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Ideological Degeneracy



Ideological Degeneracy

One of the strawman arguments that often bugs me is when people say, “Left, Right, it doesn’t matter. They’re both equally bad”. That really grinds my gears because it’s really not true. Like how people dismiss SlotoCash Casino without having ever tried it out. Now, if they were to say that “Politicians, left or right, are equally bad”, or “GOP or DNC, they’re both bad”, there’s a stronger argument.

In the past several years (and most blatantly during COVID), the political establishment has proven itself to think and act in its own interests. Tyrannical overreach, rules for thee but not for me, blatant hypocrisy, waffling on positions, and outright lies have become the status quo for nearly everyone in government across the West.

The political establishment (aptly named “The Swamp”) has proven over and over again that the only thing it can agree on is giving more power to itself at the expense of everyone else. This is true of swamp creatures across the aisle, whether we’re talking about Nancy Pelosi or RINOs like Mitch McConnell.

Even (or perhaps especially) if we step outside the United States, we see the same trend across the globe. Millions of people are protesting against their governments across the globe, and you’ve probably heard neither head nor tail of it; protests in England, France, Canada, Australia are simply being ignored by the establishment and legacy media or outright suppressed when the police have the numbers to do so.

However, let’s step back from the politicians for a moment and talk instead about the ideologies each of these sides are supposed to represent. I will do my best to present Left and Right-wing positions as accurately as possible, but I think it’s pretty obvious that I am a biased commentator. I’m ideologically conservative, and my intent is to express why people who think like me look at Left-wing ideology and reject it.

I think that most people fall fairly neatly into the Left or Right-wing camps. Many who claim themselves to be objective, I’ve found, are usually just ignorant of all politics and lack the investment to actually take an actual, principled stand on any given issue. Usually, these people end line up as Left-wing by default if you were to actually talk to them for more than five minutes. I’ll get back to that, but first, let me present two stark contrasts that I encountered fairly recently reminiscent of the results of Left versus Right-wing ideology.

My Travels

Due to some fairly annoying bureaucratic shenanigans, I was recently booted out of my dorm room at University and had to find new lodgings. Since it’s not practical for me to commute from my parents’ house, I ended up with an apartment and two roommates in a town about fifteen to twenty minutes outside of the University Town by bus.

Thankfully, the housing situation is all sorted now, but something I hadn’t expected was just how much I like the new community I’ve moved into. It’s tiny, with only two buses that pass through hourly and conservative to the extreme. Everyone’s religious, there are families everywhere, there’s lots of nature, and everyone is just so… clean and maintained. Wholesome is the word that comes to mind.

Then I went and visited a large, sprawling city. This is a place that’s immensely desirable to live in. There’s an active nightlife scene, with bars and nightclubs dotted everywhere. Various major tech companies all have offices and research facilities here (Read: High paying jobs). There are stores and malls and a beach that is constantly buzzing with visitors and activity.

And I hate it.

The place is noisy, dirty, and crowded. There’s graffiti everywhere, and a quarter of the population look like junkies. Everything is expensive. The traffic is a nightmare, and I constantly feel on edge when walking the streets.

I guess I should make the small disclaimer that, no, I’m not talking about LA.

My takeaway from visiting both of these places is that the big city is extremely left-wing, both in culture and in politics, while the little town was right-wing in both culture and politics.

After all, politics is upstream from culture. Given the bias to which I have already admitted, I guess it’s no surprise which one I prefer. The question I’ve been building up to this whole time is, why is the big city, with all the money in the world, seem like such a garbage place to live, while the tiny community (I’m am going to call them Big George and Little George from now on) doesn’t? And I think the answer lies in the ideologies that each of them reflects.

Left vs. Right: Fundamentals

If you have ever taken one of those online political compass tests, defining a person’s politics is plotted on a grid, where the vertical axis is Totalitarianism versus Libertarianism, while the horizontal axis is Left vs. Right, on the Left and the right, respectively. Or sometimes they’re replaced with Liberal vs. Conservative, which more accurately represents the distinction.

Someone who is right-wing or conservative is all about traditions and culture. Morality is absolute, and responsibility is the backbone of integrity. Self-sufficiency, individualism and family values are more often than not core values to conservatives. They priorities their families, themselves, and their communities- in that order.

Someone who is left-wing or liberal is usually anti-traditional or rebellious. I know, I know, it’s a stereotype. However, there’s truth to it. Most left-wing positions are the complete opposite of cultural norms. Gender roles, masculinity, the nuclear family, religion, and institutions of power are all things to be criticized and challenged.

In an ideal world, people would look at the various political positions of every ideology and pick the one that they believe makes the most sense. However, humans are not so simple, and rather than voting for whatever economic policies make the most logical sense, people vote for whoever lines up with their worldview, rather than shaping their worldview with the facts of reality.

This difference of viewpoints that are fundamental to each ideology creates a trend of personalities that favors one set of political beliefs while others favor the other. To be clear, the world needs both kinds of people. The world needs Left-Wing mindsets to push boundaries and think outside of the box. The world also needs right-wingers to warn them against reinventing the wheel. There’s a study that shows that the majority of the best entrepreneurs are left-wing, while the best managers are right-wing, and I can believe it.

Accountability, the Left, and the Lack Thereof

The problem with the left-wing worldview is that it often eschews personal responsibility in favor of a “live in the moment” mindset. That kind of mindset might be okay during high school and college, but once you become an adult, you need to grow up, and I think a lot of the most radical left-wingers haven’t accepted that.

You can see this absence of responsibility is nearly every left-wing position. Affirmative action, socialism, and welfare are all economic plans that are intended to remove any sort of personal responsibility from the beneficiaries.

Because of affirmative action, black workers and students may never know if they got the job or their success because they were capable or because of the color of their skin.

Socialism puts the burden of responsibility for taking care of you onto the government so that the average person doesn’t have to work. Who doesn’t want to collect their government food rations from a DMV-Esque institution?

Welfare, while intended as a safety net, incentivizes unemployment and single-motherhood financially. Although intended to help the poor, I think it has unintentionally destroyed black communities by discouraging jobs and encouraging “baby mamas”. During the Civil War, black people were married at a higher rate than white people- so how is it that now 70% of black men grow up without a father?

Let’s not forget abortion. So if you’re not interested in the tax returns (or, you know, the responsibility of caring for a child), you can always just get the baby aborted! What’s a little infanticide for the sake of eighteen years of inconvenience? Don’t make better life choices- just revel in sex and drugs and worry about the consequences later!

Because another idea that seems fundamental to the radical Left is the destruction of the nuclear family. Both Antifa and Black Lives Matter had this as one of their goals, listed on their websites, right up until this became more publicly known, and they removed it. Why do they hate families?

A lot of the justification I’ve read online reads like it was written by people who grew up in a bad home and have a hard time imagining that other people might not actually hate their parents. Whatever the justification is, it’s another responsibility thrown out the window so that the new, strong independent women can go party and drink some more. Right up until they’re forty-five, and realize just how sad and miserable they are.

The left-wing attitude towards Vaccine Mandates, the second amendment, and businesses all follow the same trend. The data shows, for instance, that Covid Vaccines don’t reduce transmission but do reduce the severity of catching Covid. At this point, anyone who wants the vaccine can get it. So why on Earth is the Left insisting that everyone must be mandated?

It’s because the Left seems to despise personal responsibility and freedom. If you are fat, it’s not unhealthy; everyone else is just judgmental. If you decide to not take the vaccine, for whatever reason, then clearly something is wrong with you, and the government must come in and save the day.

“You are being rescued. Please do not resist.” K-2SO, “Rogue One”.

What’s more, this trend of anti-personal responsibility and free choice has bled into other cultural elements. Nearly every time a video game gets released that gets a reputation for being hard, there’s a slew of Leftists crying on blog posts about how all games MUST have an easy mode. Otherwise, the developers are ablest… or something.

They cannot seem to fathom that these games are not made for them, and if they still wish to play these games, then they must either A) Invest the time and effort to actually become good at the game or B) Play a game more suited to what they want to play. But instead of going for that, they insist that the game developers must cater the experience to them, which is stupid.

I don’t like romance movies, so I don’t watch them. I don’t go to the director and demand he or she add robots and laser swords to make their movie more appealing to me. That would be selfish.

And I think “Selfish” perfectly describes Leftism, to a tee. I don’t like working, so the government should just give me money. I don’t want to take care of a baby, so I should just abort it. I don’t want to eat healthily, so everyone else show.

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Security Measures To Know Before Playing สล็อตเว็บนอก



Security Measures To Know Before Playing สล็อตเว็บนอก

The world of online slots has expanded exponentially, transcending geographical boundaries and providing players with a cornucopia of gaming options. While the allure of สล็อตเว็บนอก can be incredibly tempting, it’s essential to remain vigilant about security. When playing slots on a platform outside your jurisdiction, additional challenges get involved, making it even more crucial to ensure you’re taking steps to protect yourself. This article outlines security measures you should confirm before diving into the exciting world of สล็อตเว็บนอก.

Regulatory Licensing and Compliance in สล็อตเว็บนอก

Playing solely on websites governed by renowned gaming regulators and holding valid licences is your first line of defence in guaranteeing a safe online slot experience. Regulatory bodies like the Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, and the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission enforce stringent rules to ensure fair play and secure financial transactions. Always look for licensing information on the homepage of the slot website, typically found at the bottom.

SSL Encryption at สล็อตเว็บนอก

Any reputable online casino should use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to protect players’ personal and financial information. Your data gets transformed into an unintelligible code that may get read by authorised people using SSL encryption. Before registering or making any transactions, look for ‘https://’ in the web address where the site uses SSL encryption. Some websites display an SSL certificate, usually a padlock symbol in the address bar.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security by requiring two verification methods before granting access to an account. It typically involves something you know (like a password) and something you have (like your phone). After entering your password, you’ll receive a code on your phone that you will need to access your account. It makes it more difficult for unauthorised users to gain access, even if they know your password.

Firewall Protection

Many สล็อตเว็บนอก use advanced firewall systems to prevent unauthorised access and safeguard their networks from malicious software and hacking attempts. While firewalls are more about the website’s internal security measures, a robust firewall indicates protection for your data.

Payment Security

When it comes to depositing and withdrawing money, a secure สล็อตเว็บนอก will offer multiple payment options that are well-known and trustworthy. Look for platforms that support major credit cards, bank transfers, and secure e-wallet options like PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller. Verify that the payment gateway conforms with the Data Security Standard and has safeguards to secure customer credit card information. It is known as PCI compliance.

Game Fairness and Random Number Generators (RNG)

Playing on a secure website also means playing fair games. Certified Random Number Generators (RNGs) ensure that each spin of the slot reel is entirely random, offering all players an equal chance at winning. Reputable casinos have their RNGs and software regularly tested by independent auditing firms like eCOGRA or iTech Labs.

Data Privacy Policies

Before signing up, read through the website’s privacy policy. This document should outline how the website plans to use, store, and protect your personal information. A clear privacy statement on a website may help determine its trustworthiness and credibility.

User Reviews and Industry Reputation

Research and read user reviews about the สล็อตเว็บนอก you’re considering. You can learn a lot about a website’s security measures and reliability from players who have firsthand experience. Online forums, social media platforms, and specialised casino review sites are excellent resources for this information.

Contact Customer Support

Don’t hesitate to contact the website’s customer support to ask any questions you may have about their security measures. Response times that are quick, considerate, and open are signs that a website takes security seriously.

Keep Your Devices Secure

Ensure that the device you’re using to play online slots is secure. Keep your antivirus software up to date. And make sure your firewall is activated. Even the most secure website cannot protect you if your device is compromised.


Slots on สล็อตเว็บนอก provide the excitement of discovering a variety of games that you would not find at local online casinos. However, while playing on foreign platforms, it becomes dominant to exercise extra caution about security. By taking the time to verify a website’s licensing, security measures, and industry reputation, online gaming is safe and enjoyable. Remember that security is a two-way street; in addition to selecting a secure platform, you must take precautions to safeguard your equipment and yourself.

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Why playing at Jeeto88 Online Casino is beneficial



Why playing at Jeeto88 Online Casino is beneficial

These days, fun games and gambling are changing a lot. Online casinos are now a big deal. Among all the choices, Jeeto88 Online Casino is a really good place for people who are new to this and for those who have played a lot. They have a lot of games, easy ways to use the website, and cool offers that make playing there better than going to a real casino. In this big blog, we’re going to talk about why playing at Jeeto88 Online Casino is so great.

Many Different Games: The best thing about Jeeto88 is the big list of games they have. They have classic games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. They also have new and different slot games. This means that players can try lots of games and always have something fun to play.

Easy to Use and Convenient: Jeeto88 makes it easy to play casino games. You don’t need to go to a casino building. You can play on your computer, tablet, or phone. This is cool because you can play games wherever you are.

Get Extra Money and Gifts: Jeeto88 is really nice because they give players extra money to play with. When you start, they give you gifts to say hello. If you keep playing, they also give you more stuff to make you happy. This makes playing games even more fun.

Super Safe: When you play online, you want your personal and money info to be safe. Jeeto88 uses really good technology to keep your info safe. This means you can have fun playing games without worrying.

Lots of Ways to Pay: Jeeto88 knows that paying should be easy too. They let you pay in different ways like with a credit card, debit card, e-wallet, or bank transfer. This makes it easy to put money in or take money out.

Help When You Need It: If you have questions or problems, Jeeto88 is there to help. They have nice people to talk to. This makes playing games feel good because you know someone can help you if you need it.

Playing Smart: Jeeto88 cares about players and wants them to play safely. They have tools to help you set limits on how much money you spend or how long you play. This is really good because you can have fun and not spend too much.

Real Casino Feeling at Home: Jeeto88 has a special thing called a live casino. This is like a real casino, but you can play from home. Real people deal the cards, and you can see them on your screen. This is fun because it feels like you’re in a real casino.

Always New Things: Jeeto88 always adds new games to play. This means you never get bored. There’s always something new and fun to try.

Friends from Everywhere: When you play online, you can meet people from all over the world. You can play games with them and be friends. This makes playing games even more fun.

Games on Phones: Nowadays, everyone uses phones a lot. Jeeto88 knows this and makes sure their games work well on phones. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or an Android phone – the games will be fun and easy to play.

Play from Anywhere: Usually, you can only go to a casino if you’re close to one. But with Jeeto88, you can play from anywhere. It doesn’t matter where you live – you can still play and have fun.

Learn New Things: If you don’t know much about casino games, that’s okay. Jeeto88 helps you learn how to play. They teach you the rules and tricks. This is good because you can enjoy the games more when you know how to play.

Special Treats for Big Players: If you like to bet a lot, Jeeto88 has special things for you. They have programs that give you cool stuff like more help, bigger money withdrawals, and nice bonuses. This makes playing games exciting if you like to bet a lot.

Win Big Jackpots: Lots of people dream about winning a lot of money. Jeeto88 has games where you can win a huge jackpot. This means you could win a lot of money in just one game.

Stay Connected: Jeeto88 likes to talk to players. They send messages and use social media to tell players about new games and fun stuff. This is nice because it feels like you’re part of a group.

Play the Way You Want: Some people like to bet a little, and some like to bet a lot. Jeeto88 lets you choose how much you want to bet. This makes playing games fun for everyone.

Private Play: At Jeeto88, you can keep your identity a secret. Other players don’t need to know who you are. This makes playing games more comfortable.

Save Money: When you go to a real casino, you spend money on traveling and staying there. Playing at Jeeto88 saves you that money. You can use all your money to play and enjoy games more.

Good for the Planet: Online casinos like Jeeto88 are better for the environment. They don’t need big buildings and use less energy. This helps the planet.

In the end, Jeeto88 Online Casino is not just a copy of a regular online casino. It’s a special place with fun games, easy ways to play, and lots of cool things to make playing even better. With many games to choose from, ways to play safely, and chances to win big, Jeeto88 brings the excitement and fun of casinos to your screen. It’s like a door to a world of fun and surprises that you won’t want to miss out on.

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Jose Luis Horta e Costa’s Favorites and Contenders for Rugby World Cup 2023



Rugby World Cup 2023

In the exhilarating world of rugby, as the Rugby World Cup 2023 unfolds in France, fans and experts alike are eagerly assessing the field of contenders, favorites, and potential game-changers. In a candid conversation with renowned sports writer Jose Luis Horta e Costa, we delve into the dynamics of the tournament, the teams to watch, and why he believes France could pose a formidable challenge to New Zealand in the final, should they both reach that stage.

A Wide-Open Tournament

Horta e Costa begins by emphasizing the unique nature of this Rugby World Cup. “It’s quite extraordinary,” he remarks. “We’re accustomed to a few dominant teams, but this time around, it’s wide open.” The traditional rugby powerhouses such as New Zealand, South Africa, England, and Australia remain strong contenders. However, what sets this tournament apart is the balance across the board, with several teams showing the potential to create upsets and rewrite the script.

The Reigning Champions: South Africa

South Africa, the defending champions, are naturally one of the favorites. “Their confidence is riding high,” says Horta e Costa. “Impressive victories against Wales and New Zealand in recent matches have solidified their status as a formidable force.” The Springboks’ physicality and tactical prowess make them a daunting proposition for any opponent.

New Zealand’s Pursuit of Glory

New Zealand, a perennial rugby powerhouse, is always a team to watch. “Despite a recent loss to South Africa,” J Luis Horta e Costa notes, “the All Blacks have a squad brimming with experience and talent.” With a quartet of players boasting over 100 international appearances and a history of success, New Zealand remains a top contender.

Ireland’s Grand Slam Ambitions

Ireland, currently the number one ranked team in the world, has been on a remarkable journey of late. “Their grand slam victory in the Six Nations and the top world ranking have set expectations sky-high,” says Horta e Costa. Ireland, with a mix of seasoned campaigners and emerging stars, is eager to overcome its history of underachievement in Rugby World Cups.

France’s Home Advantage

While France might not be considered an outright favorite, their home advantage cannot be underestimated. “France has a certain X-factor in this tournament,” Horta e Costa observes. “Defeating Australia, Fiji, and Scotland in warm-up games showcased their capabilities.” Despite recent injuries to key players, the French squad is brimming with talent, and the roar of the home crowd could propel them to greatness.

The France vs. New Zealand Final

When asked about a potential final matchup, Horta e Costa’s eyes light up. “A France vs. New Zealand final would be a dream scenario,” he states. “France’s historic rivalry with the All Blacks adds an extra layer of intrigue.” Horta e Costa believes that if both teams reach the final, France’s combination of home advantage, a formidable squad, and the desire to create history could tip the scales in their favor. “It’s not a far-fetched notion,” he says. “France has the potential to beat New Zealand on their day.”

As the Rugby World Cup 2023 unfolds, rugby enthusiasts will be treated to an exhilarating display of talent, determination, and sportsmanship. While favorites and contenders emerge, the beauty of rugby lies in its unpredictability, and every team has a chance to etch their name in history. Under the watchful eye of experts like Jose Luis Horta e Costa, fans will savor every moment of this rugby extravaganza, eager to witness whether the favorites hold their ground or if new champions emerge, making the sport richer and more captivating than ever before.

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