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How coloured lab grown diamonds are manufactured



How coloured lab grown diamonds are manufactured

Diamonds are expensive stones and have almost unmatched fame. Some of the most popular jewellery pieces are made of diamonds. Celebrities, royals, any person who has the budget to spend, owns spectacular pieces all made from diamonds. There is a reason why diamonds are preferred and it has to do with their sturdiness and sparkling look. Diamonds are also one of those things which aren’t freely available and come at a higher price point too. Diamonds had been made naturally, in the earth’s womb, but today they can be made in labs. There are two ways to do this:

High Pressure High Temperature

The High Pressure High Temperature or HPHT method is one of the methods to make diamonds. In the earth’s belly, the diamond crystals are formed through extreme pressure. The temperatures too are very high. If we do end up finding diamonds closer to the earth’s surface, it is because something like a volcanic eruption brings it up. HPHT mimics these conditions to make the stones. Three types of manufacturing processes are used to make diamonds with HPHT. Belt press, cubic press and split-sphere press. In each of the processes, a small piece of natural diamond is used and then the perfect conditions are mimicked. In the belt press, a pressure of 1.5 million pounds plus a temperature of 2000 degrees Celsius is maintained. Pure carbon melts and forms a diamond around the starter “seed”.


CVD or chemical vapour disposition is a recent technique to create diamonds. A hydrocarbon gas mixture is used for this. A thin diamond seed is placed in a sealed chamber and is then heated to 800 degrees Celsius. This empty chamber is then filled with carbon rich gas, like methane. Then they are ionized into plasma by using lasers or microwaves. This process breaks the gas bond and carbon then sticks to the seed. Layer by layer, crystals are formed and a diamond is made.

Lab grown diamonds London can be colourless or coloured. Coloured diamonds are created due to some impurities being added.

Coloured diamonds are made due to the “glitch in the matrix”. In simple terms, there is something else that gets added and in turn, gives birth to a coloured diamond. A pure, colourless diamond would only possess the element of carbon. Minor levels of impurities can be added to create a minor shade, close to being colourless too. Following are the impurities which when added gives a unique colour to diamonds.


Various levels of nitrogen being mixed with carbon create coloured diamonds. The shades created with nitrogen as the impurity can be orange, yellow and brown.


When carbon and boron mix together it produces varying hues of blue. The Hope Diamond was made because boron added the little magic needed to create that brilliant colour.

Gamma radiation

Gamma radiation gives rise to green colour in diamonds.

Now coloured diamonds can be made in the lab if the same impurities are added to carbon. The advantage to having a lab made coloured diamond is that it can be made in a controlled setting. Coloured diamonds hatton garden make beautiful additions to all kinds of jewellery and because they are rarer, can make any piece unique.

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Do sunglasses come with power?



Do sunglasses come with power

Everyone enjoys having a great time in the sun. But you must always remember to wear sunglasses when outside. There are an endless variety of women’s and mens sunglasses from a range of online stores.

According to a survey of 2012, 90 percent believe that the key to overall health is protecting their eyes. Hence, many people wear sunglasses in order to cut down the glare of the sun. It is recommended to wear sunglasses often if there is overexposure to the sun.

But are sunglasses really necessary? Is it possible to have sunglasses with power? Read further and learn all about the advantages and sunglasses with power.

What are the advantages of wearing sunglasses?

Listed below are the several advantages of wearing sunglasses. For sure, after reading them, you will purchase the glasses immediately.

  • It prevents health problems related to the sun: Since your eyes are quite sensitive, prolonged exposure can result in different complications. Some ailments can be deadly, whereas others can be irritating or painful. Hence, wearing top-notch quality sunglasses will allow you to be safe from the harmful rays of the sun.

When it comes to top-notch quality sunglasses, you can search for those glasses that provide 100 percent UVA and UVB protection. After all, you can ensure that your eyes will be fully protected from the damaging rays of the sun or the ultraviolet rays.

Do you like spending time near the waves? Then, you must definitely look for polarized sunglasses. After all, they can reduce the glare that directly hits your eyes. Also, make sure that they can cover your eyes fully. Have you heard about the wrap-around lenses?

These lenses not only block the glare from the front but also from the side. If you purchase the sunglasses, you will be eliminating the risk of various diseases such as skin cancer, glaucoma, and cataracts, macular degeneration, and pterygium.

Your eyelids or the skin around the eyes can be sensitive and lead to skin cancer if overexposed in the sun. As per a survey, approximately 10 percent of skin cancers are caused by the rays of the sun on the skin around the eyes. Hence, it is a wise choice to purchase sunglasses with UV-protective lenses for the safekeeping of your skin and eyes.

Do you want to get rid of cataracts? You must certainly wear sunglasses. Glaucoma research foundation states that exposure to the sun’s rays for a prolonged time can lead to cataracts. When your symptoms get worse, another serious condition called glaucoma can contribute to blindness.

The part of the retina or macula can damage your vision and cause blindness. This is called macular degeneration. When people suffer from pterygium, they might experience a growth in the eyeball.

Sometimes, this growth can be painful, whereas other times, it doesn’t. If the pterygium is in the advanced stage, you might require surgery.

  • It can protect you from elements: When you spend time outdoors, there might be dust, snow, sand, and wind that can damage your eyes. Whether you are skiing or climbing the snowy mountains, you must wear sunglasses.

Well, many have never thought how much a grain of sand can be powerful! It can result in permanent damage by scratching your eyes. If the area is windy or dusty, it can damage your eyes drastically. Hence, you must purchase the mens sunglasses online.

  • It can give you fewer migraines and headaches: The sun’s rays can trigger migraines and headaches, and wearing sunglasses can reduce their intensity. Hence, you will be able to enjoy the outdoors more.

Can you get sunglasses with power?

In case you require power for reading, writing, or any other activity, you can purchase sunglasses with power. They are designed as per the prescription given by the eye specialist. Prescription sunglasses provide more protection than regular eyeglasses. Although they look like regular sunglasses, they are extremely stylish and protect your eyes.

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Debunking the Latest Perfume and Cologne Myths That Exist Today



Debunking the Latest Perfume and Cologne Myths That Exist Today

Humans have a long history of wanting to smell nice. The earliest perfumes are rooted in ancient Greece and created using musk, civet, or ambergris oils with the essences of flowers and herbs mixed in. Nowadays, the fragrance industry is a vast marketplace of its own with many celebrities creating and marketing their own brand of perfumes. While the industry has grown, there are still many myths that linger on. If you’d like to know what is perfume fact or fiction, read on as we debunk common perfume and cologne myths.

Perfume Is for Ladies, Cologne Is for Men

One of the most common myths of the fragrance industry is that fragrances are gender-specific. Fragrances are marketed and advertised that way, but the reality is far off. The two titles have to do with how strong the scent is, and how long it lasts.

Perfume or parfum is the strongest and most enduring scent and contains 15 to 30 percent perfume oil. Next in line is eau de parfum, or slightly less potent eau de toilette. Eau de cologne contains 2 to 4 percent perfume oil, beaten only by the briefly scented eau fraiche. The perfume oil blends with a carrier and solvent.

Spray and Walk Through the Cloud

While this has been touted as the classic way to apply perfume, it really just dilutes the essence of your fragrance. The ‘perfume cloud’ technique also wastes your product. Can you imagine taking your Carolina Herrera Perfume and pouring a little down the drain every day? There is a better way! The most effective way of applying a scent is to dab or spray a tiny amount directly onto the skin. Pick areas that give off warmth, such as your neck or the inside of your wrists.  The fragrance soaks into your skin and gets released by body heat.

Test Strips Are Best for Perfume and Cologne Testing

It’s a common practice to spray perfume on a test strip, wave it around and smell it. While this will give you an accurate idea of what the perfume may smell like in the bottle, it misses out on the effect of your body chemistry. Our pheromones, body oils, and natural scents all affect any fragrance that we use and create something completely unique from what comes in the bottle. Perfumes comprise head, heart, and base notes and these usually emerge as the day goes on. The best way to know if a perfume will work on you is to smell each of the three stages.

Rub the Scent in Straight After Applying 

A popular myth is that you should rub your wrists together after applying perfume. This is meant to help with absorption and ‘warm the perfume up’. While this does break down the perfume molecules and make the scent stronger for a short time, it tends to shorten the staying power of the scent. Allowing the scent to rest on your skin and be absorbed naturally is the best way to make the most of the scent you’re applying.

The right perfume and cologne can complete an outfit, make you feel like a million dollars, and create a fashion statement. Debunking the myths lengthens the life and strength of your scent.

If you enjoyed this article, find other fascinating facts under our Health tab.

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3 Tips for Getting Along with Your Sister



3 Tips for Getting Along with Your Sister

If you have difficulty getting along with your sister and fight a lot, you can’t miss this article. Keeping harmonious with your sister is an integral part of establishing a solid, lifetime connection. Pursue positive interactions with your sister. Be respectful and warm to her. Regard her as more of a friend. Compliment her quality. Try to figure out what makes your sister lovable as well as intriguing. In case of a dispute, talk points out rather than battling or scolding.

With a little effort, you can build an excellent relationship with your sister. If your sister is angry with you, be patient and give her some time. Try to apologize and calm her down. Get her a sorry gift. Or, if you are angry with her, try to tell her exactly how you feel. Remember to be calm while talking with her. Try to connect with them. If that does not help, don’t hesitate to ask a person you believe for advice. No matter what is the cost, it is important to get along well with your sister. She is your family member, and she loves you as much as you do to her. Don’t be shy to show how closeness you are on Instagram using sweet sister captions and record happy moments in daily life. Also, we compiled 3 tips below for you to get along with your sister.

Interact with Your Sister Positively

Support your sister for each of her effort. If you desire a great partnership with your sister, make her feel sustained. Instead of coming to be envious over your sister’s success, be her individual supporter. This will certainly make your sister feel valued and strengthen your bond.

If your sister attains something, supply her an honest congratulations. For example, state something like, “Excellent job! I’m so honored!” if she gets directly A’s one semester. If you’re helpful of your sister, she’s most likely to be encouraging of you in return.

Remember, it’s typical to be jealous at times. In some cases, you may want you were the one attaining something. Nevertheless, even if you really feel an adverse feeling does not suggest you need to act upon it. Attempt to place your very own negative thoughts apart as well as try to really praise your sister.

Set limits professionally. Limits are important for any type of healthy relationship. Without solid limits, favorable partnerships are challenging. You are entitled to your very own physical as well as emotional room. When your sister invades your room, let her recognize nicely rather than responding with temper. If your sister is distressing you, you deserve to ask her to quit. Brother or sisters sometimes take a while to comprehend each other’s limits, as well as your sister may periodically accidentally make you uncomfortable. In these scenarios, react as necessary.

Ask your sister to quit the habits, yet do so in a fully grown style. Do not blame, “Get out of my room! I don’t desire you below!” Instead, say something like “I need some area to myself in some cases, as well as I do not like it when you remain in my space when I’m attempting to review”. If your sister remains to interrupt you and also often tends to treat you disrespectfully, you can review this genuinely with your parents. Conversely, you can quit communicating with your sister by steering clear of from her for some time up until she discovers to treat you respectfully once more.

Occasionally, your brother or sister might not recognize you are attempting to develop boundaries. Do not be reluctant to ask a parent for help if your brother or sister is not valuing your borders.

Adjust Your Attitude to Your Sister

Do not be jealous of your sister’s skills. Envy is very usual in sister connections as well as can be a significant root cause of stress. If your sister is, for instance, a bookworm, she might get a great deal of focus from friends. Instead of envying this, appreciate your sister’s talents.

Advise yourself of your very own talents as well as abilities. Your sister might have read all the works of Jane Austen, however possibly you’re an excellent basketball gamer. Your sister might be terrific at skating; however you excel at horseback riding.

Remember, everybody is distinct. There is no sense contrasting on your own to your sis, as both of you are different people. It’s fine that you have different abilities.

Value your sister’s nice quality. If you’re occasionally upset with your sis, keeping her good qualities in mind can aid. Instead of concentrating on points she does that aggravate you, think about the reasons you value her. [8] Throughout the day, time out and also share recognition for your sis. When she does something you like, resolve saying so.

For instance, “Lisa, I really appreciate that you assisted me with my math homework tonight.”

If you’re able to value your sister routinely, you will certainly be less annoyed with her when disputes emerge. You will bear in mind why your sister’s high quality surpass her bad ones.

Take Care of Dispute with Your Sister

Think twice before reacting. The most awful point you can do in a dispute is reacting right now. If your sister harm your feelings, time out prior to reacting. Take a couple of deep breaths and also try doing something like counting to 5. This will stop you from exploding at your sister, potentially making the situation even worse.

Express on your own with words. Utilize your words to handle dispute. Do not yell as well as shout, as you are not really connecting. Never resort to fight, as this will just make points worse. You likewise do not intend to mistakenly harm your sister throughout a disagreement.

Let your sister understand that she has actually hurt or upset you. Use simple language to explain the inappropriate behavior as opposed to snapping in return.

As an example, say something like, “Lisa, do not squeeze me. Pinching injures.” This is more efficient than yelling or squeezing back.

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