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What You Need to Know About Proper Gun Storage



Are you one of the more than 5 million Americans who became a new gun owner in the past year? Or are you planning on purchasing your first firearm in the near future?

If so, listen up. Owning a firearm is a right, so long as you are in good legal standing to do so. But it’s also a responsibility, as firearms can be dangerous if you don’t know how to handle a gun.

Aside from knowing how your gun works, gun storage is one of the most important aspects of owning a firearm. When stored the right way, your guns will stay safe and hidden from inexperienced shooters who can hurt themselves or others if they have access to them.

So how should you be storing your gun at home, during transportation, and out in the field? Read on below for the most important gun storage tips that you need to know.

Why Gun Storage Is Important

Many gun owners don’t think twice about storing their guns. They might leave a hunting rifle on a table in the garage. Or they might place a handgun in their dresser drawer.

But doing so is very unwise. On the surface, this might mean your firearms are exposed to moisture and dust, which can affect the performance of the gun over time.

But more importantly, leaving firearms out in the open puts people at risk. If you live with others, be it a partner, children, or roommates, all of them are at risk when firearms are out in the open.

Someone might be curious to see a gun and may go and look for yours. If the gun is loaded, or if ammunition is accessible too, an inexperienced shooter can accidentally fire a bullet.

Do you live alone? It still isn’t safe to leave your guns out in the open.

Unfortunately, break-ins are all too common in the US. 2.5 million burglaries take place in the US each year, and there’s a chance it could happen to you.

If a thief stole your gun(s), it would be very inconvenient for you. But more importantly, there are now additional firearms in the hands of criminals, which puts even more lives at risk.

Are you ready to invest a little bit of time and money into proper weapon storage, for the betterment of everyone around you? That’s the question to keep in mind as you read the rest of the article.

Gun Storage at Home

Proper gun care starts at home. After all, you don’t get to spend all day at the shooting range, or out hunting. Your guns will sit idle, inside your home, 99% of the time.

Depending on what type of guns you have, and why you have them in the first place, you may invest in a different storage option. Here’s what to consider for your home.

Long Gun Safe

If you have any type of rifle or shotgun, you’re going to want a proper gun cabinet. They’re made of heavy-duty metal. You’re going to want to buy one from a local store, as they would cost a lot to ship to your home.

You can get a safe that’s as narrow as a locker if you only have one or two long guns. Or you can get a much larger cabinet, capable of storing a dozen or more long guns.

For maximum security, you’ll want to affix your gun safe to the wall and/or floor. It should also be in an inconspicuous area, such as the corner of a garage, or down in the basement.

Put a heavy-duty lock on the safe. Burglars like to get in and out fast. If they notice your safe is attached to your home and has a big lock on it, they will probably leave it alone.

If your guns have sentimental value, consider paying extra for a fireproof safe. If you were to suffer from a house fire, your safe would most likely be fine, with guns unscathed inside.

This also doubles as a place to store other personal effects and valuables.

Hand Gun Safe

Many gun owners have no need for a long gun, as they aren’t hunters and are primarily concerned with personal safety and home protection. So they will only own a handgun or two.

There are different types of handgun safes you can buy. Those who’d like access to their guns in the middle of the night, in the event of a break-in, choose a small, bedside safe with an easy access locking system.

These locks can contain a keypad, where you type in a short code, or a fingerprint scanner. The idea is that you need to be able to open the safe up when feeling frantic.

Those who practice concealed carry will often remove their handgun and place it in their bedside safe once they are home for the day.

Many people also install small, hidden safes throughout their home, so they can access a handgun at any time, without having to run across the house. You can hide safes like these inside drawers, mounted on the underside of desks, or even made to look like books on a bookshelf.

There are also basic handgun safes available if you just need a place to lock it up when you are heading to the shooting or target range.

Gun Storage on the Go

Gun storage at home isn’t the only thing you need to be concerned with. Most people take their firearms out of the home at some point or another.

Usually, this means taking it to the shooting range to get some practice. It might mean taking it to a gunsmith for repairs or upgrades. And for many, it means heading out into the field for hunting.

Here’s how to store guns while you’re on the move.

Gun Storage in the Car

Car storage is very important for your firearms. Doing this wrong could get you into trouble with the law.

In many states, to legally transport firearms, they must be unloaded and stored in a location that is inaccessible to the driver and any passengers. To access a firearm, a passenger should need to get out of the vehicle.

In small vehicles, this means storing in the trunk or rear seat. In trucks, it means storing it in the bed, or under a rear seat.

Your guns will also need to be cases. This could be a standard hard case, or a portable soft case, or even a simple gun sock. A hard case is best though, to protect your gun from any potential damage from shifting around, or falling objects.

Ammunition needs to be stored separately from the gun. It can be next to the gun, just not in the same case as the gun.

Storing your gun properly in the car prevents unnecessary accidents. It also lessens the chance of gun theft, since cars are relatively easy to break into if a burglar sees something they want.

Flying With Guns

Most of the time, hunters are the only ones traveling on a plane with guns. And yes, doing so is totally fine, as long as you pack and store them properly.

Per TSA rules, guns always need to go with your checked luggage in a locked, hard-sided case. So first things first, you need a quality, hardshell gun case that is able to withstand the weight of many suitcases piled on top of it.

Many gun cases can store two or three long guns as well, making it easier to travel with hunting partners or bring different types of guns for different types of game animals.

To check your firearms, they must be unloaded. When checking in at the ticket counter, you need to declare each firearm. Depending on the airline, there may be additional baggage fees for claiming a firearm.

Some airlines may just rate your gun case as a normal checked bag, which may or may not be included in your ticket price.

All ammunition and firearm components and accessories must also remain in check luggage only. The only thing you can bring in your carry-on bag is a rifle scope.

Gun Storage in the Field

Lastly, there are ways you should store your guns in the field. The field can be an indoor or outdoor shooting range, where you are actively using your firearms, or it can your own property or a hunting area.

Most firearm-related accidents don’t occur when someone is actively using the gun. They occur in the in-between moments when you are preparing to shoot a gun, preparing for a hike, or getting ready to put all your gear away.

These are the easiest moments to slip up, as you think a gun is unloaded. But there are countless times when there is one round remaining in the gun. Here’s how to stay safe when out in the field.

At the Range

Shooting ranges have very strict rules regarding how firearms are handled and stored. This is to ensure the protection of everyone at the range, both customers and workers.

To enter a shooting range, your gun(s) need to be cased from the moment they leave the car. You should not uncase your gun until you are at your assigned shooting stall.

You should only have one gun out at a time. Any other firearms that you brought should remain unloaded and cased until you are ready to use them. When pulling out your second gun, make sure to unload and case the first one.

When casing and uncasing your gun at the range, be mindful of what direction it is pointing in. You might know it’s unloaded, but if it’s pointed at your neighbor while you are putting it away, they might feel threatened.

The Hunting Field

Those outside the hunting community might think that it’s a dangerous sport. But statistically speaking, hunting is not dangerous.

Of course, there are accidents, but the bulk of hunting incidents are self-inflicted. The unexpected discharge of a firearm is one of the main issues, meaning hunters might accidentally shoot their own foot or leg.

And it usually happens when preparing for a hunt, or ending a hunt, rather than when they are out in the woods. Many of these accidents can be prevented with good field storage.

Any time you are not actively hunting, your rifle or shotgun should be unloaded, magazine ejected, and firearm cased. Taking this extra step shows all of your hunting buddies massive respect.

Many people make the mistake of leaning their firearms up against the truck, only for them to slip and hit the ground. Not only is this dangerous, but it could bump your scope out of place, ruining your chances of making an accurate shot.

If you are camping in the field overnight, the same applies. Make sure the gun is unloaded and cased, preferably stored in a vehicle to prevent any contact from moisture.

Out Hunting

Once you leave the truck behind and head into the backcountry, proper gun storage doesn’t stop. If you’re going to be hiking a considerable distance, there’s no need to shoulder your rifle the whole time. You’ll get sore and deal with muscle cramps after the first hour or two.

Rather, wear a hunting pack that has a spot you can secure your rifle too. Make sure the barrel is pointed upwards, to never endanger yourself or others.

And keep a barrel sock over it. This will prevent brush, snow, or rain from getting into it.

If you drop your gun, a barrel sock keeps dirt and mud out and saves you the hassle of having to clean your gun on the spot.

When you are out hunting, you don’t want to waste time with gun maintenance and cleaning. You want to spend your time looking for animals and getting into the right position.

Firearm Safety Skills

At Natchez online store experts say that people spend all of their time thinking about which type of gun to buy, what brand of ammunition, whether it’s .45 acp ammo or .40 caliber ammo, and how to improve their accuracy.

And while these are all important, none of them are as important as gun storage and knowing how to safely handle firearms. If you want to boost your safety practices and your firearms confidence, take an introductory course at a local shooting range.

They give boost your gun knowledge and skills and build an awareness of firearm responsibility that will never leave you.

Looking for more tips like this? Head over to our blog now to find other helpful articles.

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How Craft Holsters Enhance Your Personal Security



How Craft Holsters Enhance Your Personal Security

Keeping ourselves safe is something we all think about. For some, carrying a personal defense tool, like a handgun, feels like a good choice for protection. However, it’s important to carry it safely and comfortably. This is where Craft Holsters comes into the picture. They make special holders for handguns that not only keep the gun safe but also make sure it’s easy for you to reach if you ever need it. These holders, or holsters, are designed with care to fit many different types of guns. So, whether you’re at home, walking outside, or going somewhere special, Craft Holsters helps make sure your safety tool is always there, securely by your side, without causing discomfort.

Why Choose Craft Holsters?

When it comes to keeping our handguns safe and sound, Craft Holsters stands out. They’re not just any holster maker. They offer a big selection, which means you can find the perfect holder for your gun, no matter its shape or size. Also, they really care about making sure the holster is comfortable to wear and keeps the gun secure. This means you can go about your day without worrying about your safety tool. Plus, having the right holster means your gun is always ready when you need it but stays out of sight when you don’t. Craft Holsters focuses on making holsters that fit your life perfectly, whether you’re at work, taking a walk, or enjoying a night out. So, choosing Craft Holsters is a smart move for anyone who carries a handgun for safety.

They make sure you’re prepared without compromising on comfort or style. Beyond just offering a wide range of holsters, Craft Holsters prioritizes quality and durability, ensuring that each holster not only looks good but is also built to last. They understand the importance of having a reliable holster that you can trust, which is why they meticulously design their products to meet the highest standards of functionality and aesthetics. With Craft Holsters, you’re not just getting a holster; you’re investing in peace of mind, knowing that your handgun is securely and stylishly carried throughout your daily activities.

Types of Craft Holsters

Craft Holsters offers many kinds of holsters, so finding one that suits your needs is easy. There are inside-the-waistband (IWB) holsters, which are great for keeping your gun hidden under your clothes. Then, there are outside-the-waistband (OWB) holsters, which are a bit more visible but still very secure and easy to reach. If you’re looking for something a bit different, shoulder holsters might be your thing. They let you carry your gun under your arm, which can be very comfortable, especially if you’re sitting a lot. There are also special holsters for carrying your gun in your pocket, your ankle, or even on your thigh, which can be perfect for different situations or outfits. Each type has its own benefits, so think about when and where you’ll be carrying your gun. Craft Holsters makes sure that no matter what type you choose, it will be easy to use, comfortable, and, most importantly, safe. This variety means you don’t have to settle for something that’s just okay; you can find a holster that feels like it was made just for you.

The Craftsmanship Behind Craft Holsters

What makes Craft Holsters really special is the care and skill they put into each holster. They pick top-quality materials to make sure your holster not only looks good but lasts a long time too. The people who make these holsters are experts, and they pay attention to every little detail. This means that your holster won’t just be a place to keep your gun; it will be a well-made tool that fits perfectly and works every time. The craftsmanship also means that the holster will keep your gun safe and in the right position, so it’s always ready when you need it. Plus, because they use such good materials, the holster will keep its shape and look great even after lots of use. This attention to detail and quality makes Craft Holsters a smart choice for anyone who wants a holster that’s as reliable as it is stylish. When you choose one of their holsters, you’re getting something that’s made with love and care, something that will be a part of your life for a long time.

How to Choose the Right Craft Holster

Picking the right holster from Craft Holsters is important. You want something that fits your gun like a glove, feels comfortable all day, and matches how you live your life. Start by thinking about your gun’s size and shape. Craft Holsters has options for all kinds of guns, so finding the right fit is easy. Next, consider where on your body you want to wear your holster. Do you want it hidden under your clothes, or is it okay if it’s a bit more visible? Your daily activities also matter. If you’re moving around a lot, you might want a holster that keeps your gun very secure. Or, if you sit a lot, comfort might be your top priority. Don’t forget to think about the material and style of the holster, too. You want something that feels good against your skin and fits your personal style. Luckily, Craft Holsters offers lots of choices, so you can find a holster that ticks all the boxes. Remember, the right holster makes carrying your gun safe, easy, and comfortable. Take your time to choose wisely, and you’ll have a holster that feels just right.

Caring for Your Craft Holster

Taking care of your Craft Holster is key to making sure it lasts a long time and keeps your gun safe and secure. Luckily, keeping your holster in top shape is easy. Start by cleaning it regularly. This means wiping it down to remove dirt and sweat, which can damage the material over time. If your holster is made of leather, you might need to use special products to keep the leather soft and strong. Always follow the care instructions that come with your holster. It’s also a good idea to check your holster often for any signs of wear or damage. Look at the stitching, the material, and how the gun fits. If something doesn’t seem right, it might be time for a new holster. Remember, a well-cared-for holster not only lasts longer but also works better. It keeps your gun secure and ready to use, which is exactly what you need. So, take a little time to look after your holster, and it will take good care of you and your gun in return.

Final Thought

Choosing and caring for the right Craft Holster can make a big difference in your personal safety. With a variety of types and the high-quality craftsmanship that goes into each holster, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your gun and your lifestyle. Remember, the right holster is not just about carrying your gun; it’s about carrying it safely, comfortably, and in a way that fits your daily life. Whether you’re new to carrying a handgun or looking for a better way to carry yours, Craft Holsters has you covered. By following the simple tips on choosing and caring for your holster, you’ll have a reliable, comfortable, and stylish way to carry your personal safety tool. Keep your safety in your own hands with a Craft Holster that feels like it was made just for you.

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What You Need to Know About Owning a Gun in Wyoming



What You Need to Know About Owning a Gun in Wyoming

Guns hold a deep-rooted place in American history and culture. Whether used for hunting, sport, or protection, firearms are a significant part of many American households. Wyoming, known for its vast landscapes and rich outdoor traditions, is no exception. With its distinct stance on gun rights, understanding the ins and outs of gun ownership in the state is crucial for both residents and potential gun owners. If you’re considering purchasing a firearm or just curious about the regulations in Wyoming, this article will guide you through the vital details.

1. Gun Laws and Regulations of Wyoming

Diving right in, Wyoming is a state that strongly supports the Second Amendment. With a strong gun culture, it’s essential to know the basic laws and regulations that surround firearm ownership.

Firstly, Wyoming operates under what’s known as a constitutional carry system, which means that any adult who can legally own a firearm can also carry it openly or concealed without needing a special permit. However, if you wish to carry concealed in other states, getting a Wyoming concealed carry permit can be beneficial as many states recognize it.

For those considering purchasing a gun in Wyoming, it’s relatively straightforward. There’s no mandated waiting period, meaning once you’ve decided on your gun of choice and passed the federal background check, you can walk out of the store with your new firearm. While the state doesn’t require permits or licenses to purchase, it’s always a viable idea to stay informed. Changes can happen, and being caught off guard isn’t a situation any gun owner wants to find themselves in. So, it’s crucial to remain updated on the Gun Laws and Regulations of Wyoming to avoid issues.

2. Purchasing and Selling Firearms

Once you’ve got a grasp on the basic regulations, the next step is understanding the process of buying and selling guns. In Wyoming, licensed firearms dealers are required to run a background check on potential buyers. This process ensures that the person buying the gun is legally allowed to own one. The background check goes through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) and is a federal requirement.

Private gun sales, on the other hand, are a bit different. If you’re buying a firearm from another individual in Wyoming, the seller isn’t required to run a background check. Still, both parties should be aware of their legal responsibilities. As the seller, it’s illegal to sell a firearm to someone you know or believe cannot legally own one. As the buyer, it’s your responsibility to ensure you’re not breaking any laws by purchasing the weapon.

Now, you might wonder about gun shows, as they’re a popular venue for firearms transactions. The same rules apply. Licensed dealers at gun shows will run background checks, while private sellers will not. It’s always a good practice, whether buying from a store, an individual, or at a gun show, to keep records of the transaction. This documentation can be vital in the future if questions arise about the firearm’s ownership or history.

3. Storage and Transport

After purchasing your firearm, the next thing to consider is how to store and transport it. Wyoming doesn’t have specific state laws on gun storage at home. However, for safety reasons, it’s recommended to store firearms in a secure place, preferably a gun safe, and away from children or unauthorized users.

When it comes to transporting guns, Wyoming law is more explicit. If you’re carrying your firearm in a vehicle, it can’t be concealed on your person without a valid concealed carry permit. However, a gun can be hidden anywhere in the vehicle, like in the glove compartment or under the seat, without a permit.

4. The Importance of Gun Safety Classes

When it comes to gun ownership, understanding how to handle and operate your firearm safely is paramount. Wyoming has numerous establishments that offer gun safety classes, and it’s a good idea for every gun owner, novice or experienced, to attend these. Not only do they teach the mechanics of handling guns, but they also delve into the ethics and responsibilities that come with firearm ownership. Many of these classes also provide hands-on experience, allowing participants to practice what they’ve learned in a controlled environment.

5. Recognizing Restricted Areas

Even in a state as gun-friendly as Wyoming, there are places where firearms are strictly prohibited. These typically include schools, government buildings, and some public areas. Additionally, private businesses have the right to deny entry to individuals carrying firearms. It’s essential to be aware of these restrictions and always respect posted signs and directives. Failing to do so can lead to legal complications, including potential fines or imprisonment.

Being cognizant of restricted areas is not just about following the law; it’s also about respecting the comfort and safety of others. Always err on the side of caution and discretion, and when in doubt, seek clarification from local authorities or property managers about the firearm policies in any given area.

6. Traveling Out of State with Your Firearm

If you’re a Wyoming resident planning to travel out of state with your firearm, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the gun laws of your destination. Every state has its regulations, and what’s acceptable in Wyoming might not be in another state. Some states have reciprocity agreements, recognizing permits from other states, while others don’t. Always do your research before traveling to ensure you stay on the right side of the law.

7. Special Cases: Antique Firearms and Relics

For enthusiasts of history and vintage items, Wyoming recognizes a distinction between modern firearms and antiques or relics. Typically, firearms manufactured before 1899 or those that use obsolete ammunition are considered antiques. These firearms generally don’t require the same background checks as modern guns when being bought or sold. However, it’s essential to have proper documentation proving the firearm’s age and status to avoid potential legal misunderstandings.


Owning a gun in Wyoming comes with a blend of freedom and responsibility. The state’s laws reflect its deep respect for the Second Amendment, allowing residents significant leeway in their firearm rights. However, with these rights come the obligations of safe and lawful gun ownership. By staying informed and practicing safe gun habits, Wyoming residents can fully enjoy their rights while ensuring the safety of themselves and those around them.

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What You Need to Consider When Purchasing New Airsoft Equipment



What You Need to Consider When Purchasing New Airsoft Equipment

Whether you have just got into playing airsoft, or if you have been building your interest for a while, you will quickly realize just how important it is to have the right equipment. When purchasing any new equipment, there are many factors you will want to take into account. Getting the best value for your money and getting hard-wearing and functional products is crucial, especially if you are playing more than one game a month.

What You Need

Before starting any shopping trip, you need to think about what you need. For example, do you need goggles or other protective eye equipment? Do you need a better rifle – are you still working with a beginner? Or, do you need new tactical clothing that allows you to move quicker (without being seen) and with less effort? It can be easy to get carried away and purchase new items that you do not require (or will not even use). Looking at what other players have (and utilize) will always give you a good starting point.

What You Already Have

If you are looking at upgrading, it is important to look at the existing equipment that you already have, and see how this works for you. Doing this lets you see what you want in your next purchase. For example, is the airsoft helmet you currently have fit for purpose Is it capable of allowing communication with others? Does it have a visor? Is it the best color? When you look at what you already have, you ensure firstly that you do not purchase the same product again. You also ensure you purchase equipment with features you know you will need and use.

Satefy and Standards

To make sure you and the other players are safe at all times, you need to only purchase equipment and gear that is safety tested. Purchasing from social media websites and even purchasing second-hand is not recommended, as you are not guaranteeing that products and equipment are up to the required standards. To ensure you are always focusing on safety and high standards, you need to only purchase through reputable providers. Look for those that meet safety criteria, and those that keep up to date with legislation and law. If you have doubts about a provider, then take your search elsewhere.

How Much You Want to Spend – Your Budget

There may be lots of items you wish to purchase as you ramp up your investment in airsoft. However, it is essential that you have a budget in place before making any purchases. When you have a budget to work towards, you can be sure that you are purchasing what you need and want – but at an affordable price. If you have not got a budget to work towards, then you may end up spending more than you had anticipated. This may then have an impact on the enjoyment you get from the game if expensive items get damaged.

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