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Actionable Ways Every Startup Can Use to Retain Customers



Customers are the backbone of every business, including startups. That being said, most startups often focus on attracting new customers and converting leads by launching different types of marketing strategies. That strategy applies to online media like LinkedIn too. Therefore read EarthWeb’s Meet Alfred review and see all the growth service features here.

While it’s crucial to keep up the lead number day by day, retaining old customers moreover using customer onboarding videos is, in fact, beneficial in the long term. The existing customers, especially, are vital in making 55-70% of sales compared to new clients. What’s more, over 68% of startup sales come from existing customers.

Those staggering numbers perfectly show how past customers are paramount for a startup to build a large, reliable customer base.

However, a study cites that companies lost around 20% of customers each year due to a lack of brand-client relationship. This results in wasted marketing resources used to convert them. In the long term, this lead acquiring strategy won’t be that effective when you simultaneously lose customers right away.

Why do customers leave?

So, what makes existing customers leave your business? To answer this question, let’s take a look at some factors that initiate them to choose other brands.

Brands don’t care anymore

This is one of the reasons why people run away from your brand. Customers are used to getting ‘some treatment’ when they purchase your product or leave a great review about you. They are willing to promote your product to their closest one because simply they find it valuable and satisfying.

If you pay attention to these customers, they will feel more appreciated. Eventually, your customers become loyal and will go back to you when they need your service.

At the same time, customers may file a complaint about your product that they find upsetting. When you ignore this feedback, customers will see you as ignorant and not care about them anymore.

Dissatisfied with your customer service

Customer service is the heart of your business. The old adage which says that ‘customers is king’ is still relevant and should be deliberately met to increase their business experience with you.

Making sure to serve the best for every customer is vital to improve your startups in the future. When customers don’t find your customer service helpful, they can be easily upset and leave you for your competitors.

Five methods startups can retain customers effectively

Getting new leads and conversions is essential for the business’ sustainability. However, make sure to take care of your past customers before they move on to your competitors. The following are the top five methods you can try to retain customers.

1. Listen to your customers

Customer reviews and feedback are a great source to know whether a business needs improvement. Their voices are often honest and constructive to take into account.

Listening to their feedback will help you understand how well your marketing strategies are performing. You can learn many things to elevate your business from your customers’ perspective, especially for a startup that requires extra room for improvement.

You will learn more from your customers than anyone else. Their reviews allow you to notice what areas that need improvements and what areas you just nailed them right.

Suppose many customers complain about ruined packaging. In that case, it’s time for you to check the supply chain and packaging department whether there’s something wrong with the delivery or the materials.

2. Deliver their complaints faster

Listening to customers’ complaints is actually a powerful way to gather enough business-important information. It allows you to understand how your customers really feel about the product or service you deliver.

However, what matters the most is the action right after you receive that feedback. It’ll be better if you can reach out to them directly using a call center, not via social media comments.

Realizing the issue is critical for you to increase credibility. When you solve an issue faster, customers will trust your brand as they can easily ask you whenever they run into problems.

3. Personalize your messages

One way to strengthen your relationship with customers is by making a personal approach in a business sense. For example, you can send personalized marketing emails using your customers’ first names instead of a plain, overused ‘Sir/Madam’ template.


Using the personalized message on your site or social media can significantly improve your bond with the customers. You can also include engaging content like explainer videos or even GIFs and memes to hook their attention.

When you succeed in attracting customers, sending promotional information becomes seamless. You don’t need to worry about driving away customers when you have a friendly relationship with them.

4. Offer incentives

Another way to retain customers is by offering incentives for a period of time. Well, who doesn’t love discounts or even free items? Create a specific sales page on your website and direct your customers to it.

You can manage a huge offer when it comes to big events, like Valentines and Halloween. You can also incorporate a particular strategy to attract past customers as well as potential customers with interesting offers. That way, even old customers can’t resist joining your incentives programs.

If you have an offline store, you can use things like QR code and ask your customers to scan it, so they can see your special offers.

5. Use email automation to re-engage customers

When customers are inactive for some time, you need to build communication with them. Surely, you don’t want to lose past customers because of a lack of brand interaction.

To make sure they don’t go to other competitors, send them email automation to attract them into your brand. You can send an email that says ‘you miss them on your platform’ and give them an invitation code that leads to a discounted product.

With email automation, you can also increase your relationship with your customers effectively. Promotional emails and newsletters are some of the most effective ways to engage with customers.


Lead conversion is essential for every business, especially in a startup where customers are the biggest assets. However, many have failed to care about existing customers as they focus on acquiring new ones instead.

Loyal customers have made up over half of the business sales. When you lose these clients, you practically lose the majority of your sales and waste so much money in converting new customers. Therefore, it’s essential to retain old customers for your startup sustainability.



Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).

Twitter: @breadnbeyond

Email: [email protected]



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4 Reasons Why You Should Introduce Promo Codes in Your Business




4 Reasons Why You Should Introduce Promo Codes in Your Business

Earlier on, few businesses used to allow customers to use promo codes in order to buy an item or two. However, this is no longer the case as more businesses are now allowing their customers to buy different goods and services using promo codes. Unlike other offers, promo codes allow customers to save more on the purchases they make out there. Since every customer is looking for a store or a shop where he or she can buy a product using promo codes, you should not hesitate to introduce them in your business. By introducing promo codes in your business, be sure that you will enjoy the following benefits:

1. Enables you to attract new customers

One way to attract new customers is by allowing them to use promo codes to buy a different products in your business. Whether you sell shoes or clothes, you should allow your customers to shop for these items using promo codes.

If you have not yet created promo codes for your customers, create them so that customers can utilize them. If you have been getting 10 customers in a day, you will be getting 20 or more daily by allowing them to use promo codes.

2. Makes your customers remain loyal to you

Customer loyalty is not earned just like that. One has to toil, moil and soil himself or herself. The good news is that promo codes can help you build this loyalty among many customers. By allowing your customers to submit promo codes, be sure that they will feel valued and appreciated. After all, every customer like being rewarded, every now and then.

3. Enables you to get more referrals

If your current customers had a good experience shopping with promo codes at your shop, they are likely to encourage other customers to visit your shop or store. Generally, you will get more referrals to your business every now and then. The more referrals you get, the more the sales made. For instance, one customer can refer 5 customers to your shop or store

If you normally have 10 loyal customers, they might bring an additional 50 more customers in the long run. At the beginning, the number of referrals might be few but it may increase steadily as days go by. Consequently, you will be able make more sales and increase your profit margins.

4. Increased web traffic

Any time that you are implementing a promotional strategy such as allowing your customers to shop using promo codes, be sure that you will get an increased web traffic on your site. More people would like to know what you are selling and perhaps try your products.

If they are able to get value for their money, be sure that they will keep on coming back for more. As a result, you will be able to make more sales and remain competitive out there.


By introducing promo codes in your business, be certain that you will enjoy the above-mentioned benefits. From be able to attract more customers to having a higher web traffic, there are many benefits of introducing a promotional strategy such as promo codes in your business. Consider these ideas today and you will be successful in your business.


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Should You Launch Your Own Business?



Should You Launch Your Own Business

When you ask people what’s on their bucket list, launching their own business is something that’s likely to be close to the top. However, you may be wondering whether owning a business is right for you. It’s not a decision to take, so here are some pointers to get you on your way.

Local laws can vary

In some areas, entrepreneurs are encouraged, while other places can have more red tape. This is why it’s important to do your research before you decide to launch a business. Starting a Hong Kong company is easier if you get professional help and advice, so don’t be afraid to speak to the experts. Spending some money on business advice pre-launch can save a lot of heartache down the line, and means you get off on the right foot.

Marketing is important

As a small business, you aren’t just competing with other local businesses, but the global ones too. That’s why marketing is so important to small businesses. It means you can build a following and get the right people interested in your business, so you can be successful from day one.

A small businesses’ digital strategy needs to include:

  • A professional website with booking or shopping capabilities
  • Social media strategies that make the most of each platform
  • Content that’s relevant and fresh
  • An SEO strategy to ensure you can be found

As a busy owner, you’ll no doubt want to outsource this work, so you should consider working with a local agency who can help you get results.

You don’t have to go all-in at first

Many successful businesses start as a side hustle, with someone working their full-time job and running it in their spare time. As the business becomes more successful, the owner can then consider dropping their day job and going all-in. This is a much less risky strategy, as it ensures you can still have an income coming in while you see if the new business can take off.

There are plenty of online guides

Not sure how to start a business? It can be a confusing process, but luckily there’s a wealth of information out there. Look at this guide to starting a business, which can guide you through the many steps. Of course, some businesses are more complex than others. If you’re just starting out, you might want to keep things simple, and once you have the experience, you can move onto bigger things.

Starting a business has become easier in recent years thanks to more people working remotely and the globe opening up. It can be a good way for you to do something completely different, and if you want to start a business, you should definitely look into whether it’s feasible. There are plenty of businesses out there that were started from nothing, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t become an entrepreneur too. All you need is a great idea, and to do your research, to ensure that you make a go of it.

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How to Find the Best Bookkeeping Service Online



rick simpson oil

How to find the best bookkeeping service online? If your business involves handling finances and transactions involving money, then the answers to that question are almost within your grasp. For some, the answer might be as simple as opening a local branch of the accounting service that has been doing well for years. However, if you need a more comprehensive answer, such as tips on how to find the best bookkeeping service online, then your search will prove futile without a little education.

Online bookkeeping service is not as simple as it sounds. For starters, there is a huge difference between an in-house bookkeeper and an online-only bookkeeper. The former specialises in his job, while the latter has more general knowledge about bookkeeping practices. This difference alone makes it a challenge for even experienced accountants to decide whether they should hire a particular bookkeeper to work with them or not. In this situation, they can either choose to get someone else to do the job (which can ultimately be cheaper) or rely on professional bookkeeping services offered by smaller firms that might not have as much experience in this field.

Learn about the various bookkeeping services available

In order to find the best bookkeeping service online, it is advisable to learn about the various bookkeeping services available. This way, you can make the right choice when it comes to hiring someone for maintaining your books and records. There are several firms that offer a wide range of bookkeeping services, but not all of them are good enough. Here are some tips to help you choose the best bookkeeping service. The first thing to do when trying to find the best bookkeeping service online is to identify what kind of services the firm offers. It will be pointless if you end up hiring an outfit that specialises in accounting and bookkeeping only. A lot depends on the scope of their business. You have to find a company that has expertise not just in bookkeeping but in other accounting fields as well. Make sure the firm covers other fields, too.

You will find some online bookkeepers who charge their clients a flat fee for maintaining their books and accounts. 

These can be useful because they allow their clients to focus solely on the technical aspect of maintaining their accounts. However, the flat-fee price also highlights the fact that these companies are not very transparent about their rates and terms, so you have to do some research before getting tied down to any one particular firm. The best way to find the best bookkeeping service online is to seek recommendations from people you know and trust. Visit to learn more about their services. 

Make sure to do your research

One of the most important things you can do when you are looking for the best bookkeeping service online is to find out what specific package the firm offers. For instance, some charge a flat fee for the entire service, whereas others offer different packages depending on the size of the job they have to do. This means you have the option of choosing the package that will best fit your budget. Of course, the more money you spend on the hiring fees, the more reliable and competent the firm becomes. Thus, you will have more chances of finding a good one. Another important thing to consider when you are trying to find a reliable bookkeeping service online is the level of communication and support offered by the company.

Consider hiring a company with great customer service

If you do not know much about what kind of customer support a particular company offers, then you should ask for reviews or testimonials from past clients. You can also read through the website of the company and get to know more about its services before you sign up with them. This is a great way of learning more about the company’s reputation as well as how efficient their bookkeeping service online is. Once you learn more about a particular company, it would be easier for you to find out whether they are capable of delivering what they promise on time. If not, then you can always move on and look for better options available to you.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Introduce Promo Codes in Your Business

Earlier on, few businesses used to allow customers to use promo codes in order to buy an item or two....

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