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16 Healthy Foods – Foods For Good Fitness.



Here is the list of the healthy foods, their nutrient intakes, and their medicinal and healing properties. This list will help you to make your shopping list for a healthy and season-adapted diet.

16 Healthy Foods

healthy foods

1. Garlic

USE: Garlic cloves, chopped or pressed, as a condiment. Or whole garlic cloves in oil, as an aperitif. Improves the immune system in the event of illness. Considered more effective than antibiotics to fight stomach upset caused by bacteria. Including pneumococcus (= pneumonia) and Staphylococcus aureus.

Aphrodisiac, a natural antioxidant, reduces blood pressure, heals intestinal disorders. Stimulates the liver for the elimination of toxins, a source of vitamins and minerals.

Prevention against cancers of the colon, breast, prostate. Consume 1 to 2 cloves. Raw and chopped a day for a cure of prevention. In case of illness, increase the dose up to 4 to 6 pods.

healthy foods

2. Red cranberry

USE: Fruit acidulated consuming raw or cooked. Excellent in jam with “hunt” and cooked pears. Medical use: used as a remedy against menopause.

GET: One finds in the same meadows as the blueberries.

healthy foods

3. Pineapple

USE: A fruit recommended for diets to lose weight because it decreases water retention. It also reduces the pain in case of sore throat.

healthy foods

4. Avocado

healthy foods

USAGE: Native to Mexico, avocado contains all the nutrients necessary for the survival of the human being. Provides vitamins A, B6, C, D, E, K. Rich in dietary fiber, Omega-3 fatty acids and potassium.

Excellent for the heart and brain. Reduces cholesterol in the blood vessels and blood pressure. Rich in folic acid: good for cell tissue development (especially during pregnancy). Reduces symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and other degenerative diseases. Good for weight loss diets. Excellent against arthritis.

OBTAINING: Organic European avocados are on sale in supermarkets at the end of winter / early spring. From the summer they come from tropical countries too far away.

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5. Beet

USE: Although often used to feed animals, beetroot root is an excellent source of nutrients for humans. Consumed in salad or juice. Reduces blood pressure almost instantly.

Prevention against cancers of the prostate and breast, low limit of the development of cancer cells. 100 grams of beet contain enough dietary fiber for daily intake. Making it an excellent remedy for intestinal disorders. Beet juice is a “potion of vigor” to consume before physical exertion!

healthy foods

6. Cranberry

USE: This fruit is a powerful diuretic. Regular consumption of this fruit reduces the risk of urinary tract infection. Women who have recurrent cystitis should consume it for life.

CULTURE: Large cranberry of American origin.

GET: There are large bottles of cranberry juice in some large areas: 1 large glass of juice equals 250g of fruit.

healthy foods
healthy foods

7. Carrot

USE: Root sweet taste, to consume raw, cooked, or in juice. Rich in potassium, carotene, vitamin A, dietary fiber, pectin. Anti-diarrhea remedy.

GET: Buy organic carrots from your area.

healthy foods

8. Hemp

USE: Plant of the same family as the hops, one of the first cultures made by the man (approximately 8’000 years) due to its extreme utility and efficiency.

There are about 40’000 products derived from hemp: string, hemp wool, oil, textiles, bricks (hempcrete). And, of course, the cannabis consumed for its psychoactive effects (THC). One of the reasons why the culture of these plants is forbidden in most countries.

There are medical treatments based on hemp that are allowed, especially to treat the effects of multiple sclerosis, AIDS or cancer.

GET: It is possible to find seeds of hemp crushed on the internet. It is a dietary supplement rich in vitamins and fatty acids. Without psychotropic effects, which can be added to yogurts, Birchers, salads etc.

healthy foods

9. Chestnuts

USE: Good source of mineral salts and vitamins B and C, effective to prevent obesity or diabetes.

GET: Eat “hot chestnuts” in the winter for vitamins!

healthy foods

10. Green cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli

USE: Excellent intake of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B9, C and K. Omega-3 fatty acid intake. Antioxidant, detoxifier, prevention against cardiovascular diseases and several types of cancers.

Digestive, anti-inflammatory effective for prevention against arthritis, obesity or diabetes. Protects against inflammations and obstructions of arteries and nerve fibers. And reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. The stem and leaves are also edible.

healthy foods

11. Lemon

USE: A vitamin C bomb with many uses. Boil lemons with the skin for at least 10 minutes to get a horse remedy for flu and colds, take with honey, cinnamon etc.

lemon is one of most healthy foods. Lemons are also good against depression and stress, detoxifying, digestive, diuretic, anti-rheumatism. Act against the aging of the skin, hunt insects. A natural disinfectant (against skin infections. But also against molds in the fridge or on the kitchen furniture) act against the toothache.

Also used as a remedy against warts, as an addition to laundry. As a neutralizer of bad smells. And as a natural bleach for hair (1/4 lemon juice + 3/4 water. Brush the hair, let it dry in the sun, 1x / day for 1 week).

CULTURE: The lemon tree is a tree of the Mediterranean regions.

OBTAIN: Buy organic lemons from the region closest to you, at the market or produce department.

healthy foods

12. The healthiest foods on the planet: Spinach

USE: Strengthens the retina, fights macular degeneration (= prevention against a disease that blinds the elderly)

healthy foods

13. Fennel

USE: A vegetable with digestive virtues that goes well with fish. The seeds can also be eaten, in cereal bread or in a mixture of digestive spices after the meal (Indian style).

healthy foods

14. Strawberry

USE: Strawberries, like many other berries, are excellent food for the faculties of the brain.

CULTURE: Strawberries grown in the fields, or wild strawberries (also called strawberries of the four seasons) in the wild. They are found in clearings.

If the forest takes over, the strawberries give way to raspberries, then to brambles (wild mulberries). Collect wild strawberries only in wild areas without passage of people or pets.

GET: In the wild, or at the market and fruit shop in the spring. It is sometimes possible to pick directly from the producer.

healthy foods

15. Ginger

USE: Root, to consume cooked. Used in Asian cuisine for its special flavor, this “super-spice” has an incredible number of health benefits. Anti-inflammatory, anti-toxins and blood purifier, reduces the risk of food poisoning (especially for fruits sea).

High magnesium, which helps relieve muscle aches and pains. Used in herbal tea to fight colds, sinusitis, migraine, and sore throat. Good for weight loss diets.

OBTAIN Ginger roots in organic stores or exotic produce stores. Ginger herbal teas, with teas and infusions. Ginger confit, at the market, in the stalls of dried fruits: extremely particular taste but guaranteed effect!

healthy foods

16. Pomegranate

USE: Unclog arteries, prevention against cardiovascular diseases.

OBTAIN: in juice and with a little luck in the exotic fruits section. Avoid grenadine syrup, which often contains 0% fruit extract.

healthy foods

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A Closer Look At University Intakes Process In The UK



A Closer Look At University Intakes Process In The UK

For many Indian students, earning an MS in the US is a dream come true. Nonetheless, a lot of individuals still have concerns and doubts about pursuing a master’s degree in the US. Because countries like Australia, Canada, Germany, and the US have joined the US in the competition to be the finest place for students to study abroad, Indian students have a wide range of possibilities. The blog includes information about the UK intake process in depth.

The fact that the university intakes in uk is home to so many prestigious colleges is one of the factors making it the most popular study abroad UK. American colleges are world-class in terms of academic possibilities, research opportunities, and the possibility for total student growth. The US provides a vast array of master’s programs and degrees in addition to the premier colleges.

Hence, you have a box full of the top colleges and programs to pick from when you decide to pursue your MS in the United States.


Important College Majors In The US

According to the QS World University Rankings 2022, five of the top 10 universities in the world are in the US, including:

  • Boston University of Technology (MIT)
  • Stanford College
  • Harvard College
  • Technology University of California (Caltech)
  • College of Chicago

 High Academic Standards For MS In The USA

Due to its sophisticated educational system, rigorous academic standards, and exposure to both theory and practice, the university intakes in uk have become a global leader in academia. The emphasis on practical education and the delivery of a high-quality education at American institutions is made feasible by sophisticated infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, and distinguished professors.

The fact that academic life at American colleges extends outside of the classroom is another excellent argument in favor of choosing to pursue an MS there. A wide range of activities, such as sports teams, assistantships, clubs, student organizations, volunteering, etc, add to the vibrant student life on campus.

Many Scholarships For MS In The US

Scholarships and other forms of financial aid are fantastic methods to cover the cost of your MS in the United States, which may be a costly endeavor otherwise. To make education accessible to everyone, American universities provide scholarships that cover everything from travel and housing to full or partial tuition price waivers. The US is home to numerous international students from varied origins. Many kids may move to a new nation with ease because of scholarships. The majority of US universities also include an international student office, which makes it easier for international students to acclimatize to life in the new country.

MS In The US: Internship Opportunities

When studying for an MS in the USA, you have the option to get paid internships at your university, which not only help you cover your fees but also improve your academic experience. Alternatives to an internship on campus include working as a research assistant or under the guidance of an experienced professor. Also, there are several off-campus internship opportunities available. Students can broaden their networks outside of their universities by regularly attending lectures, workshops, and seminars. Finding internships through this network may be helpful, and it may also lead to new job opportunities.

MS In The USA: Career Options After Study

In the study abroad uk, there are several work opportunities after graduation. Most students may rapidly get a well-paying job and pay off their student loans in three to four years. Students pursuing their MS in American universities have the choice to take part in workshops, networking events, and other activities.

While STEM majors are offered a three-year extension on their visa’s validity term to hunt for employment after receiving their degree, MS degree recipients are only eligible for one-year work visas.

The study in uk offers some of the best post-study work opportunities, which is one of the primary reasons MS is a popular choice.

List Of Well-Known Programmes In the US For MS Degree

Excellent and cutting-edge master’s program courses are abundant in the US. Let’s have a look at the most popular MS courses in the US:

  1. Master in Marketing: Marketing analytics, marketing sciences, and digital marketing are just a few of the courses included in the Master in Marketing program. They are available from universities including Columbia University, the University of Texas, Florida International University, and the University of Southern California.
  2. MS In Business Analytics: More than 150 universities in the US offer this degree, with MIT, the University of Texas, Michigan State University, and the University of Minnesota among those that do.
  3. MS In Finance: The Masters in Finance program is a great choice for anybody looking to enter the finance industry. There are around 66 colleges in the United States that provide an MS in finance.
  4. MS In Computer Science: To be admitted to the best colleges in the USA for an MS in Computer Science, you must have a stellar GRE score. Stanford University, Harvard University, MIT, and the University of California Berkeley are among the universities that offer an MS in computer science.
  5. Masters In Power Engineering:  the concentration in the field of Electrical Engineering focuses on surge phenomena, system protection, rotating equipment, and distributed systems.
  6. MS In Life Sciences: The study of living things, such as animals, plants, and people, is covered by the MS in Life Sciences degree. In the United States, students that are interested in molecular biology and biotechnology can choose this subject as well. After an MS, a list of the highest-paying positions is provided, along with the average wage.
  7. Chief Financial Officer/ CFO: This is regarded as the most respectable and well-paid position in the country. The typical annual compensation for a chief financial officer is $132,793. The chance to work as a CFO should be available to students seeking an MS in Finance.
  8. Mechanical Engineers: these are in great demand at all times, and this is true of all engineers. An annual salary of $83,546 is rapidly within reach for a mechanical engineer.
  9. Developer Of Software: These days, the software is the new “it” thing, and developers may easily expect to make an annual income of $110,000 or more.
  10. Operations Manager: There is always a need for an operations manager. An operations manager may easily anticipate an increase in workload in the United State.
  11. Investment Banker: If you have a passion for money, this is a great career path for you. You might easily earn an average of $98,826 a year from it.
  12. Data Scientists: With an average annual pay of $94,000, data scientists are employed by many international corporations. Remember that there is a growing need for data scientists everywhere.
  13. Project Manager: An annual pay of $77,000 is a reasonable expectation for a project manager. A project manager is one of the most respectable careers in the USA, offering competitive compensation and perks.

Wrapping Up

The university intakes in uk for MS are enormous. Pupils can pick the subjects that interest them with ease. Also, the United States is one of the top choices for students looking to study abroad since it provides a great atmosphere. You may have fantastic employment chances if you study MS in the US. Several of the biggest tech corporations and firms are based in the United States. You may immediately anticipate employment with Google, Amazon, IBM, Intel Corporation, Apple, Microsoft, Cognizant, and Lockheed Martin Corporation after completing an MS program in the United States.




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5 Best 2022 Custom Silicone Baby Products



When Can I Sleep With My Baby

Over time, silicone baby products have grown increasingly well-liked, and for good reason.An item made of silicone for babies is the way to go if you’re searching for something that is very strong, long-lasting, and able to handle high temperatures and pressures and are incredibly safe for your infant. Additionally, they are frequently quite inexpensive. You’ve come to the right site if you’re seeking for the top silicone baby products available. We’ll be looking at some of the top silicone baby goods available at Newtop Rubber in 2022. Below, see the winning best 2022 products:

Wholesale Custom BPA Silicone Baby Training Toothbrush– This is a toothbrush that is specially designed for infants and young children. The silicone toothbrush is made of soft, flexible silicone, and the bristles are extra-soft to protect the gums. The handle is smaller than a regular toothbrush and easy to grip for small hands. The toothbrush also has a suction cup base that helps it stay in place while being used. The Wholesale Custom BPA Silicone Baby Training Toothbrush is designed to assist parents in teaching their children how to properly brush their teeth. Depending on the child’s age and ability, the brush can be used with only water or with toothpaste.


High Quality BPA Wearable Silicone Press Toy Manufacturer- Are products that are suitable for children and ensure that their products meet or exceed safety standards, the company employs a number of methods. These methods include using only high-quality materials, rigorously testing their products, and a strong commitment to safety. The products of the company are intended to assist children in developing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creative thinking. Furthermore, the company’s products are intended to promote child bonding and social interaction.


Silicone Bead Star Teethe Ring-When your child is ready to switch from a bottle to solid food, the Silicone Bead Star Teethe Ring as a Feeder Set is a fantastic tool. The set comes with a spoon, a star-shaped feeder, and a silicone teething ring. The star-shaped feeder is ideal for first foods like purees and cereals, while the teething ring can be used to encourage your baby to experience various textures and flavors. When feeding your baby solid foods, the spoon is ideal. The set is dishwasher safe and composed of secure, non-toxic materials

Silicone Mom and Baby- A brand-new, ground-breaking item called Silicone Mom and Baby is touted as being useful for parenting as a feeding pair. The item is constructed of silicone, a substance that is nontoxic, non-toxic, and dishwasher safe. In addition to a silicone mommy and baby that may be used to feed your child, the device also comes with a silicone bottle and nipple that can be used to transport and store breast milk. The item is touted as being simple to use, clean, and a wonderful method to strengthen parent-child relationships.


Silicon Ice Tray– Any improvement that can ease the burden of parenting is a miracle. One of those items is the silicone ice tray. It is flexible and simple to use because it is composed of silicone. It is quite adaptable and may be used in the microwave and dishwasher. The Silicon Ice Tray works great for generating ice cubes, but it also works well for preparing chocolate, popsicles, and baby food. It is an excellent approach to provide tasty, healthy snacks for your children.



In conclusion, Newtop Rubber is proud to produce custom silicone products that are considered the best because they are very strong, long-lasting, and able to handle high temperatures and pressures incredibly safe for your infant.Try the above baby silicone products and you will enjoy.


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Why Should You Purify Your Drinking Water?  



Why Should You Purify Your Drinking Water?

The problem with drinking tap water is that it contains harmful toxins and inorganic compounds like lead. Consuming all these elements in excess can cause high blood pressure and kidney problems.

Because of the pollution in our water, we must find a way to filter out these pollutants in drinking water. RO purifier also removes the microparticles which are smaller than 10 microns. If you search for ‘RO service near me in Delhi’, you will find a true guide who can help you find the right purifier for you.

The main reason for RO water purification to be so much popular is its ability to filter out impurities from the water. It can clean the majority of bacteria, viruses and other elements that can cause serious health problems.  A Kent RO water purification system can help you solve these problems and ensure clean drinking water. In this post, there are a few important reasons why you should purify your drinking water.

10 Reasons To Use Water Purifiers:  

Remove Unsafe Contaminants 

It is actually not possible to take out all the contaminants from your drinking water, so the local water authorities have set a  level of some specific substances that is allowed in the water. Lead, chlorine, pesticides, bacteria, viruses and many more biological and radiological elements and substances are present in the water supply. Water that passes these specific standards is generally considered safe to drink.

Improve The Taste And Kills Odour Of Your Regular Tap Water 

One of the most common problems people find in tap water taste involves chlorine, which is a common disinfectant used across the world.  Everyone wants to drink fresh and clean water with a neutral taste and no strong flavour or odour. It is not only satisfying but also has an impact on your health and quality of life. When we talk about the odour the most abominating is the smell of different chemicals.

A water purification system helps remove harmful substances and it also improves the smell ,taste and clarity of your drinking water. It also helps to reduce the amount of chlorine, impurities, and other inorganic substances and chemicals in water.

Drinking Purified Water Makes The Human Digestion System Strong 

The main cause of indigestion always lies in the stomach when we consume unhealthy food and impure water. The water which is full of harmful substance, impacts our digestion and leads to severe health problems. If you are suffering from a gut-related problem, start drinking purified water to restore normal bowel movements.

Filtered Water Is Free From Harmful Substances Like Lead

Water purification systems remove the available lead  in the water quite efficiently. With a purifier, you can expect to keep your family away from the diseases caused by all toxicity. It is a well known fact that, lead is one of the major causes of affecting learning disorders among growing children. For this reason, water purification is extremely necessary if you have kids. RO service in Delhi helps you get lead-free filtered water at a very reasonable price.

You Help To Reduce Plastic Waste

Packaged drinking water is clean and safe, but when a person buys them on a regular basis and throws the empty bottles away they make their surrounding dirty. These plastic bottles are not recyclable and are harmful for environment. It means as you drink clean water with added minerals, but at the same time you are contributing to environmental pollution. But if you use  water filters, you reduce the use of plastic, and help to keep the environment safe and protected.

Makes Your Water Safer To Drink

In many countries, municipal water treatment systems are usually pretty effective. However public water treatment is not always perfect or reliable. There are multiple occasions where impure elements such as lead from old water pipes or residue from the use of pesticides mixes in the regular tap water. Extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rainfall, can also fail municipal water treatment facilities.

The Bottom Line 

So, while tap water offers convenience at the cost of your health, RO water purifiers give you pure water that is safe to drink. They are not only easy to install, but also one of the best investments you can make for your family’s health.

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