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Festival Cannes Shorts awarded its winners!



Few days ago in hearth of French riviera we witnessed glamorous event organised by Cannes Shorts film festival which is mainly focused on youth and filmmakers at the beginning of

their career. Cannes Shorts is a unique film festival located in South of France and it was created by internationally renowned artists and filmmakers as a showcase opportunity for young emerging talent.

““ Unlike other big festivals we are mainly focused on short films as we believe that a good quality shortfilm can be a potential starter of a successful career in film and tv industry. We accept films of all genres under 40 minutes in length“ said president of the festival Lucca Rusin. This 2 days long event apart from great food included also interesting screenings and 4 Q&As with directors and city tour with the guide. We had a chance to see several magnificent short films pciked up by programing team and their authors. One of the first films which we seen at the festival was Struggle in the Dark which was Directed by Nelson KaLok from Hong Kong. This 27 minute drama shot for only 6000 dollars impresed jury so much that it recieved an award for Best Film. Second interesting project which worth mention was Struggle In America – Unarmed and Black

directed by Brother-Michael Katlow Cox. Each evening we visited networking recepction at Couleria restaurant which was attended also by industry guests.

Festival itself is looking in to the future and would like to expand also in other cities. “This year we had guests from more than 7 countires. During our meetings we had an idea to expand our screenings also to other counties…“ saidRusin. We really hope we will have a chance to visit this festival again and and we wish it a good luck in its bright future.


Diana Ross

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How to Look and Feel Fabulous on Your Wedding Day



How to Look and Feel Fabulous on Your Wedding Day

When you are getting married, you can find that you harbor a lot of stress. Worrying about how your outfit will look and even panicking about how smoothly the day will go might be just two things affecting you. If you feel too consumed in the run-up to your wedding day, you may fail to enjoy the day properly and feel your best. To reduce your stress now, you must start focusing on yourself and what you need; doing so will help you look and feel amazing for your wedding day when it comes around.

Relax and De-stress

De-stressing before your big day may feel unnatural to you. However, you will find that when you let go of the stress, you develop a much happier state of mind and approach the whole wedding. When you are stressed, it is hard to focus on how important it is just to enjoy yourself. To fully de-stress and relax, you will need to put in the work. You will have to focus on delegating tasks and responsibilities. In doing so, you can then schedule some time to relax and focus on other activities or areas of your life.

Get Plenty of Rest

Rest and relaxation are good for your skin (as well as your well-being overall). If you are not getting adequate rest and sleep in the run-up to your wedding, you may find that your skin is dry, and you may find that you have dark circles under your eyes. If you are struggling to get the rest you need, try getting into a new sleeping habit before your big day arrives. Also, try cutting down on the amount of caffeine you consume, and aim to get at least eight hours of sleep a night.

Look After Your Skin

Your skin will be one of the first things everyone sees on the wedding day, and it will be captured in all photos and videos. To make sure you have flawless skin for your wedding day, you must start looking after your skin with a new regime. This may mean that you are exfoliating more regularly than you currently do as well as moisturizing every morning and evening. Plus, it may mean that you are turning to new cleansing products. When you start taking better care of yourself, you can get the natural and healthy glow that will shine through on your wedding day.

Eat a Healthy and Balanced Diet

When you feel good, you look good. To aid this mantra and mindset, you will need to improve your diet. Eating a healthy and well-balanced diet that gives you the nutrition and protein you need is crucial. Going on a super strict diet before your wedding day is not really recommended as this can put your body under extra stress. However, if you focus on adopting a better approach to food and look at changing the meals you eat in the run-up to your wedding, you will be able to establish a healthier way of life that can continue after your wedding day is over.

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Outdoor Movie Theater Near Me: The Benefits of Outdoor Movies



Outdoor Movie Theater Near Me

Going to the movies is still a popular form of entertainment. Many people enjoy going to the movies to see their favorite new releases. Yet, this is possible due to time constraints and the high cost of movie tickets.

Do you consider building an outdoor movie theater in your backyard? Did you know that outdoor movie is more popular than you think?

One benefit of watching an outdoor movie theater near me is that you are not restricted to a location. You get to enjoy the weather while also monitoring your film! You will need things for guests to sit on and to shield them from bad weather.

Keeping track of sound is another crucial factor in secure that viewers. These factors can also improve the experience by allowing interaction over activities.

Continue reading to learn about the benefits of outdoor movies.

Relax and Lessen the Tension

The main benefit is the clearest and is associated with the entertainment offered. The movie helps people relax and reduces anxiety and stress. When we watch a movie, we “ignore” the outside world to concentrate on what is happening on the screen.

Unlike reading, which is a better active activity, watching movies is intended that makes it easier to relax. You may visit premiere outdoor films for an outdoor movie screen rental.

Enhancing Your Outdoor Movie Theater Near Me Experience

The outdoor movie theater lets you pick your position and see the film from any angle. Additionally, the sound rate is unrivaled and creates an exceptional experience.

You may manage your famous movies with family or friends while holding food and drinks in the exact location. You may enjoy the wonderful outdoor movie theater into a great movie experience.

You Can Unite With Your Neighborhood

The outdoor movie theater near me shows you the ideal chance to be in neighborhood events if you’ve never had the option. You may go to a movie with a few of your neighbors with who you only sometimes make an effort to socialize. You could also get to know some new neighbors you keep the pleasure of getting to know before.

Additionally, networking might result in the finest outcomes over time. You might make a new acquaintance or meet someone who can advance your career.

You Get To Spend Time Outside

Take advantage of the pleasant weather since summer only lasts for three months of the year. The actual open air is one of the best aspects of the open-air cinema concept.The summer’s splendor serves as a backdrop for whatever the movie may be, and you get to be one with nature.

The temperature feels perfect for watching a movie. How many times have you attended a movie indoors and frozen due to the air conditioning? When you’re outside, the warm summer air and the chilly summer breeze are both present.

The Magic of an Outdoor Cinema Experience

An outdoor movie theater near me offers breezes and a comfortable temperature. It shows the ideal environment for cuddling up with your date and having a sweet moment.

A night at an outdoor movie theater can be a unique experience with added privacy and calmness. An outdoor movie guide gets a unique, magical experience and sparks that last a lifetime.

If you liked this article, you should learn about our other blogs to learn more.

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Top 8 Must-Visit Places If Looking For Events Tonight Philadelphia



Top 8 Must-Visit Places If Looking For Events Tonight Philadelphia

Philadelphia, a city rich in arts, culture, and history, is a unique fusion of old and contemporary music. It includes state-of-the-art concert halls and repurposed and rebuilt buildings among ancient locations like the Academy of Music, the country’s first opera theater, and many others.

Furthermore, there are many activities you can engage in while exploring Philadelphia. Therefore, if you want to uncover the top events taking place in the city tonight, try looking up events tonight in Philadelphia.

Here are some top places you can visit during your tour to Philadelphia.

Must-Visit Places For Live Music In Philadelphia

> Time

Watch some top jazz and funk performers, including Philadelphian Peter Gaudioso, sipping on one of 166 different whiskeys. Check out Time’s website for a complete listing of their activities, including open mic nights.

> Victor Cafe

Victor Cafe is located in the center of South Philadelphia and is not technically a live venue. It is the only place in town where you can get a drink, a filling Italian meal, and listen to live opera singers without going to the Academy of Music. You are led through lovely music and meatballs by opera-singing waiters and waitresses.

> The Twisted Tail

The Twisted Tail is a must-visit place for lovers of live music in Philadelphia due to its juke joint atmosphere, innovative Cajun-inspired menu, and excellent whiskey selection. Bring your harmonica to an open blues jam, or come to hear live electric and acoustic blues from Philly cats and other national brands.

> Howl at the Moon

This is not your father’s piano bar as in “Mad Men,” where a man in a suit plays Sinatra songs. Howl at the Moon features pianists tearing through modern tunes and rock standards (think Billy Joel and Beyonce), with patrons serving as lead vocals. One must visit this place if looking for events tonight in Philadelphia. Since they typically have events going on every day.

> The Legendary Dobbs

South Thoroughfare, a well-known Philadelphia street, was where all the hippies congregated, and Dobbs, where they went to hear live music, according to The Orlons 1963 song of the same name. The Legendary Dobbs is the venue where bands like Nirvana, Rufus Wainwright, Green Day, and Pearl Jam debuted before becoming famous. Today, its modest stage is the venue of choice for local rock, soul, and acoustic musicians. Hence, if you are looking for live music in Philadelphia you must visit the Legendary Dobbs.

> Chris’ Jazz Cafe

Chris deserves high praise for being the only live jazz venue in downtown Philadelphia. The Chris’ Jazz Cafe often reserves national jazz acts, in addition to hosting Philadelphia-based students who hold open jam sessions and large-scale presentations of their music. As if that weren’t enough, the French-inspired cuisine is superb, and the bartenders create a mean Moscow Mule.

> Kung Fu Necktie

Below the Market-Frankford are Fishtown El, a hidden small-scale venue for regional and touring indie, hardcore, punk, hip-hop, and metal groups, and DJ parties on the weekends. Therefore, now is the time to go to live music events in Philadelphia. Don’t hesitate to go; you will likely enjoy yourself.

> World Café Live

World Café Live is a live music venue that offers reserved seats rather than public admission standing room only and is located in University City. This makes the event more intimate. A complete bar is available at World Café Live, including creative drinks and regional beer. Every day of the week, live music performances, including various musical genres, are available to patrons.

Wrapping Up

Hence, if you visit the city, check the live music events tonight in Philadelphia for recreation.

If you’re feeling stressed by the pandemic, try taking a vacation or going somewhere close where you can see a live comedy or music performance with family and friends.

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