilities, but ideas always come from the heart. Successful entrepreneurs rely on both to align their passions with their leadership skills.

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