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Holiday Decorating Tips For Your Rental Properties And Other Small Spaces



Holiday Decorating Tips For Your Rental Properties And Other Small Spaces

This holiday season, many properties in Australia are bound to be filled with holiday décor, such as setting up the traditional tree, decorating the tree with holiday cards, turning your throw pillows and accent pieces into a Christmas-themed accessory, and everything that’ll turn your living space, holiday rental or rental property into spaces that are ready for this Christmas season. Polar X Ornaments offers a lot of decorations that you can use.

Moreover, the property management company that handles your properties will also be concerned with these few things to prepare your properties for the holiday season. Several award winning Bayswater property management specialists will equip you with tips on how you can decorate your rental properties and small spaces this Christmas season. Here are a few of their advice.

Holiday Decorating Tips For Your Rental Properties

The Christmas and the New Year seasons are upon us once more. Among the most beloved traditions during the season is decorating spaces to feel the Christmas spirit at home or in the office each day leading up to the holiday.

After the ups and downs of the previous year, everybody deserves the happiness during the Christmas season. You can follow these tips so you can decorate your living spaces with festive decorations this Christmas.

Others might not be able to spend big with their decorations, but this is totally fine. With a pinch of creativity, you can still have a festive and welcoming home with these decorations.

However, when decorating your rental properties for Christmas, it’s important to follow the rules and regulations set by your landlord. For instance, generally, you must avoid decorations that can damage the property.

Without further ado, here are ways to decorate your rental or house rental this Christmas season.

1. Install A Christmas Tree

Beautiful Christmas decorations begin with your Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is touted as the focal point of holiday decorations. It’s best that you plan decorating your rental for Christmas around a beautiful tree, regardless of the size or style.

Note, though, that there are landlords who may not allow real Christmas trees on the property, so you’ll have to instead opt for an artificial tree. The Christmas tree of this kind can also provide beauty without the fire hazard. Furthermore, the tree doesn’t have to be huge to make a big statement.

You may place the tree in front of the window or put a smaller tree on the end table. There are various ways to be creative with the size and positioning of your Christmas tree.

Aside from these, you may also decorate the tree with lights and ornaments inspired by your style. Choose a colour scheme for your decorations or choose ornaments from your past adventures.

You may also think outside the box with your Christmas tree if you prefer not to have a fake Christmas tree. Moreover, if you’re short on space, you may decorate with a house plant.

Keep beautifying your rental with ornaments and lights on your plants.

Other creative ideas include cutting a tree shape from craft paper and attaching this to the wall. You may also draw the lights and ornaments. You may also display felt trees and ornaments on your wall and have your kids do these as well.

If you want a three-dimensional tree, you may cut out a tree shape from cardboard or wood and add crafted or painted ornaments. Be creative as you decorate your Christmas tree.

2. Be Careful When You Hang Stockings

Aside from the Christmas tree, another great Christmas decoration is the stocking. For renters, hanging stockings does not take up a lot of space. You should check Cupertino apartments for rent.

You may also use this to showcase your Christmas items when you have a mantel. Start by hanging stockings for everyone in your family, including your pets. In order to make it easy to remove after Christmas without damaging your space, you may choose weighted stocking holders on your mantel or hang them with easily removable Command hooks.

There are several ways to hang your décor without placing nails in the walls or leaving behind permanent marks.

Other than these, you may also add a garland, a Christmas sign, wreath, or mirror to your display. Then, top them off with candlesticks or lanterns.

3. Here’s What To Do When You Don’t Have A Fireplace

Some rentals don’t have a fireplace. In these cases, you may look for a place where you can hang stockings and other decorations. With a little creativity, you can be able to create the best Christmas decorations involving stockings.

Among the easiest alternatives to a fireplace is utilizing a floating shelf already attached to the wall. You may draw a fireplace on a large board and tack it to the wall if you feel more creative.

You may also take some foam core or plywood, cut out a mantel, paint this, and prop it against your wall.

4. Add Decorations To Your Front Door

The holiday spirit can begin as you welcome visitors to your house. This manifests by adding decorations to your front door. One of the best Christmas decorations for this area is your Christmas wreath.

You may also choose to take a more modern approach by using a minimalist wreath. For those on a tight budget, you may cover the entire door in wrapping paper and include a giant bow for a huge present.

5. Hang Lights

Lights are a major element in Christmas décor, whether these are indoor or outdoor decorations.

There are several possibilities you can do with Christmas lights. They have the power to transform properties into magical spaces. You may use Christmas lights outside the rental, outlining the exterior doors and windows. Or, they can be displayed inside.

6. Set Up A Tablescape

Each rental will often have at least one countertop or table. These flat, open surfaces are often overlooked for décor but can be used to provide your spaces with something beautiful.

You may use smaller end tables to house your favourite decorations, such as Christmas plants or small trees. Remember, larger dining tables also offer more space for a wonderful tablescape.

7. Embrace Your Senses

This Christmas, decorating your rental properties involves tapping into your inner creativity and senses.

Among the things you can do is fill your rental spaces with holiday-themed scents. Candles are a great way to add a festive scent and lighting, but be sure these are allowed by the landlord. If not, you may use alternatives such as air fresheners, essential oils, or wax melts.

Finally, play your favourite Christmas tunes. These will help, especially if you don’t have enough space for your decorations. Music is equally as appealing as these ornaments.

Transform your rental properties and other small spaces this Christmas season. Be sure to get creative with the several festival decorations available around to celebrate the holidays.

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How to Clear Land: A Guide to Property Upkeep



How to Clear Land

Did you know that humans cut down an estimated 15 billion trees each year on Earth? Land clearing is essential if you’re looking to make improvements to your land and create space to build a home. There are a number of methods that you can employ if you’re focused on clearing the property.

While choosing to clear land by hand might take a lot of time, it’s an effective way of getting your land prepared without dealing with the cost of land clearing. The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn some tips to clear land on your property.

Keep reading this article to learn more about the methods for clearing your property today!

Grubbing and Dozing

Grubbing and dozing are effective methods for clearing land on your property. It’s great if you’re trying to clear a large plot of land in a short amount of time, and it’s a good choice if you don’t plan on allowing animals to graze in the clearing.

Many people overlook the need to get rid of all of the trees and bushes that you’ve collected at the end of the process. That additional time and expense could lead you in a different direction when it comes time to clear your plot of land. Hiring debris removal makes the process a walk in the park.


Burning as a way to clear land is a tale that is as old as time itself. It’s effective and it takes little time or effort to use this method to clear land on your property. The downside is that you don’t get to be selective about which bushes and trees you’d like to keep and which ones you’d like to do away with.

Clearing by Hand

Hand clearing your land is the best way to go about it if there are trees and plants that you’d like to protect rather than cut down and kill. Keep in mind that this method will require the most time, but it’s great for getting rid of overgrowth on your property.

Choosing to clear land by hand is also great if you live in an area that is known for forest fires. You can use this method to complete a buffer zone between the woods on your property and the location of your home. It’s the most selective option that you have, which is key if you live in a delicate ecosystem but want to prepare the site for your new home!

Now You’re Ready to Clear Land

Learning clear land is essential if you plan on purchasing property and building a home on it. Deciding to clear land by hand makes a lot of sense if you want to create a fire buffer or clear a spot for a home. Mulching and burning are less selective options that cost less money and will save you time at the expense of losing all of the trees and plants in the plot of land.

Check out the rest of our blog for more insightful and informative posts on a wide range of topics!

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Mortgage crises drive house prices down by 20%. End of Tenancy Cleaners will be the winners



Mortgage crises drive house prices down

If you still think that 2020 was the worst year ever, you’ve obviously slept through 2022 so far. With energy prices soaring and war-induced 40-year-high inflation, there isn’t an industry that was not hit hard by the post-covid crisis. This was not a genuine surprise, as experts had predicted high inflation and market shrinkage a year ago. However, what they couldn’t take into consideration was Putin’s imperialistic obsessions, which spiked the crises out of control and produced what we see today.

Still, a genuine surprise was the ever-climbing housing market. For seven months straight, housing prices have been going up and the market scaled by 15.5% annually by the end of July.

However, over August and September, the housing market didn’t just slow down but began shrinking. Moreover, with October passing its midpoint, the housing market decline seems to be speeding up.

Why didn’t the housing market continue to rise

There were several factors which led to the rapid rise of the housing market, despite the inflation and volatile industry. The first of many was the Covid crisis, which deterred people from spending too much. Naturally, they managed to accumulate significant capital. In addition, the high inflation introduced another factor, as it pushed those who managed to save money, to invest further and not lose them to inflation. Moreover, the pandemic made it painfully obvious what are the benefits of owning your own place, especially one outside the big urban centres. The final nail in the coffin was the relentlessly rising rent cost, which, unlike wages, rapidly increased. By June 2022, the average rental price in the UK increased up to 3.6% for a 12-month period.

All these factors pushed people to seek housing opportunities despite the expectations that the Bank of England would raise the interest rates. After all, many concluded that if they would pay massive sums each month, it’s better to make it toward their own home rather than just pay a landlord.

On the other hand, many who were saving for a second or third home were forced to choose whether to let inflation take a huge bite out of their savings or invest it in a bigger, better and newer home.

All of this drove the housing market up, but as we are preparing for the next increase in interest rates, it seems that the housing market will finally take a blow.

Why is a mortgage crisis expected?

The Bank of England announced yet another aggressive interest rate increase in November to battle the ever-increasing inflation. This might bring some peace of mind in other markets, but the increase will actually make things worse when it comes to the housing market. Private banks in terms will increase their interest rates towards their customers, so people will have to pay higher amounts to cover their mortgages. For example, the interest on two-year fixed-rate mortgages has more than doubled, rising to 5.17% compared to 2,57% in March 2021. The five-year fixed-rate mortgage has done the same, reaching 5.1% compared to 2.75% in March 2021.

This means that many won’t be able to cover their loans, as some estimates claim that millions would not be able to afford to deposit their monthly payments. On average, a person who took a £100,000 25-year mortgage at a rate of 2% pays £424 monthly. However, if the interest rate goes to 6%, as is the BoE plan for next year, this would mean that the monthly payment will rise to £644. Many won’t be able to afford this drastic change. Thus it will lead to a mortgage crisis.

From the mortgage crisis to the housing market collapse.

Since many won’t be able to afford their monthly payments, they will be forced to sell their homes. Moreover, many would try to sell their homes in panic, as they will be afraid of even higher increases next year. The significant drop in mortgage applications and the fact many landers suspended most of their mortgage products means the housing market is not just in crisis but should be ready for a free fall. High offering and low demand are usually a recipe for disaster in any market. Experts expect the real estate cost to drop as much as 20%.

According to UK’s National Statistics, the average house price in the UK was £292,118 in July 2022. If the experts’ predictions come true, soon a new home in the UK could be bought for as little as 233.7 thousand (on average)

Is there a silver lining?

It’s hard to imagine there will be any winners in this horrific scenario which is currently unfolding. However, if we have to find a bright side to this, there will be some industries that will probably benefit from the housing market’s downfall. For example, people who already have the money or can afford the constantly increasing mortgage prices will have the opportunity to get a new home with a 20% discount. Landlords will also take a significant boost from the collapsing market, as many would have to go back to renting. With the skyrocketing rental prices, this turn of events is more than welcome for many rental apartment owners.

However, the biggest winners will be the service sector, which takes care of preparing homes for sales and new residents.

End-of-tenancy cleaners will enjoy a busy winter.

EoT is an essential service when you want to let your home look stunning before selling it or whenever you are switching your permanent residence. Although the money will be tight in most cases, many would prefer to hire a professional team to prepare their homes for sale, as it will drive the price up. Moreover, an end-of-tenancy cleaning is a one-time spend that significantly increases the property’s value. For example, the price range for one of the most prominent end of tenancy cleaning companies in the UK, Fantastic Cleaners, shows that the average price for a single-bed home goes from £180 to £210, depending on the area. This is a small price that can easily increase the value of your home by up to several thousand pounds.

Moreover, storage providers, staging companies and others will also experience a boom, especially with fewer potential clients on the line. The significant reduction in demand will force sellers to upstage their competition in order to sell without drastically lowering their prices, so any trick in the book will come in handy.

There is a hard winter coming

Despite the opportunity for some home services sectors, the mortgage crisis portend one truly harsh winter. High inflation and the inability to strike good mortgage deals will force people to seek other ways to save their money, which may lead to funds draining away from the UK economy. So how will our lawmakers deal with this impending crisis? We will have to wait and see.

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Is the Disney Vacation Club Worth It?



Is the Disney Vacation Club Worth It?

Around 58 million people visit Disney World every year, and many wish they could. People who love this amusement park and others might purchase a membership to the Disney Vacation Club.

The Disney Vacation Club is a membership you can buy to access this park and others, but is the Disney Vacation Club worth it?

You might ask this question before buying a membership. After all, you’ll want to ensure it’s a good investment.

Keep reading this guide if you’re ready to learn the answer to this question.

What Is the Disney Vacation Club?

The Disney Vacation Club (DCV) is a timeshare program you can purchase. When you purchase a DVC membership, you have access to the following locations:

  • Disney World in Florida
  • Disneyland in California
  • Disney’s Vero Beach in Florida
  • Disney’s Hilton Head Island in South Carolina
  • Disney’s Aulani in Hawaii

The membership comes with points you use at these locations. In addition, you can use the DVC points for other things, including Disney cruises.

Is the Disney Vacation Club Worth It?

When you join the Disney vacation club, you can decide how many DVC points to purchase. You can also decide when and where to use them.

Each location requires a specific number of points, and you must secure your dates in advance. You don’t have to use all your points each year, but you should.

So what are the benefits of the Disney Vacation Club? Of course, the main benefit is the costs. If you enjoy going to Disney each year, you’ll save money if you’re a club member.

Secondly, you can choose how you spend the points. You’ll find that some locations and dates require fewer points than others. If you plan properly, you can get more vacation time with your points.

Many people find that using their points yearly makes the membership highly worthwhile. However, some members also feel it’s a good deal even if they don’t use their points yearly.

How Can You Decide if You Should Buy a Membership?

After learning the basic details of the DVC, you might wonder if it’s right for you. Of course, every family is different, but you can decide by considering a few things.

First, how much do you love Disney resorts and parks? If you love these areas and want to spend most of your vacation time there, buying a membership is a great idea.

Secondly, do you have time to travel each year? The membership is better for people who can travel every year.

Finally, you can consider the costs by checking out One thing to know is that you can always sell your membership if you decide you no longer want it.

Enjoy Life by Traveling to Disney Theme Parks

If you ask, “is the Disney Vacation Club worth it,” you’ll learn that most people think it is. People who travel often and enjoy these parks love this membership.

Did you enjoy this article? If so, check out others on our site.

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