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Different Ways to Use a Waffle Maker



A waffle maker can be used in more ways than one. Below are different answers to questions you may have on how to use this machine for other purposes.

Can I toast bread in a waffle maker?

Yes, you can toast bread in a waffle maker. After all, a waffle maker that can give crisp waffles can certainly give us crisp or toasted bread. If you don’t have the waffle maker already, you can get yourself one delivered within 24 to 48 hours in Sri Lanka if you order at

Wondering how to do so?

Follow the procedure below:

Step one: Place the bread slices:

You have to first place the slices of bread in the waffle maker so that they do not overlap each other. If you have a small maker, it is a good idea to place only a single slice of bread in one instance. At this point, you need not apply anything on the bread like butter or spread.

Step two: wait for two minutes:

You have to at least let them toast for a couple of minutes. You can also observe the color of the bread before taking them out.

That’s it!

You can easily toast bread using a waffle maker in these two simple steps. The crisp texture that a waffle maker provides, coupled with the unique waffle markings, will certainly make you a fan of bread toasted in the waffle maker.

Can a waffle maker be used as a panini press?

Yes, you can use a waffle maker as a Panini press. It will provide you with more crispy bread than your usual Panini press. You can easily experiment using a waffle maker with the different types of bread. That will certainly make the waffle maker much more versatile and provide you with a crisp texture on the outside, similar to a waffle.

Below, we will cover the step-by-step procedure to use a waffle maker as a Panini press.

Step one: heat the waffle maker:

Without preheating, you won’t be able to use a waffle maker as a Panini press.

Step two: assemble the Panini:

Like a Panini press, you have to assemble the entire Panini before putting it in the waffle maker. If you want to add cheese, sauce, or anything else, you have to add it with other ingredients before moving to the next step.

Step three: grease the waffle maker:

Before placing the Panini in the waffle maker, use olive oil to grease the wafer maker.

Step four: place the Panini:

You have to place the Panini inside the waffle maker and after that press it down firmly. Only then you will get that crisp texture and the markings of a waffle on the Panini.

Step five: wait for at least a 3 to 4 minutes:

It will easily take 3 to 4 minutes to make a Panini in a waffle maker. You have to also observe the texture and the color of the Panini bread. Only when it turns the right shade of brown do you have to open the waffle maker and pull it out.

That’s it!

If you follow the procedure above, using the waffle maker as a Panini press will be easy.

Can you waffle mashed potatoes?

Yes, you can waffle mashed potatoes. Even though the exact recipe to do so is a bit different than making waffles, you can certainly do so. Below we will share with you the exact recipe so that you can follow it step by step in waffle mashed potatoes.

Step one: Preheat the waffle maker:

The very first thing which you need to do is to preheat the waffle maker. After it has attained the right temperature, which you will know by the indicator or the display, it is now time to spray it with olive oil.

Step two: create the batter:

You cannot just waffle mashed potatoes individually. You have to create a proper mixture for the same. There can be buttermilk, eggs, oil, mashed potatoes, and even cheese in the mixture.

Step three: create another mixture:

In a separate bowl, use flour, baking powder, and baking soda to create another mixture and add it to the mixture of butter to be created above.

Step four: Pour into the waffle maker:

After mixing both the mixtures, you have to pour the mixture into the waffle maker, and cook it for two minutes on each side.

Step five: extract the waffle:

After that, pull out the waffle once it has attained the right brown shade. You can use any garnishing you want.

So, if you want to waffle mashed potatoes, this is the exact procedure to follow.

Can a waffle maker get wet?

Limited exposure to water will not damage the waffle maker. However, if you submerge the entire electric motor into water, you won’t be able to use it again.

Most waffle makers are merely water-resistant. That is why a splash of water won’t impact them.

The electric circuitry will get damaged if you submerge them in water accidentally or knowingly while cleaning it. In that case, when you next use the waffle maker, there are high chances of being electrocuted.

Besides that, the damage to the circuit board and to connections will ensure that the waffle maker does not work again.

Can you waffle macaroni and cheese?

Yes, you can waffle macaroni and cheese. In fact, the waffles made from Mac and cheese are pretty tasty.

We will share the exact recipe to waffle Mac and cheese below:

Step one: condition the Mac and cheese:

If the Mac and cheese is excessively dry, you might have to heat it again and add cheese sauce to it. The aim is to get the consistency such that the Mac is entirely covered in the cheese sauce.

Step two: prepare the waffle maker:

You have to preheat the waffle maker before pouring the Mac and cheese into it.

Step three: pour

If your waffle maker can create only one waffle at a time, you shouldn’t pour more than half a cup.

Step four: cook for 5 minutes at least:

For both sides, you have to cook for 2 to 3 minutes each. That means the cumulative cooking time is around five minutes.

Step five: check for the golden color:

When perfectly cooked, the waffles made from Mac and cheese should be golden brown in color and should be crisp. Once you check the same using, you can remove the waffle.

As you can see, it is not that difficult to create waffles from Mac and cheese. In fact, if you follow the exact procedure above, you shouldn’t face any problem in doing so.

Thus, with the help of this guide, you will know exactly how to use a waffle mix and also what you can do with a waffle maker. Next time around, if you are thinking about waffles, do keep these answers in mind as they will help you prepare something delicious.

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5 Easy Ways to Breathe Life into Your Home Office



5 Easy Ways to Breathe Life into Your Home Office

As the work-from-home model becomes more standard and with many employees opting to work remotely or to embrace a hybrid balance, there’s an increased need to design a robust, comfortable, and functional home office space. However, making a room practical and functional doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style; balancing functionality and flair is possible — giving you the best of both worlds.

First, it’s important to establish the primary reasons for using the space. Do you host a lot of meetings? Is storage necessary for paperwork? Are two or even three computer screens needed? Making a list of your top five must-haves will help keep your vision at the forefront throughout the process and allow you to incorporate your needs seamlessly.

Your home office should blend with the rest of your home; it should be a space you want to spend time in. After all, most people spend eight hours a day online for work. So here are five easy ways to create a beautiful home office.

1. Repaint

Painting your home a light, airy colour is a great way to give the space an immediate air of freshness and positivity. According to colour psychology, green is a calming, stress-reducing colour — perfect for home office spaces.

In addition to the immediate visual benefits, repainting a space will:

Increase the Property Value

Some hues can affect a house resell price by up to $5,000.

Protect Your Home

Interior walls are often made from materials that will absorb dampness (like drywall). Over time, this absorption can compromise and damage the walls. Repainting walls will seal them, preventing them from absorbing atmospheric moisture.

Improve the Indoor Air Quality

If your office was painted some time ago, it might have been done using paints that are made using Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). After some time, these compounds may release into the atmosphere. In some situations, they can be detrimental to your health. Today, paints are created with low or no VOCs.

2. Invest in Quality Furniture

Investing in quality furniture is a smart way to make the office look like an integral room in the home and not an afterthought.

Ergonomic chairs are a must for a comfortable workspace, and a solid wood desk like those from Woodcraft will set you up for long-term success. A sagging, inexpensive desk with chipped corners, wonky drawers and misaligned joints won’t inspire creativity or the desire to spend time with it. The desk is the heart of the office, so investing in an artisanal piece that’s beautifully crafted and made to last will set the tone for the rest of the room and your work life.

3. Add Plants

Plants not only add a pop of colour and freshness to a room, but they also inspire productivity and efficiency. According to a study by Exeter University, employees performed better, and productivity increased by 15% when workers had house plants in their office space.

4. Make It Homey, but Minimal

This is your home, after all; there’s no need to recapture the stylings of a sterile office cubical for your home office. Add artwork you enjoy and hang curtains or blinds to soften the space. Don’t go too overboard, however. A cluttered space isn’t conducive to a clear head for work.

5. Add Layered Lighting

While ceiling lights are fine for gloomy days or seasons when the night comes on early, having a floor lamp and a desk lamp will let you set a cozy and comfortable tone while keeping the room bright and user-friendly for screen time and virtual meetings.

Pick lamps that match the fixtures in the room. For example, pick chrome lamps if you have a chrome curtain rod. Opting for matching finishes is an easy way to create cohesion in a room.

Take Away

A home office shouldn’t be an afterthought — many spend most of our Monday to Friday in the room. Follow these five steps, and you’ll design a comfortable and practical space that blends seamlessly with the rest of the home.

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Sustainable and Ethical Engagement Rings: A Guide for Conscious Shoppers



Sustainable and Ethical Engagement Rings

In Melbourne, ethical and sustainable engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular as conscious consumers prioritise transparency and responsible sourcing practices. Many local jewellers now offer engagement rings in Melbourne made with recycled metals and ethically sourced diamonds or gemstones.

For many couples, the engagement ring symbolises commitment and love. However, it is essential to remember that behind every diamond or gemstone lies a complex and often murky supply chain riddled with human rights abuses, environmental degradation, and unfair labour practices. Fortunately, sustainable and ethical engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular, allowing conscious shoppers to make a positive impact while also celebrating their love. This guide will explore the critical considerations for purchasing a sustainable and ethical engagement ring, from sourcing materials to the design and production process.


For those who prefer a colourful alternative to diamonds, there are many other gemstones, such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. However, ensuring that the gemstone is also sourced responsibly is essential. Look for certifications such as Fair Trade Gems or the Alliance for Responsible Mining, which ensure that the gemstone has been mined in a way that benefits the workers and the environment.


Finally, consider the metal used for the band of the engagement ring. Gold and silver mining can have significant environmental and social impacts, including deforestation, water pollution, and forced labour. Look for recycled or Fairmined certified metals, ensuring that the metal has been responsibly sourced and the workers were paid a fair wage.

Artisanal Craftsmanship

One way to ensure that the engagement ring is produced ethically is to purchase from a company that prioritises artisanal craftsmanship. These companies often work directly with skilled artisans, providing them fair wages and safe working conditions. This supports the local community and ensures the engagement ring is made with care and attention to detail.

Carbon Footprint

Another important consideration is the carbon footprint of the production process. Traditional mining and manufacturing processes can significantly impact the environment, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and other forms of pollution. Look for companies prioritising sustainable production processes, such as using renewable energy or reducing waste.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

For those who want a diamond engagement ring but are concerned about the environmental and social impact of mining, lab-grown diamonds offer a sustainable and ethical alternative. These diamonds are created in a laboratory using advanced technology, with no mining required. They are chemically and physically identical to natural diamonds but with a significantly smaller carbon footprint and less potential for contributing to human rights abuses.

Choosing a Company

Finally, when choosing a company to purchase an ethical engagement ring, look for one that is transparent about its sourcing and production practices and prioritises ethical and sustainable practices. Some companies may also have a giveback program, where some profits support social and environmental causes.

Summing Up

Sustainable and ethical engagement rings in Melbourne allow conscious shoppers to celebrate their love while positively impacting the world. By ensuring the points mentioned above, shoppers can feel confident that their engagement ring represents their commitment to each other and a better world.

As the demand for sustainable engagement rings grows, more companies prioritise transparency and responsible practices. By choosing a sustainable and ethical engagement ring, couples can celebrate their love in a way that supports fair labour practices, protects the environment, and contributes to a more just and equitable world.

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How Selfmadecrew Website Provide You With The Best Tape Art



How Selfmadecrew Website Provide You With The Best Tape Art

If you want to approach someone for the exterior and interior space tape art, then selfmadecrew is the option. They provide a variety of services, and you can approach them at Tape art is a unique and eye-catching art form created using different types of tape. This art form can create various designs, patterns, and images. Tape art is a great way to add a personal touch to any room or space.

What is Selfmadecrew?

It is the best website for tape art that you can use for different purposes. The tape art that they provide includes:

  • Duct tape art
  • Packing tape art

Duct tape art

Duct tape art is a unique and interesting way to create art. It is a type of art that uses duct tape as the medium. They create this type of art by using duct tape to create different shapes and designs.

This type of art is often used to create sculptures or other three-dimensional objects. You can get these tape services from selfmadecrew for pictures, 3D installations, interior design, street art, and graffiti murals.

Packing tape art

This tape art is a great way to add personality to any room. This type of art is created by using packing tape to create images and patterns on a variety of surfaces. They created this artwork with brown and coloured tape. The unique thing about this artwork is that it can be lit from behind.

How Selfmadecrew Creates Tape Art

Tape art is a type of art that uses adhesive tape as the primary medium. The tape is used to create both two-dimensional and three-dimensional images. Tape artists often use recycled materials, such as duct tape and packing. Tape art is a great way to experiment with colour and pattern. It’s also a fun way to get creative with everyday objects.

The Popularity of Tape Art Today

Tape art is a relatively new art form that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is created by using adhesive tape to create designs or patterns on surfaces. Tape art can be created on almost any surface but is often seen on walls.

Many types of tape art exist, from simple geometric patterns to more complex and detailed designs. Tape artists often use bright and colourful tape to create their designs, adding fun and playful elements to any space.

Tape art is popular for a number of reasons. It is a relatively simple and inexpensive way to create art, and it can be done almost anywhere. You can use it to decorate for special occasions or events and remove it when no longer needed.

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to add some personality to your home or office, tape art is a great option. There are endless possibilities for what you can create, and you can change your design as often as you like. So get creative and start experimenting with tape art today!


You can use tape art for a variety of projects, such as commissioned projects. Tape art is often used for commissioned projects, as it can be used to create custom designs and logos. It is a great and unique way of marketing. You can hire Selfmadecrew professionals for brand art and design.

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