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Coronavirus, looking back at March 2021



I wrote my first article about COVID-19 on February 27, 2020, and wrote 5 articles related to this topic during March 2020.  I thought it would be a good idea to look back at my thoughts during that time, and see how much of what I said was true, and how much was off target.

And for the next year should I plan on taking advantage of Intertops casino bonus or can I actually plan that Las Vegas vacation I was thinking about going on a year and a half ago?

Are we close to a vaccine or is it still 18 months away? (Feb 2020)

By February 27, 2020, Trump was already talking about having a vaccine “very soon”.  Others were saying it was at least 18 months away.  On September 1, 2021, we will have reached the 18 month mark.

Politicians, don’t take any of them seriously

Unless you have been living in a bubble, the United States is currently in the middle of the most heated presidential elections in US history.  So, if the statement is coming out the mouth of a politician, take it with a grain of salt.  About half of what they are saying is probably true, and the rest is politics.

A COVID vaccine did get to market by February 2021.  That was great.  It helped with the original COVID-19.  But viruses mutate, and people can still be carriers and they still get sick.  For the most part, it is not hospital sick, and people dying as with the original COVID-19.  On the downside, the vaccine seems to become less “powerful” after 6 months.  But it is unclear exactly how it is not as powerful.  With people with immune system problems, did the vaccine just not hold or does the vaccine just not work?  I do not know, and I do not think that even the people who created the vaccine know.

Around 1995-2000, the FDA started to accept PDF submissions.  First, it was an option, and then it became a requirement.  The days of tractor trailers driving up to the FDA offices were gone, but it still took, on average, 3 years for a drug to be approved for mass production.

Around the year 2000, the FDA changed its procedures, so instead of a company doing all of their research and then submitting everything, all at once, at the end of the process, they were allowed to submit things piece by piece.  This change reduced the timeframe for an average drug submission from 3 years to 18 months.

That is still true.  And when companies are given an incentive to put a certain project to the front of the line, and the FDA puts certains products to the front of the line, that 18 month number can be cut in half.

So which number is right?

The answer is that they are both right.

The 18-month figure is an average figure. That figure can be cut down by a specific drug being put to the front of the line.  It can also be cut down by assigning additional people to evaluate the data.

But there are some things in the process that cannot be sped up.  Checking antibodies 3 months in the future, 6 months in the future, 12 months into the future, etc.  Although companies can run simulations and make expected predictions, nothing is going to take the place of seeing in real-time, under “normal” conditions, if something is or is not effective.

The second paragraph is especially true.  When governments started to give the vaccine to the population, they did not know what the antibody levels would be like at 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, in the future.  The COVID vaccines do not maintain antibody levels at a point where they can fight off variants of the virus to the same level as the original virus.

How to beat the odds of getting COVID-19? (Feb 2020)

Understand how the Coronavirus is the same and different than a “normal” cold or flu.  First, how long the time between somebody being exposed to a virus before showing signs of infection.  For a regular cold, the time period is one to three days.  For the flu, it is one to four days.  For the Coronavirus, it is between two and 14 days.  To put it simply, the time between exposure and showing symptoms is a lot longer.

This is still true.

With the original COVID-19 variant, people tended to develop symptoms or test positive between 5 and 8 days after exposure.  They can be contagious 48 hours before showing symptoms or testing positive with a peak at 5.61 days.

For the Delta Variant, the time between initial exposure to a positive COVID test was 3 to 5 days with a peak at 3.71 days.  Infected individuals with the Delta variant were contagious 2 days earlier than the original COVID patients, and they had a much higher viral load.  So there was a lot more of the virus in their body that they could potentially transmit to others.

Delta variant COVID patients had viral loads that were 1260 times higher than original COVID patients.

The reason for this is that the Delta variants “likes the human body” much more than the original COVID virus, so it makes it much easier to reproduce.

If you were to graph the growth of the virus inside two individuals — one infected with the original version of the virus, the other infected with the Delta variant — both would start at zero, but the growth line for the Delta-infected individual would rise much more steeply. Not only would that individual’s viral load reach a detectable level (positive PCR test) more quickly; it would also reach an infectious level sooner. An individual infected with the original strain of the virus would, on average, become able to transmit the virus between three and four days after exposure, in the 48 hours before developing symptoms or testing positive. In contrast, it appears that someone infected with the Delta variant may be able to infect others within a day or two of being exposed.

What exactly is going on with the Delta COVID variant and vaccines? (Aug 2021)

Vaccination is highly protective against severe illness, hospitalization, and death — even when it comes to the Delta variant. We also have evidence that fully vaccinated people are less likely to transmit the SARS-CoV-2 virus to others. “But no vaccine is 100 percent effective,” Stuopis emphasizes. “And because Delta reproduces so quickly and efficiently, it appears that the virus can sometimes reach detectable and infectious levels in vaccinated people before the vaccine-mediated immune response kicks in. Vaccination will likely keep you from getting really sick. It may keep you from developing any symptoms at all. But it might not keep you from spreading the virus to others.”

To put it in layman’s terms, when a vaccinated person gets exposed to the Delta variant of COVID, it becomes a race against time.  The Delta COVID variant against the vaccine’s immune response?  Each working.  Each fighting.  But since the body only knows how to fight the original COVID vaccine, it takes time for the body to learn how to fight the Delta COVID variant.  Since your body has a head start, you do not end up in the hospital.  On the other hand, you can still get sick, you can still transmit it to others.  And the virus does not stop with you.

Do vaccinated people need to wear masks indoors? (Aug 2021)

If you are exposed to the COVID-19 Delta variant, you can expose others 1 ½ days later.  The Delta Variant is more transmittable, because the viral load inside your body is higher.  That means even with brief encounters, you can expose the virus to somebody else.

In August 2021, are covid vaccines worth it?

The simple answer is yes.  In terms of the original COVID variant, which the vaccines were originally designed for, the COVID vaccines work (if you have not previously been exposed).  For the Delta COVID variant, your body still has to learn how to fight the Delta COVID variant, but it is not learning “from scratch”.  So although it takes time for your body to learn how to fight this specific variant of COVID, people are not ending up in the hospital (for the most part).  And from the time that you are contagious to the time that your body learns to fight the Delta COVID variant, you can still get sick.  If you did not have the vaccine, you could potentially end up in the hospital.

Remember, compared to the original COVID variant, the Delta variant has a viral load of 1260 times higher.  And it is a higher viral load inside of your body that can be the difference between ending up in the hospital and not ending up in the hospital.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) described Delta as more transmissible than the common cold and influenza, as well as the viruses that cause smallpox, MERS, SARS, and Ebola—and called it as contagious as chickenpox

The highest spread of cases and severe outcomes is happening in places with low vaccination rates, and virtually all hospitalizations and deaths have been among the unvaccinated, the CDC says.

How long will the pandemic last (realistically)?

So, instead of a three- or four-year pandemic that peters out once enough people are vaccinated, an uptick in cases would be compressed into a shorter period of time. “That sounds almost like a good thing,” Dr. Wilson says. “It’s not.” If too many people are infected at once in a particular area, the local health care system will become overwhelmed, and more people will die, he says. While that might be less likely to happen in the U.S., it will be the case in other parts of the world, he adds. “That’s something we have to worry about a lot.”

This is a question that I have, why don’t we just expose the young and healthy (not people with pre-existing conditions) — expose them to COVID-19, but make sure that they are taking vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, and something to help the zinc absorb in the cells.

Many doctors discard this idea, because you do not know if the person would end up with a serious reaction or just “be sick”.

What are the symptoms of COVID Delta?

Cough and loss of smell are less common.  Headache, sore throat, runny nose, and fever are symptoms of the COVID Delta variant.

How long are you contagious with the Delta COVID variant?

No matter the variant, once you are contagious, you are contagious for 2 weeks.

Is the booster of the COVID vaccine worth it?

Prof. Sir Andrew Pollard, head of the Oxford Vaccine Group, which has contributed to the development of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, has even commented that, in his opinion, the highly transmissible Delta variant has made achieving herd immunity an impossibility.

“The Delta variant will still infect people who have been vaccinated. And that does mean that anyone who’s still unvaccinated at some point will meet the virus […], and we don’t have anything that will [completely] stop that transmission,” he told The Guardian.

Another argument against the booster vaccination is that low income countries still have not vaccinated all of the people in their countries that want to be vaccinated.  Countries like Venezuela have only vaccinated around 8% of their population.


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Why Would Anyone Play Online Slots Free for Fun?



Why Would Anyone Play Online Slots Free for Fun

Today, slots machines are the most popular games in the online gambling industry, and the fact that you can play them for free makes them even more desirable. So, why would anyone play Christmas slots free spins online? Well, we would like to ask why not? They are free, do not require any registrations and offer so much fun and excitement. So why shouldn’t someone play a free slot when they offer so many benefits?

Benefits of Free Slots

Here are a few benefits of playing free slots.

1.    Develop your Skills

Free slots allow you to develop your spinning skills. Yes, you may think that slots are all about pressing the spin button again and again until you score a jackpot. However, in reality, slot games are much more complex. First of all, you should know how to read the game’s functionalities, variance, RTPs, volatilities and risk factors. Secondly, you cannot just set your wagers to the maximum and turn on the auto spinning as it will take only a few minutes before the slot eats up your bankroll. You need to have a betting strategy to beat the game. Some games produce faster wins at lower bets, and others make higher wins for higher stakes. And the best way to strategize your bets and practice your skills is through free slot machines.

2.    Entertainment Value

In addition to learning, the free slots can also deliver an immense feeling of joy and entertainment. After all, who doesn’t like to win, even if it’s just demo credits that you are winning? Besides, slot’s mesmerizing graphics, capturing themes and lively animations combine to offer the best possible entertainment you can get for free.

3.    Check Out Casinos Environment

Online free slots also allow you to test out the casino’s functionalities before making a deposit. They allow you to examine how fast games load up, whether the casino’s software causes any glitches during the game, what is overall feel to play in that specific casino, and if the controls work correctly and efficiently. Besides, free slots also allow you to test and compare casinos’ compatibility with your mobile devices.

Where to Play Free Slots

Here is where you can play your favourite free slots

Online Casinos

One of the best and easiest ways to play free slots online is to find a casino that offers “free promotion”. These promotions are usually delivered to new customers for advertising purposes. Besides, online casinos also offer a limited number of free spins on specific games for existing customers.

These types of free slot promotions are a great and risk-free way to play free slots. But keep in mind that they are subjected to wagering requirements, and you may also need to deposit before claiming your free spins.

Online Gambling Sites

You can also get your hands on a large assortment of free slots by visiting any of the space reviewing websites. Such websites put on a large number of slot machines for you to try. Besides, you can also read out the complete reviews about the game you choose to play.

Social Slots

Social slots are available on social media platforms such as Facebook. These are also free to play games that allow you to head against your friends and family. Besides, these free slots also enable users to accumulate slot coins that can later be redeemed for real money.

Developers Websites

You should check out the game developer’s websites if you’re looking to try out new slots. A vast majority of the software providers offer demo versions of their newly published places free to play and practice.

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No Deposit Slot Offers that are Commonplace in 2021



No Deposit Slot Offers that are Commonplace in 2021

Online slots games are extremely popular and their financial growth in 2021 is predicted to be unprecedented. Online slots form the lion’s share of revenue for the gambling industry as a whole and we’re now talking about a multi-billion-pound industry. It really has become a financial juggernaut. Visit and play MrLuck no deposit free bonus slots.

What are no deposit slots offers?

First things first, if you’re new to online gambling, all this talk of no deposit slots offers may be confusing.

Basically, no deposit slots bonuses are gifts you receive from the online casino that allow you to play on slots without spending any of your own money. Because you don’t have to make a deposit from your e-wallet, you don’t have to risk your own funds – hence a “no deposit bonus”.

You may see these no deposit bonuses come in the form of free spins or extra spins. They’re essentially free credit to play on the site and though they come with caveats and small-print, it’s still a nice gesture to make new players welcome.

In short, all online casinos need to attract new players, and the best way to do this is to give them a free trial of the casino. Most online casinos will try and out-do each other as far as promotions go, so shop around and see what you can find!

What are wagering requirements?

The aforementioned caveats are known as wagering requirements, and they can be a frustrating part of no deposit slot offers seen today.

They exist solely to protect the casino from handing out freebies and bonuses to people who just want to sign up to a site, use up all their welcome package (free spins etc), and move on to the next one.

Therefore, wagering requirements stipulate that if you’re going to enjoy the rewards the site offers you, you’re only going to enjoy them on that one site. There’ll be a certain amount you have to deposit first before you can withdraw any winnings, so if you see 10x wagering requirements, a deposit of £100 will mean you must play through £1000 before you can take home any cash.

Different types of no deposit slot offers around

There are many different types of no deposit slot offers around. Typically you will see the following:

1)    No Deposit Bonus Credit – This is possibly the most popular type of slots bonus. The credit is credited to your account as a cash value, i.e. £50. You will be able to play on a wide variety of slots but there will be wagering requirements

2)    No Deposit Slots with Free Spins – This type of bonus is credited to your account as a certain number of free spins. Using these bonuses, you will be able to wager your free spins on one, or a handful of pre-selected slot games. Again, always verify which slots are eligible with your bonus before you play.

3)    No Deposit Free Time – Occasionally, you may see this type of bonus, where you’re credited with a sum of money that you have to wager within a specific time-frame.

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Reasons Why Online Casinos Are Getting Popular Recently



Why Online Casinos Are Getting Popular Recently

While other industries struggle to get their businesses back on track following the outbreak that brought about the deadly covid19 pandemic that will strike in 2020, the online gaming industry is growing rapidly. Experts predict that the industry will expand by a minimum of 17% each year. This means that over the end of the five years the online gaming business will be worth more than $67billion.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors that contributed to the recent increase of casinos on the internet and what’s to come in the near future for casinos online. Lockdowns and the closure of casinos that were based on land during the period of covid 19

Since the coronavirus outbreak swept into the world in the year 2020 the online gaming industry has been the main source of entertainment for people who are in quarantine or lockdown zones.

It’s true that the lockdowns of the time of the pandemic spurred the rise of casinos on the internet. Although scientists and the government are striving to ensure that everyone is protected, the future is undetermined.

The limitations on stay-at-home and social distancing work for the benefit of online companies as well as online casinos, which are among the largest users. Since the beginning of last year casino bonuses online like PlayCroco casino, PlayCroco casinos have witnessed a spike in registrations, a trend which is expected to continue, even after the covid 19. In addition, the fact that gaming at casinos is a way to have fun which reduces stress and depression is what has made casinos online a safe haven from the rigors of flu season.

Technological Developments In Casinos

Another reason that has contributed to the rapid increase in online casinos is the advancement of technology in the field of online gambling. From the complicated to the most basic, the various forms of technology used in online casinos directly affect the players.

The most important thing is that it was the technology that has enabled the transition from traditional casinos and online ones. Thankfully, technology keeps improving to provide players with the most enjoyable user experience. Some of the most notable technological advances in online casinos are:

Improved mobile casinos- because the majority of people use smartphones to connect to online services Mobile casinos with enhanced features are available with mobile-friendly software which you can download on your mobile device, allowing you to play online casino games any time, from anywhere.

Virtual reality technology: the need for technology that simulates reality in the gaming industry continues to grow. The potential for virtual reality is enormous for the gaming industry online. It can be used to play live casino games, making it unnecessary to go to brick and mortar casinos since it replicates the actual casino gaming experience.

Blockchain technology is an open-source technology that allows the exchange of digital currency. The transaction history remains within a ledger that is public that reduces the possibility of fraud. This further enhances the security of casinos online, assuring players more security of their information and honest gaming. It’s a technologically advanced security breakthrough that is aimed at the online gambling industry.

Crypto Gambling in online casinos

Since the advent of the Internet, the digital transition is taking place in a variety of sectors. As more businesses move to an online platform and the need for digital currencies is growing. As an example when the first Bitcoins, in the year 2009 a variety of cryptocurrencies were invented several years after.

Casinos online are among the companies that are integrating them into their systems. The crypto gambling industry is one of the main reasons why casinos online are also growing.

The crypto casinos let you make use of cryptos to pay for your gambling account and withdraw funds exactly the same way. The use of crypto gambling is a feasible alternative for gamblers who want to gamble online and in particular in areas that are prohibited because it provides much-needed security and anonymity.

It’s also beneficial for those seeking greater security of their information when playing at an online casino as transactions made with cryptos just require you to use your wallet’s address and key; however, no personal information is divulged.

Future of Online Casinos

The future of casinos online is promising. The anticipated 5G technology rollout will greatly impact the gambling industry online. It will lead to technology-driven innovations that have never been seen before in online casinos, and unparalleled security levels. Blockchain and crypto gambling are also shaping the future of gambling online. As gamblers seek greater safety and fair gaming the blockchain and crypto gaming will ensure that.

Recently, the governments have been removed of cash as a result of covid 19, a pandemic. Many are speeding up legislation on gambling to let in the gambling industry that generates more income worldwide. For instance, certain countries in the US, as well as both the UK as well as the Spanish government, are reviewing the rules for gambling to allow the online gambling industry to grow, generating more revenue.

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