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Is PKT Cash Crypto A Pyramid Scheme?



Is PKT Cash Crypto A Pyramid Scheme

Pyramid schemes are all the same. Some friend of yours that you haven’t seen since high school calls you or messages you that you haven’t seen each other for years. They invite you to catch up over a cup of coffee or over dinner.

When they ask how you’ve been, they start the rehearsed talk where they’re trying to make you a part of their multi-level marketing business. It’s always presented in a nice package where if you join, you’re going to make a lot of money fast. You just need to invite a few friends, and they need to invite some more friends.

The reason multi-level marketing scams are called pyramid schemes is that they resemble the monolithic structures that were built with a lot of labor. In Ancient Egypt, the pharaohs were the ones who controlled everything. Visit this page for more information

They were at the top, and then everyone else was working for them. It took a lot of hours to build a single one of those monumental buildings. Now, most people don’t understand the basic laws of economics, and that’s why they might be tricked into believing that getting rich is a quick process.

However, it takes a lot of time and effort to make something on your own. Speaking of pyramid schemes, most people are oblivious to the biggest one of all, which is fiat currencies. In one sense, it might be even good that most people don’t know how the system works exactly because if they did, then the whole world would catch on fire overnight. Let’s compare central banks to the top of a pyramid scheme and see how the systems are closely related.

Is the money we’re using a scam?

Is the money we're using a scam

The people who profit from a pyramid scheme are the ones at the top. They make the most money at the expense of the people who enter last. Now, banks create money out of thin air. We used to work on the gold standard, but that’s long gone.

At the moment, the main goal of the government, along with the central banks, is to suppress the prices of precious metals since they’re the antithesis of fiat currency. The free market already decided that gold was the best option when it came to using money, and plenty of entrepreneurs still think the same.

The paper money that we use was meant to be an abstraction of the precious metal, making it easier to transact. It was never meant for the dollar to completely replace the yellow metal. Now that no one has the option to go to a bank and redeem an equal amount of gold as they have dollars, the central banks and governments have gained complete autonomy over the scarcity and the power that money can have.

They’re essentially taking the money from the poorest people and quickly distributing it upwards. If you’ve paid attention to the news, you might have heard the term quantitative easing. This is the process where new bills are created by the push of a button.

Whenever something like this happens, the multi-level marketing scheme gains another layer. The levels at the top create the interest rates, and it’s up to the people at the bottom of the money chain to repay it. If Robin Hood was to see this system, he’d want to fight it right away.

You might know that mathematically, every pyramid scheme must come to an end. What happens when everyone in the world is included. Well, the supply of fiat currency can increase, and it will continue to work as long as people remain productive and passive in their spending.

The things we’re going to see in the future are higher taxes and a higher amount of inflation. One of the reasons for this is the choice to issue out stimulus checks which could leave the United States of America into a state of hyperinflation.

Is there a solution?

One of the best inventions of the 21st century is the digital representation of gold, which is Bitcoin. This is the genius solution to the entire monetary economy since it’s going to destabilize the hold of the government and central banks. Each currency has the traits of a pyramid scheme.

The ones who adopted it first are going to have bigger rewards since they put their trust into the future. Well, the greatest thing about Bitcoin is that it’s capped at 21 million units. There’s not going to be a single one after that. This means that the rate of inflation for the next 130 years is going to be zero.

Compare that to the average inflation of the dollar, which can range anywhere from 2 to 7 percent per year. If we put all of the mediums of exchange on the free market and let it do its job, the only two options that would come out would be Bitcoin and gold.

The blockchain makes a level playing ground to earn pkt since everyone can take a look at what’s happening. It’s money that’s scarce, and no one can steal it. This makes it corruption-proof. At the moment, it’s controlled by the people, and governments can’t govern it.

You can think of this invention as the philosopher’s stone which can turn any metal it touches into gold. We can think of it as an agent of change which will revolutionize the monetary economic system back to the time where everyone had a chance.

Another revolution on the blockchain is the invention of PKT Cash, which is a project that wants to make the internet more accessible to everyone. Since Bitcoin is something that only works thanks to the power of the internet, the internet service providers can decide to shut it down.

This project aims for its users to use the same networks without relying on internet service providers. This will improve privacy, and there will be no restrictions when it comes to bandwidth. Thanks to the power of the blockchain, everyone can be a part of it.

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Looking For A Dynamic Investment Method? Try A Crypto IRA Account



Looking For A Dynamic Investment Method

Cryptocurrency is the latest in money and digital currency. You can trade or invest in goods or services while being able to spend in this area. It is also decentralized, the latest term for something that has value but is not tied to any one nation’s market or a particular currency. As such, it is based upon the idea of blockchains. Following peer-to-peer transactions, you will find that it allows transfers and sharing to take place. With the way people worry about their financial future, finding a solution that works while offering a new perspective can be a wonderful option financially.

Crypto Accounts Are For Retirement

When you plan on your retirement, you need to have an account, a good strategy, and a way to make it happen. People believe quite adamantly that cryptocurrency is where the future is heading, and as a result, that includes retirement planning. You will see now that there are many options available to you now considering retirement that we have never had before because the future of finances is changing.  A traditional financial solution would have you put your money into your account or into a 401K. However, that is all changing, and you take less risk because you have an account, but it works much differently. Instead of storing money, you store cryptocurrency. You will utilize a digital wallet and experience crypto exchange instead of withdrawals like a typical bank. Instead of taking money out the usual way, you have extended options that are meant to make the use of your currency much more manageable.

A Crypto IRA Account Is The Future

A crypto IRA account is where people believe the future is heading because this type of currency is widespread, and it has a legitimacy that is supposed to ensure that we have better options for retirement. Having an account like this is said to have much higher returns as well as tax benefits that a regular bank or traditional method cannot offer you.

Cryptocurrency is classified as property. Because of that, you earn capital gains tax. When this occurs, you can see immediate tax benefits such as deductibles and deferments. That means you have better access to your funds, and you may pay less in the future. There is also much different tax software available to you to help you.

Security with money is always a big issue. Banks can be hacked, and why this method can as well, blockchaining is considered to be one of the safest methods concerning both. Each block is built with the knowledge that it utilizes the information that came before it. It will alter any information that is on the block that would require manipulation. That ensures each transaction can be tracked and is considered a highly authentic way to do this. Security is highly valued and considered to be a masterful way to do business.

You will look better with crypto in your portfolio, which is another excellent reason to try this. When you want to have a solid yet successful investment strategy, you will find that this is a way to increase your process and have a better retirement plan that will expand into alternative investments for you. While this can work with a traditional format, having alternative resources is a great idea to utilize. You will notice that there are risks with this type of investment as there are with any, but there are noticeable issues such as high fees and avoiding volatility or limited use.

Utilizing A Crypto IRA Account

When you want to utilize a crypto IRA account, you will see that many stand behind it and believe it will bring us into a new financial future that creates fewer issues. Instead of worrying about hacking and your future, these methods claim they can make life easier and more manageable. While the decision is yours, you will see that using these tips and the benefits of using a crypto IRA account can change far more than you think. When you think about your financial future, don’t be uncertain. Use what you know will work and step into the future.

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Which is better: token or coin?



token or coin

Swapping coins for tokens can be a confusing decision, so here are some factors to consider when deciding the right choice. There are many benefits to using tokens over coins. They are worthless, fluctuate less in value, and can be traded with other cryptocurrency holders without subject to the high fees that exchanges charge on coins. Tokens also provide more liquidity than coins.

What is a token?

A token is an asset incorporated on the Ethereum blockchain. Tokens are used to pay transaction fees for services or goods rendered by that company or individual. Some examples are Digix, Augur, Golem, FirstBlood, ICONOMI, Melonport, SingularDTV. Most are ERC20 tokens built on the Ethereum platform.

Pros and cons

  • The pros of tokens are that they are worthless than coins, yet they can be used to buy goods. This means the price of the token will not change drastically or suddenly like that of a coin.
  • You can buy, sell, or exchange tokens for another cryptocurrency without worrying about high fees.
  • The token’s value is also more transparent since it represents a service or product rather than what the developer thinks it will be worth.
  • Tokens also provide more liquidity since you can trade them with other individuals who own Ethereum and cryptocurrencies to purchase goods and services from different companies without going through an exchange. The only drawback is that fewer companies are accepting them as payment compared to coins.
  • Since few companies are accepting them, your token might not have many places to spend it. This means the value of the token will also be less since it is not used as much.
  • Another problem is that you have to go through centralized intermediaries to exchange your tokens for cryptocurrency or vice versa.

What is a coin?

A coin is a cryptocurrency built on a separate blockchain network. Coins are typically mined with specialized hardware ASICs created for that purpose. They can be traded on exchanges or directly between holders using wallets outside the leading crypto trading platform needed for exchanges of tokens where you pay gas fees to trade with an exchange now.

Pros and cons

  • The pros of coins are that they are worth more than tokens, fluctuate less in value, and can be traded with different individuals without using an exchange.
  • The coin’s value is also more transparent since it represents an asset in itself rather than being associated with a specific token. Because it is on its blockchain, you can have complete control over your coins which does not apply with tokens.
  • Also, the coin comes with added security features that tokens do not have.
  • On another note, some people believe that coins will eventually replace tokens since so many coins are being developed on the Ethereum platform. These coins can also be traded on exchange platforms, but it does cost you gas fees to do so.

What is a Decentralized Application or Dapp?

A decentralized application (or a Dapp) is a web application that runs on its independent network and uses the Ethereum blockchain as the leading platform for operations. It does not interact with any central servers, and it can interact with other dapps present on the Ethereum network. This means that owners of tokens/coins will gain more value as they become famous as decentralized applications used by many individuals and companies as a value store for payment transactions.

How to choose the right coin or token?

If you want to invest in a company, you have to know how their tokens can purchase services from them. This means you have to see how the tokens are being used and whether they are worth investing in or not. Suppose you know a company’s website that simply shows an address for sending cryptocurrency. In that case, it is likely a token rather than a coin because most coins present on exchanges show market values and prices along with charts for tracking their costs over time. There might be some exceptions with some tokens showing price data on their website.

If you want to use tokens to purchase services, then go for it. If you wish to invest in a company, then choose coins over tokens.

What are the wallets for?

Most people in cryptocurrency use wallets to store, manage, and trade their cryptocurrency. Some good tips to remember when choosing the right wallet are:

  1. Try to find a wallet supporting multiple coins (if you want to swap cryptocurrencies) because it will make it easier to exchange one coin for another.
  2. Choose cold storage wallets hidden from access by outside people or programs that can access information on your computer or mobile phone without you knowing about it. This is especially crucial if there are hackers who are after your cryptocurrency wallet address. The safest storage option is paper wallets.
  3. Choose wallets with security features like two-factor authentication (2FA) and biometrics like facial recognition, fingerprint, or voice identification. Also, look for open-source wallet platforms to ensure that there are no backdoors present in the code.
  4. If you want maximum security, then use a cold storage hardware device that will cost you more but store your cryptocurrency offline so it cannot be exposed to hackers or your computer or smartphone.
  5. Keep in mind that the best way to store cryptocurrency is in cold storage hardware devices because it is offline and can be exposed to hackers much less than hot/online wallets where you have no control over your private key.


There are many coins and tokens to choose from, and they each have their pros and cons. It is essential to know what type of cryptocurrency you want before you make a decision.

Even though most coins seem like a scam, you should still invest if you believe in the developer who has put the work into making it happen. If you choose to buy a coin or token by accident, find out why it is used first before investing in it.

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3 Things Everybody Needs to Know About Buying Bitcoin



3 Things Everybody Needs to Know About Buying Bitcoin

Many people consider cryptocurrency as the new way forward when it comes to their investments. Cryptocurrency includes Bitcoin, which has become a leading force in the market in recent years.

Are you planning to buy bitcoin now? This article will give you some tips about buying and investing here.

Bitcoin investment refers to using any fiat currencies such as dollars, euros, etc., in buying Bitcoin. Of course, you could also use your retirement funds or other types of funds for investing in a legitimate Bitcoin IRA.


How Can You Invest in Bitcoin?

Investing in Bitcoin will likely depend on the country you live in. If you live in developed countries, then you will have more choices and more liquidity. Among the various Bitcoin brokers, Coinbase is the largest in the world. It is available in different countries such as the UK, Singapore, United States, Canada, and most parts of Europe.

Is It Safe to Invest in Bitcoin?

Buying Bitcoin is just the same as buying any other currency and of course, being cautious help since its price could rise and fall at any time compared to other currencies. What makes Bitcoin different from other traditional investments is that you can choose to keep the coins yourself, or you can let a trusted third party do it for you.

If you choose to hold them yourself, you risk losing them forever if you don’t store them securely. A third party is safer, of course. But it also comes with the attendant risks, such as being hacked.  Also, it would not be easy to get it replaced.

If your bank has been robbed, the US government can save the bank through the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (or FDIC). Hence, as a bank customer, you will not be at risk of having your funds stolen. However, Bitcoin is a bit different.

Important points about Bitcoin

The supply of Bitcoin is limited. Only about 21 million will ever exist. Hence, if you lose a Bitcoin, then it will not be easily replaced. When they are gone, they are generally gone for good.

However, if the third party keeping your Bitcoins gets hacked, they could cover the loss since they can afford to, just as Binance did. Many third-party apps have a legal obligation to do so.

Another important point to consider is that Bitcoin will not inflate compared to US dollars.

Why is this significant? Every time your government prints more money, then its value will get less over time. For example, if the price of a soda were $0.10 before, it would probably cost around $1.50 now due to inflation.

When you buy Bitcoin, you need to understand that Bitcoin is deflationary. In other words, the value of the coins will keep on increasing over time. Today, you can buy more with your Bitcoin than you could before. Therefore, buying Bitcoin may have its risks, but so does keeping some dollars. It will depend on you, which one you trust more.

When Should You Buy Bitcoin?

Just like any market, nothing is certain. Your guess is just as good as anyone else’s. It is difficult to predict near-term Bitcoin prices. Historically, the value of Bitcoin has quickly increased, then it gradually slows down until it stabilises. However, if you know what you’re doing, you can see more returns for your money if you buy Bitcoin now.

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