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EOS Coin Basics and Price Prediction



EOS Coin Basics and Price Prediction

If you have thought about expanding your trading strategy and investment portfolio, then you’re likely to have heard about EOS. However, there’s still a lot you can learn about it. At the very least, you should know about its price prediction and if it has a promising future. 

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What is EOS?

EOS cryptocurrency is based on the blockchain ecosystem, which is dubbed the “next generation.” It has unique characteristics and a record-breaking ICO that has brought about heavy coverage from the media.

The goal of the EOS.IO ecosystem is to make the development of Dapps (decentralized applications) and the integration and programming of smart contracts simpler.

A major characteristic of EOS is how it removes transaction fees with its uniquely created structure. It is also a very scalable platform. According to reports, EOS.IO can perform better than the main credit cards like MasterCard and Visa when it comes to the number of transactions per second. It is, therefore, a very good foundation for developers of decentralized applications.

Features of EOS

EOS has a number of interesting features:

Speed and Scalability

This platform provides the fastest transaction speed within the industry. The latency rate is just a sub-second block of time. This is why EOS.IO is able to support applications of critical tasks.

Highly Customizable

It is possible to deploy blockchain infrastructure that is either public or private, with permission or without it. Smart contracts are very executable, and this makes it easy to apply programmable administration and business logic. Also, you can customize it for your application and commerce needs.

Developer Friendly

It offers developers a wide set of tools, products, and features, alongside substantial training and certification from experts at EOSIO. This helps developers improve their skills. Whether as an expert or novice to the blockchain, it’s easy to go onboard with EOSIO and scale your projects. 

Compliance Focused and Secure

You can enjoy the most recent standards for verification of network security and blockchain with its end-to-end authentication to give you more data safety.

EOS Price Prediction

Price Correlation of EOS and BTC

Like many crypto assets, EOS coin price prediction and its price depend on the value of BTC. So, if there’s a bull run on BTC, EOS will likely have the same.

EOS Price Throughout 2021

Covid-19 affected the price of cryptocurrencies negatively, but they have stabilized. For 2021, the price of EOS (its USD value) is likely to continue to rise with an overall rise in the market. With BTC taking the lead role and pulling the prices in the market, EOS has less room to shine. However, the ratio of EOS/BTC may slump massively.

If you’re looking to buy EOS or BTC anonymously, securely, and fast, you can do that on the exchange.

Final Thoughts

EOS is the next-generation blockchain system and coin with a high transaction speed. Like many other cryptos, it correlates with Bitcoin, and it’s easy for EOS users to follow the movement of BTC. Following previous performances of EOS, its correlation with BTC will continue to be significant.

You can exchange EOS and BTC on Godex service.

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Bitcoin Can Be Used to Buy A Tesla




Bitcoin Can Be Used to Buy A Tesla

Last Wednesday, Bitcoin prices reached a new high when it was declared as an accepted mode of payment to buy Tesla cars.

In his tweet, Tesla founder and CEO, Elon Musk said that customers can now buy Tesla with Bitcoin. This is not the first time Musk has publicly announced his interest in cryptocurrency. Recently, Tesla invested over $1.5Bn in Bitcoin which led to its all-time high during last month.

The development added to the upward swing in the controversial e-currency that is now ready to be used as a mainstream asset to be bartered and exchanged for goods and services.

The tweet said:

“You can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin”.

In its primary phase, this mode of payment is only available for customers in the US. However, Musk added that the expansion to other countries and regions is on its way. According to his remarks, other countries can benefit from this development “later this year”.

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Another bit of this step that helped Bitcoin reach a new high is that the Bitcoin will not be converted into fiat money after the purchase but will remain so. This way, the company will boost its holding of over $1.5Bn in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin price fell last month due to speculations, but after this step from Tesla, has now crossed the previous ceiling and reached new heights. Following suit, other fintech giants, like MasterCard and BNY Mellon have announced plans to integrate Bitcoin in their systems for a wide range of functions.

“I think bitcoin is really on the verge of getting broad acceptance by sort of the conventional finance people,” said SpaceX & Tesla CEO.

Author’s Bio:

Ella James is a professional Content writer & Content Marketer at Citylocal Pro. Based in California, is an author and blogger with experience in encounter composing on various topics including but not limited to Home, Décor, Technology, Food, Marketing/Advertising, Travel, Lifestyle, etc.


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Tabtrader Alternative




Tabtrader Alternative

It is very easy to compare the rates of two different Forex markets using a Tabtrader alternative account. The first thing you should do is find a Forex broker that will let you use their service. There are many brokers on the market today and finding a good one for you can be done fairly easily. Next, open a Tabtrader alternative account. These accounts allow traders to trade in multiple currencies while maintaining their original account.

Traders in the Forex trading business enjoy many advantages when they use a Tabtrader alternative currency trading account. First, Forex trading takes place at all times around the clock in any part of the world where there is Internet access. That means traders can trade currencies around the world and have their transactions wire crossed in seconds. This means they never miss a trading opportunity. And when they do, they only need to click a few buttons and their trades are live.

Traders also have more control than they would have with a regular broker over which currencies they trade. A Tabtrader alternative can offer traders real-time FX quotes. The quotes display the rate of exchange for the two currencies being traded. This information can be displayed in real time by looking at the real time quotes on the broker’s website. This gives traders the ability to quickly see if they are getting a good deal on a certain currency or not.

Online Forex trading allows traders to make money from their investments faster. They are able to buy and sell currencies faster than with a broker. With Tabtrader price, you also have the ability to set up automatic transactions so you don’t have to be there monitoring your trades all the time. The automatic process allows you to receive a payout automatically once your transaction is complete.

Forex trading is considered as an unpredictable market. A Tabtrader alternative allows you to place limit orders that will be executed based on the current market rates without your intervention. You are also able to place unlimited orders. This allows you to be in the trading market, and yet not be involved in the exchange rate fluctuations that often occur on the exchange market.

One disadvantage that some brokers may offer is the lack of leverage. Leverage allows you to get larger profits from each trade. Since the Tabtrader platform does not offer this feature, you may find yourself losing trades that you did not have the financial backing to back them. There are also other types of trading software that offer higher levels of leverage. Some of these programs also have the ability to provide the same services as the traditional brokers, such as executing orders and monitoring the market.

Many traders use Tabtrader as their primary trading platform, but there are also some who use it as an alternative for forex options trading. Tabtrader offers a wide range of features, such as market analysis and signals, that can be useful for options trading. The service does offer its advantages over other options trading platforms. However, it does have its disadvantages as well. For example, many users find the lack of leverage helpful when making investments.

However, even though there are many positives and negatives to this type of trading software, it is still available at a low price. Tabtrader is also extremely easy to learn and use. Most of its features are also supported by other brokers, so you do not need to change brokers if you find one better suited to your trading needs. It is also a great option for those who wish to trade options, as well as stocks and other volatile markets.

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