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Things You Should Know Before Buying Dumbbells For A Home Gym



Top Tips For Finding the Best Gym Memberships

These are the things to consider when buying dumbbells. These are not difficult to remember, but there are still some important aspects.

What are the things you should know before purchasing dumbbells for your home gym? These are 9 things to consider when buying dumbbells for your home gym.

This list may leave you wanting more information in order to make an informed decision about buying dumbbells. Continue reading to learn more about what you should look for.

Are you not interested in reading every article? These are my top picks for dumbbells to use in the home gym and you can buy dumbbells from LumBuy online shopping.

  1. Do you prefer adjustable or fixed dumbbelts?

This is the most crucial decision for home gym builders/owners regarding dumbbells. There are two types of dumbbells.


Fixed dumbbells (DB) are the ones that everyone is familiar with if they have ever been to a commercial gym. Fixed dumbbells have a weight and handle that are permanently matched together. It is impossible to alter the weight. You will need a new set of DB’s if you wish to use a different weight.

They are simple and efficient. They are also very strong due to their fixed construction. These can be dropped on the floor multiple times without causing any damage. Maybe you’ll even damage your floor. They are ideal for heavy lifting in commercial environments or home lifters.

They can also take up lots of space. For each weight you wish to use, you will need a new set. Different exercises will require different weights. As you get more experience with the exercises, you will use more weight. Because you can’t use the same weight for all exercises, it is necessary to have a variety of dumbbells.

Fixed dumbbells can take up much space, making it very expensive to purchase a whole rack. Adjustable dumbbells are the answer.


As the name implies, adjustable DB’s can be adjusted in weight. Without the need for another pair of dumbbells, you can adjust the weights within a specific range. You don’t have to have 15 dumbbells scattered throughout your gym. This is a great space-saver for smaller gyms. It’s a big difference to have 15 dumbbells instead of just one.

The threaded collar adjustable dumbbells will be well-known to many. This handle has threaded ends on both ends. The collar can be screwed on to secure the weight plates in place.

The second type is more expensive and fancier. This allows you to adjust your weight using a selector that is placed on the base plate. You can use a dial system, but there are many other options.

The threaded collar is the most affordable way to have a complete set of dumbbells at your home gym. Sets of dumbbells can be purchased for as low as $200 and allow you to adjust between 5 and 100 pounds per side. This type of dumbbells has a drawback: it takes a while to change the weights. Personally, I found them uncomfortable to use.

Selectorized adjustable dumbbells make a much better piece of equipment. You can change the weights by simply turning a dial. Although they are more expensive, they cost about the same as a set of fixed dumbbells. They are also more susceptible to injury. Dropping the DB could cause it to fail.

However, selectorized DB’s can be used for over 10 years by people who are still using them. It’s not a big deal if your stuff is well taken care of.

Which one?

Decide whether you want adjustable or fixed dumbbells. Fixed dumbbells offer the greatest flexibility and durability, but at the cost of space. The cheapest option, however, is the threaded collar adjustable dumbbell. However, this comes at the cost of comfort. Although it is the most space-saving and tidy option, it isn’t necessarily the strongest. You can choose which one best suits your needs.

  1. For a home gym, dumbbells can be weighted according to their capacity

It sounds obvious to me that dumbbell weight should be taken into consideration. This is the main purpose of dumbbells. It is important to pay attention to whether a particular dumbbell type you like, is compatible with the weights that you use. You should have all the weights that you require.

It drives me insane to have a rack full of different dumbbell types. Perhaps I’m just crazy, but I don’t mind spending hundreds on something. I want it to look good and to meet my needs.

The range of most dumbbells is between 5 and 60 lbs. With 5lbs. In increments. For some stronger people under us, 60lbs. It’s not enough. It’s important to notice if you are like this and don’t like having different dumbbells in your gym.

If you have dumbbells under 5 lbs, it is likely that they are a different type.

Do all dumbbell weights matter?

You don’t necessarily need them all at once. You’ll use almost all the dumbbells over a long time. They range from 5 to +-60 pounds. Different weights will be used for different exercises. You’ll get stronger and will need all the starting weights plus any extras in a matter of months.

Adjustable dumbbells make this easy as you get the entire range in one package. Fixed dumbbells will require you to purchase a lot at once. You can buy them as often as you need them, with delivery usually taking less than three days. This will allow you to spread your costs.

  1. Dumbbell shapes

All dumbbells have a handle and weights at each end. Different shapes can be found in the weights of dumbbells, or “heads”. Although there isn’t much difference between dumbbells, you should be aware of a few things.

There’s two types of dumbbells that are common:

  • Round
  • Hexagonal

Round dumbbells have fewer edges, which makes them slightly more comfortable in certain situations. Although the hexagonal dumbbells have some points that can be a little uncomfortable, it isn’t a huge difference.

Hexagonal dumbbells won’t move when placed on the ground. This prevents the weight from falling on your mirror or toes and causing pain. Hexagonal dumbbells are the best option for many people. The drawback is much less than the benefit.

  1. Materials for dumbbells

All dumbbells are made of steel under the hood. It is not practical to make them from something else. The outside can be different.

A dumbbell has three outer layers.

  • Bare steel
  • Rubberized
  • Chrome

The 80’s should send the chrome dumbbells back. There are a few reasons I don’t like dumbbells. While they may look great when new, dumbbells are dropped, rolled, and used. They won’t look as nice after a while. Who will polish their dumbbells anyway? I won’t. Although tastes may differ, I don’t think they look the same.

Rubberized dumbbells are made with a rubber layer outside, not the handle. They are safer for equipment and floors and make less noise when they fall. The rubber’s grippy texture is a bonus and can prove useful in certain situations.

Rubber can crack or wear from heavy use. They can wear off or tear easily in commercial gyms, but I have seen them last many years.

The outside coating of “naked” dumbbells is not necessary. It is just hard steel with some protection against rust. These are not as durable as rubberized ones, but they do have some advantages. They are also less comfortable to use. They are industrial and rough. This look is preferred by some people. That is fine.

Rubberized dumbbells will be the best choice for the majority of people.

  1. Handles for dumbbells

The handle is often overlooked by people. It’s important because it’s the one you touch most often. There are four components to a dumbbell handle.

Most dumbbell handles are made of metal. This is a good thing. It’s durable, easy to clean, and has been working perfectly fine for many years. Rubberized handles are another option. Rubberized handles are not my favorite as they can be the first to wear off dumbbells. It’s also a little more difficult to clean and can be quite nasty.

You should see a cross-hatch pattern in the handle of metal. This is known as knurling. This provides grip to ensure dumbbells don’t slip around in your hands. This is especially important when you are sweaty.

You can choose to have your knurling either shallow or deep. A deeper knurling will provide you with more grip, but it can also be harder on your skin and vice versa. Knurling is more important for heavier weights.

The diameter of a dumbbell handle can be a hot topic. A handle diameter of between 1″ and 1.4 inches is ideal for most people. This will allow you to hold the handle securely and comfortably without requiring too much from your hands.

Professional and high-level athletes have thicker handles, often 2 inches or more. Training with thick hands can provide strength benefits. It can also be a comfort thing. The 25mm handle of heavy dumbbells can feel as if it is cutting into your hands. Thicker handles distribute the weight more evenly over your hands. With heavy weights, thicker handles are more comfortable.

It’s okay to not lift more than 2 inches or 2.5 inches for comfort, even if you are carrying heavy weights. 1.5 inches seems to be the most comfortable for most people.

You can choose to have your dumbbell handles straight or slightly curved in the middle. Although they offer a slightly more comfortable grip and comfort, the difference between them and those with straight handles is not significant.

With heavy weights, every little bit counts. An ergonomically designed handle is an advantage if you want to lift heavy and get strong.

Where will you put them?

This partially relates back to the original question about fixed vs. adjustable. Are you able to store the dumbbells that you want to purchase? You don’t need much space to store adjustable dumbbells. You can even get some of these dumbbells with their own rack that will fit perfectly.

For fixed dumbbells, a large rack is necessary to keep them all neatly organized. No problem if you have the space. If you have limited space, it is important to find a dumbbell rack for your needs.


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Online Payment Methods: What To Consider in 2023



Online Payment Methods 2023

According to statistics, there were 2 million cyber crimes globally in 2021, which is 16% more than in 2020. Nowadays, a significant share of banking transactions worldwide is carried out via the Internet. As the number of online transactions has increased, so has the fraudsters’ activity.  Nevertheless, you can always find a solution as new financial IT services provide customers with different forms of electronic payment security methods.

Geniusee offers secure FinTech services and solutions that will help you avoid problems and ensure the safe functioning of your product. We create reliable, secure banking and financial software solutions, minimizing risks and preventing cyberattacks. Our experts provide clients with full-cycle product development that includes fraud detection as it is essential for any business, especially in the FinTech industry. Let our FinTech software development company handle it.

What Is Online Payment?

Money transfer funds include various forms of electronic payments: by a bank card, Internet banking system, payment terminal, SMS, etc. A bank or an owner of payment terminals can act as an operator and provide transfer services. Operators employ various payment systems — Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc.

Electronic payment methods work on the same principles. The payer adds money to his account. As a result, he creates a balance on his account to make further payments. The payer specifies who should receive the money and how much should be transmitted. Consequently, a transfer order is created. The main issue with electronic payments is verifying that the payer submitted the payment request, not someone pretending to be him.

Problems With Online Payments

Personal Data Security

Data leakage control (DLP) systems, along with tools for monitoring and incident detection, are essential for protecting personal information in an organization. Companies have two options: they can use an internal system or hire specialized suppliers and order outsourcing services.

Online Stores Cyber Attacks

Cybercriminals have become more nimble because of the increasing popularity of online shopping. They usually employ smart bots to access accounts. Hackers often try to take possession of users’ personal information to sell it on the black market.

You can employ specialized services provided by large hosting companies to defend against cyber attacks. Regular digital security analysis is a good practice to prevent such situations. It also helps with removing vulnerabilities from infrastructure and key systems.

3-D Secure Payment Confirmation Page

The social engineering technique connected to 3-D Secure technology is one of the emerging trends. The most effective security precaution for bank card data has traditionally been thought of as 3-D Secure payment confirmation pages. The 3-D Secure protocol mandates two-factor user authentication when making an online purchase. Scammers have discovered a way to fake a payment verification page, though.

Check the online store, reputation, and other customers’ feedback to protect yourself from scammers. According to experts, 3DS 2.0 technology will be employed to stop these cybercrimes requiring verification using biometric data and SMS codes.

“Twins” Of Banking Sites

Criminals can also steal money from consumers’ bank accounts by using “mirror” bank websites. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish a fake website from a real one due to its similar appearance. We do not recommend accessing the bank’s website from unofficial Internet sources. Additionally, you should verify that the page address matches the one on the bank card before entering your login information and password on the online banking website.

Requirements To Pay A Commission

Attackers often communicate with victims on behalf of the regulator, claiming that they have accounts with a significant amount of money opened in foreign credit institutions and that they need to pay a fee.

Suppose you got an email about receiving a large amount of money from an unknown organization and you had to pay a commission, tax, or insurance to receive it. In that case, we recommend you not respond to such messages and, in no case, transfer money.

Safest Online Payment Methods


Paypal is one of the most common electronic payment systems in Europe and the USA. Paypal functions as a form of financial passport for international transactions. Its distinctive feature is that it requires linking an international bank card, which can be used to deposit funds into the wallet.

Visa & MasterCard

Of course, Visa and MasterCard plastic cards are the most widely used and practical for making purchases in domestic and international online retailers. We advise you to have a different virtual card, such as a Visa or MasterCard virtual card, just for online purchases. It is connected to additional Internet payment protection methods and your primary bank card. You only transfer a predetermined amount from your primary card to the virtual one and use it to make purchases from online merchants worldwide.

Digital Wallets

Electronic wallets are accepted for payments at many large online stores and services. You can set up a wallet just for online purchases and fill it with the necessary funds before buying something. This method is considered safer than a paycheck or credit card with a high limit.

Crypto Wallets

The cryptocurrency wallet includes a private key for managing digital currency and transaction tokens. Additionally, the stability of the underlying code dramatically impacts the security of user funds. For this reason, developers combine protection with usability, privacy, and other common characteristics when developing such wallets.

Online payments facilitate day-to-day business operations. They ensure fast but not always safe transactions. That is why you should pay attention to electronic payment security and protect your funds from cyberattacks. You can handle it on your own or entrust fraud detection to Geniusee experienced developers. Stay competitive with us and develop high-quality and secure products for your customers.

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8 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Video Conferencing Platform for Your Business Team



8 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Video Conferencing Platform for Your Business Team

Video conferencing is quickly becoming an essential part of doing business. As remote working is becoming more acceptable and, in some cases, inevitable, having a reliable and easy-to-use video conferencing platform can make staying connected with your team much smoother. But how do you choose the right video conferencing platform for your business team? The blog post will look at important factors when selecting the perfect video conferencing platform for your business team.

1. Group Collaboration Tools

Group collaboration tools can be a critical part of business video conferencing in your business. These tools enable your team to work together more efficiently and effectively, regardless of the location of each member. For example, the whiteboarding tool allows everyone to share ideas, brainstorm, and discuss concepts in a shared workspace. It’s a great way to engage each other in a collaborative environment.

Look for video conferencing platforms that offer various group collaboration tools so you can get the most out of them. Other features like file sharing, instant messaging, and breakout rooms can also enhance productivity during meetings. Considering these group collaboration tools when choosing a video conferencing platform, you can ensure that your team has the best possible experience working together remotely.

2. Cross-Platform Functionality

When choosing the right business video conferencing platform for your business team, cross-platform functionality is one of the most critical factors. A good video conferencing platform should have the ability to work on multiple devices and operating systems.

That means it should be compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices so that all members of your team can join the meeting regardless of their device. Additionally, ensure the platform has dedicated applications for each appliance, so you don’t need to rely on web browsers or plugins to connect.

3. Number of Hosts and Participants

When shopping for a video conferencing platform for your business team, it’s crucial to consider the number of hosts and participants it can accommodate. Depending on the size of virtual meetings and the nature of your video conference meetings, you may need to consider business video conferencing that support larger groups. However, if you only host one-on-one sessions, a platform with fewer participants will suffice.

You may also consider whether the platform allows multiple simultaneous meetings or if they are limited to one session at a time. It’s also important to consider the number of hosts and participants to maximize cost efficiency. For example, some platforms charge a flat fee for up to 10 participants and then offer discounted rates for larger groups.

Considering the number of participants before selecting, you can choose a platform that will fit your budget and still provide an optimal user experience. Check how many participants can join the conference call at one time and how easy it is to add or remove participants from the video conference.

4. Ease of Use

If you’re looking for a business video conferencing platform for your business team, ease of use should be a top priority. You want to ensure that your team members can easily connect, share information, and collaborate without any difficulty.

The best video conferencing platforms should have intuitive user interfaces, making it easy for users to navigate the platform and use its features. They should also have helpful tutorials and guides that help users learn the basics quickly and without hassle. Additionally, you should consider platforms that offer mobile apps, as this allows users to access the forum on the go.

5. Pricing Models

The pricing model is crucial when choosing the right video conferencing platform for your business team. Different vendors offer different pricing options and levels of service, so make sure you do your research. For starters, most platforms offer a basic version with limited features and a premium version with access to more features. Some video collaboration platforms offer pay-as-you-go plans, while others require a one-time fee or subscription model.

Before deciding, it’s essential to assess what type of features you need and how much you’re willing to pay for them. That way, you can be sure you’re getting the best value for your money and the most bang for your buck. Read the fine print and understand any associated costs associated with your business video conferencing platform. Ultimately, you want to choose a video conferencing platform that fits your business video conferencing needs and budget. Doing so will ensure that your team has the best tools and capabilities to stay productive, efficient, and connected.

6. Customizations Abilities

Customizing your video conferencing platform is essential for many businesses. You want to be able to tailor the platform to the specific business video conferencing needs of your team so that it is as helpful and practical as possible. Look for a platform that can customize settings, like adjusting the volume or creating custom backgrounds. Some platforms also offer a “whiteboarding” tool that allows teams to collaborate in real-time and share ideas through a virtual board.

Other customizations include changing the conference room’s layout, adding branding elements such as logos, or even creating polls and surveys to collect data and feedback from participants. All these customizations can help create an interactive and engaging experience that makes your video conferences run more smoothly.

7. Software Integration and Device Compatibility

When selecting a video conferencing platform for your business team, it is crucial to consider the various software and device compatibility. The platform should integrate seamlessly with the existing software and hardware that your business already uses. It should also provide access to the most popular applications like Skype and Zoom to use the same technology for internal and external meetings.

Furthermore, ensure that the platform can work on all major operating systems, including iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows, as well as different browsers. That ensures that all members of your team can easily use the platform. Additionally, look into any additional device compatibility, such as whether it supports video cameras, microphones, headsets, and webcams. Thus, choosing a platform that provides high-quality audio/video support for teams to communicate effectively in online conferences is essential.

8. Security

Security is another crucial factor when selecting a business video conferencing platform, as you want to ensure that confidential conversations remain private at all times. Check the platform’s encryption protocols and determine if additional security measures are in place, such as login authentication or two-factor authorization.


Choosing the right video conferencing platform is crucial for having successful collaboration among your business team members. It’s essential to research each video collaboration platform thoroughly to ensure it meets all of your team’s needs. Ultimately, the best video conferencing platform for your business team offers the features that fit your needs. It should also be easy to use, priced right, has excellent customer support, provides secure connections, and is compatible with your existing devices and software. Take the time to read user reviews and ensure you feel comfortable with the platform before committing. Your business team can do the job quickly and efficiently with the right video conferencing platform.

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Label Companies Near Me: How To Choose the Right One



Label Companies Near Me

Are you searching for label companies near me because you need something printed for your business?

Providing your business with the perfect label means using a company that can do it for you. However, not all of these companies are equal, and getting the wrong one for you means wasting effort, money, and reputation.

Below, we give you our guide on choosing a label company for your needs and ensuring you’re happy. With that sorted, you can focus on growing your business.

So, read on!

Understand Your Needs and Goals

Consider the products you need and the level of quality that is required. It would help if you also looked into the company’s printing capabilities, turnaround time, and pricing options.

Consider if the quality and reliability of their labels and packaging are up to your standards. Also, check if they offer services that can meet your timeline requirements. It would help if you also took feedback from past customers, awards and accreditations, and manufacturers’ recommendations into account.

Research Available Label Companies

Consider the range of products and services that a particular label company offers. For instance, you may be looking for a label maker to create a custom woven ribbon design. Label companies should be familiar with both traditional and modern labeling techniques.

You should also take the quality of their labels into account. Poor label quality can result in extra costs in the long run. The best label company should provide good customer service, support, reliability, and flexibility and offer flexible payment options.

Evaluate Different Provider’s Reputations

Ask around your area, read customer reviews online, and ask for references to understand their quality of work better. It is also essential to compare the services they offer. Evaluate the materials they use and the cost of the labels to ensure you are getting the best option.

Additionally, it would help if you read any available customer feedback to find out how customers received their work. Also, please find out how well the provider communicates with their customers.

Consider the Level of Customization Offered

Make sure the label company can provide the specific services you need. Ask if they offer a range of finishing options, such as lamination and varnish.

A good label provider should be able to provide the exact labels you need. They should have options such as labels with variable text, logos, and images and options to reprint a specific order later.

Review Costs and Delivery Times

Make sure to compare costs from different suppliers, inquire about discounts or promotions on services, and research applicable taxes or label company fees.

Check the delivery times for the specific type of label you need, and obtain a guarantee on the delivery. It will ensure you receive the items you need in the time frame promised by the supplier.

Knowing the costs and delivery times before committing to a particular label company will help ensure you make the best possible decision when choosing label printing services near you.

Choose the Right Label Companies Near Me

Utilizing the information provided in this article, you should now be able to make a well-informed decision when choosing the correct label companies near me. Research customer reviews, and don’t hesitate to use online price comparison sites.

Remember to ask for a free sample of materials and know exactly what you want before making a financial commitment. Get started today!

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