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How To Learn Ten Times Faster



How To Learn Ten Times Faster

Business conditions and technology are rapidly changing. So it is important for a business owner and management to learn to use new products, services, changing government rules, regulations, new business practices. They often have to learn the new changes and implement them. Time and effort is required for learning new skills, and learning faster can greatly increase the chances of success. Some tips on how to learn 10x faster than others based on neurological research of the learning techniques used by different people are discussed below.

Taking notes

One of the best ways of learning faster is by taking notes on the subject which the person is learning. Taking good notes which are comprehensive, accurate and cover all subjects is a skill which will help in the long term. The learner can also conveniently refer to the notes later, when he wishes to refresh his memory. While taking notes, the learner should separate the different topics which he is learning. To reduce the time taken for making notes, he should develop a system of using abbreviations and symbols which he easily understands. The notes should only have the important information which is being taught, other less relevant information should be discarded.

Pen and paper

Though people are using computers and smartphones extensively, research has indicated that students who are using paper and pen for note taking are retaining the information better. While writing the information using a pen, the user is reframing the information in his own words, which is helping the student retain the information in his mind. This new information is also recalled more easily by the student whenever required. It is found that those who take notes on computers are retaining less information and also increasing their knowledge more slowly.

Repeating, vocalization

Scientists have found that talking or repeating the topic which is being learned is likely to make it easier for the student or others to learn any new topic. Even if the person is only whispering or speaking softly, it appears that repeating the topic helps greatly in retention of new concepts. It appears that speaking aloud helps in locking the topic being taught in the mind better. In addition to listening if the person is also using his or her voice to repeat the topic, it will get retained better in his mind.

Taking notes

Splitting the process

While most people think that studying or learning continuously is the most efficient way of studying, research has indicated that it is better to take a break from the learning process periodically. After working for a few hours, it is better to take a break from the work, for some time, before resuming the studies. This is because after learning continuously for a few hours, the brain is getting saturated and cannot retain additional information. So when the person is taking a break from learning and then resuming, he is recalling the information he gained earlier, to create a new neural pathway in his mind. Changing the environment can also help in faster learning of a skill or subject.

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Find Out The Meaning Behind Your Stones




You’ve got some beautiful gemstones or crystals and now you want to know what properties they have. The rich colors and twinkles of light are so mesmerizing, aren’t they? How do you find out the meaning behind your stones?


Crystals and gemstones have been used for thousands of years for more than just decoration or currency. Most cultures have beliefs and rituals surrounding these beautiful stones.

For example, in Neolithic times agate stone meaning was tied to a deep connection to the earth and home. The ancient Egyptians used quartz in their burial rituals to help the dead find their way in the afterlife and the priests used it to balance energies in the body. In India, stones were used in healing and to counteract the effects of astrology.

Looking into the historical uses and lore of your particular gemstones or crystals in one way to find the meaning behind them. Finding information about stones that has persisted over the centuries is one way of verifying the meaning behind your stones.

Search Online

There are many resources for finding the properties of various minerals. When searching online try to make sure you are reading a credible source. It can be hard to do as anyone can write a blurb about what different crystals mean and throw it up online.


There are some really beautiful books out there for learning more about crystals and their meanings and uses. Judy Hall has written several great reference books about crystals. The Crystal Bible is a quick guide for most of the stones you will find and has color photos and a condensed explanation of the characteristics and benefits of each stone.

Check out your local library or book store to find other good sources.

Message Boards

Online groups and message boards for various spiritual practices that utilize gemstones and crystals may be a good source of information. Members can point you toward great online resources and books to find what you need.

Members of such groups may be able to speak from experience as well and can share with you the effects their own practice with crystals and gemstones has had in their lives.

Intuition and Color

Use your own intuition when searching for the meanings and properties of your stones. Perhaps you feel a certain way when you hold a stone during meditation, you could be intuiting the meaning of that stone.

Colors can be a strong clue. Matching the colors of the stones you are researching to the properties you are looking for may work well for you.

Chakra colors can be a good starting point. Green for the heart, for example, could lead you to peridot, green aventurine, or jade. Or, perhaps a red stone makes you think of courage or passion. Maybe that red jasper you have lends itself to building a courageous heart.

Wherever your journey of discovery leads you, remember to enjoy the beauty of your crystals and gemstones, and don’t get too caught up in finding the “right” information.

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5 Tips on Writing Better University Assignments




Tips on Writing Better University Assignments

Students encounter numerous challenges in university life. Among these challenges is completing assignments- it requires critical thinking skills, communication, and adequate research. Here are five tips to help you write better university assignments:

  • Plan before writing

Writing academic papers requires you to begin by planning- it allows you to prepare high-quality papers. Besides, it reduces the amount of time you spend writing- without proper planning, you will likely stare at your computer screen trying to figure out what to write. You should, therefore, plan your work to identify the number of sections to include their flow, information required, and the sources. You can use software such as Outline and OneNote to help you organize your key points into an outline, which you can use to prepare your first draft. Besides, provides assignment writing service thus you can seek help from them when are really held up.

  • Use a variety of information sources.

In most cases, students overlook the sources available for research. You can search the Internet or visiting the library to access sources such as books, journal articles, newspapers, and magazines. Even professors avail resources for you to use. For instance, the rubric provided informs you how your teacher will grade the assignment. It, thus, shows you the learning outcomes and requirements for obtaining a pass or credit. The teacher’s other resources include discussion boards, sample assignments, reading lists, and lecture recordings. Students who use all available resources achieve better outcomes than their counterparts.

  • Selecting appropriate words

Students should write university papers more technically and formally than the language used in other platforms like social media. The language used in academic writing is also more precise, especially in STEM subjects. If you cannot find appropriate words to write your paper and need help, you can use Writefull and SkELL.

  • Cite your work and reference accordingly

Plagiarism is a severe academic offense in all universities. It refers to utilizing someone’s idea without acknowledging them. To avoid plagiarism:

  1. Paraphrase information from sources while adding your opinions.
  2. Cite any information acquired from a source.
  3. If you are unfamiliar with the referencing styles, visit the school library and seek help from the librarian.
  4.  You can also use online referencing resources like Mendeley and EndNote, which will help you create citations and references for your sources. While the software will save the time you spend referencing, you need to familiarize yourself with the referencing styles and use them without using the software.
  • Editing and proofreading

As indicated earlier, if you want to perform better in your writing assignments, always plan, and draft your paper. Editing is an equally significant step in the writing process. Be sure to leave some time to check your paper before the deadline. During this time, counter check grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Although no software can detect all errors, Grammarly will help you minimize mistakes, inaccuracies, and inconsistencies. Besides having a proofreader, you need to read widely to expand your vocabulary and improve grammar. Moreover, some universities offer academic support services- you can check if they offer English courses.

Now you know how to improve your writing skills at the university! Keep practicing them to write better assignments.

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List of Remote Jobs You Can Get Without a Degree




List of Remote Jobs You Can Get Without a Degree

A typical job advertisement used to look like “Minimum qualification required Bachelors, Masters, Diploma in this” etc. this is not practiced any longer. In today’s age, skills are sold, experience gets you cashed and creativity brings dollars. If you are a creative person and want to be your own boss, Hirewithtogether does not advise you to spend thousands of dollars in universities to get a piece of paper in the form of a degree. You are just not meant for that, remember. Broaden your circle, have a remote job abroad. It is pretty much easy to look for a remote job in the US since it is a hub of world business. Remote engineering jobs are the latest trend. Multiple companies of remote jobs in Los Angeles bring you the opportunity to work with them with no degree, or diploma at all. Showcase your capabilities and get hired straight away. These are very basic yet creative remote jobs and some of them are non-technical.

Video Editing:

Ever heard of universities offering video editing courses and diplomas? This explains why this skill has huge demand with high charging fees. Visuals are the new form of communication. Whether it is an influencer, company or an advertising agency, they are running behind video editors to edit their content into more refined pieces. It does not require any classes or courses but some constant practice. You can get a number of softwares downloaded for this purpose like My Movie, In Shot, Filmora, Kin Master are most commonly used softwares for the video editing. Take a demo yourself and get started.

Travel Agent:

Working on behalf of a travel agency does not demand to hold a Masters’ degree in Tourism. Memorize some information about fares of buses, trains, air planes and cruises of all available companies. Present some highlights of any discounts, offerings or packages of all modes of travelling. Stay in touch with the hotel management to better facilitate your clients with the best of services.

Dubbing or Voice over:

Selling your voice to make money. Doesn’t that sound unbelievable? Yes, this is absolutely true. This is purely natural talent that is not taught anywhere but is God gifted. With the world becoming a global village, there is an increasing need and demand for content to be either translated or spoken in native languages. If you are familiar with a certain foreign language, do not waste this precious talent and sell your voice and get paid. From children cartoons to record breaking TV and web series, people are demanding dubbed content in their native language. Organizers look for talented people for dubbing and voice over and pay as demanded. Few minutes of speaking make you hundreds of dollars. Also, this is an exciting job that refreshes your mind and mood.


This is more like helping the client with valuable and accurate anticipations, current market conditions etc. only a vigilant person with keen observations and anticipation skills can perform the duty of serving prospects with their certain situations and fears. More valuable the information offered, more the commission for the service.

Inbound and Outbound Sales:

Not only good communication but negotiation skills are important too to perform the job of making sales of your company’s product or service. Better the convincing and negotiations resulting in more sales, higher the commission. Before going for this job, be sure of your language proficiency.

Data Entry:

This job is almost a piece of cake with no hard work required for creativity. Master yourself with typing and the job is yours. Various websites like AccuTran Global, Axian Data Entry Services, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Click Worker etc. are the most common websites for data entry jobs.

English Tutor:

Not being able to speak English is a communication barrier itself in remote jobs. Creating a virtual classroom to teach English as a second language to help people get employed is almost a virtue. Better target Middle East and Asian countries with their own native languages.

Customer Support:

If you are a consistent person with empathy in nature this is the right job for you. This is one of the easiest side jobs with no degree requirement, technical work or expertise and has massive demand. Customer queries have to be responded to 24/7 and organizations are always short of staff to deal with the potential prospects and existing customers. They pay you extra for being available during late night hours. Nature of this job is such that it keeps on grooming you and increasing your networking. Dealing with different kinds of people every day enhances your emotional intelligence. Do not miss such an opportunity if you find one.


Whatever job you choose for yourself, promise value like a bran because people are investing their time and want some really good output in the form of satisfaction and good experience.

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