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Why Is NAS100 So Popular To Trade In South Africa



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Forex has taken over all other traditional methods of trading. In one decade, it has garnered more than 9.6 million users. Although it has become a huge name, many people are still unfamiliar with it. Forex Trading has several benefits. One of the biggest is that you can trade from the comfort of your home with a smartphone or laptop. Also, you can trade from anywhere with any market in the world. Since there are no geographical restrictions, Forex’s popularity varies with different regions. South Africa is one of the biggest names when it comes to this online currency exchange. 

There are various stock market indexes in Forex. They all have different prices and are availed by different brokers. To invest in certain stocks, you need to invest with a brokerage house that has it available. The popularity of indexes is not the same in every region. In South Africa, the top choice among people is NAS100. There are several reasons why it is so popular.

People outside of the region have this question that why is NAS100 so Popular to Trade in South Africa? We have collected some of the most important reasons which explain why it is so. So, let’s get started. 

4 Reasons Why NAS100 is so Popular in South Africa

Before going straight into the reasons, it is better to provide an overview. Beginners who do not know the different stock market indexes might know NAS100 by the name of Nasdaq 100 or US Tech 100. It is one of the most popular indexes, not only in South Africa but also all over the globe. That is because it is also one of the earliest. First introduced in 1985, it has been very common in currency trading. It is sometimes also known as NDX. 

With that said, you might have a clearer picture in your mind about the index. Now, let’s look at the reasons which explain its popularity. 

  • The Trusted Reputation

There is a reason it is also called the US Tech 100. That is because it houses some of the biggest tech companies in the world. Huge names like Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook are all exposed to Nasdaq 100. It gives the index a positive rating and makes it an option worth choosing. 

And, that is not it. Nas100 is also exposed to the health sector. It has ties with some of the biggest biomedical companies, including Gilead, Amgen, and Regeneron. During last year, Gilead was very famous due to its contribution to solving the global Covid-19 pandemic. This added even more points to its reputation throughout the world, especially in South Africa. 

Due to its track record with the largest companies, people consider it a safe option to invest in. Most other popular indexes are not in the tech or health sector, like Nasdaq 100, which has a 40% exposure in the mentioned fields. 

  • Performance in the Last Decade

It is important to consider how well an index has performed in the last few years before investing in it. As for the US tech 100, it has seen its ups and rare downs. If we take a look at its performance in the last years, we can understand why it is a choice of many people in South Africa. 

  1. In 1995 – 2000, its prices went up and so did its popularity. 
  2. However, 2000 – 2010 saw a significant loss. People stopped investing in it, so it went negative for the whole decade.
  3. NAS100 recovered quickly during 2010 – 2020 and had another massive boom. This was the time when it became the most popular in the region. 

It is a major reason why traders in South Africa invest in it due to its performance in the last decade, which is only going higher and higher. 

  • Benefits for South African Traders

Not every country has the advantage of leverage. In South Africa, there is ‘Contract for differences’ that provides the traders a considerable advantage. Users can trade with a larger amount than actual deposits. It means they need to spend less money and have chances to make bigger profits. 

Similarly, South African traders can buy Nasdaq 100 without purchasing the securities. It is also beneficial for brokers who offer the index. That is one of the main reasons brokerage houses aim for South Africa when they are looking for different regions. 

It is very helpful, especially for new traders. Since they are hesitant to invest a large amount of money, they can use CFD  to invest in an index without spending too much money and still predict larger profits. 

  • Upper Hand Over Other Indexes

Other than Nas100, some of the other popular indexes are S&P500 and DOW Jones. Nasdaq 100 has many features that outweigh its competition. For instance, its contribution to the health, energy, and tech sector. 

Another important factor is the higher volatility than other indexes. Volatility is the measure of the market’s price changes. It shows how the price of an index will rise or fall depending on the market prices. 

Compared to other indexes, Nas100 has shown to have a higher volatility measure, meaning it will have more changes in its price. So, people have more chances to get lucky and win larger profits.

Why Should You Invest in Nas100

These reasons are also enough to convince someone why they should invest in Nas100. Plus, its popularity shows that it is not going down anytime soon. Experts recommend this index, especially for beginners. So, they can start their career with a safe and reliable option. 


If you are a newcomer in Forex, knowing what’s trending in the market is best. The reasons mentioned above will help you understand why to choose Nasdaq 100  from the countless other options in the ever-growing stock market. However, in the end, the choice is yours. Whether it is about selecting the right index or broker, it is best to have some research. 


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Do I Need A Life Insurance Policy If I Have No Dependents?



Do I Need A Life Insurance Policy If I Have No Dependents?


Life insurance is a topic that often comes up when people start thinking about their financial future and the security of their loved ones. You may have heard that life insurance is essential if you have dependents, but do you still need life insurance if you have no dependents?

In this blog post, we will delve into the world of life insurance and explore whether you need a life insurance policy if you have no dependents. We will address several key aspects of this question, providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Understanding Life Insurance

Before we jump into the question of whether you need life insurance if you don’t have any dependents, let’s first understand life insurance meaning. Life insurance is a financial instrument with a crucial purpose: to provide financial support to your loved ones and cover outstanding debts and expenses in the event of your passing. This support comes in the form of a payout, often referred to as the death benefit, which is disbursed to your chosen beneficiaries when you are no longer around.

The Purpose of Life Insurance

Life insurance is a contract where you pay regular premiums to the insurer, and in return, they promise to provide a lump sum to your beneficiaries when you pass away. This lump sum payment serves several critical purposes:

  1. Financial Security for Loved Ones:One of the primary functions of life insurance is to ensure that your loved ones, such as a spouse, children, or other family members, remain financially secure after your demise. The death benefit can replace the income you would have contributed to their well-being, helping them maintain their quality of life.
  2. Debt and Expense Coverage:Life insurance extends its protective umbrella beyond dependents. It can be a powerful tool for covering any outstanding debts or financial obligations you leave behind. For instance, if you have a co-signed loan or mortgage with a family member or friend, your passing could leave them responsible for the entire debt. A life insurance policy can step in to settle these debts, preventing your loved ones from shouldering the financial burden.
  3. Funeral Expenses:Funerals and final expenses can be surprisingly costly. A life insurance policy can help cover these expenses, sparing your family from the unexpected financial burden during a difficult time.
  4. Estate Planning:Life insurance can play a crucial role in estate planning, even if you don’t have dependents. It can provide liquidity to your estate, ensuring that your assets can be easily distributed according to your wishes. Without sufficient liquidity, your loved ones might be forced to sell assets, such as a family home or business, to cover estate taxes and other expenses.
  5. Peace of Mind:Life insurance offers peace of mind, both for you and your beneficiaries. It ensures that your financial affairs are in order, reducing the emotional and financial stress that can arise during challenging times. Knowing that your family will have a financial cushion can bring a sense of comfort and security.
  6. Legacy and Charitable Giving:Life insurance can also be used as a tool for legacy planning and gifting. Suppose you have a close friend, a favourite charity, or a family member whom you want to provide for after your passing. Designating them as beneficiaries of your life insurance policy ensures that they receive a financial gift, allowing you to leave a lasting impact on their lives or support causes that matter to you.
  7. Future Planning and Affordability:Obtaining life insurance early in life can be a strategic financial move because premiums are lower when you are young and healthy. By securing coverage now, you not only protect your future insurability but also lock in lower rates, providing a cost-effective means of safeguarding your financial future. Additionally, as life circumstances change, like acquiring dependents or new financial responsibilities, an existing policy can provide a foundation of coverage to meet your evolving needs, ensuring that you have the necessary protection in place when it becomes vital.


In summary, the need for a life insurance policy goes beyond having dependents who rely on your income. Life insurance can serve as a versatile financial tool, addressing various aspects of your financial and estate planning. It can cover outstanding debts, provide liquidity for estate planning, facilitate gifting and charitable giving, and offer affordability and future insurability advantages.

Whether you are a young professional with no dependents or someone with a complex financial situation, life insurance can play a valuable role in your overall financial planning. Life insurance is a long-term investment in your financial security, ensuring that you and your loved ones are always protected regardless of your current family situation. So, whether you are in the early stages of building your financial future or enjoying the freedom of a life without dependents, life insurance remains a practical and worthwhile consideration.

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In a world filled with constant distractions and competition, effective business signage can be a game-changer. It serves as your silent salesperson, drawing potential customers’ attention and guiding them to your doorstep. To harness the power of signage for success, consider these strategies.

  1. Clarity is Key – The primary purpose of a business sign is to convey a message. Ensure that your signage is clear, concise, and easy to understand. Use legible fonts and avoid clutter. Remember, a confused customer is less likely to become a paying one.
  2. Location – The placement of your business signage is crucial. Analyse your target audience’s habits and choose a location that maximizes visibility. This might mean near busy intersections, in high foot traffic areas, or strategically placed along highways. Consider the visibility from different angles and distances.
  3. Size Matters – The size of your signage should be proportional to its distance from the viewer. A sign on a building’s façade can be larger than a sidewalk sign. Bigger signs are easier to spot from a distance, but don’t go overboard – an overly large sign can appear obnoxious.
  4. Colors and Contrast – Use colors that align with your brand but also provide sufficient contrast for readability. High contrast between text and background is essential. For example, dark text on a light background or vice versa. Red and yellow are often associated with urgency, while blue can convey trust and professionalism.
  5. Material Selection – Choose durable materials suitable for your environment. Outdoor signs should withstand weather conditions, while indoor signs might focus more on aesthetics. Material selection impacts the longevity of your signage, so invest wisely.
  6. Consistency in Branding – Your signage should be an extension of your brand identity. Use consistent colors, fonts, and imagery that align with your other marketing materials. This builds brand recognition and trust among your customers.
  7. Visibility at Night – Don’t underestimate the importance of nighttime visibility. Use illuminated signs or proper lighting to ensure your message is clear even after the sun sets. This is especially crucial for businesses open in the evening.
  8. Message Rotation – If applicable, consider rotating messages on electronic signs to keep your content fresh and engaging. This can be particularly effective for businesses with changing promotions or events.
  9. Call to Action – Encourage action with a clear call to action (CTA) on your signage. Whether it’s “Visit Us Today,” “Call Now,” or “Learn More,” a well-placed CTA motivates potential customers to take the next step.
  10. Monitor and Adapt – The effectiveness of your signage isn’t static. Monitor its impact and be ready to adapt. If a certain sign isn’t generating the desired results, try a new design or location. Continuously analyse customer feedback and data to refine your strategy.

Conclusion – Effective business signage is not just about aesthetics; it’s a strategic tool that can drive foot traffic and boost your brand’s visibility. By following these strategies, you can create signage that not only attracts attention but also converts viewers into loyal customers. Remember that signage is an investment, and when done right, it can yield significant returns for your business.

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The Power of Custom Trade Show Booths



The Power of Custom Trade Show Booths

Businesses get a lot out of exhibiting at trade shows. They get to display their products, discuss their services, and make lasting impressions, all through a limited space on a big floor.

And to make the most out of this limited space, that is, to stand out from numerous competitors, brands use custom trade show exhibits.

Think of a custom booth as your temporary headquarters at the event.

While your physical showroom remains stationary, this booth is mobile, bringing your brand directly to the attendees.

Think of it as more than a space of specific dimensions, it’s rather a dynamic representation of your brand, serving as a pop-up shop that encapsulates your brand’s essence.

Supporting your sales team is another crucial aspect of these booths.

A well-designed booth amplifies your product presentations, making key messages and offers more compelling.

It’s a space that promotes interaction, allowing your team to engage effectively with attendees and leave a good impression.

But perhaps the most significant advantage of exhibit rentals is their ability to make your brand stand out.

With countless exhibitors competing for attention, a custom booth, whether grand or modest, creates a visual impact that differentiates you from the crowd.

Moreover, a custom booth tells your brand’s story. Every element in it is tailored to your brand, with a design and layout that resonates with your values, history, and philosophy, and amplifies brand awareness. It’s a statement declaring your brand’s presence and significance in the market.

Contact TrueBlue Exhibits

The benefits of custom trade show exhibits are manifold. It’s more than just a space. It’s a strategic tool that can raise your brand’s presence and influence at any trade show. And if you’re considering one for your next event, TrueBlue Exhibits is here to bring your vision to life.

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