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How to Shoot a Rifle Safely and Accurately



How to Shoot a Rifle Safely and Accurately

Not everyone grows up hunting. While most hunters grow up with a dad, uncle, or another relative that hunts, some of us don’t start hunting until later in life.

Of course, this type of hunter isn’t very common, since hunting seems like it has a high barrier of entry. Complex hunting seasons, crazy tactics, and knowing how to find animals and how to process them can be quite daunting.

But one of the biggest hindrances is learning how to shoot a rifle. For those who don’t grow up hunting, it’s likely that they have little to no experience handling firearms.

This aspect alone can keep many would-be hunters from ever getting started. But the truth is that shooting a rifle, and shooting a gun in general, isn’t inherently hard, scary, or unsafe.

If you are ready to finally start hunting for yourself, then keep reading to learn how to shoot a rifle for the first time, and what to keep in mind when owning a rifle.

The Importance of Gun Safety

When it comes to hunting, and shooting in general, safety is your foundation. While hunting accidents aren’t uncommon, they have been on the decline for many years. But they are mostly due to neglecting basic safety principles.

It’s actually quite easy to own and operate a firearm in a safe manner, and never experience any type of accident. So long as you put an emphasis on safety, there’s no reason that you can’t start shooting and hunting for the first time in your 20s, 30s, and beyond.

There are different types of guns you can use for hunting, depending on the type of game you are pursuing. While shotguns and muzzleloaders have their place, most people hunt with a rifle. Luckily, gun safety principles are the same, regardless of which type of firearm you learn how to use first.

Gun safety is all about developing good habits. Do this from the get-go, and you’ll never put yourself in an unsafe situation.

How to Shoot a Rifle Safely

So what does it take to learn how to shoot a rifle the safe way? Here’s how to get started.

Take an Introductory Firearms Course

If you’ve never shot a gun before, or if it’s been many years, it’s best to take a gun safety and training course at your local shooting range. Most gun safety courses are intended to teach the basics and usually come with a practical session shooting handguns.

Of course, you want to learn how to shoot a rifle, right? Operating a handgun and a rifle is very similar. So if you can have a professional trainer teach you how to use a handgun, you’ll be able to use a rifle on your own.

The main benefit of these types of courses is learning and practicing the basic safety habits that will prevent accidents. You’ll also learn about firearm laws in your home state. These courses are worth the small investment.

Watch Videos Online

If there’s a particular rifle you plan to rent, or if you already bought a rifle, look up videos online of how to use it. You can find a video tutorial on using virtually any type of gun on YouTube.

While most hunting rifles are bolt-action, they will each have nuances that you will want to know about. These videos will give you a visual of what to do once you get to the shooting range.

Rent or Borrow a Rifle at the Range

After taking a basic safety course with a handgun, it’s time to move on to a rifle. Again, the mechanics are the same. The main difference is your hand and body position, along with the amount of recoil you’re going to experience.

Recoil, or how much the gun kicks back after each shot, will vary depending on the caliber of bullet you are shooting. A tiny, .22 caliber rifle will present very little kickback, while a larger rifle, such as .30-06, will pack a punch.

You can also find calibers like the 5mm, which recently saw a resurgence with hunters, which you can learn about on this page. Choosing the right caliber for your hunting style is both a science and an art.

But before you even buy your own rifle, it’s best to test one out.

Most of the time, shooting range employees won’t teach you how to use a gun, unless you pay for private lessons. However, these lessons can be seriously expensive. If you have the cash, go for it. You’ll learn valuable techniques that will make you a better shooter much faster.

Even without lessons, though, you can rent the rifle of your choice at virtually any shooting range.

Or, consider asking a friend or relative to show you the ropes of shooting a rifle. That way, you have someone that understands how rifles operate, that is willing to take the time and explain it to you.

This is usually the best way to ask questions and try out a rifle in a safe way.

Safety During Storage and Transportation

Once you have your own rifle, you need to know how to store it and transport it safely, as that is just as important as safety while shooting.

At home, it’s best to store your rifle in a locked gun safe or gun cabinet. That way, it’s very unlikely for a child to accidentally stumble upon your firearm. Also, if your home is ever broken into, it’s unlikely a thief can steal your gun.

Additionally, you should store any of your guns with a trigger or action lock. If your gun can be accessed, or if you forget to lock your safe, these will prevent the gun from being loaded and operated.

When transporting your firearm to the range or to the field, you’ll want it in a case. A hard case is best, as it will protect your rifle from damage. You’ll need to store the gun in the furthest place from the driver seat, which is typically the trunk of your car. Ammo will need to be stored separately, not in the firearm or in the same case.

Gun Safety Best Practices

So here are the habits you’ll need to develop in order to operate your rifle in the safest way possible.

Rule number one is to always treat your rifle like it’s loaded, even if you know it isn’t. So always point downrange, or in a safe direction. Never point your gun at another person. Never look down the barrel or put your hand in front of the barrel.

Also, always keep your finger outside the trigger guard. You never want to put your finger on the trigger until you are looking at your target and ready to shoot.

Remember to always keep the safety on, until looking at your target. Once you are pointed at your target, you can turn the safety off and then pull the trigger.

And when it comes to shooting a rifle, you want to hold it properly, since they are so powerful and recoil quite a bit. You want the butt-end of the stock sitting against your torso, between your shoulders and your pectoral muscles. This spot is soft and will help absorb some of the blow.

When looking down your scope, your eye should be a few inches away from the scope. If your eye is too close, the rifle may bounce back and knock you in the face, giving you a black eye.

How to Shoot a Rifle Accurately

While safety is the most important part of operating a rifle, accuracy is also important. In fact, shooting accurately can also be considered a safety function. Here’s how to boost your hunting accuracy.

Invest in the Best Scope

Your rifle scope is just as important as the rifle itself. It’s crucial to your performance at the range and on the field. You can spend as little as $30 on a scope, or you can spend many hundreds of dollars on a good rifle scope.

Spend as much as you possibly can. The better your scope, the better you are going to shoot, period.

Practice Long Distance Shots

Most indoor shooting ranges are capped at 25-yard shooting lanes. This is too short to learn how to shoot a hunting rifle. When it comes to big game hunting, you’ll end up taking most of your shots between 75 and 300 yards.

You’ll want to find an outdoor shooting range that has a minimum 100-yard shooting lane, if not longer. Otherwise, find a piece of public land where you can safely and legally practice long-range shooting.

Your goal is to replicate the type of shots you are likely to take on the field.

Practice Different Positions

Along with practicing shots at various distances, you’ll want to practice from different body positions. It’s rare that you’ll ever take a shot on a deer while seated or standing in a normal position.

Instead, you’re likely to take a shot on a deer while lying prone, crouching, sitting, or in some other obscure positions. Practice shooting from these positions ahead of time.

Getting Out There

Once you have the basic safety habits nailed down, it’s time to get out into the field. The best way to learn how to shoot a rifle at an animal is to shoot a rifle at an animal.

Learn your state’s hunting laws, regulations, and seasons, and plan to spend as much time in the woods this hunting season as possible. This is the best way to learn how to be a better shooter and hunter.

And you’ll get bonus points if you can go along with an experienced hunter, though that isn’t necessary.

Looking for other helpful articles like this? Head over to our blog to continue reading.

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Volumizing mascara adds volume and thickness to your eyelashes without utilizing engineered strands. It characterizes your lashes by matching their structure and shade. Since its primary mission is to make your lashes thicker, it ordinarily is as one or the other fluid or cream mascara.

Volumizing mascara is great for individuals with straight, limp and meager eyelashes. It is likewise best used to going with light cosmetics. It will focus on your eyes without getting carried away.

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How the volumizing mascara is applied likewise matters. The Internet gives a great deal of how-to guides with regards to putting on cosmetics. Carve out opportunity to plunk down and watch or read about cosmetics application procedures from experienced craftsmans.

Finding the right volumizing mascara will incredibly support your weapons store. You will be more prepared to confront day to day difficulties as looking kindness likewise encourage you. Stay away from the issue and get the ideal incentive for your time and cash by having the right item.

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Do you need reasonable and quality stockpiling for your ammunition that is really great for long haul use? On the off chance that shooting is your leisure activity, you ought to get an ammunition case for your ammo’s security and capacity. Weapons aren’t the main things that need great extra room. You ought to have one for your ammo also on the grounds that they’re the rounds that make you hit your objective and the ones that you train and practice with when you’re not hunting.

You would rather not wind up in a position where you run out of ammunition either in light of the fact that they have been gravely exhausted because of oxidation or inappropriate stockpiling and you’ve lost them. Assume liability for 30-30 ammo your shooting hardware and requirements, buy an ammunition case. There are a lot of ammunition cartons from your neighborhood firearm or hunting shop to surplus ones from the military or regulation implementation. Simply make a point to get the ones in great quality.

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