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Simple Mileage Log For Taxes In 2022



Simple Mileage Log For Taxes In 2022

Instead of guessing how much you drove for business last year and overpaying or underpaying your taxes, use a simple mileage log app to be prepared come tax season in 2022.

Standard Mileage Rate vs. Actual Expense Method

The standard mileage rate is the IRS-approved mileage log for calculating the deductible costs of operating a vehicle for business purposes.

According to the IRS, the standard mileage rate from July until December 2022 will be 62.5 cents per mile for business travel in cars and vans.

The actual method is a more detailed approach to maintaining an IRS mileage log for taxes. It calculates the deductible costs of operating a vehicle for business purposes.

You would calculate the actual expenses incurred for gas, oil, repairs, tires, insurance, registration, etc., and then get reimbursement on that amount from your taxes.

“So, which is better? The standard mileage rate or the actual method?”

It depends.

If you have a newer vehicle, you might be better off using the standard mileage rate. This is because your costs will be lower and the deduction will be higher.

If you have an older vehicle, you might be better off using the actual method. This is because your costs will be higher and the deduction will be lower.

Tracking Mileage for Taxes: The Technical Side

There are a few different ways to track mileage for taxes. The most accurate way is to keep a log of your business travel, including dates, destinations, and the purpose of each trip for mileage reimbursement.

You can use a mileage logbook app, which can be a more convenient way to track your mileage. You can also use pen and paper or Excel to track your mileage, which can be helpful if you’re already using Excel for other business purposes.

Using a mileage log app is definitely more accurate and easier to use.

Most Important Mileage Tracker App Features

Here are some of the most important features to consider when choosing an IRS-approved mileage log:

  1. Ease of use. How to track mileage for work? You want an app that’s easy to use so you can track your mileage without any hassle.
  2. Accurate tracking. Make sure the app you choose is accurate so you can get an accurate picture of your mileage.
  3. Reporting. A good mileage tracker app will let you generate reports so you can see your mileage over time.
  4. Integration. Choose an app that integrates with other apps you use, such as your calendar or GPS.
  5. Price. Mileage tracker apps vary in price, so choose one that fits your budget.

Most Important Mileage Tracker App Features

Did You Forget to Track Your Mileage?

It’s easy to forget to track your mileage, especially if you’re driving a lot for work.

But did you know that you can backtrack your mileage with MileageWise? That’s right – even if you forget to track your mileage for a few days, you can still get an accurate picture of how much you’ve driven.

MileageWise is a simple, easy-to-use mileage tracking app that lets you maintain a mileage log for IRS and for any other purpose – work or personal. You can even customize it to track your specific routes, so you’ll always know how far you’ve driven.

VIP Mileage Log Preparation Service

You probably know by now how important it is to keep track of your mileage. But who has the time to keep track of all that data? That’s where our VIP mileage log preparation service comes in.

MileageWise will take your travel data and prepare a detailed mileage log that you can use to get at least a $12,000 mileage tax deduction on average for 1 tax year per car, or simply to keep track of your adventures.

Our service is fast, efficient, and accurate, and we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the results.

So, if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to keep track of your mileage, try the MileageWise mileage log for taxes.

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A Beginners Guide to Electric Bikes



A Beginners Guide to Electric Bikes

Electric bikes, also known as e-bikes, are a great way to get around in an eco-friendly and cost-efficient way. Not only do they require no fuel, they are also incredibly easy to use. Electric bikes offer riders the option of riding a bike without having to do all of the work. If you’re considering getting an electric bike or are just curious about them, this is the article for you!

How Does an Electric Bike Work?

An electric bike has a battery and motor that provide additional power to the rider, allowing them to pedal less but travel farther and faster than they would with a traditional bicycle. The battery is typically mounted in the frame of the bike and is recharged by plugging it into an outlet. The battery can be removed from the bike for charging indoors or charged in situ. The motor, usually located near the rear wheel, is activated when the rider pedals or uses a throttle on the handlebars. When activated, it assists with pedalling, allowing the rider to go faster or farther than they would be able to on their own.

What Are Some Advantages of Electric Bikes?

Electric bikes offer a variety of advantages over traditional bicycles. For one, they allow riders to travel farther distances while exerting less energy than they would on a non-electric bike. Additionally, electric bikes can be used as an alternative form of transportation for those who don’t have access to public transportation or live too far away from their place of work/school/etc. Folding electric bikes are a great option for those that are limited on space at home or travel part of their commute on public transport. Lastly, electric bikes can have a host of health benefits including reduced stress on the body, improved cardiovascular health, increased flexibility, improved mental health, and increased energy levels

Are There Different Types of Electric Bikes?

Yes! There are several different types of electric bikes available depending on your needs and preferences: hybrid e-bikes, folding e-bikes, mountain e-bikes and commuter e-bikes are just some examples. Hybrid e-bikes are designed for leisurely rides with some light off road use (trails, cycle paths etc). Folding e-bikes are perfect for those who need something compact, such as commuters or those with limited storage at home. Mountain e-bikes allow riders to tackle any terrain; and commuter ebikes make it easy to get around town quickly and efficiently.

How much does an Electric Bike cost?

The cost of an e-bike varies depending on the type of bike, battery size and other factors. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from £800 – £2,000 for a quality e-bike.

We recommend speaking to a bike shop about your needs, they can then recommend some suitable options based on your requirements.

Are Electric Bikes Legal?

In most countries (including the UK), it is legal to ride an E-bike as long as it meets certain criteria. For instance, UK requirements state that the motor has a maximum speed of 15.5mph and has a maximum power output of 250w or less. It’s important to check your local laws before purchasing an e-bike in order to ensure that it meets all legal requirements in your area. Some more powerful E-bikes that do not meet these requirements will only be suitable for use on private land.

Choosing the right Electric Bike for you

When it comes to choosing an electric bike there are several factors you should consider before making your purchase. First, decide how much power and range you need from your bike. For example, if you typically do short local journeys, a smaller battery size will be suitable. Next, consider how often you plan on using your e-bike—if you plan on using it frequently then investing in one with higher quality components may be worth it in the long run as they tend to last longer than cheaper alternatives. Finally, think about what type of terrain you plan on riding—off road e-bikes typically have different components than those designed for city streets so make sure to pick one that is appropriate for your needs.

Whether you’re looking for an alternative form of transportation or simply want to enjoy leisurely rides around town without breaking too much sweat, electric bikes offer many benefits that traditional bicycles do not provide. With so many different types available—hybrid e-bikes, folding e-bikes, mountain e-bikes and commuter e-bikes—there’s sure to be something that fits your needs perfectly! For those newbies out there interested in purchasing their very first electric bike, we hope this overview helped answer some of your questions! Good luck on your search!

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What Can You Do with a Caravan When It’s Not in Use?



What Can You Do with a Caravan When It’s Not in Use?

Caravans can be very useful during the warmer months when you want to get away for long weekends or extended holidays. They can provide more comfortable lodgings than a tent and also allow you the freedom to travel when you want and to where you want during your getaways. Yes, caravans can be great investments for the right person, but what can you do with one when it’s not in use? If you’re trying to find a purpose for your caravan when you’re not enjoying a vacation, here are some ideas to help you get more out of it.

1. Temporary Storage Space

One useful option for your caravan when you’re not using it for trips away is to utilize the space as additional storage. Of course, this will be for a temporary period until you are ready to take your caravan on the road again, but if you do have some clutter in your house to make room for more sentimental items, or other items that need a place to live for a few months, your caravan could be a good place for it. It can certainly help to keep the interior space of your home clutter-free until you are ready to sort through these items and get rid of them.

2. A Den to Escape To

If you don’t need temporary storage space, another option to explore with your caravan while it is parked in your driveway or garage is to use it as a quiet den to escape to. Everyone can use some time alone once in a while, so if you would like to enjoy some quiet time, stepping into the caravan with a good book or watching a film on the TV in there could be ideal. You may even choose to use this space to enjoy some arts and crafts or another hobby you enjoy. Making this space comfortable as you would when using it for camping can allow you to use it even when you’re not traveling and you might find that it becomes the perfect haven for when you need some downtime.

3. Put it into Storage

If you can’t keep your caravan on your property due to a lack of space, you will need to find somewhere suitable to keep it until you want to use it again. A generous friend or relative might be willing to let you use their land, or you can search for private landowners who will allow you to do this for a fee nearby. If this is the better option for you, make sure you are preparing your caravan for storage properly – these tips to help you ensure your caravan will be safe over the winter months are very useful for this.

4. Sell It

If you are not using your caravan much anymore, no matter whether it’s the winter season or not, then selling it might be the best option for you. It’s a good way to make some additional money, and you won’t have to worry about financing the ongoing costs to keep the caravan in good condition. If your days of hitting the road with your caravan are behind you, this could be the right thing to do, freeing up space on your property and relieving you of the responsibilities attached to caravan ownership.

If you are wondering what to do with your caravan when it’s not in use, consider these suggestions and see which ones work best for you.

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18 Reasons to Own a VW Campervan



18 Reasons to Own a VW Campervan

Want to take your wanderlust to the next level? An iconic shape from the last century may be a good first step.

When you think of a transport vehicle a yellow Volkswagen campervan may come to mind. It seems like epitomizes freedom, adventure, and creativity. This iconic vehicle has remained in the hearts of drivers and travelers for decades.

A VW Campervan just makes sense for a lot of reasons. Read on to learn about some of those!

History of the VW Campervan

The VW Campervan has a fascinating history that stretches back nearly 100 years. Created by the German car manufacturer VW in 1949, the classic campervan quickly became popular among young people and families who wanted to experience outdoor living, camping, and road trips across Europe. Initially, the Campervan was only available as a four-seater and was only available in Germany.

Over the years, the Campervan has evolved, becoming larger and more sophisticated with the addition of power steering, air conditioning, and interior amenities such as beds and cooking facilities. Over the years, the Campervan has become an icon of the counter-cultural movement, featured in countless films, novels, music, and other media.

Why You Should Own a VW Campervan?

Owning a VW Campervan is an amazing way to get into the world of camping and exploring. Not only is it a reliable and stylish vehicle, but the advantages it provides are endless.

Whether you’re a full-time RV’er or looking to explore the open road this summer, here are 18 reasons to own a VW Campervan:

1. Freedom and Flexibility

With a campervan, you have the option to stay in one place, or get moving and explore the world! You can travel to remote and beautiful locations, and spend the night in comfort and style.

2. Great Fuel Economy

The lightweight design and aerodynamic shape of the car allow it to consume less fuel, allowing you to get more miles per gallon. The engine is also cleverly designed to provide excellent fuel efficiency with variable valve timing, producing a good balance between powerful performance and frugal running costs.

3. Affordability

Campervan ownership is an affordable investment. VW Campervans are a fraction of the cost of the other campervans in the market, making them the perfect campervan for those on a budget. They are built with quality components, making them an affordable and reliable option over their counterparts.

VW Campervans are often easy to find, with second-hand models available at attractive prices. Additionally, because of the popularity of VW Campervans, owners can find numerous resources, advice, and guides online, making it easy to maintain their Campervans at a low cost.

4. Comfort and Style

With luxuriously soft cushions and adjustable seating, classic campervans provide superior levels of comfort while traveling. Comfort is further enhanced with air conditioning and heating options, along with a refrigeration unit to keep food and beverages cool. The kitchen unit installed in the campervan includes a sink and cupboards to store all the essentials.

Expansive windows provide an amazing view of the countryside when traveling, giving you a sense of freedom and adventure. This style of vehicle also provides plenty of space for passengers to relax and socialize.

5. Great Performance

This is due to its powerful engine, efficient transmission, and reliable suspension system. The engine delivers a high level of power while still achieving high fuel economy numbers.

Its transmission works in harmony with the engine to provide smooth, effortless shifting. And its suspension system can take whatever bumps the road throws its way and keep the ride comfortable.

6. Low Maintenance Costs

They require little to no maintenance beyond regular oil changes and other fluid checks. They are also popular to have some of the longest intervals between servicing in the RV world. VW Campervans also require very little in the way of heater, air conditioning, and electrical system maintenance, and they often come with a warranty that covers some of the costs of parts and labor.

Another great plus side to owning a VW Campervan is the fact that all replacement parts are relatively easy to find and relatively inexpensive, which cuts down on the cost and time of repairs.

7. Customizability

From making small changes such as different decals to customizing the lighting, or changing the color or even the windows, it’s all possible. On a larger scale, the campervan can include any features you decide – from cupboards to fridges, hobs, and ovens, installing a freshwater tank, or even altering the bed layout, you can easily create the perfect spaces for your own needs.

8. Durability

Volkswagen has made sure their campervans are built to last for years to come, thanks to the use of durable materials and reinforced construction. The vehicle has multiple tests, making sure its reliability and performance last long after purchase.

9. A Range of Uses

You can take it out on camping trips, or use it as a comfortable touring vehicle. It also makes it easy to transport your sporting and leisure equipment, allowing you to carry items such as kayaks and surfboards.

You can use it as a comfortable campervan to stay in overnight and use the onboard cooking facilities so you can save money by not having to eat out. For the active types, it makes a great base to go exploring outdoor activities including rock climbing, wild swimming, and hiking up mountains.

10. Off-Road Capabilities

With its four-wheel drive, high ground clearance, and advanced traction control, the Volkswagen Campervan can easily traverse any terrain. Its independent front and rear suspension give it an even distribution of weight which makes it both more comfortable and stable when navigating off-road conditions. Additionally, it also has electronic locks on all four wheels which help create an anti-lock braking system, allowing it to better grip the surface.

11. Sliding and Swivel Seats

This feature enables users the greatest range of seating combinations and comfort. For example, the back seat can slide out, rotate and recline to make a comfortable sleeping surface.

The front passenger seat can also slide, rotate, and be turned completely around to face the back, creating a ‘dining’ experience for passengers. Sliding and swivel seats are a great way for optimizing the living space and make comfortable sleeping, dining, and sitting arrangements.

12. Low Capital Expenditure

Purchasing a VW Campervan requires less upfront capital expenditure than larger vehicles. It requires a minimal initial investment in purchase, parts, and repairs; it keeps running costs low and could potentially see a good return on investment.

13. Continuous Development

The VW campervan can be traced back to the iconic ‘Splitscreen’, however, modern versions have seen huge improvements in comfort, safety, and engine performance. The pedigree of such a vehicle offers reliable parts, efficient performance, and something that will stand the test of time. The camper van now benefits from modern upholstery, an updated digital dashboard,s and comprehensive infotainment systems.

14. Portability

The option to set sail on your next adventure is a lot easier when you own a VW Campervan. With a lightweight and compact size, these Campervans can be towed by any vehicle enabling you to take them with you wherever you go.

15. Powerful Turbocharged Engines

Turbocharged engines help to provide the best combination of power and efficiency, creating faster acceleration and a smoother drive. The engines also feature programmed pause and boost technology that regenerates movement for optimum velocity.

In addition, the engines are made from lightweight materials for added efficiency and power. They use a direct fuel injection system to supply clean, efficient fuel for combustion, making them eco-friendly.

16. An Icon of the Past

Volkswagen (VW) Campervan is truly an icon of the past that has withstood the test of time in terms of its iconic design and reputation. This classic vehicle is a beloved symbol for individuals who seek to capture a unique sense of freedom and nostalgia.

The VW Campervan symbolizes a connection to the great outdoors, where countless memories have been created over the years. By owning a campervan, a person can set off on outdoor adventures, enjoy romantic getaways, or seek to explore nature in a grand but efficient way.

17. The Ability to Make Money

Many owners put their campervans up for rent on platforms such as Airbnb or Drivy, or people looking for a camping holiday. Tour companies also offer VW Campervan hire as a way to explore a destination in style.

Additionally, owners can also make money from their vehicles by taking on contracts to transport goods, such as delivering parcels and goods to remote locations. Many people also rely on their VW campervan as a source of income, by purchasing and refurbishing them before selling them for an increased profit.

18. Access to a Strong and Friendly Community

This community has full of informative and helpful VW Campervan owners and enthusiasts who are dedicated to enjoying and preserving the historical value of these classic vehicles. As a part of this community, owners benefit from restoration tips, guidance on the maintenance of their vehicle, and a great sense of camaraderie knowing there are other enthusiasts like them.

How to Find the Right Maintenance and Repairs for Your Campervan

When looking for the right maintenance and repairs for your campervan, it is important to find a van conversion company with experience and knowledge of the work you need to be done. It is beneficial to read reviews and contact the company you are considering to ask questions. Ask them to show you the types of campervans they have worked on in the past, read online reviews, and ask for a quote before deciding whom to hire.

Make sure you check to see what certifications and insurance the van conversion has to ensure a safe job. Be sure to get everything in writing and secure a warranty to protect your investment.

Issues to Watch Out for When Owning a VW Campervan

When owning a VW Campervan, periodic maintenance will be required to keep your campervan in tip-top shape. Depending on the model year, certain parts may need to be replaced more often than others. Common items such as wheel bearings, spark plugs, hoses, and brakes must be monitored to keep the campervan running properly.

Additionally, any unfamiliar noises or vibrations should be checked out immediately to make sure the campervan is safe to drive. Furthermore, proper maintenance of the interior to keep mold and mildew from forming is essential. Regular cleaning should be done to keep the campervan in a good state of repair.

Plus, be sure to have an experienced mechanic inspect the campervan for any potential oil leaks or other problems before taking it out for a spin. To ensure the longevity and safe operation of your campervan, it’s important to address any issues that arise and maintain a list of parts used and labor done.

Essential Supplies to Bring Along in Your Campervan

If you’re planning an adventure in your campervan, it’s important to bring along the essentials to make sure your trip is a success. Start by stocking up on food and water, as well as tableware and cooking utensils, so you can prepare meals. Make sure to bring plenty of camping gear, from a tent, sleeping bags, and pillows to a fold-up table and a camp stove.

Moreover, don’t forget to bring toiletries and clothes, as well as supplies for emergencies, such as a first aid kit, flashlights, insect repellent, and some basic tools. You should also pack a map, compass, and phone charger- just in case. Finally, make sure to bring items to entertain yourself, such as books, cards, and board games.

Own a VW Campervan to Be a Standout Camper

Owning a VW Campervan can give you the freedom to explore the outdoors and make memories with friends or family. Combining a reliable design with comfort and convenience, it is a great option for both long and short trips.

Take the first step to your next adventure and come test drive a VW Campervan today!

If you enjoyed this article then make sure that you explore our website to find more articles just like this one.

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