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EOS Coin Basics and Price Prediction



EOS Coin Basics and Price Prediction

If you have thought about expanding your trading strategy and investment portfolio, then you’re likely to have heard about EOS. However, there’s still a lot you can learn about it. At the very least, you should know about its price prediction and if it has a promising future. 

Let’s get started!

What is EOS?

EOS cryptocurrency is based on the blockchain ecosystem, which is dubbed the “next generation.” It has unique characteristics and a record-breaking ICO that has brought about heavy coverage from the media.

The goal of the EOS.IO ecosystem is to make the development of Dapps (decentralized applications) and the integration and programming of smart contracts simpler.

A major characteristic of EOS is how it removes transaction fees with its uniquely created structure. It is also a very scalable platform. According to reports, EOS.IO can perform better than the main credit cards like MasterCard and Visa when it comes to the number of transactions per second. It is, therefore, a very good foundation for developers of decentralized applications.

Features of EOS

EOS has a number of interesting features:

Speed and Scalability

This platform provides the fastest transaction speed within the industry. The latency rate is just a sub-second block of time. This is why EOS.IO is able to support applications of critical tasks.

Highly Customizable

It is possible to deploy blockchain infrastructure that is either public or private, with permission or without it. Smart contracts are very executable, and this makes it easy to apply programmable administration and business logic. Also, you can customize it for your application and commerce needs.

Developer Friendly

It offers developers a wide set of tools, products, and features, alongside substantial training and certification from experts at EOSIO. This helps developers improve their skills. Whether as an expert or novice to the blockchain, it’s easy to go onboard with EOSIO and scale your projects. 

Compliance Focused and Secure

You can enjoy the most recent standards for verification of network security and blockchain with its end-to-end authentication to give you more data safety.

EOS Price Prediction

Price Correlation of EOS and BTC

Like many crypto assets, EOS coin price prediction and its price depend on the value of BTC. So, if there’s a bull run on BTC, EOS will likely have the same.

EOS Price Throughout 2021

Covid-19 affected the price of cryptocurrencies negatively, but they have stabilized. For 2021, the price of EOS (its USD value) is likely to continue to rise with an overall rise in the market. With BTC taking the lead role and pulling the prices in the market, EOS has less room to shine. However, the ratio of EOS/BTC may slump massively.

If you’re looking to buy EOS or BTC anonymously, securely, and fast, you can do that on the exchange.

Final Thoughts

EOS is the next-generation blockchain system and coin with a high transaction speed. Like many other cryptos, it correlates with Bitcoin, and it’s easy for EOS users to follow the movement of BTC. Following previous performances of EOS, its correlation with BTC will continue to be significant.

You can exchange EOS and BTC on Godex service.

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3 Things Everybody Needs to Know About Buying Bitcoin



3 Things Everybody Needs to Know About Buying Bitcoin

Many people consider cryptocurrency as the new way forward when it comes to their investments. Cryptocurrency includes Bitcoin, which has become a leading force in the market in recent years.

Are you planning to buy bitcoin now? This article will give you some tips about buying and investing here.

Bitcoin investment refers to using any fiat currencies such as dollars, euros, etc., in buying Bitcoin. Of course, you could also use your retirement funds or other types of funds for investing in a legitimate Bitcoin IRA.


How Can You Invest in Bitcoin?

Investing in Bitcoin will likely depend on the country you live in. If you live in developed countries, then you will have more choices and more liquidity. Among the various Bitcoin brokers, Coinbase is the largest in the world. It is available in different countries such as the UK, Singapore, United States, Canada, and most parts of Europe.

Is It Safe to Invest in Bitcoin?

Buying Bitcoin is just the same as buying any other currency and of course, being cautious help since its price could rise and fall at any time compared to other currencies. What makes Bitcoin different from other traditional investments is that you can choose to keep the coins yourself, or you can let a trusted third party do it for you.

If you choose to hold them yourself, you risk losing them forever if you don’t store them securely. A third party is safer, of course. But it also comes with the attendant risks, such as being hacked.  Also, it would not be easy to get it replaced.

If your bank has been robbed, the US government can save the bank through the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (or FDIC). Hence, as a bank customer, you will not be at risk of having your funds stolen. However, Bitcoin is a bit different.

Important points about Bitcoin

The supply of Bitcoin is limited. Only about 21 million will ever exist. Hence, if you lose a Bitcoin, then it will not be easily replaced. When they are gone, they are generally gone for good.

However, if the third party keeping your Bitcoins gets hacked, they could cover the loss since they can afford to, just as Binance did. Many third-party apps have a legal obligation to do so.

Another important point to consider is that Bitcoin will not inflate compared to US dollars.

Why is this significant? Every time your government prints more money, then its value will get less over time. For example, if the price of a soda were $0.10 before, it would probably cost around $1.50 now due to inflation.

When you buy Bitcoin, you need to understand that Bitcoin is deflationary. In other words, the value of the coins will keep on increasing over time. Today, you can buy more with your Bitcoin than you could before. Therefore, buying Bitcoin may have its risks, but so does keeping some dollars. It will depend on you, which one you trust more.

When Should You Buy Bitcoin?

Just like any market, nothing is certain. Your guess is just as good as anyone else’s. It is difficult to predict near-term Bitcoin prices. Historically, the value of Bitcoin has quickly increased, then it gradually slows down until it stabilises. However, if you know what you’re doing, you can see more returns for your money if you buy Bitcoin now.

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Is PKT Cash Crypto A Pyramid Scheme?



Is PKT Cash Crypto A Pyramid Scheme

Pyramid schemes are all the same. Some friend of yours that you haven’t seen since high school calls you or messages you that you haven’t seen each other for years. They invite you to catch up over a cup of coffee or over dinner.

When they ask how you’ve been, they start the rehearsed talk where they’re trying to make you a part of their multi-level marketing business. It’s always presented in a nice package where if you join, you’re going to make a lot of money fast. You just need to invite a few friends, and they need to invite some more friends.

The reason multi-level marketing scams are called pyramid schemes is that they resemble the monolithic structures that were built with a lot of labor. In Ancient Egypt, the pharaohs were the ones who controlled everything. Visit this page for more information

They were at the top, and then everyone else was working for them. It took a lot of hours to build a single one of those monumental buildings. Now, most people don’t understand the basic laws of economics, and that’s why they might be tricked into believing that getting rich is a quick process.

However, it takes a lot of time and effort to make something on your own. Speaking of pyramid schemes, most people are oblivious to the biggest one of all, which is fiat currencies. In one sense, it might be even good that most people don’t know how the system works exactly because if they did, then the whole world would catch on fire overnight. Let’s compare central banks to the top of a pyramid scheme and see how the systems are closely related.

Is the money we’re using a scam?

Is the money we're using a scam

The people who profit from a pyramid scheme are the ones at the top. They make the most money at the expense of the people who enter last. Now, banks create money out of thin air. We used to work on the gold standard, but that’s long gone.

At the moment, the main goal of the government, along with the central banks, is to suppress the prices of precious metals since they’re the antithesis of fiat currency. The free market already decided that gold was the best option when it came to using money, and plenty of entrepreneurs still think the same.

The paper money that we use was meant to be an abstraction of the precious metal, making it easier to transact. It was never meant for the dollar to completely replace the yellow metal. Now that no one has the option to go to a bank and redeem an equal amount of gold as they have dollars, the central banks and governments have gained complete autonomy over the scarcity and the power that money can have.

They’re essentially taking the money from the poorest people and quickly distributing it upwards. If you’ve paid attention to the news, you might have heard the term quantitative easing. This is the process where new bills are created by the push of a button.

Whenever something like this happens, the multi-level marketing scheme gains another layer. The levels at the top create the interest rates, and it’s up to the people at the bottom of the money chain to repay it. If Robin Hood was to see this system, he’d want to fight it right away.

You might know that mathematically, every pyramid scheme must come to an end. What happens when everyone in the world is included. Well, the supply of fiat currency can increase, and it will continue to work as long as people remain productive and passive in their spending.

The things we’re going to see in the future are higher taxes and a higher amount of inflation. One of the reasons for this is the choice to issue out stimulus checks which could leave the United States of America into a state of hyperinflation.

Is there a solution?

One of the best inventions of the 21st century is the digital representation of gold, which is Bitcoin. This is the genius solution to the entire monetary economy since it’s going to destabilize the hold of the government and central banks. Each currency has the traits of a pyramid scheme.

The ones who adopted it first are going to have bigger rewards since they put their trust into the future. Well, the greatest thing about Bitcoin is that it’s capped at 21 million units. There’s not going to be a single one after that. This means that the rate of inflation for the next 130 years is going to be zero.

Compare that to the average inflation of the dollar, which can range anywhere from 2 to 7 percent per year. If we put all of the mediums of exchange on the free market and let it do its job, the only two options that would come out would be Bitcoin and gold.

The blockchain makes a level playing ground to earn pkt since everyone can take a look at what’s happening. It’s money that’s scarce, and no one can steal it. This makes it corruption-proof. At the moment, it’s controlled by the people, and governments can’t govern it.

You can think of this invention as the philosopher’s stone which can turn any metal it touches into gold. We can think of it as an agent of change which will revolutionize the monetary economic system back to the time where everyone had a chance.

Another revolution on the blockchain is the invention of PKT Cash, which is a project that wants to make the internet more accessible to everyone. Since Bitcoin is something that only works thanks to the power of the internet, the internet service providers can decide to shut it down.

This project aims for its users to use the same networks without relying on internet service providers. This will improve privacy, and there will be no restrictions when it comes to bandwidth. Thanks to the power of the blockchain, everyone can be a part of it.

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Best Cryptocurrency Wallets in 2021



Best Cryptocurrency Wallets in 2021

Are you new to cryptocurrency and bitcoins? You might store your digital currency in crypto exchange sites like Kraken or Coinbase.

Getting a crypto wallet is extremely important to save your keys, money, and login information safe from hackers, stealers, and everyone else. When you use a third-party site it becomes vulnerable to security issues and hackers, which is why a crypto wallet can enormously benefit you.

A cryptocurrency wallet is the only way to protect your exchange outages, and investments from hackers and your own paper hands are one of the best crypto cold wallets.

If you are using a hardware wallet, no one can access your Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies without that particular hardware device or its backup seed phrase. Hardware wallets are best to use when you want to keep your cryptocurrency tokens with passwords, pin codes, and biometrics.

So, are you looking for a USB hardware wallet to keep with you wherever you go, or do you want a metal-stamped seed phrase reminder that will stay safe even if your house burns down? These metal-stamped cold wallets are the best to use to protect your Ethereum, bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. The choice of cryptocurrency wallet is dependent on the type of digital currency you want to protect.

Here are some of the best wallets to protect your cryptocurrency:

Trezor One

If you’re unable to purchase Trezor Model T, then you can go for Model One because it’s not that costly. This is the original hardware cryptocurrency wallet but it doesn’t mean that it’s not secure. This wallet doesn’t have a colorful touch screen and does not maintain a wide collection of cryptocurrencies. It will give all the protection you need for Bitcoin and perform more than 1600 other currencies plus it’s affordable.

Just like Model T, the Trezor One has the same security system of the pin code and the same strong encryption. Its size is small and makes it easier for you to fit anywhere or can be hidden in a small box too. It can also be tied with popular software wallets like Exodus and Electrum for better monitoring and access.

Maybe this wallet is no longer the perfect digital assets wallet out there but it’s one of the most affordable one to protect your cryptocurrency investments.

Billfodl Steel Wallet

In case your hardware wallet is damaged, the 12-24 seed phrase is the only solution to recover your Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. This creates a dangerous point of failure in the events like flooding or house fires. So, why not making your seed phrase security with a wallet that is made up of steel? Isn’t it the best solution from Billfold?

This wallet comes with all the pre-engraved letter tiles that you may need to create an unbreakable reference to replace or backup your paper seed phrase document. It has the BIP39 wordlist, you just need to put the starting four letters of each seed word to recognize them. Slide the letter in each line of this steel wallet to back up your 12-24 word seed phrase for your ease and peace of mind. Bitcoin mining machines for sale to make more Bitcoins.

The laser-cut pieces in this steel wallet are designed to slot easily into the wallet and will remain in the same place as long as you need them to. The Billfold Steel Wallet has been tested against water, fire, and electricity and can survive anything you would throw on it.

Trezor Model T

Model T real cold wallet created by Satoshi Labs is one of the best designs that feature the same outstanding security with a more suitable touchscreen for inputs that lacks in Model One and it also supports a broad array of cryptocurrencies. With top currencies like Ethererum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, this Model T also supports Cardano, Ripple (XRP), Monero among more than 1600 other currencies.

The reason why Model T is popular among cold wallets is because of its excellent security. It’s on the top of the list of the best cryptocurrency wallets. This cold wallet secures your private keys and makes sure that it’s impossible to recover them remotely.

The pin code you will set will protect the device from interference. The Model T is open source and has been inspected by security researchers to ensure that it provides what it promises!

Ledger Nano S

The longstanding Ledger Nano S is a trusted cryptocurrency hardware wallet that has an intuitive design with strong protections for your cryptocurrency in a lightweight and compact form factor. It supports over 1000 tokens and cryptocurrencies, and can also integrate with many best crypto wallets apps to use with ease for transactions and transfers from your cryptocurrency wallet.

The Ledger Nano S supports BIP39 seed phrases, which converts your private key into a 24-word phrase for backup ease if you lost it or damaged your Ledger Nano S like many other cold wallets.

This is the latest and more feature-filled substitute to the S. It can maintain a wide array of currencies, can interact directly with your smartphone device for easy trading of funds plus it has a high-resolution screen. However many users consider its included Bluetooth connectivity and battery as more of a threat of security than an asset.

The Big Display Wallet

The Big Display Wallet is designed to work well with the ShapeShift currency exchange platform. The KeepKey makes it easy to trade between different currencies. It’s great for those who like to try at a time when the market makes the most of their investments and rides any waves of interest. It provides the same kind of offline cold storage for your private and public keys and also has a backup seed phrase of 12 words but can also be adjusted to 16 or 24 if you lost or damaged your KeepKey.

The most important features of KeepKey’s software are that it’s all open-source and can be scrutinized on GitHub if you want. This wallet is also protected by a personalized pin code of your choice to improve security.

Which Wallet You Should Buy?

If you want to store a larger amount of cryptocurrency for a long period then it’s a good idea to buy a hardware wallet. Otherwise, it depends on what type of security measures you want to protect your Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Security is the main reason to buy a cryptocurrency wallet so we can recommend the Trezor Model T because it has compatibility with 1600 forms of cryptocurrencies plus it provides 2-Factor Authentication that saves your device from interference and it also comes with some unique features too.

Author/Bio: Taha Kamal is a conscious online marketer, who has helped brands like VPNRanks, FastestVPN, Gaditek and others harness the power of digital marketing. He is passionate about writing content on Marketing strategies, WordPress ecosystem, and Technology.

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