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CBD for Daily Wellness: What You Need to Know



Humans have been using the cannabis plant for thousands of years to help ease certain ailments and promote good luck and health. Over the past decade, 17 states across the U.S. have legalized recreational cannabis, which has created a multi-billion-dollar legal cannabis industry. A byproduct of some states lifting their ban on cannabis has been the dramatic rise in the popularity of cannabidiol (CBD).

Millions of people all over the United States have discovered the health benefits of CBD, but there are just as many people who still don’t know what it is or how to use it. That’s why we put together a brief guide to help people understand how to use CBD products for daily wellness as well as some of the pros and cons of CBD.

CBD isn’t THC.

CBD isn't THC.

The most important thing to know about CBD is that even though it’s a cannabinoid, it’s significantly different from THC. One of the main things people love about it is that it doesn’t have the same high-causing effects as THC, and pure CBD is legal in most states.

CBD companies make THC-free CBD products from hemp rather than marijuana plants, so they only have trace amounts of THC. Furthermore, CBD is known to counteract the effects of THC rather than enhance them.

Plenty of people take CBD for insomnia.

One of the most common use cases for CBD is insomnia relief. Many people report getting better sleep after using CBD tincture for the first time. Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies are specially formulated with full-spectrum CBD and melatonin to promote better sleep and regular sleep cycles.

Many people believe Charlotte’s Web bedtime gummies are the best CBD for sleep. The FDA hasn’t evaluated CBD as a sleep aid or for any other uses, so you should consult with your doctor before using CBD.

There are levels to CBD products.

levels to CBD products

Full-spectrum CBD is CBD that is extracted in whole-plant form and therefore still has all of its components, those being flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids, including THC. Many experts believe that full-spectrum CBD having all its elements lends itself to the entourage effect, by which the cannabinoids enhance each other’s effects and make the CBD product more potent.

The other two types of CBD products are isolate and broad-spectrum CBD. Broad-spectrum CBD has everything except for the THC that’s in the full spectrum incarnation. Isolates usually only have CBD, some of its phytocannabinoids, and select extracts or pure CBD for poor sleep or any reason.

CBD comes in different levels of potency.

There are different potencies of CBD for different purposes, so it’s important to adhere to the uses and dosages suggest on CBD products. Using too much CBD or in a way not detailed in the product’s instructions could lead to you experiencing adverse side effects such as nausea or diarrhea.

You can also use CBD to promote mental wellness.

CBD to promote mental wellness

Another one of the main uses of CBD is to ease anxiety and depression symptoms. Many people use a full-spectrum extract tincture and mix it with their teas or other beverages to make a warm, soothing beverage. You can also add chamomile, which is also known for promoting calmness and ease from sleep deprivation, and a hint of mint for the aroma and flavor. A cup of chamomile and mint tea with CBD tincture will get you back to recreating your favorite gel nail design with your friends and actually chilling while you Netflix in no time.

There are plenty of different types of CBD and CBD brands. Whether your goal is to get a restful sleep, ease from chronic pain, or peace of mind, you should consult your doctor before using CBD supplements, oils, tinctures, and even gummies. It’s also a good idea to shop around to get the best deals and discounts on CBD.

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What Are the Health Benefits of Smoking Medical Marijuana?



What Are the Health Benefits of Smoking Medical Marijuana

According to a study, 85.5% of Americans use marijuana for a medical condition. Sixty-two percent of them have experienced chronic pain. As state laws legalize marijuana, the number of people using marijuana for its health benefits has risen.

Smoking medical marijuana has been approved by many practitioners. Although, many people are still skeptical about its benefits.

With marijuana legalized in 18 states and more in the process of legalization, marijuana is starting to become widely accepted. Let’s dive into the incredible health benefits of medical marijuana.

Reduce Inflammation

Those who suffer from inflammation may have a whole array of symptoms. This can include joint stiffness, pain, and swelling.

Medical marijuana helps reduce inflammation by releasing cannabinoids. They bind with the cannabinoid receptors that are already in the body. This regulates the immune system and acts as a helpful agent to fight inflammation.

There are many types of marijuana strains in the cannabis industry today. Strains that have a higher amount of CBD are recommended for reducing inflammation.

Pain Management

Medical marijuana can be used for pain management whether it’s a migraine, joint pain, muscle aches, or neuropathy. Chronic pain is among the most common conditions among Americans and is the top reason adults need medical care.

The THC and CBD found in marijuana are the main helping agents that relieve pain in users. Some of the best marijuana strains for pain relief are Ash, Gold Leaf, Red Dwarf, and Swiss Gold.

Stress and Anxiety

One of the therapeutic benefits of smoking medical marijuana is stress and anxiety alleviation. It’s best to use the right strains and use moderate dosages to prevent paranoia.

Marijuana naturally affects the limbic system in the brain. This can put users in a soothing, relaxed state of mind. Cannatonic, Haoma, and AC/DC are some recommended strains for stress and anxiety.

Treat Cancer

Medical marijuana for cancer and cannabis-infused medicines has become part of cancer therapy.

Medical marijuana can relieve cancer symptoms like nausea, fatigue, and depression. It may also prevent the spread of tumors and may eradicate cancerous tumors altogether.

Cancer patients can be treated with marijuana through ingestion, absorption, or inhalation.

Insomnia Relief

Medical marijuana’s relaxing and de-stressing effects can aid those who have trouble sleeping at night. Those who suffer from insomnia may have difficulty falling asleep due to restlessness, anxiety, or stress.

Cannabis regulates the limbic system and promotes pain relief.

Those who smoke medical marijuana before bed may find themselves physically loose and mentally clear. This is imperative to a good night’s rest.

Consider Medical Marijuana’s Health Benefits

Whether you suffer from anxiety or chronic pain, consider all the health benefits medical marijuana has to offer. Remember to buy quality cannabis products from trusted, accredited sites to stay safe and reap the benefits of this new-era medical product.

If you found this guide helpful, be sure to check out our other informational posts!

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A Brief Guide on Diluted vs. Pure Nicotine



A Brief Guide on Diluted vs. Pure Nicotine

Finding the right vape juice is as much of a science as it is an art. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you may not be getting the most out of your vaping experience!

According to studies, vaping is at an all-time high, with over 50 million vape users worldwide. With the ever-growing market, it’s important to stay informed about your products.

Do you hear terms like “pure nicotine” and “diluted vape juice” and wonder what the difference is? Then it’s time to clear the smoke!

Keep reading to get the low-down.

What’s in Vape Juice?

Vape juice, or e-liquid, is a combination of ingredients that can be arranged in various proportions according to personal preference.

Let’s take a look at the four main ingredients e-liquid consists of:

  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
  • Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • Flavour
  • Nicotine

Each component is essential in creating the right balance of nicotine strength and flavour, the two main factors most vapers are concerned with.

Reasons for Diluting E-Liquid

Diluting nicotine is a standard practice in e-liquid mixing.

Vaping nicotine in high concentrations may be unpleasant for some, having a harsh effect on the throat or a bitter taste. While for others, not enough nicotine can leave the vaper dissatisfied.

Some suppliers offer diluted nicotine, while some vapers opt to dilute the juice themselves.

Pure Nicotine

Some vapers prefer to mix their own e-liquid using undiluted nicotine, giving them greater control and precision when formulating a batch.

Most vapers choose diluted nicotine, which is safer to use and pre-combined with a base liquid such as VG or PG. Also, you can personalize the blend by adding a variety of vape flavour concentrates.

It is important to note that one must exercise extreme caution when handling pure nicotine. It is a toxic substance and can cause harm to your body or surrounding objects.

Gloves and eye protection are highly recommended!

How to Dilute E-Liquid

Do you want the nicotine level to remain the same but desire a less intense flavour? Or do you enjoy the vape juice flavour, but the nicotine is too strong?

Never fear; you can make adjustments in both flavour and strength. Do this by changing the VG/VP ratio or by adding distilled water.

Vegetable Glycerin is highly viscous. So if your e-juice contains a high level of VG, a drop or two of distilled water is all that’s needed to dilute it.

Propylene Glycol is a thin substance, and E-juices higher in this liquid can be diluted by adding a drop of two of VG.

If using water to dilute your mixture, be sure to use distilled water. Tap water contains contaminants you wouldn’t want to inhale.

The Right Vape Juice for You

Now that you know the difference between using pure nicotine versus diluted vape juice, the rest comes down to preference. (Tomato, to-mah-to!)

Begin experimenting to find the mixture that’s right for you.

But remember: handle with care.

For more great advice, check out our blog, which has tons of articles on topics from entertainment and business to lifestyle and more!

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7 Benefits of CBD Infused Oil



7 Benefits of CBD Infused Oil

What are the benefits of CBD-infused oil? Does it really reduce pain, inflammation, anxiety, and depression?

According to recent studies, yes, it does all of those things. And that’s not all.

Doctors prescribe CBD to treat epilepsy and other neurological conditions. It’s also used to reduce the symptoms of cancer patients. And, it’s believed that the regular use of CBD products improves heart health, combats acne, and helps with addiction management.

So, then, how does all this work? You’re about to find out. Read on to learn all about the amazing health benefits of using CBD oils.

  1. Treat Epilepsy and Other Neurological Conditions

Epidiolex is an FDA-approved medication that contains CBD. It helps reduce seizures in patients who have certain types of epilepsy.

Currently, there are no other medical uses for CBD that are approved by the FDA. But some countries have approved a drug called Sativex, which contains both CBD and THC. Sativex is prescribed to reduce muscle spasms in patients who have multiple sclerosis.

These examples illustrate the neuroprotective properties of CBD. Thus, using CBD oil could potentially help alleviate the symptoms of other neurological conditions. While there is some evidence to confirm this, though, more study is needed.

  1. Reduce Pain/Inflammation

Anecdotal evidence and numerous studies prove CBD’s effectiveness at treating chronic pain and inflammation. This is true whether the CBD is applied topically or taken internally.

However, placing CBD oil under the tongue is considered the best delivery method for such uses as described in this comparison of CBD capsules vs oil. That’s because it’s sublingual CBD is absorbed directly into the bloodstream without having to go through your skin or digestive system.

  1. Reduce Anxiety/Depression

Many a CBD user will tell you about CBD’s mood-enhancing properties. Besides this anecdotal evidence, CBD has proven effective against anxiety and depression symptoms in several recent studies.

  1. Assist Addiction Treatment

CBD’s affect against addiction cravings is still under study. But it looks very promising that CBD can help by reducing the stimulation of the amygdala in the brain.

Also, we know that these cravings cause/are caused by anxiety. And CBD can at least decrease this anxiety.

  1. Treat Cancer-Related Symptoms

There are many studies that suggest that CBD can reduce the nausea that results from chemotherapy. However, this treatment seems to be more effective when combined with THC.

  1. Treat Acne and Other Skin Conditions

Several non-human studies imply that CBD can help with certain skin conditions due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, it seems to reduce the hyperactivity of the sebaceous gland, which contributes to acne.

  1. Improve Heart Health

Some studies seem to imply that CBD oil can reduce high blood pressure. This may be due to its ability to alleviate anxiety and stress.

What Will You Use CBD-Infused Oil For?

If you’ve never tried CBD-infused oil, you’re missing out on all these awesome benefits. For your sake, consider using CBD oils to treat the conditions listed above.

Next, learn about opening a dispensary, the various types of breast cancer, or the differences between drug recovery and alcohol recovery. Find all these and other great articles on our Health blog.

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