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The Top 8 Most Violent Dog Breeds



The Top 8 Most Violent Dog Breeds

While most experts agree that socialization and proper care have a greater impact than breed when it comes to dog bites, there are still a few specific species to watch out for. And, with millions of dog bites reported each year in the United States, there’s a good chance that you could someday be impacted.

Keep reading to learn about the most violent dog breeds so you can play it safe when it comes to which animals you allow around yourself and loved ones.

Big Breeds

In most cases, violent dogs were intentionally bred for duties like home and property protection. So, they may be wary of strangers and more likely to snap, lunge, and bite.

While these aggressive dog breeds aren’t neccessarily dangerous based on their genetics, they do require specialized training and care.


This is an aloof and difficult to train breed that packs a powerful bite for a medium-sized dog. Because the Basenji was originally bred as a sight hound, it can be especially aggressive toward children and small pets.

Akitas and Chow Chows

Don’t let their puffy and cute appearance fool you – these are dominant, stubborn dog with a high prey drive. Akitas and chow chows can also be highly territorial, protecting their home and loved ones fiercely, and showing aggression toward strangers.

Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers, and German Shepherds

All three of these violent dog breeds have earned their reputation, with a history of bites and attacks. This is largely due to their breeding as protective animals, most frequently used as guard dogs and by police and military. These are also among the largest common household breeds, so naturally their bite is more dangerous than, say, a chihuahua.

Pit Bulls and Boxers

When it comes to the most aggressive dog breeds, these are easily the top contenders. Historically, both pit bulls and boxers have been prized for their violent tendencies, and sadly used in blood sports like dog fighting. This makes them especially dangerous around pets, kids, and any other animal that they view as potential prey.

Other Aggressive Dogs

While the big breeds tend to earn a reputation for bad behavior, it’s essential to remembe that any animal with a mouth can bite. So, while a larger mouth can certainly cause more damage, being bit by a small dog can be just as painful and potentially dangerous.

No matter the size, if you’ve been bitten or attacked, it’s essential that you learn what to do. You can also prevent dog bites by asking owners about their pets before entering their home, and using caution around new dogs – no matter how big or small they are!

Most Violent Dog Breeds Are Misunderstood

While it’s true that some dogs were bred specifically to display aggressive behaviors, that doesn’t automatically make them vicious. Problem behaviors like snapping and biting are usually the result of poor training or a lack of care. In fact, most violent dog breeds can make perfectly safe and loving pets – but only under the right circumstances.

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Buying the Best Quality Pet Food In Australia




Buying the Best Quality Pet Food In Australia

Dogs can eat anything from anywhere, from trash on the sidewalks to the scarps from your table. When it is a matter of nutrition, they do not think of anything. When you enter the aisle, you will notice several products with a variety of choices, including wet, dry, store brand, trendy brand, healthy brand, raw food, and many more.

There is a solution to every situation, but how will you choose which is the best quality food for your pet. In this article, some ways are provided so that you can get the best quality pet food. There is a huge variety; therefore, picking a healthy brand of dog food can be a daunting task to perform. The huge varieties of products provide the sheer volume of choice along with the unintelligible labels on each can or bag.

Not all food can undoubtedly suit every dog’s situation or functionality because each pet is different and has a different metabolism. A person who wants to provide the best to their dogs should talk about dog foods and spend more time with their pets to know their likes and dislikes. It is highly crucial to talk about what your pet is putting inside his/her mouth and should be performed every time you visit the veterinary.

Trusted Pet Food Brands in Australia

When you buy pet products in Australia, keep into consideration the brand reputation. It is very important that you choose the right product coming from the right brand. A trusted and reputable brand we recommend for buying pet products in Australia is Pet Culture. You can visit their website and order the pet products with just a click. You will get them directly from the Pet Culture store to your home. Since it has secured a good reputation in the market, it ensures that you will get high-quality and safe-to-use products. But do you know what are the things you must keep in mind while buying pet food in Australia? Let’s learn more about it.

Buying Pet Food in Australia

Australians are fond of keeping pets and you find pets in every next house you visit. Some special features about buying pet food in Australia are:

  • There is a lot of healthy protein and vegetables for pets in Australia so high-quality pet foods are available in Australia.
  • The pet food you find in Australia is digestible so you don’t need to take care whether it will suit your pet or not.
  • Pet food safety standards have added glory in the pet food industry of Australia. They are making pet food safety standards rapidly. Australian-made dog food is safe and healthy for your pet.

Best ways to get your pet the Best Quality Food 

The top 4 ways are further discussed below by which you can buy the Best Quality Food for your pet.

  • Research the sources of the Brands

Researching the food that you will provide to your pets is very important as the food label will not always decode all information. According to research, it is suggested that if a person performs a little bit of research on the company background, further to find out the answers of the following questions then, the person can further choose the best food for their pets. In addition, the questions are as follows:

  • For how many years the manufacturer is serving its products?
  • Who are indulged in formulating the recipe?
  • Can you understand the background of the company?
  • Does the company own their own plants of nutrients that they provide in the food?
  • Do they prefer to use another companies nutrients and from where they take them?
  • What steps are taken by the company to maintain quality control?
  • What kind of research is performed by the company in producing the food?

If a person can avail all the information related to the above question, he/she can furthermore undoubtedly trust the company. Therefore, research plays a vital part before performing anything.

  • Focus on the calories, nutrients

While choosing a food for your pet, you should focus on the treats and focus on the number of nutrients, calories, and proteins available in the food. You should provide your pet an accurate amount of nutrients at a time. Proving excessive can’t react in an opposite sense and vice versa. Everything should be performed in the right way. Pets are also living creators and have a metabolism, just like other living beings.

If a person eats too much junk food, then that person starts to have a bad health condition and problems related to digestion as well. This goes the same for your pets as well. If you continuously provide excessive nutrients and calories to your pet, you will make your pet fat and unhealthy. 

  • Understand the most valuable information listed on the labels 

According to the study, information can help find the best information before availing of the foods. Unfortunately, this information is on the labels that many of you don’t notice. The first information is known as the Nutritional Adequacy Statement, a.k.a AAFCO statement. This statement is based on the nutritional profiles that are further provided by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). This information is further printed in the back of the food packets, and it is mandatory to have this printing.

The other is what is said by the Tufts’ Petfoodology website:

  • Product X is put together to meet AAFCO nutrient profiles for Y and Z life stages, including “maintenance” or “growth and reproduction.” These stages are also known as “all life stages.” Moreover, it helps to deal with the growth/reproduction requirements of a pet.
  • Pet feeding tests using AAFCO methods further ensures that Product X gives complete and balanced nutrition for Y species and Z life stage, which further includes “maintenance,” “growth,” “pregnancy and nursing,” or “all life stages.”
  • Avoid Trendy Dog Food

Always remember what is trending is not always is the right or genuine product. You may be providing a full diet plan food supplies to your pets, but are you sure how effective they are? Are they are good for your pets or not? You should never buy products that are trending in the market. Once you know that it can be healthy for your pets, you can then consider providing it.


Pets are your loved ones, so you should be highly sincere while treating them. A little bit of negligence can further harm your loved ones that you don’t want. So, if you perform the above steps, then you can ensure good health for your pets.

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