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Tips for Getting that Industrial-Style Kitchen Look



Tips for Getting that Industrial-Style Kitchen Look

The decision to go with an industrial-style kitchen can be a bold move. The exposed wood beams, brick walls, open space, and high ceilings are all call signs of the industrial style that can be achieved. At once welcoming and eclectic, the industrial aesthetic is characterized by its use of reclaimed wood surfaces like butcher blocks and stainless-steel appliances. Traditional cabinets can tie the entire aesthetic together and create the perfect industrial-style kitchen.

If you’ve decided it’s time to renovate your kitchen and an industrial style is intriguing to you, here are some options to consider.

Open Spaces

Industrial kitchens have become synonymous with high, soaring ceilings and wide-open spaces. Exposed brick, reclaimed woods, stainless steel, and exposed ventilation pipes bring the industrial feel to the foreground without overwhelming the overall aesthetic. Traditional cabinets set alongside stainless-steel appliances and countertops with elegant, reclaimed wood-inspired backsplashes can tie everything together. They provide the balance needed to form an elegant, harmonious, yet bold aesthetic to the room. Rustic furnishings like reclaimed wood chairs and such also draw the eye.


Exposed brick has its unique personality. Adding to that can be as easy as using a splash of color. Think of a light-colored brick that is enhanced by the use of elegant traditional shaker-style cabinets in a dark blue or gray. The color combination will make the room feel warm and inviting. Include stainless steel or brushed nickel hardware on the cabinets.

Beautiful, elegant cabinets create the foundation of the room. Think of traditional cabinets as the best option, whether you choose a light color or a darker approach with blues or grays. With their ability to be customized, you’re sure to find the perfect combination of style and functionality to match your needs. If you’re unsure which style to go with, companies like Authentic Custom Cabinetry can help you select and install the perfect cabinets for your home.


The appliances in an industrial-style kitchen are meant to be heavy-duty. Think professional grade. It’s necessary to have as high performance, superb functionality as possible. A five-burner range or dual fuel model with full extension oven racks and convection would be ideal. Be sure to follow residential safety regulations. Entirely professional grade appliances may not be possible due to local zoning laws, but you can still try to get as close as possible. You will appreciate the high performance they deliver and will be able to get so much more out of your cooking with the additional heat settings these burners offer. Plus, they look fantastic.

The refrigerator can be set by itself or be built into the cabinetry. The size depends on your needs, but be sure to spend the money necessary to ensure it has the features you need for entertaining. A separate drawer for holding hors’ de oeuvres is a nice touch and will keep everything ready up to the last minute.

A dishwasher should be built into the counter and be as minimalistic as possible. A stainless-steel front with a hidden control panel is optimal.


If you happen to have original floorboards, you are in luck. They are the perfect contrast in an industrial kitchen. The cabinets blend so beautifully with the warm timber hues. If you don’t, no worries. There are plenty of options for you to consider. There are several recycled timbers you can choose from that will bring the same elegant look.

If wood flooring isn’t for you, consider stained concrete flooring. It is commonly used in kitchens of this type and is very durable. You can also add underfloor heating to concrete flooring when it’s poured. Nothing is better than getting the morning cup of coffee and having the floor be the perfect temperature.

Other flooring options range from high gloss to tiled floors. High gloss is good because it is easy to clean, it’s very durable, and will reflect the shine of the appliances and other stainless steel in the room. Tile, on the other hand, can be a great option as well. It can be used to make a great contrast to the rest of the room. Tile can vary from the plain to the bold and striking.


Industrial lighting is easy to identify with its fusion of classic design and modern functionality. Think pulleys or scissor arm styles. Pendant lighting is widely used. Large pendant lights are popular because you can pair them with other materials, and they complement each other. They look fantastic when several are hung in a row. Metal pendant lights can be painted any color you’d like.

Vintage LED filament bulbs bring an eclectic, industrial flair to any kitchen while providing all the light you could need. The classic design is accented with the visible glowing filaments inside the clear bulb. They tie the modern with the mid-century and keep your industrial style grounded in its roots.


When two contrasting styles collide, the outcome is generally not that great. In this case, it works flawlessly. The farmhouse sink is perfect for the industrial-style kitchen. A large farmhouse sink is big enough to handle any cleanup you can send its way. The sink’s design allows it to hold more cookware than the average sink, and with the apron-front design, you can get closer to it, meaning less strain when washing. That’s a win in my book.

Another idea is the wall-mounted faucet with a flexible hose. The commercial kitchen uses this as a way to bring the cleaning to the surface. You can use this method if you have concrete or tile flooring and a drain installed. Place the faucet above the sink.

Your dream of an industrial-style kitchen is attainable. We can help you take that dream to reality. Reach out to us to start on your remodel project today.

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Why Install Frameless Glass windows and Doors in Your Property



Why Install Frameless Glass windows and Doors in Your Property

If you are thinking of undertaking a construction or renovation project in your property, then you should consider installing new frameless glass doors and windows as soon as possible. Indeed, if you are looking to create a unique design in the interior of your property, you should think about using frameless glass doors and windows for a variety of different reasons. If you want to create a modern look, then you should think about installing frameless glass doors or windows throughout the property while you should also be aware that frameless glass doors and windows can be used in the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom to create a fantastic new look. If you are looking to undertake a construction or renovation project, then you should think about contacting a specialist supplier of frameless glass windows and doors so that you can determine which particular product would be appropriate for you. For more information about the various suppliers of frameless glass doors and windows in a particular area, you should think about consulting an online business directory as you will be able to identify several companies that you can contact.

Create a modern look

One of the main reasons that you should think about installing new frameless glass doors and windows in your property is that you can create a fantastic new design. Indeed, if you want a modern style in a particular room in your home or office, then you should think about installing new doors and windows from The Frameless Glass Company as soon as possible. You should also be aware to choose from several styles of windows and doors to match your vision for a particular area.

Increase the amount of light in a particular room

Another reason that you should think about installing frameless glass doors and windows in your commercial or residential property is that you can allow a considerable amount of natural light to enter a particular area. Indeed, if you are looking to create a high level of natural light in a particular area, especially through allowing daylight into the interior of the property, you should think about designing the building with frameless glass doors and windows in the near future.

Improve the value of your property

Finally, it is imperative to note that if you want to undertake a construction or renovation project and install frameless glass doors and windows in your property, you could potentially increase its resale value. Indeed, this is especially pertinent if you are looking to update the look of your home as well as if you want to improve the selling price which may be important if you decide you want to sell the property in the future. As a result, you should think about contacting a specialist supplier of frameless glass doors and windows to determine which particular products would be perfect for your commercial or residential property.

Therefore, in conclusion, if you are looking to create a modern look in the interior of a property and you want to allow natural light to enter a particular room, as well as potentially improve the resale value of the property, you should think about installing new frameless glass doors and windows as soon as possible.

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Nicholasville KY Air Conditioning Repair Contractors – Nicholasville KY Furnace Repair



Nicholasville KY Air Conditioning Repair Contractors

Having to deal with a broken device at home or office could be unsettling. And if you happen to need air conditioning repair, things could quickly get heated up. But you can always find reliable contractors to help with your AC or furnace repair to help with regulating the indoor temperature.

If you need professional assistance from expert Nicholasville KY air conditioning repair contractors, you can check with AirPro heating & cooling for expert services. The tips below will help you with finding the right help anywhere for a faulty HVAC.

What is Wrong with your AC?

It will be easier to get help quickly if you have an idea of what the problem is. This could be easier if you know how to diagnose electrical faults. But when it comes to air conditioners and furnaces, it may be best to leave the responsibility to an expert. Still, there is a lot you can do before the expert arrives. Some of the common issues with AC and furnaces include.

Poor Maintenance

As with most electrical devices, regular maintenance could help with keeping them in the right working condition. And if it has been a long time since you carried out expert maintenance on your air conditioners, it could only be that you need to do so moving forward. You want to keep it a date with a certified technician who will help carry out routine inspection and maintenance of your AC and furnace and since you spend a good amount on them, it is only right that you invest in looking after them regularly.

Thermostat Problems

Another common issue is normally with the thermostat. This is the set function that helps with working the device to suit your needs. And it could either be programmable or non-programmable. In most cases, programmable options work with a battery that allows you to tune the settings to your preference. In the case of a malfunction, you want to check the settings to be sure they are properly tuned. You will also need to check that the batteries are still working if it is still not operational.

Wear and Tear of Mechanical Parts

There is also the issue of mechanical wear and tear which could be the reason why your heating and cooling devices are faulty. Issues with the belt and bearings are known to result in poor circulation, overheating, and a noisy device. So you want to check this part of your device when carrying out preliminary checks.

Water Leakages

This is another common occurrence with heating and cooling devices. A water leak could lead to water accumulating indoors which could damage your interior surface like walls and floors if not quickly rectified. Clogging or a crack in the drain lines leading from the device to the water outlet could be damaged resulting in leakages. So you want to check them properly for any sign of damage if you notice water in the room.

Dirty Filters

Replacing your filters is one important part of AC maintenance if you want the device to last long. Filters are put in place to trap dust and other contaminations in the air while the device is operational. A dirty filter will restrict normal airflow thereby limiting how much ventilation you get indoors.

It could also encourage dust and bacteria to be circulated into the air which is why they need to be replaced regularly. Ideally, you need to switch them out every six months and replace them with a new one to keep the device running smoothly. This link has more on how to replace your AC filter.

Finding Expert Nicholasville KY Air Conditioning Repair Contractors

Finding Expert Nicholasville KY Air Conditioning Repair Contractors

You can surely find professional air conditioning repairers anywhere in Nicholasville, KY. But you want to make sure that you work with a reputable company with experience providing quality services to homeowners in the area. The internet is a useful tool for finding technical assistance these days. And you can start by entering the keyword the best Nicholasville, KY, air conditioning, and furnace repairs and follow through with the suggestions.

You want to do well to scrutinize the website to be sure of the services they provide. It will also help if there are reviews from others who have tried their services in the past to help you get information regarding the nature of their services.

Final Note

You can also check with AC dealers and sellers of electrical appliances to assist with finding expert AC repairers in your region. And since most homes and offices rely on heating and cooling device for regulating indoor temperatures, it is possible that someone you know could provide good referrals. So it is maybe a good idea to ask people in your circle for help with finding expert electrical repairs when you need one.

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Today we pay tribute to the Upholstered footstools, that backless, legless seat that can come in a thousand and one shape and size. Did we say seat? Because the Upholstered footstools can be many more things: a makeshift table, a footrest, and even, depending on its size, transform a simple sofa into one with a chaise longue. If you still don’t have one at home, after knowing all its advantages … we know what your next purchase will be.

The origins of this piece of furniture are in the area of   Turkey and the Maghreb, back in the 18th century. They were very low and soft backless seats that were used in this culture to eat on the floor and be more comfortable since they adapted to the body. It was in the 19th century when the Upholstered footstools was introduced into European homes as an element of comfort and decoration. Back then they were small stools covered to hide the legs. Due to its roots, it was called ‘Ottoman seat’, although over time the term Upholstered footstool became popular, a word of Arabic origin related to cushions without arms or backs, so typical in oriental decoration. Although it could also be thought that it is called that because it is the sound that is produced when we sit in this comfortable armchair, usually filled with soft material covered by a rigid fabric that can be leather, cotton fabric, rattan, etc. These are the 10 reasons why we love them.


Although we can find designs of all kinds, more or less robust, as a general rule an Upholstered footstool stands out for its lightness and from there derives its other advantage: it can be carried effortlessly to any room where an extra seat is required. If your house is small, do not opt for a large and upholstered footstool, but you should choose small, soft, or natural fiber models, which can be stored.


An Upholstered footstool fits into any room in the house. You can even put it in the bathroom!

And the good thing is that in each room it can perform a different function. That’s how versatile they are. In the living room, they serve as informal seats when the sofa does not give more of itself. In the children’s room, they can be from cushions to play or places to lie down to read. In the bathroom, it can be a point of support for towels and a good place to take off your shoes, put on a moisturizer…


An Upholstered footstool can include compartments where you can keep your TV controls or your favorite magazines close at hand. Enter the image gallery and you will see a good example of this extraordinary service.


In addition, there are models that are like trunks thanks to the fact that its rigid base hides a hollow interior and its seat rises, revealing space to put blankets, plaids, toys, etc. If you choose a footstool with storage you will have an off-road two-for-one.


Is your chair very lonely? Add a beanbag to it and you will automatically have a reading corner where you can relax. Known are the benefits of resting with your feet up to improve circulation in the legs and that can also help you with a good footstool, in this case better a little more rigid to achieve the desired posture?


In the dressing room or dressing table putting a footstool is always a great idea. They take up less than an armchair or chair and are easier to store under the table or in a corner when they are not needed.


If your living room is very neutral, put a footstool in the color you want to attract attention. The effect will be immediate. There is spectacular upholstery, although we tell you that velvet or pictures are fashionable and elegant.


This furniture allows customization. If you are a DIY lover, unleash your creativity and make your own footstool, that there is no other like it. Take a square pallet, add wheels, and place on top a thin cushion or mat tailored to the contour of the wooden structure. Success assured.



Why not both things? Choose a footstool with some rigidity and place it in your living room so that it expands the seating possibilities when you have guests or works as a practical coffee table when not. In this case, you may have to add a wooden tray so that the objects that you put on the surface stay in place.


There is no furniture that kids like more because we should not overlook the playful side of a footstool. Kids love being on the floor, so make their room warmer and more comfortable with a bean bag. The crochet ones are beautiful in a child’s bedroom, so fun for them and style for you.


Don’t keep it inside! And is that a footstool on a balcony or terrace provides that chill-out attitude and a certain bohemian air. Of course, here upholstery of fabrics that are not resistant to the elements is prohibited. Choose rattan versions and other natural fibers or outdoor textiles.

Do you want to see the variety of beanbags that we have prepared for you? Enter the image gallery and at the end, you will exclaim: poof, you are worth it!

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