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Convert Word to PDF Hassle-Free With PDFBear Free Converter



Convert Word to PDF Hassle-Free With PDFBear Free Converter

Finding the perfect solution for file converting problems has always been the nightmare of most users of conversion platforms. This has been a long-standing dilemma that has been addressed only recently.

For this reason, platform developers strive to inaugurate a type of PDF converter that not only caters to file conversion needs but PDF editing needs as well. Thus, the development of PDFBear that has innovative features.

What is PDFBear?

PDFBear is a file conversion tool that lets users convert to a wide range of document formats. It can be used to easily convert Word to PDF, or vice versa. The features of this platform are impressively more advanced and easy to navigate.

This platform can convert to and from PDF, PDF/A, PNG, JPG, Excel, Word, PPT, and HTML. Subscribing to a Pro account eliminates the limit to access and use these features. However, if you prefer to keep your money and still be able to convert basic documents, that is absolutely acceptable.

Additionally, PDFBear offers a 14-day free trial for new users to experience and take in the awesome features that PDFBear offers. What are these features?

Awesome Features of PDFBear

PDFBear is commonly known to accommodate the conversion needs of users across the platform, but what most of the people who aren’t familiar with the whole idea of PDFBear; it does not only convert documents but edits them as well.

Along with editing, it can also:

  • Merge
  • Split
  • Compress
  • Delete specific pages
  • Sign
  • Number pages
  • Repair
  • Unlock
  • Protect
  • Share documents
  • Add watermarks
  • Rotate

These features are completely available to the Pro account users of PDFBear. They get to enjoy this platform and the services it offers; thus completely changing your conversion process experience.

Moreover, PDFBear has a key feature that uses Cloud as it converts or edits a document. This way, converting and/or editing a PDF file won’t consume memory from your computer to avoid the risk of compromising your files.

PDFBear is known for its fast conversion rate. PDFBear values your time, and it hates keeping you longer than necessary; thus, an average conversion time of one (1) file is less than 30 seconds. It is a quick and simple process that will consume a small amount of your time.

Safety Policy

Implementing a strict data security policy is what PDFBear keeps its reputation for being a reliable conversion platform. It uses strong SSL encryption to protect your files while in the process of transferring or sharing your converted files.

Additionally, PDFBear has a strict protocol of deleting every document converted or edited in the server within 60 minutes to ensure confidentiality and keep a clean server every time you use it.

Cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility features contribute to the reliability of PDFBear. This feature lets users experience the platform the same as every other platform (Linux, Mac, Windows) and web browsers out there. This means security policies and protocols apply the same to all platforms and browsers.

How to Convert Word to PDF using PDFBear?

Converting word to PDF used to be a fairly difficult task to deal with, especially in the early stages of the internet era. But as the era progresses and continuously innovates, PDF conversion cannot be easier than how it is today.

To convert word to PDF, you only need to do two (2) steps:

  1. Click on “Select Files” to choose and upload the word document that you want to convert to.
  2. Once uploaded and converted, you can click on “Download” to save the converted file on your computer, save it on your Dropbox, too, and you can even send it through email.

These two (2) easy steps are the way to an easier, simpler conversion process we’ve all been and waiting for.

PDFBear Quality Assurance

All these features that were mentioned would be of waste if the output of the platform is inadequate. We know you need a conversion tool that is not only fast-paced, not only safe, and not only offers a variety of options but is also competent enough to produce satisfying results.

PDFBear upholds and greatly values the authenticity of its product, that is why its server automatically detects and chooses the highest quality available for your converted file; to preserve its content format. This way, you won’t have to re-edit or redo everything since PDFBear strives to convert your files to appear just like the original file.


In this modern age where everything and everyone is progressing at an exceptionally fast pace, it is vital that we catch up. And as platforms, products, and people innovate, it demands more from us as individuals and even as a part of an institution.

PDFBear is a product of the innovative desire of men to progress according to the needs of every institution and individual. This platform will greatly contribute to your needs as an employer, employee, or student.

The convenience PDFBear provides to consumers is exceptional. With its fast conversion rate, reliability in data security, quality assured results, a user-friendly navigation system, and its Pro account fees’ affordability; it is difficult to ignore the fact it is a high-quality conversion tool service provider. Why stick with your stale, conventional PDF converter when you already know PDFBear exists?

But don’t take our word for it; take a look at it yourself. Give PDFBear a shot and see how your conversion experience changes in a matter of minutes!

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Webmail 1and1 log in complete guide




This company is also known as webmail 1and1 log in. It is a web hosting company based in Germany. It belongs to the United Internet and Global Internet Services. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to sign in, register, reset your password, and everything you need to know about this webmail account.

What does webmail 1and1 log in offer?      

1and1 is a web hosting service provider with millions of customers worldwide. This company started its services in the USA, Spain, Germany, Great Britain and some other countries. It provides many services besides web hosting such as webmail services, SSL certificates, dedicated services, cloud hosting, domain registration, webmail builder packages, and virtual private services.

How to register?

The first step to start with 1and1 is to create an email with this platform. They provide their clients with two options; business mail from $ 1 per month or regular mail. You can create a matching email address for your domain. You can follow the steps given below to create a 1and1 account:

  • Open
  • On the main page, you will see the “Email” and “Office” tab, click on it.
  • Navigate to the professional email address in the dropdown menu and click on it. You will be redirected to a different tab. It will show you several packages that you can check by clicking on the package. There are two packages.
  • Choose any package according to your requirements.
  • Check your web domain. You will receive one domain with each package. You can ensure if the domain you desire is accessible. You can enter a name to check its availability. if there is one, add it to your shopping cart.
  • Enter text to test some of the edit text boxes.
  • Enter the password of your choice two times.
  • You have the choice to mechanically onward your email to an email address.

How do I sign in?

  • The login process is very simple. You have to follow the steps given below:
  • Open
  • Click the login button on the home page.
  • At the bottom of the page you will find more 1 and 1 ionos logins. There you will see a webmail button. After clicking on it, the webmail login page 1 and 1 will open.
  • Enter your credentials and click the login button to login.

How do I reset my password?

This step-by-step guide will show you how to reset your password if you’ve forgotten it:

  • Open the official 1and1 email website.
  • Open the sing in page by click the login key.
  • After that, enter your domain, customer ID or email address in the edit text box.
  • Click on the forgot password option. You will be redirected to a new page.
  • Enter your domain, customer ID, or email address again.
  • Click on the option to request a new password. You will get a connection to your email to rearrange your password.
  • Click the link to open it.
  • Enter a new password.
  • When finished, click reset your webmail password to reset it.


This article will definitely help you webmail 1and1 log in or register, or if you’ve forgotten your password, with the simplest guides. We’ve covered everything that is important to remember. On this platform, you can enjoy web hosting, webmail and many other unique features.

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5 Reasons Why You Cannot Ignore Digital Adoption




5 Reasons Why You Cannot Ignore Digital Adoption

This era is the digitalized era and we all are very well aware of it. But what if we intentionally close our eyes and mind on adopting this era it will be too wrong if we ignore the significance of it in spite of knowing the fact how much it is important. Businesses have realized the need for going digital in order to survive and then grow in this competitive environment. They will not be able to cope with the challenges or scenarios that can come forward in this digital era if they do not make effort for digital adoption.

Before going in deep regarding this you must know what is digital adoption, the answer can be both simpler and tricky. Digital adoption means making full use of the digitalized platform in order to benefit your business. You will be able to perform different processes digitally after implementing this. Both employees and customers will be given access to a digital network or platform that will be pretty helpful for them. Still, many companies are confused about this, and here are some good reasons to understand why it is important:

  • Making employees work on easier terms: By making or implementing the digital adoption you will be helping your employees to perform better. They can now work easily with the help of the convenience that will be provided to them with the help of a digital platform or network. This means you can now help your employees to work and even work easily.
  • Raising your employee’s efficiency: By going for digital adoption you are helping your employees to boost up their efficiency that will help you indirectly. It is important to focus on this aspect of your employees so that you can benefit them as well as your business.
  • Attracting a better pool of employees: With the help of this, you will be able to attract superior, intelligent, and smart employees. They will be attractive to your business and will do efforts to get fit into it. It will also help you to retain those employees who are working excellently but were fit frustrate due to lack of technology. This was one of the major challenges that the employees at your place were facing. It’s time to help them out and retain them within.
  • Increased revenues: The financial benefits that you will get from digital adoption will outshine the expenditure that you may have to face in concern to it. You can improve the finances or revenue for your business with the help of this concept and so in many ways.
  • Better experience for the customers: Whatever digital adoption parameter will be adopted by your business your customer will definitely get benefit from it. By having a digital network you can provide better customer service and experience that you were lacking.

So, it’s time to put a step forward to implement or go for digital adoption due to the above-discussed reasons for the same. There can be many ways in which you can drive the digital adoption concept in your business. You can focus on some strategies that will be helpful enough to implement this concept within your business. Some of the ways that can be helpful for the same are:

  • Clear-cut communication: Communication is the key to every success as it helps to avoid every kind of gap or misguidance. You can have clear-cut communication with your staff to let them understand the advantages of digital adoption.
  • Go for hiring a specific manager: If you want smooth adoption and in less time than hiring a digital adoption manager can be helpful. The manager will help in training your employees and oversee how they implement and use it.
  • Continuous monitoring: Monitoring is the mantra that will help you solve everything. It will also ensure the smooth implementation and a follow-up that will let you know the clear status of the digital adoption. This means you will able to monitor and then examine the behavior of the employees concerned within to see have they adopted it well or not. If you think you can skip the monitoring stage to save your time then you will be committing a big mistake.
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World-Class Coaching Certification Program: A Path to Brighter Career Future




World-Class Coaching Certification Program: A Path to Brighter Career Future

We are living in a world where things are changing at a very rapid speed, and there is a race for everything. To attain success at every step, we keep building a series of pressure inside our head and eventually get hit by it. Corporate life is tougher than ever, and people are looking for better ways to make things right. Executive coaching training is among the topmost chosen courses under life coaching due to this reason. The coaching isn’t just another graduate program to get you a job for earning.

For one reason, executive coaching has become much more increasingly popular: CEOs, leaders, business owners, and executives have discovered that it works. A $1.5 billion industry was already used to being somewhat stigmatic, and leaders accept it as an appropriate opportunity to expand and cultivate a flourishing workforce.

Professional executive coaches serve as teachers, instructors, guidance, and frontrunners for leadership positions at the executive level, large corporations, and staff looking to enhance their current effectiveness and bottom line. You can consider coach training courses from reputable institutions such as

Here are some of the reasons to go for the Executive coaching training

Skill enhancement

The most alluring point of choosing the executive coaching course is that almost every big and small organization requires an executive coach. To help their employees perform at their best and develop their skills while increasing their confidence, companies are ready to pay a lot to the coaches.

Overall growth

The second reason to go for the executive coaching training is that it is broader than the other coaching courses. For example, leadership coaching training only focuses on the leadership quality in detail; however, the executive course involves leadership skill enhancement and other skills to help an executive.

The executive course enables a life coach to teach and help a group of people at a time as the companies hire coaches to help their employees, so an executive coach can handle multiple clients at a time. This quality also helps an executive coach to acquire more skills by interacting with more people at a time.

Different And Unique profession

Executive coaching training is the only course that deals with a variety of issues at a time. This makes an executive coach master of other specialized courses also. By dealing with more and more executive clients, a coach learns the other fields such as relation, anxiety, and low esteem, which clients most of the time find a hurdle for their career growth.

The above reasons will help you differentiate among the benefits of executive coaching courses or other courses. Executive coaching training is the most chosen course, and in recent years it emerges as the topmost coaching course. However, in the name of booming in the life coaching field, many institutes just promise to offer various courses, but in actual they aren’t even certified. Make sure you are going to the authentic institute before investing any capital into the coaching courses.

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Webmail 1and1 log in complete guide

This company is also known as webmail 1and1 log in. It is a web hosting company based in Germany. It...

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World-Class Coaching Certification Program: A Path to Brighter Career Future

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