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How to Choose a Funeral Song for Your Beloved



Has the time come for you to plan the funeral of your beloved life partner? Although this is no easy task, the right song can help your process one of the most difficult times in your life.

There are conventional funeral songs that you can select from; however, personally selecting a funeral song for your loved one is the most sincere approach.

Choosing a funeral song does not have to generate more anxiety in your life. Read our article to learn how to choose a funeral song for your beloved.

What Genre Did Your Beloved Enjoy Most?

You knew your lover better than anyone else. That means there is no one better to choose their funeral song than you.

Deciding which song will play is likely to stir your emotions and memories. Take advantage of the experience that you remember with your partner.

These memories and emotions will help you choose the best song for their funeral. Begin by considering which genre they were most fond of or likely to play.

If deciding on a specific song is too difficult, then a genre is a great place to start your song search. After all, this song is supposed to represent the life of your beloved partner.

Choosing a song is no simple task for this reason. Moreover, you may want to consider who will be attending the funeral as well.  It is important to choose a song that is appropriate for all who attend to hear.

If the love song that you select is something that was privately shared between you and your dearly departed, then consider choosing a different song.

Once you consider the genre and funeral attendees, it will be much easier for you to select a heartwarming funeral song to honor your loved one.

Ask Family and Friends to Help You Choose

Speaking of funeral attendees, they are a great resource to use if you are still struggling to pick the perfect song.

Asking family and friends to help you choose a funeral song can help you focus on your own grieving process.

If your loved one belonged to a large circle of family or friends, then enlisting them in your decision can potentially help them grieve as well.

Close friends of your loved ones may have known them before you two ever met. Old friends of your lover might know songs that represent your lover’s childhood perfectly.

This information is vital when it comes to deciding on a funeral song. A nostalgic memory of your loved one may be the best type of song to honor their passing.

The mother of your loved one, for example, might be able to tell you the song they played while your partner was still in their whom.

Information like this can help take away the stress from the daunting task of choosing a funeral song for someone you deeply care about.

If the pressure becomes too much to bear, then you can assign this task to someone else as you prepare different arrangements or tent to your own mental health needs as well.

Prioritize the Memorial Service Song First

Funerals can be lengthy events that honor the entire lifespan of your loved one. If your loved one lived a long a prosperous life, then their funeral could be an all-day affair.

This means you may want to play multiple songs throughout the service. Do not let the thought of choosing multiple funeral songs worry you.

Focus on the memorial service song first and see what songs rise from your research and conversations with loved ones.

As you begin to brainstorm possible funeral song candidates, you are likely to generate a long list of options.

If one song stands apart from the rest, then that is the funeral song that you have been searching for. The runner-up songs can be curated into a playlist for the event.

Focus On Finding Uplifting Funeral Music

If your loved one did not have a particular genre of music that they enjoyed, then consider searching for an uplifting song that encapsulates their energy.

Uplifting music can leave a positive and lasting impression about your loved one in the minds of all who attend their funeral.

Funerals can be times of deep sorrow and grief, so an uplifting song can help everyone process their emotions while in the company of others.

Uplifting songs do not have to be upbeat or overly positive. Something simple and soft will do the trick. Nowadays, discovering new music is easily accomplished on the internet.

If the thought of selecting a funeral song is too stressful to complete, then consider choosing an especially curated playlist for funerals could be your best option.

Choose a Song That Suits the Theme

If you are hosting a themed funeral, then consider choosing a song that matches the theme of the occasion.

Some individuals have gone as far as dressing up as superheroes to honor their loved one’s favorite comics or pastimes.

Whatever theme you choose, selecting a corresponding song can help keep your funeral theme cohesive.

For example, you could play the theme song to the favorite show of your loved one or the opening song to their favorite movie.

Not sure what the name of the song was? No problem! The internet makes it easier than ever to discover music titles.

Simply type a few lyrics into search engines like Google, and the title should automatically pop up. All that is left is to do is pair matching funeral flowers that blend seamlessly with your theme.

White flowers are a popular option for funerals. However, it is a good idea to choose a color that best captures the spirit of your loved one.

Take your time curating a themed funeral. From music to flowers, you want to ensure that every detail of the event is representative of the soul of your lover.

Create a Playlist for Your Mourning Period

If you are left with a long list of songs that represent your loved one, then consider combining the individual tunes into a playlist that represents your love.

Listening to all of these songs together can help you determine which is the best song for the main event.

The other songs, however, are still representative of your loved one and should not go to waste. This long list of songs can be transformed into a playlist that you can share with all who attend their funeral.

This playlist can be curated and shared digitally, so you do not have to worry about taking up space in your music collection or burdening others with material possession while they mourn.

In fact, mourners will be delighted that you have taken the time to curate a special collection of songs that will help them remember their loved ones as well.

When the funeral is over, the playlist will serve as a reminder of how many lives your lover touched while they were still alive.

You can also utilize this playlist on your own time to help you process your emotions about your great loss. Take your time and enjoy the music.

Saying Goodbye: Dedicate a Funeral Song

If family and friends were important to your departed loved one, then consider saying goodbye with a list of dedicated songs.

It is a contemporary trend to dedicate songs from the departed to those that they love during their funeral.

After the memorial service, you can begin playing songs dedicated to family and friends from the point of view of your departed love.

It is a good idea to include a short speech in between songs to let everyone know who the song is dedicated to and why.

The explanations should be simple and straightforward, with plenty of time to talk amongst the crowds about how much they miss the person who is no longer with them.

Dedicating a funeral song to a close friend or relative can help those grieving feel included, remembered, and loved.

Take Your Time Choosing a Funeral Song

Do you think you are ready to choose the right funeral song for your loved one? As you have just read, choosing a funeral song is no easy task.

There are, however, several options and tools to help you accomplish the task. Remember, enlist the help of your family and friends if you are feeling stuck.

Their knowledge and memories will help you select the perfect track to honor your loved one. If you are still in need of inspiration, be sure to read our other blog articles as well.

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8 Reasons of Romantic Handwritten Letters Is Timeless



Many cannot imagine life before the Internet. Shopping happened in brick-and-mortar stores many decades back, job hunters scanned newspapers, and people communicated by writing letters.

Do you still remember handwritten letters? You can probably find bunches of these pieces of paper in your grandma’s attic tucked away in a shoebox. Handwritten letters are also famous for fueling storylines for romantic movies. Unfortunately, handwritten letters have become less and less common.

But things might change. With the pandemic still raging, there has never been a better time to bring back the tradition of letter writing. People have become more socially distanced and interacting less. Many miss the people they love. Believe it or not, taking the effort to write a handwritten letter using premium stationery supplies provides more benefits than testing your penmanship.

It is a memorable way to get in touch with the people who matter to you.

A handwritten letter is a treasure. If you visit any history museum, there is a big chance that they have letters exhibited. Possessions throughout history turn into dust. But delicate pieces of paper have heirloom value and are protected for generations. Powerful words are worth reading over and over again.

The study says writing letters can improve your mood.

According to research from Kent State University, you can get psychological perks from writing handwritten letters. Researchers suggest making a habit of writing letters of gratitude since it can make you feel happier, more satisfied and ease depressive symptoms. Telling a sympathetic friend how much you appreciate them via a letter helps you feel more grateful, blessed, and see the beauty in your life.

A letter validates the importance of a relationship.

The effort to write a thoughtful note shows how much you cherish a relationship and want to deepen it. It helps strengthen friendships and marriages. It is a terrific gesture for business people to grow loyalty among clients and business partners.

A handwritten letter is classy.

A handwritten letter reminds the recipient they are unique. At the same time, a letter can make the giver pretty special too. Handwritten letters using premium stationery supplies are elegant and sophisticated. Moreover, you can set yourself apart as a true lady or gentleman by attaching a stamp to your beautiful words.

Writing letters helps you clear your thoughts to say things that matter.

The mode of texting and email are reactionary. In many cases, you need information, so you reach out. But writing letters is a more deliberate process. You want to give something rather than to receive something. You write a letter because you need to say something rather than get information.

Handwritten letters create a wonderful surprise.

Getting snail mail from friends and relatives is fun and exciting. Opening a letter is like opening a gift. Nowadays, most snail mail people get are piles of bills and junk mail. But you can be the thoughtful one who can rescue your friends from boring modern mail. You can start writing something fun and send it to your loved ones to make their day.

It helps you connect to older friends and relatives in a precious medium.

The current generation might find physical mail to be outdated and trad. But mature generations find handwritten letters to be rich in sentiment. Although your older relatives may be current with technology and adept at texting and email, they will be excited to receive a handwritten letter.

Improve your handwriting via letter writing

Many have spent hours in school practising cursive. But with the widespread use of computers and other gadgets and devices, you hardly ever get the chance to showcase your skills. You can even take the art of handwriting to the next level by taking up calligraphy as a hobby. Or, you may want to have a chance to improve your scribbles.

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4 Cool Life Size Replica Ideas



On average, more than 2.1 million 3D printers are sold each year. That trend in sales seems set to continue.

Many 3D printing enthusiasts are building increasingly large and elaborate projects. But some folk struggle to think of new and exciting ideas for printing projects. That means they aren’t getting the best out of this amazing piece of technology.

If you’re struggling to come up with a great idea for a life-size replica to create with your own 3D printer, read on! We’ve got some amazing ideas for you.

1. Your Choice of Boat

Life-sized boats are a super exciting project to work on. You could create anything from a simple rowboat to a scaled-down version of a battleship or a Viking longship!

If you’re building a boat, be sure not to deploy it on the water unless it’s been thoroughly checked over by a trained professional for its seaworthiness.

2. Your Favorite Celebrity!

3D printers have come a long way since they first entered the market. Modern printers are so sophisticated, they can be used to create a realistic human replica.

If you’ve ever visited the famous Madame Tussauds in London, or seen pictures of the attraction, you can get a good idea of the sorts of projects you could develop.

Movie stars, musicians, politicians, sportspeople, and anyone else you can think of could all be replicated down to the last detail. Imagine hosting a party and introducing your friends to Brad Pitt or some other superstar.

3. Life-Size Replica Mandalorian

Mandalorians are one of the most iconic images from the Star Wars universe. With their striking armor and eye-catching weaponry, it’s no wonder these intergalactic warriors have grown so popular in recent years, with the Mandalorian TV show cementing the rise of the characters.

Making a life-sized Mandalorian armor replica could spruce up your home with the ultimate conversation starter, or

If you prefer, you could make Boba Fett or Jango Fett from the movie series. There are so many different designs to follow. And if you want to break the project up into smaller pieces, you could start with just a single piece of the armor, like the helmet.

4. A Small Building

What could be more ambitious than creating a small building with your 3D printer? While you might not be ready to print yourself a place to live, you could certainly construct replicas of small homes you’ve seen, to store in a garage or back yard.

This is the place to let your creativity run riot! You could build a hobbit burrow from Lord of the Rings, a Tatooine house from Star Wars, or even a mini-castle or mansion for your kids to play in!

Be sure to check local zoning permits if you’re building something that will be placed outdoors.

The Only Limit is Your Imagination

When it comes to 3D printers, the sky’s the limit. If you can imagine a life-size replica, you can make it, as long as you have the required materials. There are so many things you could recreate as a life-sized replica!

We hope you enjoyed our article and it gave you some interesting ideas for amazing 3D printing projects. If you’re looking for more fun and informative content, check out our different menus at the top of the page.

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How T-Pain Achieved His Net Worth and Success



T-Pain is a famous American singer, rapper and songwriter. By now, he has launched many chart-topping hits that brought him into today’s success. He started Nappy Child Entertainment in the year 2005. Later the same year, he launched his first album Rappa Trent Sanga which caught a new section of rap fans. T-Pain won a Grammy for his song “Good Life” in the year 2000. T-Pain gets married with Amber Najm and they have 3 children.

How Did T-Pain Become so Rich?

T-Pain was involved in over 50 top songs from the year 2006 to 2010, which is the way how the rapper got so rich, making T-pain net worth reach 35 million.One of the songs that stood apart is “Bartender” which is his partnership with Akon. The song is about 2 boys flirting with a bartender. The music video included two music icons checking out a hot bartender and also it ended up being a substantial hit.

Another outstanding track that made T-Pain abundant was “Buy U a Drank.” A song about what people would intend to do to girls they meet at a club. He likewise teamed up with R&B vocalist Chris Brown in 2 hit tracks. One is “Kiss Kiss”, a remarkable dancing track which has an amazing beat that you just can’t aid but dance to whenever you hear it. The other is “Freeze” which is an additional dancing track from T-Pain and Brown that came to be preferred.

An additional tune is “5 O’Clock” a tune concerning still being at the club at 5am searching for possibilities. There most likely no tune of T-Pain’s that is more popular than “Low”, his partnership with Flo Rida. It is a dancing song that’s been picked up and used for all examples considering that.

Why Is He So Popular?

T-Pain’s 2nd as well as third cd became # 1 in the Signboard R & B chart quickly making the rap artist popular. From then on, people recognized him as one of the ruling kings of hip hop. Very soon a lot of the leading musicians intended to team up with him and the doors were ultimately open to also wonderful success.

He was featured on the first season of The Masked Singer. Despite the star-studded lineup of artists involved in the television show, he left as the victor. A few of the tracks he sang at the program included “This is How We Do It“, “American Woman”, and “Stick with Me.” The show also included Tori Punctuation as well as LaToya Jackson.

He also showed up in the motion picture Quick as well as Furious 7 as himself. The film grossed over $1 billion bucks as well as was seen by millions of individuals contributing to his popularity. He also appeared in the movie “Liquor Store” as a lotto electrical outlet worker. He had a couple of lines in that motion picture and made a great impression in the little screen time that he was offered.

He after that collaborated with film star Jamie Foxx in the track “Blame It.” The track has a number of versions yet all of them has T-Pain vocal singing the carolers. It is a tune about unleashing and also getting drunk on the weekend break. An additional song T-Pain is recognized for is “I love a Pole dancer” featuring artists like TI, R. Kelly, and also Paul Wall surface. It is a long track that tells the story of just how rappers constantly fall for strippers at some point in their life.

How is He So Successful?

T-Pain gained his success because of his chart-topping songs. His classic-soul-singer voice is what makes him so unique and memorable. He’s known to maintain his voice in the perfect problem for this by practicing tunes and also utilizing techniques. He also leverages modern technology like making use of Auto-tune which, originally used to fix pitch, is made use of by T-Pain to create a brand-new and bewitching tool.

Among the reasons T-Pain has been so successful is because of collaboration with other top musicians. He had a much-anticipated cooperation album with Lil Wayne called T-Wayne. Maybe, among their best duets is “I Can not Believe It” which tells the story regarding T-Pain taking girls throughout the world. The self-proclaimed king of R&B, R. Kelly likewise worked together with T-Pain. Their most widely known collaboration is Same Girl Remix with Usher. The song has superior lyrics concerning 3 people finding out that they love the very same lady.

An additional among their partnerships is “I’m a Flirt” which is a track concerning moving your girls far from R. Kelly whenever he gets in a night club. One incredible partnership not a lot of people learn about is his hit with Ne-Yo as well as Trey Songz called “The Way You Relocate.” It is an extremely unusual rare track with three R&B’s hip-hop styles integrating for one gigantic track.


T-Pain is a rap artist who has actually released six albums thus far considering that 2004. Actually, his albums “Revelation” as well as “3 Ringz” controlled the top of the United States R&B Signboard charts for weeks making him one of the world’s hottest hip-hop artists at the time. His best hits include “Good Life”, “Freeze”, “Purchase U a Drank”, “Can You Believe It”, “Kiss Kiss”, “Reduced”, and also “Bartender.” He won 2 Grammys for “Good Life” and “Blame It.” He has actually worked together with musicians from such as Kanye West, Chris Brown, DJ Khaled, Trey Songz, R. Kelly, Ne-Yo, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, E-40, as well as Sean Paul. In 2015, he organized the iHeartRadio Music Awards which included today’s best musicians. T-Pain has remained appropriate for virtually two decades with his latest cd, 1UP, launched as a surprise cd in 2019.

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