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Tips on Finding Gold Investment Company



Tips on Finding Gold Investment Company

The history of gold dates back several thousand years before Christ. Since then, this shimmering metal has come a long way from sparkly nuggets, through means of payment, to one of the most important investment vehicles. Although classified as an alternative asset, gold is a must in any serious investment portfolio.

Today, gold is surpassed as a currency but continues to be a sought-after commodity. That’s mainly because of its rarity and solid reputation as an excellent hedge against negative monetary trends (inflation, devaluation). With this asset, your portfolio becomes more diversified, reducing the risk of potential financial collapse. Gold always has some value, unlike cash or stocks, and can’t vanish overnight (like digital currencies).

When looking for a way to invest your money in this precious metal, you’ll have several options. Financial experts suggest having some of them as a portion of your retirement savings. With a good gold investment company by your side, you can manage your IRA in a risk-free manner and enjoy your retirement one day just the way you imagined.

Gold investment types are listed on the following page:

Do Online Research

Do Online Research

If you are considering an IRA to include gold in, you need specialized accounts that you can only open with certified brokers. You will find them on the Internet, and the choice is vast. Use online resources to make a shortlist of companies that you will better research and find a reliable partner to invest with.

By typing specific keywords into the search, you will get a list of results. You can be more detailed by searching only local IRA firms. The next step is to read reviews about them. These comments can be helpful, but only if they are objective and unbiased. So you can find out information that may not be available on the IRA company website and read the experiences of previous clients first hand.

Customer feedback will further direct your quest. A company with only positive feedback will likely be a good partner, as well. A broker with many negative comments should be avoided at all costs.

Check BBB Rating

After making a shortlist, check the credentials of the selected gold companies. Not all of them are created equal. They differ in terms of services, fees, client approach, etc. It’s important to go with the one that offers the best overall value and versatility of investment.

So first, check the reputation of the company. Besides reviews, you can check Better Business Bureau listings. If it has been listed there, that is a positive sign. On this web directory, you can find any reports about a chosen broker. BBB rating also contains reviews, unbiased reports from professional organizations, and possible claims from previous clients.

Gold IRA companies can exist only in the virtual world, and that’s how most businesses work these days. Still, they must have some proof of existence, like physical addresses or phone numbers, which should be available on their websites and BBB directory, too.

Check Experience

Check Experience

Moving on, you should look into the company’s history. If you don’t learn much about your prospective investment partner by far, now would be a good time to check. Find out exactly how long they’ve been in business, the quality of their work, and how pleased previous customers were with their service.

Any reputable brokers should be proud of their work history and the success they made with previous clients. In this regard, reviews can be of great help. Also, if you know someone who’s been partnering with an IRA company of your choice, ask them for more details. You must be sure that you will work with strict professionals, who will guide your investments the best possible way.

Gold IRA companies usually don’t sell gold but can help you connect with reputable dealers. Also, they should cooperate with trustworthy custodians and depositories around the country. As you will need both of them, you can get help from your broker.

Check Fees

Once you determine that you’re dealing with professionals, check the company fees. Reputable brokers must have transparent prices for their services. But these fees are not set in stone, so that every firm can differ in this regard. You can find out more about Rosland Capital and check several other companies to find the best deal.

Some brokers might have flat fees for account set-up, annual maintenance, custodial fees, etc. Others will offer additional services like depository or advisory. These will be charged extra, but that must be clearly stated. Also, most gold IRA companies have pre-set minimal investments you have to make.

Are Your Investments Protected?

Are Your Investments Protected

Do brokers of your choice guarantee you the trade-in value of your gold? If the company’s website doesn’t mention anything about guarantees, it’s probably a good idea to check. Although these are self-directed accounts (which means that you manage your investments alone), these brokers must offer some level of protection for your funds and data. If they aren’t specific on this part of their policy, look elsewhere.

Most reputable gold IRA companies offer so-called ‘buy-back’ options to their clients. This policy provides investors with the secured sale of their gold at the going market rate. In simple words, the company will repurchase your gold at prices that are usually higher than the spot price their competitors offer.

You can also check if you can get the full written disclosure of investment options. Brokers should be able to tell you the options they offer, as well as how they’ll take care of these transactions. There should also be a full disclosure on how the funds will be invested, what you can expect in terms of fees, and how they’ll keep you updated on the status of your transactions.

By using these tips on finding gold investment companies, you can be certain that your gold investment will work to its fullest potential. You don’t want to risk losing all of your hard-earned money to a bad partner. Take your time to look around and find a solid one before making your final decision.

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FP Markets Review: Minimum deposit and Withdrawal



FP Markets Review

A $100 deposit is the minimum needed to open an account with FP Markets for live trading. The Standard and Raw Accounts are two live trading accounts offered by FP Markets.

Minimum Deposit for FP Markets

A minimum deposit of $100 is required when starting an FP Markets trading account. The minimal amount of money needed by FP Markets to start a new online trading account with them is known as a minimum deposit.

Be aware of brokers who require a minimum deposit to create a trading account, such as FP Markets which is one of the best forex trading platforms for beginners. Higher minimum deposit brokers frequently provide extra premium features on their platforms that are not offered for free on other platforms. Brokers with smaller minimum deposits typically target a more general market that doesn’t need some of the more impressive features and research instruments.

Brokers that don’t require minimum deposits typically do so to draw in new clients. Transaction commissions and other trading fees could be more significant with a low minimum deposit account since they need to generate a return in another way.

Brokers with higher minimum deposit requirements typically have a more comprehensive selection of trading features on their platforms. These brokers frequently have superior risk management features and more thorough technical analysis and research capabilities. The minimum amount needed to start a live trading account has decreased as more online trading platforms have joined the market and more brokers compete for new customers.

Some brokers demand a minimum deposit as high as 6500 GBP/USD, depending on the type of trading account you choose. Some brokers provide exchange rates of up to 10,000 GBP/USD. Opening a Deposit Account

As a trader, you can access various deposit options through FP Markets which is one of the best forex trading platforms for beginners. Except for wire transfers, which often take days, every deposit method is usually free and quick.

There are other deposit options available in addition to wire transfers.

These include instantaneous or instantaneous-within-1-working-day credit/debit card deposits using Visa or MasterCard and e-wallet deposits using Skrill or Neteller, both of which are supported.

POLI, BPAY, and Fasapay are other deposit options. Depending on the country, Online Pay, Paytrust88, and Ngan Luong may be accessible if you are trading from Asia.

Deposit Fees

As previously mentioned, deposits with FP Markets are frequently fee-free.

This may not be the case in just two scenarios:

The first is that even if the broker does not charge you, FP Markets will not reimburse any fees your bank may charge you if you deposit less than $100.If you’re depositing to an IRESS account, that’s the second scenario.

Here, a 1.6% fee for domestic funding methods and a 3.18% cost for international funding methods will be assessed. If your deposit currency does not match a supported base currency, a conversion fee might be assessed; however, the broker supports a wide range of base currencies, so this is typically not a problem.


The following list includes some of the withdrawal options provided by FP Markets.

Methods for Withdrawal

The availability of FP Markets’ withdrawal methods is identical to that of the above deposit methods. Although this can vary slightly depending on how you use it, withdrawals typically take up to 24 hours to process. Remember that the selected funding method should match the withdrawal option you utilize.

FP Markets withdrawals are free of charge when using credit or debit cards. Depending on the method, an eWallet fee of up to 2% and a wire transfer cost of up to $10 may be charged. No – A St Trading Fees FP Markets spreads begin at 0 pip for raw spread accounts and one for standard reports. The commission on trades with the primary account type starts at $3 per lot. On the FP Markets regular Meta trader account type, there is a commission.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Start the registration process

The applicant can click the black “Open Live” button in the top right corner of the FP Markets website to open an account.

Step 2: Select an Option for Registration

The applicant has three simple registration options: Google, Facebook, and email.

Step 3: Finish the Application

The applicant must fill out the following fields: Personal information, account configuration, and others.

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Career options where you can help others



Career options where you can help others

Just like change, another constant of life is inequality. Therefore, there will always be people who need help, whether for physical, mental, emotional, social or economic reasons. Fortunately, as a corollary, there will always be people who are willing to offer this help. They are the people who make social work their career. While there are other professionals whose work involves helping others, this blog post will focus more on social work as it is more specific in its approach and its impact on human lives is not merely incidental.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, social work is one of the fastest-growing professions in the US, with a projected growth rate of 12% by the end of the current decade.

However, social work is a blanket term that covers a wide range of career options that people can pursue in different fields of life. This blog post will explore what social work is and what career options are available to people who want to actively pursue a career where they can actively help others.

What is social work, and what do you need for a career in social work? 

According to the Social Work License Map, social work is a practice-based profession that promotes social change, development, cohesion, and the empowerment of people and communities. In simpler terms, social work involves making life better for people and bringing groups of people together through development.

Social work is a fulfilling career path to pursue. However, social work can also be emotionally tasking. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that you are suited for social work before pursuing a career in the field. Below are some of the things to consider when choosing a people-focused career.

People skills 

To pursue a career where helping others is the main focus, you must have certain non-negotiable skills that will put you in a better position to manage people and achieve results based on your interactions with them. People skills include effective communication skills, empathy, emotional intelligence, active listening skills, collaboration and teamwork skills, persuasion skills, mediation skills, reliability, tolerance, and a non-judgmental attitude.

Technical skills

Many people erroneously assume that the only thing they need for a career that involves helping people is a passion for people and societal development. However, helping people requires that you have some technical skills that can be applied to create change and measure results. Project management, strategic decision-making, problem-solving, business organizational tools proficiency, data analysis, writing and design are technical skills that will come in handy when building a career that involves helping people.

A nexus for your soft and technical skills

Another important consideration for a career in helping people is finding a job that fits your soft and technical skills perfectly and matches your personality and interests. For example, a writer looking to pursue a social work career will, by virtue of their writing experience, have learned the art of effective written communication, which can be a very useful skill to have when pursuing a career in advocacy and civil rights.


Once you have decided vaguely on what career pursuits might interest you based on your personality and technical skills, you need to build competence in that specific field and gain credentials. Many people assume that they do not need to subject themselves to any form of institutional learning to help people.

The main difference between a person who wants to help people and volunteers their time and skills to do it and a person who wants to build their career around helping other people achieve their potential and live full lives is that the latter builds competence not just through experience but also through training.

A common credential that most people pursue is a Council of Social Work Education (CSWE) accredited Bachelor of Social Work degree. This degree enables students to develop the core skills necessary to improve relationships, develop solutions and connect with clients on a deeper, more spiritual level.

Different career options where you can help others

Generally, any career path can be infused with social impact such that it becomes a career option where ‘you can help others’. For example, a fashion entrepreneur can create a sustainable project that is aimed at protecting our planet or a project where they donate items from their fashion business to underprivileged members of society. However, the following categories of work are available for people who are looking to create structured establishments and processes for change.

Child care and family support work

Child welfare and family support work involves creating systems to help vulnerable children, youths and families. Childcare and family support workers provide safe spaces and environments for these children and their families using various mechanisms such as counseling, providing monetary support, housing, and other amenities such as gas. They focus on building up the strength of the family. However, in the event that building up the family unit does not work, family support and child welfare workers focus on protecting children from abuse, harm and neglect and finding new ways to support them.

Substance abuse and mental health management

This type of work focuses on helping people with a history of addiction or substance abuse get their lives back together. They assess and treat individuals with mental, emotional or substance abuse problems. They use different mechanisms such as therapy, crisis interventions, client advocacy, prevention campaigns and education.

Working in this space, your role includes collaborating with counselors, physicians or nursing professionals on treatment plans based on their knowledge of the client’s specific situation and needs. They also monitor the progress of each of their clients by conducting timely reviews and assessments. Workers in this space can have any of the following job titles: case manager, clinical social worker, clinical therapist, counselor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), mental health therapist, social worker, and substance abuse counselor.

Clinical health social work

Clinical health social workers are professionally trained to help people deal with personal and social factors that affect their health. They also work in healthcare planning, administration and policy roles. They sometimes engage in research and fieldwork to help drive health awareness, patient education and new policies.

They typically work in clinical environments such as hospitals, mental health clinics, private practice, schools, child welfare and human service agencies. They provide support for people dealing with clinical illnesses that are chronic or terminal and the attendant emotional and mental issues. They also assist students in recovery and help them readjust to life outside of the clinic.

School social work

School social work is an area of social work focused on the psychosocial functioning of students to promote and maintain their health and wellbeing. School social workers provide mental health support, manage behavioral concerns, and provide academic and classroom support.

Their roles cover psychosocial assessment and intervention, student and family counseling, adaptive behavior assessment, recreational therapies, health education, assessing social and developmental histories of students with disabilities, identifying students at risk, integrating community resources into schools, advocacy, case management for identifying students in need of help and promoting systematic change within a school system, crisis intervention and conflict resolution.

Criminal justice and forensics

Criminal justice and forensics social workers work at the intersection of the legal system and social services. They collaborate with law enforcement institutions to advocate for reforms in the criminal justice system and create social systems to support families and individuals within the criminal justice system.

A criminal justice and forensics social worker must be familiar with the legal system and the agencies that enforce and initiate laws and law reforms. They may work on cases that involve domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, custody, juvenile delinquents, substance abuse, trauma, and incapacitation trials.

They also provide advisory and consultation services on policy and law reforms, behavioral science research and analysis, public education, safety assessments, alternative dispute resolution services, expert witness services, and recommendations for criminal and juvenile justice cases in terms of mental status, inability to testify and capacity.

Criminal justice and forensic social workers work in various settings, including correctional facilities, mental health institutions, welfare agencies, and centers for victims of trauma and abuse.

Geriatric social worker

With the increase in the aging population, the need for geriatric social workers has increased significantly. Also known as gerontological social workers, they coordinate the care of older patients in clinical and hospice settings. They act as advocates for patients, making sure that they receive the social, emotional and physical care they need. They serve as bridges between patients, their relatives and healthcare officials.

Civil rights, advocacy and community organization

Community organizers advocate work on a wide range of societal issues. They organize members of the community into groups to advocate for specific issues of interest that may range from health, climate action, gender equality, LGBTQ rights, racism, immigration, etc.

Disaster and crisis management

The anticipated and observed effects of climate change and climate disasters necessitate that more people who are interested in social work begin to look into disaster relief. Disaster relief workers support victims of natural disasters and other traumatic events, such as collapsing buildings, and help them cope afterwards.

Other career paths that social workers can pursue include disability and public welfare, occupational and employee assistance programs, international social work, and many more.

These career paths sometimes overlap, and your work in one role may transcend into other aspects of social work. Whichever career you choose, however, you should ensure that you are putting in your best and helping real people overcome trying times and build back their lives.

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4 of the Most Popular Retro British Sweets (That You Still Can Find)



4 of the Most Popular Retro British Sweets

Nothing is better than tasting a sweet that reminds you of your childhood. As an adult, you likely don’t buy sweets as often as you did as a child. Maybe that’s because you know that the sugar content is a little too high to consume frequently. Or, perhaps it’s because your taste buds have developed, and you find that you prefer savory stuff in adulthood.

Even so, taking a trip down memory lane and enticing your taste buds with some retro sweets is still a lot of fun. Plus, they make a great food option at birthday parties and weddings! So, if you’re wondering which of the most popular retro sweets you can still easily find, here are four of them.

1: Dolly Mixture

Few sweet treats look quite as cute as Dolly Mixture. These little pieces of candy come in various shapes and flavors, with some coated in sugar while others are filled with fondant. They’re tasty, fun, and always a crowd-pleaser.

Can’t find Dolly Mixture at your local shop? No worries – you can buy them online at the Sweet Hamper Company. In the range, you can get a Dolly Mixture with other tasty treats. The hampers include treats such as Haribo, Double Dip, Rainbow Drops, and much more. Plus, they come in a hamper, making them the perfect gift, either for a loved one or yourself!

2: Candy Watches

Candy watches date back to 1945. Since then, they have consistently remained popular, and it’s not hard to see why! These tasty treats wrap around your wrist to look like a watch, giving you a fun eating experience as well as a sweet taste.

If you can’t find candy watches in your local area, there are places that sell them online. Buy a batch to share with friends, and you’ll all be taken back to your childhood.

3: Bonbons

Bonbons are delicious toffee sweets coated in icing sugar. The most popular type is strawberry bonbons, but they also come in other flavors, with another popular one being bubblegum.

Bonbons are still as popular as ever! While you might not find them in most supermarkets or corner shops, if you look out for sweet shops, you will find a selection of bonbons in plastic tubs. So, buy a bag and remind yourself why they were so popular in the first place.

4: Jelly Babies

Jelly babies are a true retro treat. These soft, baby-shaped sweets come in a range of flavors. In a single bag, you’ll enjoy strawberry, orange, blackcurrant, raspberry, and lemon flavors.

Luckily, you can find Jelly Babies just as easily today as you could when they first originated (which was back in the 19th Century!). Haribo has its version, and many supermarkets carry their own versions, too.

There are many more retro sweets that you can still find either in shops or online. So, whether you’re planning a celebration or want to enjoy the taste of childhood, keep a look out for these delicious old-school sweet treats.

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4 of the Most Popular Retro British Sweets (That You Still Can Find)

Nothing is better than tasting a sweet that reminds you of your childhood. As an adult, you likely don’t buy...