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Best Real Estate Investment Tips to Consider If You Want to Sell a House Fast in Georgia



Best Real Estate Investment Tips to Consider If You Want to Sell a House Fast in Georgia

Real estate investments have become one of the most popular forms of investment worldwide. It offers an excellent rate of returns, has reduced volatility, and has fantastic tax privileges.

A real estate investment is almost risk-proof. Perhaps its most enticing perk is the additional security that comes with it, except for natural and artificial disasters. Even in such eventualities, property insurance is usually a good fallback.

Georgia is one of the popular states in the Southern United States. It has a relatively large mass, the 24th largest in the USA, and a thriving, growing population, the 8th most prominent in the USA.

Georgia is an exciting option for any real estate investor or enthusiast. For those who grew up in the United States or with good knowledge of American history, you’d surely have heard of the term “Southern hospitality.”

It’s a term used to describe the charm, warmth, and down-home goodness of the core Southern US States. Of late, it has almost become a cultural and historical stereotype, albeit a good one.

Before discussing real estate tips, especially for those who want to sell a house fast in Georgia. Here are some reasons why Georgia should be your number one real estate investment destination.


One of the driving forces for real estate growth is the host area’s hospitality. Surveys worldwide have shown that sites with good hospitality rankings typically garner high real estate sales, profitability, and turnover.

Luckily, most surveys rank Georgia as the most hospitable state in the south and the third overall in the US.


Georgia ranks highly in terms of perceived charm and quality of life. It comes second to Florida in this regard; there’s no doubting the undisputed tourism champion.

Top tourist attractions such as the World of Coke, Georgia Aquarium, Zoo Atlanta, Callaway Gardens, Savannah Historic District, Golden Isles, and Stone Mountain attract millions of tourists yearly. Tourism and real estate go hand in hand as more visitors increase the chances of property investments.



Another crucial driver for attracting investments is the resident economy. Prospective investors usually target areas with a vibrant and robust economy. Georgia aces this requirement in flying colors. You can buy and sell a house fast in Georgia within a year and still get a sizable sell-on profit.

With a gross state product of around $602 billion in 2018 and the highest rating by Standard and Poor’s (AAA) to 17 fortune 500 companies, Atlanta is now the 20th largest economy globally.

The Atlanta Effect

Most real estate growth hubs usually have an economic epicenter. This title goes to Atlanta in Georgia, home to the world’s busiest airport and the fourth largest seaport. Atlanta also has the fastest-growing seaport in North America.

It’s also home to various top finance, technology, transportation, film, communication, service, logistic, and manufacturing businesses.

Tips to Consider Before Making a Real Investment in Georgia

Employ the Services of a Reputable and Experienced Real Estate Agency

Understanding the real estate terrain in Georgia can be pretty complicated. Especially for non-indigenes or people with little information on Georgia’s cultural, historical, and economic portfolio.

Before going to the Internet to Google phrases like “Georgia homes for sale,” you will want first to consider your main reasons for wanting to buy.

Whether it’s a long or short-term investment, residential/private building, rent or lease, or a tourism/leisure-based real investment, acquiring the services of an experienced and reputable real agency ensures you make a guided and assured choice.

Even if you want to sell a house fast in Georgia and recoup a sizable investment profit, we buy houses in Georgia. We are Tim Stout & Associates; with decades of experience in Georgian real estate, we make the property acquisition business easy for buyers, sellers, and investors.

We offer a variety of personalized and custom-tailored services. An example is the “We buy houses Georgia model,” which ensures clients get what they want.

Consider Your Budget

When trying to make any real estate investment, consider your allocated or estimated budget. Generally, most places have costly real estate areas and others that are far more affordable. Your budget should streamline your whole real estate scouting process.

Georgia is no exception. Real investments around Atlanta and its environs will cost significantly more than those in other parts of Georgia. This knowledge can save you lots of time and energy.

Additionally, note that newly constructed properties usually cost far more. Similarly, older properties cost far less. Hence, any property shopper would need to add this cue to their shopping detail, especially if working on a limited budget.

Your Long or Short Term Strategy

Quality investments aren’t just about having the required sums or deciding to buy and sell a house fast in Georgia. Developing a strategy is a vital component of real estate investment. Strategy in real estate refers to your motive for investing. A short-term investment should be in an area with high investment turnover. Similarly, long-term real estate investors can adopt a lesser bias for regions with high investment turnover.

Decide on What You Want

Deciding the type of real property you want helps you adopt a more straightforward approach. Specificity is a crucial part of making any real estate investment.

Even when acquiring the services of a real agent or agency, you’ll still need to provide details on what you want. Extra information like location and neighborhood preferences, cost of living expectations, hobbies, likes and dislikes, can all give clues on the type of area to beam your focus.


Georgia is a high prospect region for property acquisitions and investments. It’s blessed with a strong and vibrant economy, famed hospitality, delicious cuisines, and renowned tourist attractions.

However, as always, make careful considerations before investing. We highly recommend that you consider employing the services of a reputable real estate agency or execute thorough research.

Whichever choice you make, your chances of striking gold when making real investments in Georgia are very high. Join the bandwagon today.

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What Are The Florida Real Estate Broker License Requirements? A Guide To Getting Your License



What Are The Florida Real Estate Broker License Requirements

Are you considering becoming a real estate agent for your next career move? Maybe you feel like you are at a standstill with your current real estate agent job. Maybe you want a higher salary so you can live comfortably, begin building towards retirement, and be able to spend more money on things you enjoy! So where can you go from here?

One of the best career moves that you can make in your life is learning how to become a real estate broker. When compared to a real estate agent, a real estate broker is an agent who has undergone extra training and licensing, and is in charge of the various property deals and agreements that occur for any type of estate. The real estate broker is the main person who is in charge of appraisals, rents, buying offers, auction options, and any negotiations pertaining to a specific estate, property, or land.

If this sounds interesting to you, consider learning the steps to get your Florida real estate broker license. As you settle into the best life in sunny Florida, with bright white beaches, blue skies, clear water, and warm weather, you can also begin learning the process of becoming a real estate broker. Let’s see the Florida real estate broker license requirements and how you can become a broker in no time at all!

Before you can become a broker, there are a few application requirements that are an absolute must to adhere to before you can even think of this occupation.

  • Age – every person who wants to become a broker in Florida needs to be at least 18 years old.
  • Social Security – every future broker must have a social security number that is valid in the United States.
  • Experience – although specific requirements for experience are not necessary, there are various ways that you can show that you are eligible to apply to qualify for becoming a Florida real estate broker. You can choose from one of the following: you have a current real estate sales associate license that has been held for one year, you have been registered as a sales associate for at least one year during the past 5-year period, or you have a current real estate broker’s license that has been used for at least 2 years in the past 5 years.
  • History of having a real estate license – The next must-have to begin applying for your real estate broker license is a current certification that shows you are experienced in another state from Florida. If you are trying to transfer your experience to Florida – such as you are moving houses or you just want to work in a new location – then you need to have a broker license that contains your license status, history, and your number of active months per the last 5 years.
  • Education history – the next aspect of Florida real estate broker license requirements that you need to show before you can apply for this occupation is your education history. All applicants must prove that they have taken and passed the Florida-specific 72-hour course. The 72-hour course must be FREC-approved and designed specifically for brokers.
    • If you have a four-year degree at a university, you might not have to take the 72-hour requirements. Make sure you check with your transcript of your university to see if you still have to take the state-approved pre-license requirement.
  • Exam – The second to last Florida real estate broker license requirement that is a must-have for applicants is taking and passing a Pearson Vue examination. You need to score a 75 or higher to pass the Real estate broker examination.
    • Once you pass the Florida real estate broker examination, you need to take a 60-hour post-exam course.
  • Fee – the last requirement for Florida real estate broker applicants is to pay the necessary fee for the state – if you are a veteran or National Guard member, you may be eligible for a discount.


Are you considering becoming a real estate broker? Make sure you check up on the latest Florida real estate broker license requirements so you can check everything off of your to-do list, take the proper courses, and pass the necessary exams!

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About CCP Founder Norman Ebenstein



About CCP Founder Norman Ebenstein

The real estate world is a big world that can be pretty overwhelming. There is a place for every person to leave their footprints. It can be pretty challenging if you are new to it and not as experienced as many other people that have been in the game for quite some time.

And even if you have been in the game long enough, that does not mean that you will make a mark and be remembered. That is not something to say when we mention Norman Ebenstein.

If you are not familiar with the business world, especially real estate, then maybe saying the name Norman Ebenstein will not mean anything to you. But, on the other hand, if you know who you are talking about, you are up to no surprises when it comes to his life and works dedication. Let’s dive a little bit more into that just now.

Who is Norman Ebenstein, actually?

Born on October 23rd, 1928, in New York, Norman brought happiness to his parents Samuel and Jeannette. Although he was born in New York, he actually grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts.

His family was all about the importance of having a family and education. What he and his family were more proud of was the fact of their heritage. He grew up being proud of being a Jew.

That is something that later on he passed on to his own children and went on for the rest of his life. What was so remarkable about Norman was that he has shown to be a brilliant person, with having so much to prove.

First, he went to Phillip Exeter, and later on, he continued his studies at the Brown University. Here he studied economics. This is not the last thing he did regarding his education. This man went to Law school at the Boston University with the intention to get a law degree.

After a few years, he acquired a degree in history. And this was at the University of Michigan. Norman has always stood out for his ability to learn and actually go through with it. Otherwise, he would not have been able to get all of those degrees.

While he was studying at the Brown University, he met the love of his life, Shirley. From that moment on, there was no going back. He and his wife spent beautiful 65 years of marriage. Not only is he one of the most successful businessmen, but he also is very successful in his personal life.

He was a person who believed that having a legacy is not only having a successful business but also having a loving family who will be with you through all of it. Once you have a pretty stable business and family, you have nothing to worry about. If you are interested in knowing more about Norman Ebenstein’s life, follow the link

Who is Norman Ebenstein, actually

The business side of Norman Ebenstein

Having a stable foundation like family was something that Norman used to say will help you have a stable and successful business. He was a very known philanthropist and had a massive impact on the real estate world.

He was a man who liked to take on challenges and was not afraid of new things. This is shown through his first-ever company that he founded without having any previous experience. He only had a vision and a will.

The first-ever business venture was this company, and it was something that went beyond everyone’s expectations about it. He was a very confident man who knew what he wanted and how to get it. That is why he worked in that company for over 48 years.

One of the most daring things he has ever done is invest in a company. This company is known as the Boca Raton Real Estate Properties. As years went by, he was able to grow this company and its assets. It became one of the more prominent companies in the real estate business.

Like we said before, he was not only a businessman but also a philanthropist. He liked earning for himself and his family but also enjoyed giving back to the society. He felt that giving back to those in need would raise their quality of life in the community.

This is why he served in India and helped people who were in need there. This is the reason why he founded a foundation known as the Norman Ebenstein Foundation. This was his way of carrying out his philanthropic work.

This was a man who did a lot of things in his life and left a lot behind him. He worked hard and gave back to those in need. What more could you ask from a man. If you want to know more about this, check this page out.


What we already mention about Norman Ebenstein is just a tiny fraction in the entirety of his life and work success. This will not do the justice, but you had a chance to catch a glimpse of what this man was all about.

He knew what was behind having a successful business and a happy family. He knew how to execute everything and still be on top of it all. This is a man that will be an excellent example for upcoming businessmen.

Someone who people should look up to when they need inspiration for how to be the best version of themselves. How to be humble at the same time as you are going through overwhelming and life-changing situations.  The man known as Norman Ebenstein should be an example for many people.

Especially if you are in the real estate world, this is a person who has done it all. There is not a person who has not heard about the famous Norman Ebenstein. And there is a reason behind that. He lived a life with many successes and challenges along the way, be he still was able to remain humble.

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3 real estate postcard templates for those who want to sell houses in gated communities



3 real estate postcard templates

If you’re focusing on selling luxury houses to the elite and the wealthy in your general area, then you need to make sure that you target your marketing abilities to their needs. If you find you are using generic real estate postcards – such as just old postcards and just listed postcards that do not show the value of the house – you could be missing out on a potentially huge target market. If you are focused on selling and bringing upscale houses and luxury homes to those in the wealthiest communities in your area, then you need to use specific advertising tactics that appeal to the rich and the elite.

Let’s see a few real estate postcard templates that you should use for those who want to live in gated communities! Instead of focusing on high-rise apartment buildings, suburban communities, or city condominiums, target your marketing efforts towards reaching those who want to live in luxury.

3 real estate postcard templates for gated communities

If you are a realtor who is trying to make a name for themselves in the competitive real estate industry, you need to figure out how to reach your target market. If you want to reach those who live in gated communities, then you should look into personalizing your real estate postcards so you can attract elite and wealthy buyers. Here are a few real estate postcard templates that you could use to help reach your niche market and connect with a potential client. See more real estate postcard templates.

Just sold postcard of a mansion

One of the best real estate postcard templates that you can use to show your prowess in selling and buying expensive houses is using a real estate postcard template that pictures a just-sold mansion. Instead of just putting a genetic photo on the front – like a townhome or of a city apartment – show a mansion that you have just sold for millions of dollars. This shows that you are capable of purchasing and selling highly-priced homes!

Just listed postcard of gated community home

Another way that you can use real estate postcard templates to attract those who want to live in luxury and gated communities is by showing a just-listed postcard of a gated community home. By showing a gated community home that has many amenities, outdoor features, luxurious features, and aesthetic decorations, you can increase the chances of getting a wealthy buyer.

Mention your background

Another way to appeal to those in gated communities is to show your background -do you have experience with buying and selling houses in gated communities and luxury estates? If so, mention this on your real estate postcard to show your professionalism and ability in your industry!


By using these three real estate postcard templates to broadcast your services, you can increase the chances of getting clients that meet your target market. Consider using a just sold postcard, just listed postcard, or mentioning your background to appeal to clients who are looking for luxurious and elite homes in your general area.

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