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What Is Cannabis Sativa?



What Is Cannabis Sativa

Did you know there are over 400 types of weed?

As the legalization of cannabis is becoming more and more widespread, it’s important to know which type of weed you’re smoking.

There are 3 different types of Cannabis Sativa plants: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. Each with their own benefits for people who smoke them. Read on to take a closer look at what each of these plants brings to the table!

All About Indicas

Are you thinking about giving Indica a try? We suggest using Indica when you want to relax and unwind.

Indica plants are known to have a more mellow, calming effect. These types go well for nighttime use because they help people sleep better and also provide an easier time falling asleep. More specifically, indica strains help put your body into a state of deep relaxation that promotes comfort and a lessening in the production of stress hormones.

Did you know that nearly a quarter of the nation suffers from non-top pain?

Indica is known to be a strain of cannabis that is perfect for people who have chronic pain. It provides a calming sensation that can help put you into a state of deep relaxation and promotes comfort. Indica strains help reduce the production

of stress hormones which cause chronic pain. They also provide an easier time falling asleep as well as relief from fatigue symptoms.

Indica plants were created as a hybrid of equatorial Sativa strains from South Asia and Afghan hashish strains from Eastern Europe/Central Asia. Indices are typically shorter with broader leaves than Sativas, which tend to be taller and skinnier with narrower leaves.

Most Indicas also have seeds that are brown or black in color while Sativas have seeds that are white or grey in color

Afgooey Indica Dominant

The Afgooey Indica dominant strain is a popular one because it has a more laid-back high, perfect for those who are looking for something to help them relax after a long day. This particular type of weed also provides wonderful pain relief and deep relaxation for people looking to unwind at the end of the day. Afgooey features an earthy, fruity flavor with notes of pine.

Tasty Blue Church

Another popular Indica dominant strain is Blue Church. If you’ve never tried a strain with the name blue in it, you’re in for a real treat. Cannabis enthusiasts know that blue strain names tend to have tasty blueberry flavors.

The Blue Church strain delivers a particularly delicious blueberry flavor that makes it easy to understand why this type of cannabis is so popular. It’s a great choice for those looking for relief from chronic pain since the Indica in this type of cannabis has been known to promote relaxation and relief from stress.

This particular strain can also help put you into a state of deep relaxation that promotes comfort and a lessening in the production of stress hormones.

As mentioned earlier, Indicas provide a calming sensation that is perfect for relieving pain at night time or when dealing with feelings of anxiety. The Blue Church strain offers people who experience chronic migraines an easy way to relieve their headaches without having to worry about the possible negative side effects of pain killers. Since it contains THCV, the strain is great for relaxing tense muscles.

Relieving Depression and Fatigue

Blue Church also provides relief from depression and fatigue symptoms. Which is great news for your brain. Fatigue and depression are both commonly associated with migraines. By alleviating the symptoms, the likelihood of migraines goes down. If a migraine does pop up, Blue Church can help make it less intense.

The strain is also known to be effective in treating PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). PTSD can make it difficult for people who suffer from the disorder to sleep or relax. The Indica in this particular strain makes it easier for sufferers of PTSD to sleep and promotes a sense of relaxation that allows them to unwind at the end of the day.

Northern Lights Indica

Northern Lights Indica is a popular type of marijuana that contains a calming sensation and helps with chronic pain. The strain also promotes comfort and relaxation and has been known to help people sleep better.

Northern Lights is great for people who are looking for something that will put them into a state of deep relaxation while not giving them the high that you would typically get from other strains. It specifically targets the body in a way that reduces the production of stress hormones, which can cause chronic pain.

The Northern Lights Indica strain was created as an Indica cross-breeding hybrid strain. The cross-breeding took place between Afghan hashish strains from Eastern Europe/Central Asia and North American Sativa strains from Mexico. As mentioned earlier, Indicas have broader leaves than Sativas,

Cannabis Sativa Strain for High Energy

Some people like cannabis Sativa more than Indica because they offer a higher level of energy. Sativas are typically taller and skinnier, which allows the user to feel more stimulated. They also have a lighter, less heavy feeling than Indicas which can provide relief for chronic pain patients.

A person who suffers from a chronic condition may find that Indicas provide relief for their fatigue symptoms or depression in their life. The effects take longer to wear off. We like to say, Indica strains require a little bit more patience than other strains. You can’t rush the experience. The relaxing high can be a long ride. However, this can be a good thing if you need help getting to sleep at night. A long state of relaxation also helps when you’re combating anxiety.

Using CBD for Relief

As a pro tip, if you ever need help coming down from a high, CBD can be a great tool. Look for cannabis strains that have a high CBD ratio. You can also get CBD flower that’s completely THC-free. See if he has a way of counteracting the effects of THC.

If you’re high is lasting too long, or is too intense, CBD can help you mellow out. We suggest vaping or smoking CBD since it produces the fastest effects. However, if you want to pre-plan, you can try eating a CBD edible. Eat your CBD edible a couple of hours before you want to come down from the THC high. To make your own THC or CBD edible, find recipes online from sites like

Hybrid Strains: What Are They?

Looking for the best of both worlds? Then hybrid strains should be your go-to option.

When it comes to marijuana, there’s a strain for every individual. Some people like Indica more than Sativas because of the way it makes them feel. Others enjoy hybrids that combine different levels of both Indica and Sativas together to find the best possible match for their needs.

Hybrids are created by using multiple strains of marijuana to produce a single plant. These types can be mixed in different ratios while choosing between Indica and cannabis Sativa.

Some people try hybrids because they provide relief for their chronic pain symptoms along with anti-inflammatory properties. They work well when it comes to stimulating an appetite and are sometimes prescribed to patients suffering from muscle spasms.

Users have reported feeling relaxed, calm, and happy while using hybrid strains. Some people choose them because they combine the best of both worlds. Another benefit is that hybrids offer a quicker acting solution for relief as well as a more long-lasting effect.

Studies show that people who are calm, more than angry, are less likely to have heart problems. Whereas, people prone to negative emotions, like rage, tend to have cardiovascular issues.

Hybrid strains also might be a good choice if you find it difficult to fall asleep at night due to the high volume of THC. You may also want to choose them for chronic pain relief, side effects from cancer treatments, and other conditions that affect your mood.

Blue Dream

One popular example called Blue Dream is often recommended as an introductory type of cannabis for people who are new to smoking. This particular strain is a 50/50 hybrid that is made from crossing Blueberry Sativa with Dream OG Kush.

Do you drink energy drinks? About 30-40%, of Americans under the age of 50 drinks energy drinks. The effects of the Blue Dream strain are often described as having characteristics similar to the sensation you would get from an energy drink. One that contains caffeine and has just a hint of fruity flavor.

Blue Dream has a powerful punch that goes straight to your head and can uplift your mood. If you’re looking for something that will give you an energetic sensation to help get you through the day, this strain is more than capable of delivering on its promise.

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies

When it comes to hybrids, we suggest trying a classic strain, “Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. Platinum Girl Scout Cookies or GSC, helps users enjoy a mix of energy and relaxation.

The combination can create a euphoric feeling, where you’re alert, yet content to chill. The flavor of the GSC strain can be described as earthy and sweet at the same time with a hint of citrus. Sativa dominant strains are considered by many to be potent, so new users are advised to use caution when trying them for the first time.

Buying Cannabis

Before you buy cannabis you should check the smell and color. If it smells bad, it means that the substance hasn’t been cured properly. Some substances may also have a strong smell that is hard to mistake for anything else. Color doesn’t usually come into play with this but if it does, make sure the colors are bright and distinct.

If you buy cannabis flower that has been cured properly, you should smell it before consuming it. The smell of fresh or dried cannabis is usually the smell of fuel and it can be overpowering to some people. If this doesn’t bother you, enjoy!

Smoking Tips

We suggest using a high-quality water pipe, to help cool down the smoke. Water pipes, or bongs, filter the cannabis smoke. Instead of taking a harsh hit, you’ll be able to enjoy a smooth smoking experience. Another benefit of a water pipe, or bubbler, is that they are great for sharing recreational marijuana.

After smoking good cannabis, your mouth should feel dry but your throat shouldn’t be scratchy or sore. This could indicate a lower quality product or even something as simple as too much saliva in your mouth during consumption. We don’t really know why saliva makes us cough, but that’s what happens so make sure to cleanse your pallet with water after consuming cannabis for the best results.

Perfecting Your Dose

No matter what strain you choose, you’ll want to go easy at first. You never know how a particular strain will affect you. Plus, just because you had one smoking experience weeks ago, it doesn’t mean this time will be the same.

THC interacts directly with your mind and endocannabinoid system. Different life situations can cause your mind and body to react differently to cannabis. To avoid getting too high, you’ll want to start off low and slow.

Take the recommended dose, and wait the recommended amount of time before taking any more. It’s better to take too little than take too much. Remember, if you do take too much THC and need to come down, CBD is your friend.

Find Your Favorite Strain

As you can see, when it comes to cannabis Sativa plants, each strain offers its own unique experience. Indicas provide a more mellow, relaxing sensation while Sativas produce an uplifting high with energizing effects. These two varieties both have advantages for certain situations and medical conditions, but hybrids combine the best qualities from these two categories to create something new altogether.

Go ahead and pick a strain name from this article. Then see if your local dispensary has it in stock! For more tips, read another guide.

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Marijuana in Maryland, A Matter of Law in the Free State



Marijuana in Maryland

Currently, medicinal marijuana is legal in the state of Maryland and only available through a licensed Maryland dispensary. Patients must visit a doctor who prescribed medicinal marijuana and then go through the process of obtaining a Maryland medical marijuana card in order to purchase the appropriate medication from a licensed Maryland dispensary.

But there are many people in Maryland who seek more permission and greater freedom (it is the Free State, after all), to purchase and use marijuana on their own terms rather than relying on a physician to prescribe it. More importantly, they want the opportunity to use it recreationally if they choose to do so. The process doesn’t appear to be all sunshine and smooth sailing, though. In fact, health experts are pushing for strong regulations and an equally robust public health campaign before legalizing the recreational use of marijuana.

The group warns that the continued and prolonged use of the drug represents increased health risks for individuals. The truth is that most of the evidence we have related to long-term marijuana use is largely anecdotal. The reason is simple. It is an illegal substance on the federal level. Most reputable studies rely, in large part, on government grants that were not extended to study the use of illegal drugs and their potential long-term health consequences. On a federal level, marijuana is still illegal. This means that while many states are beginning to legalize both medicinal and recreational use of marijuana, the long-term consequences of doing so are largely unknown.

When compared to normal pharmaceutical medications, these drugs go through extensive trials and studies to determine efficacy, risks, proper dosages, short-term risks, long-term risks, side effects, and more. Many of them have been studied prolifically for years, if not decades, before being approved for use. The same can’t be said of marijuana, and that leaves a lot of room for questions on the health front. Especially before allowing it to the public as a recreational drug.

However, there is broad support in the state of Maryland for the full legalization and decriminalization of marijuana use. The health experts have, as a result, advised that a robust public information campaign be made available to explain that the marijuana used today is a much stronger and more potent version than was used 10 or even 20 years ago. Today’s drug is more THC than CBD which means it is much more psychoactive than previous versions. Another issue is that illegally obtained marijuana is often laced with other drugs to deliver a more potent high. The problem is, some of these other drugs don’t react well and lead to overdoses and other health emergencies.

Buying from a Maryland dispensary ensures that people are getting quality marijuana that hasn’t been mixed with other illicit drugs or questionable ingredients. That is one massive benefit that legalization offers. Another concern, though, is that as more states begin to legalize marijuana, they’re not seeing the sharp drop in illicit marijuana sales they had hoped for. In fact, The Guardian reports that underground marijuana sales in California account for approximately 80 to 90 percent of all marijuana sales five years after legalization.

California has experienced other growing pains from the legalization of marijuana and discontent over the strict taxation and regulation of marijuana producers and dispensaries. Proper oversight and regulation from the beginning might help alleviate some of these experiences for the state of Maryland.

Despite the concerns of public health officials, the current plans are to try to make the legalization of marijuana a ballot issue in the 2022 elections. In fact, recent polling suggests that as much as 67 percent of the Maryland population supports legalization. Of course, this is after the disappointment of the 2021 General Assembly to take on the cause of legalization.

Legalization offers people more options when it comes to how they choose to enjoy the medicinal and recreational values marijuana offers with many dispensaries offering a wide range of products, including gummies, baked goods, sprays, lozenges, tinctures, and more. It means people don’t have to use combustible products to absorb their THC.

The question of legalization remains tricky in all states that have allowed it and will continue to do so as long as the states are at odds with the federal government on this issue. It isn’t the only issue where many states are beginning to assert state’s rights over the federal government’s reach and authority on both sides of the political aisle. For instance, some states have declared themselves as 2nd Amendment states while other states have declared themselves as Sanctuary states for undocumented residents.

The future remains uncertain for recreational marijuana in Maryland. For now, those who require medicinal doses of the drug must continue to rely on their favorite Maryland dispensary.

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In the Aftermath: 5 PTSD Treatment Options You May Not Have Considered



5 PTSD Treatment Options You May Not Have Considered

Did you know that nearly one out of 10 people will develop PTSD at some point in their life?

When it comes to PTSD vs CPTSD caused by a single or repeated trauma, getting relief can feel impossible. The good news is that there are plenty of treatments available, which means you can keep trying until you find the right one for your unique needs.

So what are the different kinds of PTSD treatment options to choose from exactly? Keep reading to learn about 5 ways you can start healing from your trauma.

  1. Various Forms of Therapy

Figuring out how to treat PTSD can vary a lot from person to person, which is why there are a handful of therapies. What you decide often depends on what’s available to you based on your location and also what you feel most comfortable trying.

The most common therapies you can find include cognitive processing therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing  (EMDR), and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

  1. Medications

Is PTSD treatable with medications? The truth is that medications are designed to help people cope with their symptoms instead of tackling the underlying cause of PTSD. This is why patients tend to combine medications with therapy or other types of treatments.

If you feel like you need help managing your symptoms, then you should talk to your doctor or psychiatrist about prescribing selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) or serotonin-noripinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs).

  1. Virtual Reality Exposure

Anyone who’s passionate about figuring out how to stop PTSD symptoms should look into the innovative treatment called virtual reality exposure. The goal of this treatment is to enter a virtual world where you’re exposed to your triggers so you can work through them in a safe way.

  1. Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has been able to work wonders for a wide range of physical and mental health conditions. Since it has soothing and healing properties, people feel like their best selves once they start taking it.

Since each state has its own medical marijuana requirements, you’ll need to verify if you’re eligible to use it.

  1. Yoga

If you’re interested in alternative therapies, then yoga is a wonderful natural remedy that people have been using for thousands of years. Yoga creates harmony between the mind and the body by combining cardio, strength training, stretching, and meditation.

Since panic attacks are a common symptom of PTSD, it can be great to learn how to better control your breathing and calm your mind.

Now You Know the Best PTSD Treatment Options

Learning about the various PTSD treatment options that are out there can get you on the path to healing like you deserve. While recovery may be long and painful, it’s important to remind yourself that you can find peace and happiness again.

Was this guide on CPTSD vs PTSD and the different treatments available useful for you? Prioritizing your overall health can also help with recovering from PTSD, which is why our site aims to make staying informed easy. Bookmark our blog and check back each week so you’ll never miss out on new wellness tips.

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What Is a Hookah Bar?



What Is a Hookah Bar

Are you bored at ordinary bars and coffee shops? You don’t have to travel to India or the Middle East to experience the sweet smells and flavors, but what is a Hookah bar, you ask? These lounges exist for relaxation, socializing, or just taking some time to enjoy smoking various flavored Shishas from a personal or group Hookah.

Let’s get into a little history and what you can expect at a Hookah bar these days. This exotic tradition is for everyone. Read on to learn all about Hookah.

What is a Hookah Bar?

A traditional and enjoyable social activity in India and the Middle East, naturally it has spread all over the world. They are also called Shisha Bars/Cafes/Lounges.

As long as they have a permit for indoor smoking, owners of an establishment may allow Hookah smoking. Some Hookah bars offer cocktails, food, and live music. You must be 18, or 21 in New York City, to partake.


What is Shisha, you ask? Shisha is a flavored molasses and tobacco mix that is smoked through a water pipe that uses coals and has one or more mouthpieces attached. There are many shisha hookah flavors such as mint, berry, cappuccino, chocolate, and even white gummy bear, to name a few.

Tobacco alternatives include fruit- or juice-based setups, hookah paste, herbal shisha, or e-liquid. Ask for nicotine-free shisha if that’s your thing. Hookah gels (aka ice drops) and steam stones are some flavored steam-based options.

What to Expect at a Hookah Bar

Hookah bars can vary greatly and can have distinctly different decor. But, you can expect most of them to be dimly lit with low air circulation so you can still enjoy blowing smoke rings. But, you won’t be overwhelmed by a dense fog.


They charge per shisha bowl or flavor. There are menus available with hookah designs, shisha flavors/types/alternatives, etc., which you can also find at a Hookah shop. It’s $10-15 per bowl at a hookah bar, and refills are half price.

Each bowl lasts approximately 30 minutes and renting the hookah will be about $20 per hour. Prices vary as there are different mouthpieces, flavors, pipes, and filters. Nicotine-free flavors and fruit bases are more expensive than shisha for hookah.

Shisha vs Cigarettes

What is Hookah and how does it compare to alternatives? While smoking shisha is smooth, you’ll ingest 10 times more smoke in one puff of shisha vs one puff on a cigarette or cigar. However, you won’t feel the equivalent buzz because the smoke is filtered through water.

It is not safer than smoking cigarettes, but it lasts longer and smells/tastes more enjoyable.

Enjoy the Magic of a Hookah Bar Tonight!

Now you can answer when your friend asks, “What is a Hookah bar?”. Some are ornate, allowing patrons to sit on red velvet pillows made from traditional Indian textiles around tables with intricate inlays. The smoke that drifts and curls around the room becomes part of the art and ambiance.

If you enjoyed this article, check out more of our blog.

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