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8 Important Shipping Container Buying Tips



Shipping containers can be a great investment. They are durable and provide watertight protection for your goods. Buying one is not as simple as buying a car, however.

There are many things to consider before you make the purchase, such as: what size should it be? Where do I buy one from? In this buying guide, we will discuss eight important buying tips that will save you money and time when buying a shipping container.

1. Always Check Online Reviews

When you are shopping for anything, it is always a good idea to check online reviews. This is especially true when buying a shipping container.

There are many companies that sell containers, and not all of them are created equal. Check the reviews of different companies before making your purchase. This will help you avoid scams and choose a company with a good reputation.

2. Read Product Reviews from Trusted Sources

If you are not buying your shipping container online, it is a good idea to read product reviews from trusted sources. You should also check the kinds of materials that the company uses for their containers.

There will always be differences in quality between different companies and products, so make sure that you do your research before making any decisions.

This will help ensure that your shipping container lasts as long as possible with minimal repairs required in the future. It’s easy to find detailed information on websites like eBay or Amazon when searching for other people’s experiences dealing with certain companies and brands of shipping containers.

3. Shop Different Prices Before Making a Purchase

A shipping container is a significant investment, so it’s important to shop around. When you first get started looking for containers to buy, ask your friends and family if they have any recommendations.

This will help ensure that the company you choose has good customer service, which is an essential factor when dealing with such large purchases.

Avoid making hasty decisions or buying on impulse. Before deciding which company to purchase from, make sure you check out prices at different locations online as well as offline (at their offices).

This way, there are no surprises later down the road about hidden costs or inflated prices without giving prior warning before ordering one of these items. It also ensures that this price comparison process doesn’t take up too much time either because most likely you would have also contacted these companies to get shipping quotes.

4. Take the Word of a Reliable Influencer

If you are not sure where to start with your research, it might be a good idea to ask an expert. For example: if you don’t know much about shipping containers and what they’re used for, find someone who does.

Someone in the shipping industry would be best suited as they can give accurate information that will save time in this process of finding one at a reasonable price from reliable companies.

This way when you have any questions or concerns regarding buying one of these containers, there is already some prior knowledge behind the decisions made since all facts were taken into account beforehand.

5. Get a Personal Recommendation

If you know someone who owns a shipping container, ask them where they bought it from. Oftentimes, personal recommendations are the best way to find something that you’re looking for.

This is because the owner of the shipping container has likely done their own research and found a good deal on one. They might also have some advice about which companies to avoid.

The best part? You can even get a tour of their shipping container so you can see what you’re potentially buying yourself. This would give an idea about how much space is available inside and outside the container for your planned usage.

Personal recommendations are especially helpful when it comes to making large purchases like this, ones that could potentially save or cost you money.

6. Ask About the Manufacturer’s Return Policy

If you’re purchasing the container in person, it’s a good idea to ask about the company’s return policy. This way if something is wrong with your purchase and they don’t want to accept it, there will be other options available that can save time while still giving you what you need.

These containers are big purchases after all so even buying directly from manufacturers online or offline might not work out for buyers looking around at different companies for their shipping containers needs.

Before investing thousands of dollars into one of these items, make sure you get clear answers regarding how much money will be returned for whatever reason.

7. Ask About the Warranty Period

Shipping containers are built to last, but sometimes accidents happen and things break. If you’re buying one directly from a manufacturer or supplier then make sure they have an extensive warranty policy in place.

Otherwise, the cost of fixing these could be difficult if not impossible for some people who don’t repair them professionally on their own time.

All reputable Tuff shipping containers should offer at least a year’s worth of repairs under normal circumstances so that this investment will be profitable over time even with maintenance costs included as well.

This way when something happens there is no need to worry about where your money went and what can you do now instead of purchasing another new container.

8. Avoid Any Red Flags

If someone offers you a free shipping container or asks for money to help them transport it, then run away as quickly as you can.

These are scams that could land people in jail so don’t take the bait when these come up unexpectedly and always remember. If something seems too good to be true, it most likely is.

Be sure not to lose your hard-earned money on things like this because they aren’t worth anything. Remember never send cash instead of a check or credit card payment either since there’s no way to trace where those went after being cashed out by scammers who know how easy it is to steal identities online today.

Learn More Buying Tips for Shipping Containers

As you can see, there are so many different buying tips for shipping containers. Following these tips will help you buy the right product and save money in the long run. Do you want to learn more about shipping containers?

If so, check out more of our helpful articles.

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In a world filled with constant distractions and competition, effective business signage can be a game-changer. It serves as your silent salesperson, drawing potential customers’ attention and guiding them to your doorstep. To harness the power of signage for success, consider these strategies.

  1. Clarity is Key – The primary purpose of a business sign is to convey a message. Ensure that your signage is clear, concise, and easy to understand. Use legible fonts and avoid clutter. Remember, a confused customer is less likely to become a paying one.
  2. Location – The placement of your business signage is crucial. Analyse your target audience’s habits and choose a location that maximizes visibility. This might mean near busy intersections, in high foot traffic areas, or strategically placed along highways. Consider the visibility from different angles and distances.
  3. Size Matters – The size of your signage should be proportional to its distance from the viewer. A sign on a building’s façade can be larger than a sidewalk sign. Bigger signs are easier to spot from a distance, but don’t go overboard – an overly large sign can appear obnoxious.
  4. Colors and Contrast – Use colors that align with your brand but also provide sufficient contrast for readability. High contrast between text and background is essential. For example, dark text on a light background or vice versa. Red and yellow are often associated with urgency, while blue can convey trust and professionalism.
  5. Material Selection – Choose durable materials suitable for your environment. Outdoor signs should withstand weather conditions, while indoor signs might focus more on aesthetics. Material selection impacts the longevity of your signage, so invest wisely.
  6. Consistency in Branding – Your signage should be an extension of your brand identity. Use consistent colors, fonts, and imagery that align with your other marketing materials. This builds brand recognition and trust among your customers.
  7. Visibility at Night – Don’t underestimate the importance of nighttime visibility. Use illuminated signs or proper lighting to ensure your message is clear even after the sun sets. This is especially crucial for businesses open in the evening.
  8. Message Rotation – If applicable, consider rotating messages on electronic signs to keep your content fresh and engaging. This can be particularly effective for businesses with changing promotions or events.
  9. Call to Action – Encourage action with a clear call to action (CTA) on your signage. Whether it’s “Visit Us Today,” “Call Now,” or “Learn More,” a well-placed CTA motivates potential customers to take the next step.
  10. Monitor and Adapt – The effectiveness of your signage isn’t static. Monitor its impact and be ready to adapt. If a certain sign isn’t generating the desired results, try a new design or location. Continuously analyse customer feedback and data to refine your strategy.

Conclusion – Effective business signage is not just about aesthetics; it’s a strategic tool that can drive foot traffic and boost your brand’s visibility. By following these strategies, you can create signage that not only attracts attention but also converts viewers into loyal customers. Remember that signage is an investment, and when done right, it can yield significant returns for your business.

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The Power of Custom Trade Show Booths



The Power of Custom Trade Show Booths

Businesses get a lot out of exhibiting at trade shows. They get to display their products, discuss their services, and make lasting impressions, all through a limited space on a big floor.

And to make the most out of this limited space, that is, to stand out from numerous competitors, brands use custom trade show exhibits.

Think of a custom booth as your temporary headquarters at the event.

While your physical showroom remains stationary, this booth is mobile, bringing your brand directly to the attendees.

Think of it as more than a space of specific dimensions, it’s rather a dynamic representation of your brand, serving as a pop-up shop that encapsulates your brand’s essence.

Supporting your sales team is another crucial aspect of these booths.

A well-designed booth amplifies your product presentations, making key messages and offers more compelling.

It’s a space that promotes interaction, allowing your team to engage effectively with attendees and leave a good impression.

But perhaps the most significant advantage of exhibit rentals is their ability to make your brand stand out.

With countless exhibitors competing for attention, a custom booth, whether grand or modest, creates a visual impact that differentiates you from the crowd.

Moreover, a custom booth tells your brand’s story. Every element in it is tailored to your brand, with a design and layout that resonates with your values, history, and philosophy, and amplifies brand awareness. It’s a statement declaring your brand’s presence and significance in the market.

Contact TrueBlue Exhibits

The benefits of custom trade show exhibits are manifold. It’s more than just a space. It’s a strategic tool that can raise your brand’s presence and influence at any trade show. And if you’re considering one for your next event, TrueBlue Exhibits is here to bring your vision to life.

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Tips for Opening a Bar



Tips for Opening a Bar

You have a vision of a bustling bar, with patrons enjoying crafted cocktails, good food, and great company, but you’re unsure of where to start. Establishing a bar can be an exciting venture, but it’s also a significant undertaking that involves careful planning, a solid business model, and an understanding of legalities. In this article, we will explore some crucial considerations when opening a bar to help make your entrepreneurial dream come true. Below are four essential aspects to take into account.

Fundamentals of Starting a Bar

Opening a bar starts with a solid business plan outlining your vision, target market, competition analysis, and financial projections. The plan should highlight your unique selling proposition. For instance, you might envision a sports bar geared towards a younger demographic or a cocktail lounge targeting upscale clients. A business plan acts as a roadmap directing your activities and is a crucial tool for securing investors or loans.

The capital required to start a bar is hefty. You’ll need funds for leasing space, renovations, purchasing commercial freezers for sale, liquor licenses, inventory, and employees’ salaries. It’s essential to ensure that you have a budget that caters to all of these needs. Sometimes, startup costs can spiral out of control, so ensure a contingency fund is in place.

Legal requirements are another vital consideration. Ensure you understand the laws governing the sale of alcohol in your state. For instance, what insurance is required? When can you serve alcohol? What permits do you need? Addressing all legal areas ensures you avoid costly fines or business closure.

Crafting Your Bar’s Atmosphere

The atmosphere plays a significant role in drawing patrons to your bar. The interior should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, reflecting the bar’s concept and appealing to your target audience. Consider aspects such as furniture, arrangement, lighting, and music—all these work together to create an enticing ambiance.

A bar’s atmosphere extends beyond its physical aspects—it also incorporates customer service. Ensuring your staff delivers top-notch service is critical. Keep in mind that your staff is the frontline of your business, interacting directly with customers. Hiring experience, friendly staff, and investing in training can make all the difference in providing an excellent customer experience.

All good bar experiences revolve around quality liquor. Investing in a vast wine and spirits selection can make your bar stand out from competitors. Opt for a blend of local and international brands and consider hiring a sommelier or mixologist to enhance your bar’s credibility.

Marketing Your Bar

To draw patrons, you need a strong marketing plan. Create a unique brand identity and loyal customer base through social media marketing, events, or loyalty programs. Special promotions during slow nights can draw in crowds, and themed nights can also make your bar stand out. Look for partnerships with local businesses or participate in community events.

Nothing beats word of mouth when it comes to bar marketing. Deliver excellent customer experiences and encourage customers to leave positive reviews online. It’s also essential to manage any negative feedback promptly and professionally—this shows potential patrons that you’re committed to providing superior service.

Do not underestimate the power of search engine optimization (SEO). Create a user-friendly website with all the necessary information like your location, hours of operation, menu, and events—optimize the site to appear in local search results. This online presence broadens your visibility and draws in new customers.

Maintaining Success

Maintaining Success

The hard work doesn’t stop once you’ve successfully launched your bar. Monitoring your bar’s performance and making adjustments is crucial for long-term success. Regularly review financial reports, manage your inventory correctly, and adapt your menu to changing consumer trends.

Creating a safe, relaxing environment where patrons can unwind is essential. This means ensuring safety measures are in place and keeping your bar clean—cleanliness isn’t negotiable in the food and beverage industry. Regular inspections of your commercial equipment, furniture, and premises ensure your space stays in top-notch condition.

Keep an open line of communication with your employees. They interact directly with your customers, making them a vital source of feedback. Pay attention to their suggestions and address any concerns—they are instrumental in improving your operations and enhancing customer experiences.

Overall, opening a bar is a sizable endeavor, but one filled with opportunity. With careful planning, strategic decision-making, and a commitment to excellence, your bar can become a vibrant, profitable business. Just remember: quality drinks, excellent service, and a great atmosphere is the cocktail of success in this industry.

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