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6 Green Packaging Ideas to Elevate your Business



6 Green Packaging Ideas to Elevate your Business

In today’s market, packaging is everything when it comes to consumers deciding what to buy. Green packaging, or eco-friendly packaging, is on the rise as we attempt to reverse the effects of climate change, and lessen the solid wastes that make their way into our landfills.

Elevate your business with green packaging ideas that are sure to wow your customers! Here are our top 6 picks for eco-friendly packaging that are reusable, sustainable, compostable, or all three!

1.   Aluminum Water Bottles

In need of bottled water for your restaurant, bar, or cafe, but don’t like the negative environmental impacts of all those plastic water bottles, then aluminum is the way to go! Aluminum is a highly sustainable material in that in its pure form, aluminum can be recycled again and again without damaging the environment in the process.

In fact, aluminum only uses up a fraction of the energy it takes to process raw metals, and is reusable down to the end of its useful life, unlike plastic that can leach chemicals when reused. The bottle can be used to hold both hot and cold water, and resealable ones can be used over and over again!

Aluminum bottled water can elevate your business with custom logos, designs, and a variety of water types that cater to every palette! Add them to your restaurant, gym, or sporting event and see how your consumers remark on the uniqueness of your customized aluminum bottled water. You can get yours customized at:

2.   Compotable Mailer

In a time where online shopping and eCommerce is at the forefront of consumerism, the plastic mailing pouches have become a considerable threat to the environment. The amount of plastic mailers, bubble wraps, and cling wrap getting into the landfills is increasing exponentially, reversing any eco-friendly movements we might have had.

Compostable mailers can change all that by providing an eco-friendly solution to the usual plastic mailing pouches used by eCommerce companies. When shipping out your products, protect them in a compostable mailing pouch that won’t contribute to the detrimental effects of climate change, pollution, and solid waste.

3.   Corrugated Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap usage has also increased with the rise in online shopping. Bubble wrap is, unfortunately, an essential aspect in protecting packages from breakage, movement, and disfigurement; but the plastic material can be extremely harmful to the environment.

Instead, use corrugated bubble wrap when shipping out your fragile products. This type of eco-friendly packaging is made from recycled paper or regular cardboard material, and is designed to be as protective of your products as regular bubble wrap! Plus, your consumers can reuse corrugated cardboard bubble wrap to wrap gifts, protect their fragile items, and more!

4.   Recycled Paper

Recycled paper is a great alternative to any paper products needed for your packaging – be it a paper packaging belt, print ads, or paper box liners. Recycled paper can be made the DIY way too, using silk screens, a blender, and water to create new sheets of recycled paper.

Recycled paper tends to have a grey or brown hue to it from the mixture of ink and colours from recycling printed paper. Depending on your business needs, you may not need to have anything printed on recycled paper if the shade is too dark to print on. Recycled paper is perfect to use in place of paper products that will simply be thrown away when the consumer receives their item.

5.   Seed Paper Cards

Seed paper presents another green alternative to plastic-lined calling cards and gift tags. Seed paper is typically made from recycled paper materials, and is infused with seeds from local plants so consumers can plant these paper products in their gardens instead of throwing them away. The seeds are customizable too, if you’re looking for specific plant species.

Seed paper is also a unique marketing strategy that encourages your consumers to keep a sustainable and green lifestyle. Where most calling cards and product tags are thrown away upon receiving the product, a seed paper calling card is repurposed into a plant that ingrains your brand to the consumer each time as they care and maintain their gardens.

6.   Repurposed Packaging

Repurposed packaging, or rather, repurpose-able packaging is essentially packaging that the company has considered its usage after the product has been consumed. For example, a glass container that once held coffee grounds can now be used as a mug, or a jar of peanut butter can be used as a pot for plants once the contents have been exhausted.

Repurposed packaging is considerate to the environment, and keeps your brand in the minds of consumers as they continue to use the packaging that holds your logo. Popular packaging of this type include glass jars, plastic food containers, and paper products that can be used as seed starters for plants.

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4 Ways to Elevate Your Business Event



4 Ways to Elevate Your Business Event

Business events play a vital part in marketing your business. Whether that’s through workshops, networking events, or conferences. The way you plan and execute your event could make or break future connections. Read on for four ways to elevate your business event, so you can smash your competition and ensure you’re remembered long after your events end.

Pick the Perfect Date

The date for your event simply cannot be random. Before choosing a date, try to ensure there are no other clashing events.

Rather than losing potential attendees, do your research and see what’s on, before you choose a date. If there are a few key guests you want to attend, consider asking them to ensure the date works beforehand. This is bound to make prospective clients feel special and ensure their attendance.

Add Personal Touches

Personal touches help you stand out and give people something to talk about or share online. Brainstorm what you could do to get people talking. For example, you could introduce classic board games to break the ice or games like giant Jenga. It may feel like the wrong approach to take when organizing a business event, however, happy relaxed attendees are sure to be much more open and susceptible to your pitches.

The Space Is Everything

Choosing where to hold business events is one of the most important decisions you will make in the planning phase. You want your events to stand out for all the right reasons, so finding a business event facility that will cater to your needs is paramount. Seek out an aesthetically pleasing venue that won’t feel too stuffy and corporate, yet that still comes across as elegant and professional.

If you’re splashing out on a beautiful event space, it’s worthwhile also hiring a photographer to get some snaps of you and the attendees. This way, you’ve not only held a successful event, but will also have some extra material that can be used for marketing or social media.

Connect with Attendees

While a great space with personal touches is surely going to impress, that alone may not lead to lifelong connections. You must put the effort in to connect with attendees, both before and after they attend your event. There are several ways you can do this. A simple way to connect before the event is to send an email saying, “Looking forward to meeting you on Tuesday”, create a group chat where people can chat before the event, or even better, send a handwritten note. Little gestures like this can have a huge impact, it’ll make chatting with new people less awkward, and will make them feel their presence matters.

Afterwards, be sure to follow up. It’s best to do this as soon as possible, while any information delivered is fresh in attendees’ memories and they’re hopefully feeling inspired. As the old saying goes “Strike while the irons hot” and don’t let potential leads go cold. You can also take the opportunity to gather feedback for future events.

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6 ways to improve your customer retention rate with Featured collection of flowers



6 ways to improve your customer retention rate with Featured collection of flowers

If you are dealing in the flower business, then their presentation plays a key role in improving customer retention. You can arrange them in different ways to impress consumers to buy the product. They are able to arrange in various methods. It is important to choose the best flower vendor online. You can access high-quality featured collection on

Flowers are becoming a rising trend as presenting as gifts. All the flowers suppliers use innovative ways and flower arrangements to increase their sales. It is a fact that innovative floral packaging style plays a key role in attracting buyers. Therefore flowers suppliers use some unique techniques to create a stand-out effect. The unique styles of the flower bouquet and their presentation improve your customer retention. These bouquets have a gloss surface that makes the consumers eager to purchase the product. They protect goods inside the box and increase their shelf-life.

Increase your customer retention with Flowers supplier information

This is the best way to attract more people to flowers collection. By that time, the demand for flowers is increasing. People have joined the floral business due to its natural benefits. So this demand increases the number of suppliers. In the industry, there are plenty of sellers. They have joined the industry to make money. They never pay attention to quality and professionalism. However, they are a vast number. To make your space in this crowd, you must inform your buyers. Moreover, it is important to trigger their buying retention.

Consumers attach to the flowers supplier with its packaging style and glowers. The kind of information on the boxes lets them know about your Flowers supplier. It is the main source to trigger their purchase intent. This step allows you to invite more customers towards you. Moreover, give important data on your boxes if you want to raise sales. They should have contact details, a tagline, and appropriate hues. People can easily identify them on the store shelf. The prominent position of the logo on the boxes results in customer retention. Moreover, it influences the sales of the product deeply.

Build Buyer’s Trust in Flowers supplier with Safe flower delivery

In the flowers industry, trust is the basic aspect. All the flowers are perishable, and they lose their freshness quickly. These are delicate and need extra care while delivering. In case of mismanagement, you may lose their quality. For example, users trust their favorite flowers suppliers that they will deliver a genuine item in safe flowers bouquets. This trust encourages them to purchase more from your flowers supplier.

Filling your boxes with extra soft items can provide extra support. Add UV films, lamination, and a waterproof screen to these boxes. It offers an excellent shield against humidity and moisture. This is necessary to keep herbal products safe from environmental effects. It helps you meet quality standards. It keeps the goods fresh for a long time. That is what your consumers expect from your Flowers supplier.

Go for Green Material to Improve Your Flowers supplier Image

Going natural with your flowers decreases your carbon footprints on the earth. Most flowers suppliers use natural materials. The reason behind it is that the natural material discourages the toxic material and its production. It refreshes the items for a long time. This is vital to maintain the quality of the product. Natural material makes items long-lasting and maintains their fragrance.

Moreover, going green will give you a good reputation in the industry. First, it provides peace of mind to your customers that you deliver 100% genuine products. The 2nd thing you are part of the campaign to finish pollution from the earth. It improves your Flowers supplier image so that consumers like to buy your flowers repeatedly. Not only this, but they will also recommend your flowers supplier to their peers.

Attract More Buyers with Unique Printing on the Boxes

Printing styles are several, and it is the best way to grab the attention of the onlookers. If you want to differentiate from your competitors, use innovative printing techniques. The style of printing on the flowers wrappers can enchant the onlooker’s attention. You can create creative text and illustrations with digital printing and offset printing methods. You can make your logo more glamorous since it improves your Flowers supplier recognition. With the emboss printing, you highlight your logo. It leads to creating a charming 3D effect. So, it assists the potential customers to feel the logo with their touch sensation.

Impress Your Customers with High-Tech Designs

Personalize your Featured collection of flowers with the best design ideas. The creative designs improve Flowers suppliers’ visibility in the market. It is because of the advancement of the technologies in the packaging business. So a Flowers supplier can produce stunning boxes in different shapes with unique design ideas. Typical forms of boxes are not charming. Due to the usual styles, they cannot succeed in attracting customers. With creative design ideas, you can produce curiosity about the product. It motivates them to buy these items. Therefore, it is good to choose the different forms of the boxes. Instead of the common square shapes, you should choose pyramid or oval structures. It depends on how the charming item looks on the outside.

Invite More Customers with Finishing Styles and Embellishments

This is the time to invite your buyers with innovative techniques. Various finishing options are ideal for creating charm for your goods. You can use gloss coating on these boxes to include more and more charm to these boxes. Moreover, most Flowers suppliers like to add varnishes to make the texture smoother and softer to these boxes. It increases their purchase intention, and they love to buy their favorite Flowers supplier product. Not only is this, but using metal foiling is a wonderful idea. For floral products, metal foiling is the best option. It motivates buyers to try the product. They love to use items so that it brings sales to the Flowers supplier.

Using adornments to improve the beauty of the floral bouquets is a great idea. It raises the beauty of the boxes so that onlookers love to access the product.

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How to Build Credit Without Taking Out a Loan



How to Build Credit Without Taking Out a Loan

You may think your credit score is tabulated according to how responsible you are when paying off debt. But loan repayment isn’t the only way the credit reporting bureaus assess your financial responsibility. Your score comprises several factors across your financial picture, and loans are just one of them.

If you want to better your credit score, there are many ways to do so without taking out a loan. To make lasting improvements, though, you need to understand how your financial habits influence your score. Here’s how to move the levers of your credit score while avoiding making unnecessary financial moves.

1. Maximize Your Impact on the Most Powerful Credit Factors

Your credit score takes five factors into account: payment history, credit utilization, credit mix, account age, and new credit. Your efforts to optimize these factors, which range from 35% to 10% in impact, can result in a noteworthy score improvement.

Scan your credit report to see what factors are working against you so you know what to focus on first. If you’re bad at paying bills on time, set up auto-pay whenever you can. You’ll fulfill your minimum payment requirements and build a history of on-time payments, which drives 35% of your score.

If your credit profile is lacking, you may be tempted to take out a loan. But doing so can require a score-reducing hard inquiry from a lender to assess your creditworthiness. Instead, consider getting a credit builder card to boost your score by improving your credit mix and payment history. Usually, these cards don’t require a hard inquiry and appear on your credit report as a variable line of credit. Plus, your on-time payments will continue to boost your biggest factor.

2. Use Your Conversation Skills to Improve Your Position

While your financial behaviors have the most impact on your score, there are other ways of making improvements. But to take advantage of this approach, you’ve got to be willing to make a few phone calls. Reach out to the financial institutions and companies you do business with over the next few weeks. Ask to speak to the loyalty department, and be ready to discuss your customer history and interest in improving your account relationship.

When you call your credit card issuer, prepare yourself by knowing how long you’ve been a customer. This important detail can help convey your loyalty when you ask for an interest rate reduction. Ideally, you’ve been paying off your balance in full each month. But if you haven’t, reducing your rate can help your payments lower your overall balance instead of feeding interest. Sometimes, card companies can even offer you a promotional rate, which can help accelerate your debt payoff.

Contact your television, internet, and phone providers to ask about loyalty discounts and other savings opportunities. Generally, entertainment providers are willing to compete for your continued loyalty by passing along discounts to longtime customers. If no discount or cost-savings measure is offered, ask about the process to close your account. Sometimes, a simple mention of ending the relationship gives the representative the leeway to reduce your fee. Use your found money to reduce debt and improve your credit utilization rate, which contributes to 30% of your score.

3. Monitor Your Credit Score Improvements to Keep You Motivated

Your credit score goals may be arbitrary, driven by what the bureaus view as an “excellent” score. Other times, you may target a score that opens up the opportunity for a financial product like a home loan. Whatever your motivation, it’s important to benchmark your current score, identify a goal, and track your progress. Post your target score on your fridge or office whiteboard as a visual reminder of your goal.

Check your score monthly to view your progress and log it into a spreadsheet or on your whiteboard. If it dips, research why and make changes to get yourself back on track. Remember, the financial institutions you do business with report your data to the bureaus on varying schedules. A high balance on your credit card right before your bill due date could skew your score. Making a mid-month payment can reduce that figure and, with it, your credit utilization ratio.

4. Consider Your Score Before You Make a Financial Move

The excitement of buying something new creates a dopamine rush like no other. If you were looking to lift your mood during the pandemic, you may have given into retail therapy too frequently. Instead of beating yourself up over past mistakes, adopt a practice that helps you keep your goals at the forefront.

You’ve already posted your target score and progress where you can see them. Now, it’s time to develop a “pause and think” practice. While it may feel funny at first, this simple trick can help you rewire your decision-making habits. Shifting from acting and then thinking to a practice of considering before acting can have wide-reaching benefits. Soon, you’ll be prioritizing your goals before making choices large and small, putting you back in control.

This pause-and-consider approach can stop you before you make a move that can damage your credit. For example, student loan refinancing offers are full of attractive rates and promises to frustrated borrowers in need of a break. Checking out your offer often requires a hard inquiry, without the promise of approval or better interest rates. One thoughtless move can ding your score with a hard inquiry with no benefit to show for it. Avoid unnecessary scars to your score by pausing before making a decision and reviewing your goals and needs first.

Good credit is a prerequisite for realizing many goals in life. A new set of wheels, your first home, or your dream job could all depend on proving your creditworthiness. Fortunately, there are many ways to demonstrate financial responsibility that don’t involve taking out a loan. Focus on optimizing the factors that make up your score and don’t discount the importance of thinking before you make financial moves. Stay the course, aim for consistent improvement, and your credit score will be on the upswing in no time.

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